What our growing family are sharing about our Pilgrimages to Egypt!
We discover more than sacred sites... we discover each other!

We ask past group members to help YOU decide if this pilgrimage is right for you by offering their experiences and insights.
We asked them to share things like... *** What impact did this pilgrimage have on your life? ***How did you resonate with the messages Aluna Joy recovered? ***How did you find our organization of the pilgrimage? *** Did you feel well looked after? ***Was the food and accommodations amazing? ***Did you have enough space / private time to do the personal work you needed to accomplish? ***Would you recommend this pilgrimage to a friend? or will you share anything else spirit called them to share?

Our groups are like Sacred Sites....
We never have enough time with them,
and we always want to see them again : )

   We are looking forward to reading all your insights! Please share below.

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