Created in the most powerful, peaceful and sacred places on Earth


The Heart-Power-Creation Essence
Created for use during the Full Moon / Equinox March 20th, 2019

JOIN US for a FULL MOON EQUINOX EVENT from anywhere you are on Earth!
(Please SHARE with your like minded tribe.)
This is a Global Link Up Event / Ceremony / Activation / Meditation on a rare FULL MOON on EQUINOX!

To finally, fully LAND (ground) Humanity into a newly available, higher octave Paradigm, with our Awakened HEARTS, using our AUTHENTIC POWER, creating a LANDING PORTAL for humanity in the NEW PARADIGM with our PURE ASCENDING LIGHT.

Please join us in spirit, and offer what you will, just as your heart directs, for 33 minutes on this upcoming FULL MOON EQUINOX on March 20th, 2019 from anywhere you are. We will be transmitting love and blessings to you from the heart of Tikal, Guatemala.

The Global Gathering Event time begins at Full Moon.
PDT (pacific) 6:43 PM
MST (mountain standard - in Arizona) - 6:43 PM
MDT (mountain daylight) 7:43 PM
TIKAL, Guatemala CST (central standard) 7:43 PM
CDT (central) 8:43 PM
EDT (eastern) 9:43 PM
If you are outside of the USA, please look up full moon times in your area.

Our guidance said that we needed to make available to you, our specially made sacred site essence blend for this event (and our travel group). We have never done this before! It is not necessary to have this essence to participate in this equinox event. But if you desire a deeper resonant conscious connection to our global family, that this sacred site essence blend will provide, you can order here.

*** One bottle will provide a collective consciousness connection for about 20 people in your local group with those others all around the earth. Offer good up to March 10th, for $44 USD for 1 oz bottle. After this time, we will not have time to ship it to you, as we will begin our travels to the Mayan sacred sites of Palenque, Tikal, Quirigua and Copan. Place 4-8 drops under the tongue or in drinking water. 1 oz. bottle, purified with alcohol.

The Heart-Power-Creation Essence
Price: $44.00
NOTE: This essence will only be available through March 10, 2019.


What will be in your HEART-POWER-CREATION ESSENCE bottle?

Full Moon and Equinox Essence 2019 - Landing into a New Paradigm.


The Effortless Ascension Essence.
Birthing the Golden Chalice of Oneness - Chalice Well
We added this essence for powerful and effortless assistance with deep processing of outdated programming and heart wounds (abuses, betrayals, losses, illnesses, etc...)

The Living Codes of the Sacred Heart Essence.
Timeless Truth Grounded in the Sacred Elements of Earth. St. Nectan's Glen. We added this essence to help fully open your heart, but in a very protected and grounded space in the five pure elements of Earth. It will assist you to openly be the love and light that you truly are.

Future Portal - Multi-Generational Bridge Essence - Wayland Smithy, England.
This essence, when used at its most powerful, alchemical level, can assist the user in physically traveling through portals. This essence is not to be used to escape reality, but to fully arrive in the new reality. This essence is a powerful, consciousness portal/bridge from "what was" to "what will be". This is a tool to assist in the big leap from one cycle of time to another. This essence honors the past, but will only allow absolute truth to move forward into the future.

HEAL Deep and Ascend Now Essence. Men-An-Tol, England.
We added this essence for HEALING and physical ASCENSION on all levels. We will use it ceremony for the healing of the Earth and ourselves. It can assist us in deep, core healing of old wounds and programming, and help us finally move into the present time and future. We added this essence for bringing forth a new re-commitment and an anchoring to the present time in great celebration.

The Holy Grail Essence ~ Chalice Well, England.
The Divine Essence of Mother Mary Imparting Holy Forgiveness and Love, with a direct link to Source.
We added this essence for deep self forgiveness for transgressions or judgments that we hold against ourselves. These are burdens that we do not have to carry anymore. This essence encourages us to live as divine expressions of God as it will wash away lingering self-doubts and old blocks that keep us from manifesting our true divine selves. It is nothing short of PURE LOVE. To manifest, is our HOLY GRAIL WITHIN.

The Great Central Sun Essence - Stonehenge, England.
Cosmic Balance between Heaven and Earth.
This essence helps us connect to the Great Central Sun and to stay in tune with the increasing and ever changing rhythms of nature. It assists us in bridging Heaven and Earth with our physical bodies. It holds an ancient~future sanctity that is beyond our knowing at this time.


The Noble Living Christ - The Christ Consciousness Essence ~ Mt. Schiehallion, Scotland.
We added this essence to activate and reclaim our deepest Christ self and to experience a profound uplifting into the light. With the use of this essence, we are assisted in obtaining crystal clarity, and to foster deep tranquil states of being radiating from our true natural nobility.


Truth Serum of Great Mother Sekhmet Essence. Mother Sekhmet - Karnak Temple, Luxor, Egypt.
We added this essence to tap into the creative passion and creative love to make great and positive changes in the world. We are to bring forth the inner MOTHER force within; so that we can illuminate and transform anything that blocks our path to manifesting energies for the higher good of all. Rainbow Light Empowerment - Divine Resonance Essence.

Philae Temple, Egypt. The Immortals, Isis, the Hathors, Thoth Goddess Isis and Mother Sekhmet.
We added this essence to seal in oneself a high frequency, iridescent, protective, rainbow light cloak, and begin empowering oneself and humanity through divine resonance.

The Stellar DNA Activation Essence The King's Chamber, Great Pyramid, Giza, Egypt.
Jeshua, Thoth, Mother Sekhmet, the Marys, Archangel Michael, and the Star Elders. We added this essence to help us re-claim our Starry Heritage, and know that we are walking Stars on the Earth. "We are the way, the truth, and the life." (Jeshua) "We are the love, the wisdom, and the power." (Thoth) What was in balance with natural law in the past is now being brought forward into the present within YOU. Only that which was pure, good and light with impeccability will survive in the new world.

The Light Alchemy Activation & Ego Release Essence.
The King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Cheops, Giza, Egypt.
This essence is for Servers of the Light and those that are dedicated to global unification and awakening. We added this essence to offer a space of deep soul searching and may assist in outdated ego release.

This essence came with a decree.
We are encouraged to use Thoth's and Jeshua's Light Activation Prayer for this event . . .
* I AM the divine expression of the LOVE of the great CREATOR
* I AM the divine expression of the WISDOM of the great CREATOR
* I AM the divine expression of the POWER of the great CREATOR
* I AM the divine expression of the WAY of the ONE GOD.
* I AM the divine expression of the TRUTH of the ONE GOD.
* I AM the divine expression of the LIGHT of the ONE GOD.

*** This decree was updated just for this pilgrimage.

The Awakened Life & Sea of Great Potential Essence. Dendara - Goddess Nut Temple, Egypt.
This essence helps one assimilate and awaken the knowledge, wisdom and heart of the creative power of life, light and the universe. It can activate Joy, Celebration and Song which unleashes abundance toward any creative endeavor. We added this essence to hold a deep nurturing energy of the GREAT MOTHER as we learn to take our first steps into new territory. This gives us courage to be bold in our choices and to take swift action.

Anchoring Love, Heart & Eternity Essence. Philae in the Isis Temple, Egypt.
We added this essence to stretch us to become more of who we are, and activates the heart and love centers of our spiritual and physical bodies. It anchors in us a wisdom and knowingness of eternity. This is in a place and time that will serve as a foundation stone for us in the new world which we are entering into.

Cosmic Orientation Essence. Abu Simbel Egypt.
Sowing the Seeds of Love for a New Dimension. We added this essence to help our hearts discover its new cosmic orientation / equilibrium, and will help us stabilize our footing in a new world that is emerging now. This essence will escalate and expand our heart's capacity to contain and comprehend the universal creative power of love.

All Of Life Is One Essence. Petra Monastery, Jordan. Dimensional Doorway & Hall Of Records.
We added this essence to help us to hold the vision that all life is ONE. It also activates the memory that the ONE GOD is within us all. These teachings and wisdom that were brought here from the stars help us awaken the God within. This essence helps us to learn to live from our own inner light.


The Sacred Staff of Power Essence. Bonampak, Mexico.
The passing of the sacred staff fro one age to the next. Busting free of limitations and illusions. This is an advanced, two fold essence to bring into balance our inner sacred staff of power with the blue/white light of the star Rigel, the Star of the Goddess Guadalupe. We added this essence to embody the sacred responsibility of being a living human acupuncturist to bust open any and all limitations and illusions that keeps humanity from mastery. With each step one takes upon the earth, we will punch holes in ego's illusions and limitation for humanity, and let in the pure light that we have been envisioning. We added this essence to help us all commitment to a greater cause beyond our personal self. It keeps us grounded and in a deeply harmonious space.

The Stripping Away Limitations of Time Essence. Yaxchillan, Mexico.
Inoculation of the timelessness of the primordial creative power of the universe.
We added this essence to help strip away anything that our body understands as boundaries or perceptions of linear time, as we beginning to enter spherical time. This might make the body feel weird, because it is losing its outdated protective shield. We can not have these boundaries in place in spherical time. This is a homeopathic inoculation of timelessness, the primordial creative power of the universe. This gives the user a new reference point from which to work within timelessness.

Divine Intuition Essence. Palenque, Mexico.
Palenque embraces a Higher Octave of Divine Intuition from the Purest Realm of Living Knowledge. This was made on 12/21/2012 (Baktun We added this essence to able to access the Hall of Records at a higher octave. Palenque is an activator for a higher octave of divine intuitive understanding. The Star Elders say this essence holds incoming energy directly from the great central SUN. To heighten divine intuition and insights and to access the great etheric hall of records.

Authentic Power Essence. Tikal, Guatemala.
Tikal embraces a Higher Octave of Divine Authentic Power, and Brings About Deeper Understanding Over New Laws of Nature. This essence was made during a Maya Fire ceremony performed by Tikal's local Maya Itza Shaman. As of 2013, Tikal holds a higher level of compassion and quality of heart that was not present in years past. We added this essence to help us acquire heart-centered yet evolved, authentic power, bringing an advanced mastery over the mind and consciousness regarding the new laws of nature.

Intergalactic Migration Essence. Quirigua, Guatemala.
Quirigua embraces a Higher Octave of limitlessness and manifestation in a human form, and holds the codes / maps of the physical voyage between dimensions. We added this essence for access to the necessary codes needed to enter / exit the Earth's hologram a.k.a. intergalactic migration. This temple site is permeated with the gentle power of DIVINE MOTHER. It is a powerful, heart energy much like the Goddess Sekhmet in Egypt. Quirigua simply feels like it is not of this Earth.

Codes of Emergence Essence. Copan, Honduras.
Copan embraces the next Higher Octave of Living Mastery / Emergence, and brings about the culmination / birth of all five newly evolved elements needed to manifest the new codes of life on a new Earth. COPAN means "Xuxpi" which is related to an inner dimensional Celestial Bird. According to the Mayas, the Celestial Bird was in charge of taking you from one place to another. Copan could be considered a "Copantl", which means "pontoon or bridge". This is where one could literally walk into another dimension. This bridge allows one to emerge, or be re-born into their true self, and transport themselves to another world or reality. It is here that the Emergence of the Dove (enlightened beings) was completed.


Dimensional Travel / OBE Experience Essence. Moray, Peru.
This is a serious powerful doorway between dimensions but in this blend we added some grounding so we don't loose you!

The Oracle Essence. Machu Picchu, Peru.
This essence was created inside the oracle temple that is on the east side of the city of Machu Picchu. The oracles would slip into a semi-trance while gazing into the rippling reflections in the carved granite reflection pools. They could see anything they might direct their focus on. They could read the living library of wisdom, gain personal insight, send out messages to the world and other dimensions, and see the future too. We added this essence to help us open our inner eyes... and fine tune our inner knowing.

Singing Rock Sun Dog Essence. Ollantaytambo, Peru.
Sets us free of any unbalanced negative energy and awakens us to the oneness of the Universal Heart. A powerful and rare mid-day multicolored Sun Dog was present while making this essence.

HOW TO USE a Sacred Site Essence.
They are simple to use. When you take a Sacred Site Essence, be still and be clear on what you are trying to evoke. Just place a few drops under your tongue, or add to your daily drinking water. Use the essences frequently and generously. You may also want to Assimilate and Absorb these sacred site essences by adding drops to bath water, adding drops to a misting bottle with essence and water and use as a spray in your environment, and add drops to cream or lotion and apply to your skin. Each essence helps deepen meditation, stirs deep healing, and activates ancient wisdom within. If you can't travel to sacred sites, this is the next best thing to being there! If you do travel, these essences can accelerate the awakening process even further while on site! Note: All of our essences are Created in a 1 oz. bottle and purified with alcohol.

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