(Thank you Grandmother Mary - What else can I say... YOU ROCK! ~ Blessings Aluna Joy)

Grandmother Mary Elizabeth Thunder
Jan 2006

On December 30th I poured water in an Inipi or Stone People Lodge in Friendswood Tx at my good friends Johnny Maisels center for the people called Eagle Heart. During the ceremony the spirit spoke ... I would like to share with you some of the messages. Message from Spirit: "Find someplace to be by 2007. Get there and be there and get your ducks in a row. 2007 is the beginning of the end of the Hopi Prophecy and the Mayan Prophesy- all of the prophesies. Out of [436] (folks were not clear what the number was) all are similar prophecies and all say that 2007 is the beginning of the count down to 2012. So you have one year, 2006, to get it together. The fast rate of manifestation upon the planet will create the need for being clear with your thoughts, words, and dreams. Be serious about being a human being. Pray for people~Pray for the Families. It will be a good year.

My friend Aluna Joy just wrote in her newsletter: "In the coming 2006 year, Gratitude will be our most valued abundance tool. All that we have learned and worked toward will finally be called into action. This past year we have felt stuck in a void, and felt uninspired. That has all changed and shifted. We now can put our heart's calling into action with GRATITUDE! The vision in front of us is a very good one, but it's moving fast. This year our consciousness will manifest at light speed. Finally we can step into the new world!" (Please go read the whole article at www.AlunaJoy.com. Thank you Aluna.

So that got me thinking about the word Manifestation. I have always been fascinated by word and thoughts of manifestation. Being one that has seen major manifestation in ritual ceremonies, especially those of healing, I have thought that perhaps manifestation is just plane magic. That wizard of old seemed to know how to manifest, as did Harry Potter. I wanted to do that.

For years now I have been blessed to come across many major teachers of spiritual manifestation, Deepak Chopra, Dr Wayne Dyer, Rudi, and Johnny Maisel, just to name a few. Been blessed to listen and watch. Since reading books was not something that I could do on my spiritual quest due to vows I had taken to keep myself in tune with the earth& Vows of no book reading, watching TV, listening to radio, just being where Mother Earth could talk to me. As I have listened to learned masters, watched our worlds people, I have come up with a conclusion that it seems to me that learning about manifestation is a soulful purpose on this planet. Everyone wants to do it. I ponder question like what the difference between what perhaps I might manifest and what my soul would manifest. Big Difference. Questions like that. I became to believe that every word, thought, and action in this world would result in corresponding energy of manifestation.

As we look around us today, we have manifested many things, our Past, our Present, our Future, and our own lives, as we know them right now. We manifest it all thru the words we say and the thoughts we have every day. Doesn't it make sense to watch our every thought and word? This seems important.

Thoughts... *Living in this moment seems also to be a big part of manifestation. Now is all we really have. We are constantly bombarded with meaningful advice from others to live for the future, but it perpetually exists beyond our grasp like the carrot tempting the donkey. We are told to be mindful of our career paths, to save for the future, and to sacrifice NOW for later rewards. We put off spending time with our children, but later they are no longer the same children. We postpone seeing friends now and discover later we have lost our relationships. Of course, we can't be foolish about our future. We need to make game plans but I feel that we also need to look at delaying some immediate pleasures. In the moment, the Now, we can only have a rapport with others, ourselves, and experience life right as it is happening. If we live in the Past or the Future, this is what we miss. This great, grand, special... this moment. The present is the only time when anything can happen, any change can occur, and the present or the NOW is where I feel that we can only start our manifestation process. This moment is like a fresh, cool breeze. The rest exists only in our imaginations or memories.

*I have been taught that it is in the NOW that the spirit lives. When we are in the NOW the Spirit is always very close to us and wishes to do our every biding thru our thoughts and our words. If we have a thought upon waking for instance, 'Boy I am so Ugly Today!' Just bet you that this will be the ugliest Day I have had for quite awhile. The Great Mystery hears our thoughts and our words and truly loves us enough to manifest for us 'EXACTLY' what 'WE ASK FOR'!

*I have found that our individual consciousness is in reality an individualized Energy Field 'a force field of concentrated spiritual energy' and if an individual is not enjoying the abundant life in all aspects, it means that the vibrations within this field are out of tune or in dis-harmony. We have to consciously work at raising these fields to the Universal Level of tone, pitch, and only then will Harmony be regained, in balance, in wholeness, and our overall well-being will be once again attained. If we are in tune with our Divine Center, Soul, or God-Self, then we can directly, draw forth from the thinking of the Christ Mind & manifest from that space.

*Uncle Leonard would say, 'Use the Mind that God gave you, not the mind you have created on your own, in this world.'Seeing what is needed to be brought forth into manifestation clearly with the God-Mind will activate the Spirutual law of Intunement and bring forth that wish. 'I see the fulfillment, therefore, it is done!'This declaration of consciousness is a signal to the action of God, the Great Mystery, to take over and complete the action. At this point, consciousness moves into a surrender mode 'a letting go' a total releasing of the will to the Higher Power to do its perfect work. Only the Higher Power of us knows the highest good, the greatest good, is now coming into visibility, and there is a joyous feeling of gratitude and thanksgiving as the soul moves into action on the physical plane.

Grandpa Fools Crow used to say: "Walk with a Grateful heart and Grateful Abundance will grow like the grass on the prairies." There is a very simple reason why most spiritual traditions suggest that when praying we give thanks for what we already have 'rather' than ask for we don't have. This thankful approach is nothing less than the most effective way to create more of something you desire in your life. No one can make us think anything we don't want to think. No one can determine our behavior and how we act. It's not what's going on but how we look at what's going on. If someone does something and we get upset, we can change how we look at it any time we want. We can tell ourselves in the morning that the day is going to be beautiful and that we have expectations that great thing will happen. Doing this daily sets our mind to look for the joy and the excitement of each day. When you come from that place, you receive in return what you put out.

I have been told that the Universe mirrors back to us what we put out in thought, deed, and word. It seems the more aspects of life you appreciate and feel good about, the better you are within and without. This is according to the Law of Spiritual Attraction. It is out journey to discover the ancient wisdoms of multiplicity that occurs when you have deep appreciate and gratitude.

Boy is it hard to find words to properly describe the synchronous activity of the spiritual consciousness of the Great Mystery as it processes the thoughts of the mind, the words of the person, and ideas we dream, as the Great Mystery brings them forth as visible manifestation.

*Jesus could instantly bring forth ideas into visibility. In the Bible, Matthew Chapter 7, Verse #7. It says, 'Ask and it shall be given you; Seek, and ye shall Find; Knock, and It shall be opened unto you. For everyone that asketh, receiveth. And he that seeketh, Findeth. Into him that knocketh, it shall be opened. Or what man is there of you, whome if his son asked, Bread, will he give him a stone? Or if he asks a fish, will he give him a serpent? If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your father, which is in heaven, give good things to them that ask him.'

My wish is that these thoughts and words are of help to you as you manifest what you wish to enjoy in your life. Remember, I feel that we are right now & thinking, talking, walking, and manifesting, our way into a new tomorrow! Learning to manifest into your own life greater good will surely helps all, as we together manifest a new reality.

*Grandmother Grace used to say, 'If you want to help change the world, then just let love be your primary energy! Ancient traditions remind us that we have come to this world for one reason, above all other reasons, and that is to Love. Love of all that is and all that has life. With the memory of our love for God/Great Mystery we can together bring forth Heaven on Earth!

The Law of Divine Manifestation requires a manifestor to believe in the principle that whatever is needed for one's growth and fruitation will be supplied by the Universe, for whatever price the manifestor truly believes is fair. But the Manifestor must believe he or she truly has the right to receive the manifestation at the price of-energy-or-cost-that the entity believes is fair. If it is worthy request, and the manifestor believes it is allotted at the time of asking, it will come. A worthy request expressed thru prayer, imagining, ritual or whatever method, is anything that harms no one, but benefits all involved. It is a Win-Win relationship. Anything that harms another, both in the process or the outcome of manifestation, is not of Divine and will carry a karmic debt.

*Open your heart and mind to your Spiritual Nature. It is the tuning into that presence and power of God within you. It is in the recognizing, that the Mind and Power of God, are right where you are, individualized as you. God/Spirit is present everywhere but in the beginning, sometime, we began to individualize (ourselves or our God selves) as you and me, when even before we came here to earth we were distinct units of consciousness. In Truth, each one of us is a living, moving, walking, talking, and rainbow-colored energy field of God. Within this field, there is everything that we could possibly desire, not only for this life, but also for all of eternity. I fully believe that We can create Heaven on Earth NOW. Then my question remains "Why don't our lives work?"

*In the Sundance, I asked for a Vision. I asked why had I come to Earth this lifetime. Immediately I saw before me a place that was filled with beautiful lights, beautiful colors, beautiful music and was told that this was heaven. There was no individuals or separation, just beauty flowing all together. We were all swirling around free in this beauty, one with God, and knowing all was beautiful.

At this point of the vision a Big Man comes into the picture. This man asks of us all in this beauty, do we wish to go to Earth? None of us raise our hands 'Why would we want to leave this beautiful heaven?' But he does not stop, he says, 'Well, you can go to Earth and remember who you are up here. Or you can go to Earth to teach all about being up here. Or you can go to Earth to help everyone awaken unto the presence of the living God within each of us!' Wow, I begin to understand then why souls reincarnate and I raised my hand and grabbed the chance to go to earth. Excited about the difference I could help with on earth, I went up to a computer (Yes there is a computer in Heaven) and started pushing buttons 'One for Mother would leave me at 3 weeks; father alcoholic; breed Indian; etc. Pushing a lot of buttons cause I wanted to be good. I then asked what this was for. I was told that this button pushing on the computer was programming the DNA for the 'Opportunities for Growth' that I would have on Earth, the more opportunities then the greater chance to grow spiritually on Earth. Boy I thought, I must want to be good. Boom I started flying thru a dark corridor and found out this was my travel to earth to be born. I watched as the pain started as I went thru the process of birth and forgetfulness. Oh my gosh, we forget everything& especially the beauty of all-God. It was hard to watch myself quickly forget all that I had left behind and start to manifest victimization instead of manifestation of problem solving. Whew. So this is what happens? We forget. Then it is our soul purpose to help remember and then help others remember...Yeah. I watched and saw that it would be much later in life that I would open up myself to the thinking mind and the feeling nature. It was an amazing revelation for me to see that I forgot I was a part of God there in the beautiful Heaven and I also forgot that I came to Earth to bring that wonderment down here 'In other words I forgot that I came to earth to recreate Heaven on Earth thru Love.' For many years now, something that always makes me smile when things are going into the negative...I just visualize Buddha being born as a baby, with diapers and all - thinking that is us as we were born.

The vision wasn't over as yet, for I was told that love of oneself; love of others; gratefulness for life; awareness of the spirit world; surrender; and knowledge would be the key to open the door to remembering, thinking, and feeling, in tune with all again. Fanning the Divine Spark of spiritual awareness deep within our souls to a living Flame of Truth thru these keys. The Truth shall set you Free!

I was also told that Judgment was the biggest waste of time on the planet. The Spirit/God went on to tell me that there is a divine stream of wealth and abundance so I can accomplish my mission on Earth and fulfill my dreams. The vision ended or did it ever-as long as I remember it. My question now is as always why I continue to be struggling? I totally understand difficulty in overcoming thoughts, words, habits, and traits that have accumulated over not only this life but in other lives accounting for thousands of years. I have had to work to realize it is time to release my old limited viewpoints, doubts, fears, and weaknesses.

I, along with you, as you read this, am challenging myself to 'Create Positive Manifestations' by Daring to Dream again, daring to reach for the stars, daring to claim all that the Spirit/God/Creator has Promised us, being told that we deserve it, it is our birthright, so together let us, once again, create an Earth paradise where Love, Abundance, Beauty, and Harmony are everywhere.   Love Thunder

"It is a cheap generosity which promises the future in compensation for the present." ~ J.A. Spender

Posted with the grateful and loving permission from Grandmother Mary