Insight for the Mind . . . Delight for the Heart . . . Wings for the Soul

There is no way to properly thank our group this year.
There was just to much experience to encapsulate in a just few words.
But we know that the Maya Doves are flying in a higher plane now!

The Emergence of the Heart of the DOVE
A Celebration in honor of the year Zero!
A Pilgrimage to the Maya's Five Crown Cities of Light
Palenque - Yaxchilian - Tikal - Quirigua - Copan
December 18th - 29th, 2012
Where are YOU going to be on December 21st, 2012?

Join us on a pilgrimage of the Ages!
ALUNA JOY YAXK'IN ~ Author, Mystic, and Spiritual Archeologist
and the STAR ELDERS, PACAL VOTAN and all the invisible guides and guardians of these sites
ENRIQUE ENCALADA ~ our Mayan spirit guide,
DR. ED BARNHART ~ Director of the Maya Exploration Center,
RIGOBERTO ITZEP CHANCHOVAC ~ a Mayan Elder who will be offering Ceremony in Tikal,
and RAPHAEL ~ our resident group Angel,
on a spirit-filled, informative and life changing Mayan adventure.

This pilgrimage will be blessed with Messages from the ancient ones, meditation and modern and traditional Maya ceremony all blended with the wisdom of the Sacred Geometry and Archeo-Astronomy. It will take place during the date that is commonly known as the possible Maya calendar end date of 12-21-2012 . . . and will be linked with the culmination of 18 years of Global SOLAR WAVE CEREMONIES.    More on the SOLAR WAVE HERE     No other pilgrimage offers this much quality time in sacred sites. We know you can't rush Spirit. 2 full days in Palenque. 2 full days inside Tikal. 2 full days in Copan, plus 1/2 days inside Yaxchillan and Quirigua. Aluna will offer messages from the spirits of the temples and the Star Elders. Aluna will be sharing messages received from the living stones. Enrique will bring his wonderful quality of spirit and ceremony to the group. Dr. Ed Barnhart will inform us about the Sacred Geometry and Archeo-Astronomy of Palenque. Rigoberto will bless us with traditional ceremony in Tikal. Raphael will be watching your back and assiting were Spirit calls.
All this PLUS . . . BLISS, MAGIC, and as always . . . the Unexpected!

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Meet Our Amazing Team of Guides . . .

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in was literally born awake and in the company of her guides, the Star Elders. Today she has evolved into an internationally known author, spiritual life coach, sacred site guide, alternative historian, ordained minister and modern mystic. In the Inca world, Aluna is considered a Qawaq (cow-wak), a clairvoyant or seer of living energy. Aluna acts as a spiritual archaeologist using her clairvoyant / clairsentient gifts to excavate messages from the masters of ancient, enlightened cultures to uncover what affect this has on humanity and the collective consciousness. Aluna coined the term "sacred site junkie" because she is one herself. After her first trip to Tulum, Mexico, her life changed dramatically, and she was sent on an entirely different path in life. Since this time, her work has been influenced by uncountable shamanic experiences in sacred sites of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Peru, Bolivia, Egypt, Greece, England, Australia and New Zealand. Aluna has been leading groups in the Maya world since 1986, the Inca world since 1996, and the Egyptian world since 2008. Aluna offers Star Elder Sessions, formulates Sacred Site Essences and a free newsletter. She is the author of "Mayan Astrology" and her articles have been published worldwide. She is well known for her down to earth, accepting attitude that makes each one feel like they have come home. She inspires and encourages others to recognize and accept their own authentic divinity and connection to the Creator. "Our groups are family, and each one is a teacher and also a student. We work together as a team to unravel the sacred mysteries of life."
Read more about Aluna Joy here
Read Aluna Joy's writings here

ENRIQUE ENCALADA - Enrique is a wonderful, open-hearted blend of new age and Maya traditions. When Enrique had his first contact with the Sacred Knowledge, at the age of 15, the revelation of these truths changed his life, and he began to follow a sacred path which has lead him in amazing directions. In 1984, he was the assistant to the Mayan Gnostic Congress Of Atlantis in Merida, Mexico. In 1995, he participated in the Great Meeting of the Mayan Solar Initiation. This meeting deepened his Sacred Studies. That same year he also fulfilled one of his life's purposes by going to Japan, where he found a lost part of his inner self. In Japan, he had his first contact with Buddhist and Shinto doctrines. After his return, he journeyed to Teotihuacan, Tlatelolco and the Maya lands to bridge the connections between the ancients of the Far East and those in MesoAmerica. In 1996, he received his first inspiration/vision to lead a meditation in Tulum. In January of 1998, he took part in the teachings of the 8 Verses of Mental Training given by Lama Geshe Tsultilm Gyeltsen. In September of 1998, under the sponsoring of Hunbatz Men and the Naga Ku Mysteries School in Japan, he was sent to Japan as an emissary to offer lectures about the Mayan Sacred Knowledge to Japan's New Age Community. There he discovered his Sacred Mayan name, Uc Akè Chan. In December of 1999/2000, during Y2K, Enrique participated in his first trip with Aluna Joy. Since then, he has had the honor to travel with her and her wonderful groups every Spring Equinox. "With honor to all my spiritual brothers and sisters, I hope to help you to open the doors / gates for all of you, in the magic places of the Maya. In Lak ech A la Kin."

DR. ED BARNHART - Maya Exploration Center Director, Dr. Ed Barnhart, has over a decade of experience in Mesoamerica as an archaeologist, an explorer and an instructor. He has published over a dozen papers and given presentations at five international conferences. His involvement in Maya studies began in 1990 as an archaeological intern in the ruins of Copan in the Honduras. He was in charge of The Palenque Mapping Project which was a three-year effort to survey and map the unknown sections of Palenque's ruins. Over 1,100 new structures were documented, bringing the site total to almost 1,500. The resultant map has been celebrated as one of the most detailed and accurate ever made of a Maya ruin. He received a Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin, Texas in 2001 with his dissertation entitled "The Palenque Mapping Project: Settlement Patterns and Urbanism in An Ancient Maya City." He is a Fellow of the Explorer's Club and teaches National Science Foundation classes for college professors on Maya astronomy and sacred geometry. Read More about Ed's projects here

RIGOBERTO ITZEP CHANCHOVAC - Quiche Mayan Elder, Daykeeper and Priest, is the director of Mayan Mission Wajshakib Batz of Momostenango, Guatemala. Momostenango is a Maya-Kiche village located in the Highlands of Guatemala, and continues to play an important role as a ceremonial center in the Maya-Kiche world. Rigoberto and many other Elders and Priests from Momostenango facilitate initiations with our Pilgrimages to help one understand our deep and intimate connection to the great creator. Ceremony with the elders fosters a deep reverence for all life. The Elders of Momostenango have retained 85% of their tradition making them a rare and invaluable resource for those interested in Maya Cosmovision. Rigoberto offers Maya Destiny Readings, Traditional Kiche Ceremony and wisdom that goes way beyond books written about the Maya.

RAPHAEL - It is a blessing to have Raphael as our resident Angel, group guardian and energy healer. He is an egoless and humble light worker. He has been involved with energy work the majority of his life and has studied a variety of healing energy modalities including QiGong, Quantum Touch, and Kahuna Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing (ARCH). His spiritual path has provided him with a deep humbleness and appreciation of all life and Mother Earth, as a direct result of his relationship with the Blackfeet, the Ojibwa and the Lakota Nations. Raphael feels it is a blessing for him to be able to serve our groups in any way he can. Raphael and his life partner, Aluna Joy, reside in Sedona, Arizona. Read more about Raphael here:

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Feed back from past years Equinox Adventurers!
Hi Aluna, I just wanted to offer you my reflections of our magical Mayan Journey. The Maya lands radiated not only a very deep mystery but also a very warm friendliness. I appreciated all the thoughtfulness you put into organizing and preparing us for our remarkable journey. Your guide book is excellent and prepared us well, but no mention of Lizards in the bedrooms, thought a fun surprise. The Mayan travel pack, complete with calendars, special flower essences, and a magical Mayan Guide called Enrique, was a recipe for a royal journey, and it was!

Palenque has an atmosphere of other worldly timelessness and what a treat we received at Equinox as the howler monkeys sang their mantras at sunset; floating our consciousness to another level. How do you arrange it all? I really valued the experience of entering Palenque by the back trail; it is that kind of sensitivity that makes your journeys so special. The jungle restaurant is exceptionally good. Our group had such a special quality each one with their pearls of wisdom and I felt that we grounded some important energy at the equinox… a special thank you for treating us to a the ceremony of music of Kan'Nal on our finale evening, a unique close to a life-changing journey. I hope to join you again soon.

Rob - England.

It was a wonderful, magical trip, so full of gifts and blessings, and such a great group of spiritual travelers. Thank you Aluna, and Enrique and all of you. If home is where the heart is, I'm sure we are still hanging out together in Palenque. We must continue to hold, and to live that vision and experience of peace in our daily lives, always.
David - New Zealand

A journey continues until it stops
A journey that stops is no longer a journey
A journey loses things on its way
A journey passes through things, things pass through it
When a journey is over, it loses itself to a place
When a journey remembers, it begins a journal
When is a new journey about an old journey?
A journey over time is different from a journey into time
An actual journey is into the future
A reflective journey is into the past
A journey always begins in a place called HERE
Pack your bags and imagine your journey
Unpack your bags and imagine your journey is done
If you're afraid of a journey, don't buy shoes

~ Mark Strand ~ (from Chicken, Shadow, Moon & More)

Our groups are like Sacred Sites....
We never have enough time with them,
and we always want to see them again : )

There is no way to properly thank our group this year.
There was just to much experience to encapsulate in a just few words.
But we know that the Maya Doves are flying in a higher plane now!

Many Heartfelt thanks to our latest group to the Yucatan...
The Watch Keepers of 2011!
Do you see the violet orb in Labna's dimensional doorway?

Another great group that had great integrity, a stunning lack of ego, loads of giving and sharing, and most of all depth of heart. In spite of the HUGE energy wobbles while there... we were able to SEE the etheric city re-bond to the physical city, and able to receive clear messages from the living stones in Palenque, Yaxchillan and Bonampak. (Posted under articles on our web site) It was very powerful, PS... It was exactly 20 years sense my famous down load from Palenque in 1990! So we feel this energy will happen again in 260 days. We are going back to see if we were right! P.S. David is missing from this photo . . . maybe he found the door to the next dimension. :)

Our 2009 group walked between the worlds!
They paved the way for the future world to emerge!

Our 2008 group . . . there were 35 in the group from 10 different countries! The impeccability and LOVE this group expressed was immeasurable. We did not catch them all in this group photo. At least a third of our group was M.I.A. for this photo. Most were out hugging pyramids and trees, and things like that. Palenque was amazing this year. It was pumping out immeasurable energy and LOVE.
Paradise IS returning! PALENQUE GIVES YOUR HEART WINGS! That is why we go back so much.

The 2007 Power House group in Tikal!
Come join us, and be part of our growing family!
Join the Galactic UN Peace Team.     :)

Our 2006 group with new friends, including Presidente Comunidad Linguistica Kaquchikel,
who invited us to ceremony in the Grand Plaza in TIKAL!
It does not get better that this! What a blessing!

The 2005 group . . . This was a love bunny group for sure! If love is the answer, then we had it all covered!

  There is a wealth of pure knowledge and creative opportunity in the heavens that have been anchored to the Earth by the Star Elders. These treasures were locked in a fields based in the elements of water, earth, fire, air in ether. they were also anchored in sacred geometry, frequency, and cosmic time, These fields contain 9 Pyramids that interlock to form a double Star Tetrahedron. This is the Earth's Merkaba. This Merkaba bridges Space, Time Dimension, Past, Present and Future. The Star Elders selected sacred locations to anchored this treasure on the earth, and has been waiting patiently for the evolvement and ripening of the human collective consciousness.

A sacred region on earth, called the Dove a.k.a the butterfly, or the bat, was well known as a home to the Ancients, a.k.a. The Star Elders, the Invisible Council. The Dove in the Americas spans across five crown cities of LIGHT know today as Palenque, Tikal, Yaxchillan, Quirigua and Copan. Within the area of the Dove there are smaller triangular grids of crystal that mark the sacred energy complexes that were actively used by the Brother/Sisterhood of Light during the cycle of Atlantis. It is here that the remnants of their technology remain upon the earth! The Head of the Dove contains the purest of teachings encoded during ancient evolutionary cycles of the earth. These teachings give all the knowledge relevant to the Light on this planet and its relationship to the star regions know to the Star Elders. PALENQUE is the head of the DOVE!

When a convergence of time, space and evolution reaches an auspicious point, the heart of this energy is released upon the earth. The treasures of light will be dispersed through out these grids of cosmic consciousness within the body of the Dove, and a new world will be born in this dimension. This process has already begun in the spirit realms. It is now time to realize the vision of Paradise on Earth.

During auspicious Mayan calendar dates, and also equinoxes and solstices, the veils between the 3D world and the hidden wisdom are thinned. At this time the ability to hear our personal and universal truth is clearer. By listening, we can further the process of knowing who we are, why we came here, and our life purpose. We can rejuvenate our souls, deepen our connection with our inner power, activate a greater ability to manifest our visions, and magnify our healing abilities and discover our personal power. Ultimately the Dove will emerge from within all initiate its of this path. And this will awaken the collective consciousness to a new world.

From the Popol Vuh - THESE are the first words.

There is not yet one person, one animal, bird, fish,
crab, tree, rock, hollow, canyon, meadow, or forest.
All alone the sky exists. The face of the earth has not yet appeared.
Alone lies the expanse of the sea, along with the womb
of all the sky in the darkness, in the night.
"All alone are the Framer and the Shaper, Sovereign and Quetzal Serpent,
They Who Have Borne Children and They Who Have Begotten Sons.
Luminous they are in the water,
wrapped in quetzal feathers and cotinga feathers....
"Then came forth the mountains from the water.
Straight away the great mountains came to be.
It was merely their spirit essence, their miraculous power,
which brought about the creation of the mountains and the valleys"

Our bodies are made of water, earth, fire, air, and ether (Spirit). This pilgrimage is created with this in mind. So that all elements inside of us are awakened, so we can emerge and awakened beings.

Palenque - Water - Knowledge
Palenque is considered the home to the great hall of records . . . the living library of Wisdom. Palenque is also aligned with solstices, equinoxes, eclipses and zenith passages of the sun, and was built with advanced, sacred geometry. Palenque and surrounding sites, like Bonampak and Yaxchillan, have held mystery and intrigue for hundreds of years. It is considered by many to be an ancient school for spiritual initiates. In the Keys of Enoch, Palenque is considered the head of a huge, geographical, dove grid anchoring a new definition of peace and wisdom. Palenque is also a center of the Earth's Merkaba that connects with a universal grid. The locals call Palenque the navel of the Earth. Palenque shelters a living library that reveals universal truth to those who listen with the open heart. What we hear can and does change our lives profoundly.

The area that encompasses Palenque, Yaxchillan & Bonampak is where the ancient starry ones lived Heaven on Earth. Pacal Votan's energy, a Cosmic Messenger, still radiates from the Temple of Inscriptions in Palenque. Many other Masters influence the energy of this area including the elder race we call the Star Elders or Invisible Council. Even Christ healed the sick and performed baptisms in the Queen's Falls when he visited during the "lost years". He learned from the Star Elders about cosmic time, and the Star Elders learned from him about the Heart and Peace. Their energy is still there, and so is their wisdom. Palenque is nothing less than pure magic and is still one of Aluna's favorite areas after traveling two decades in Central and South America.

Palenque is an activator for intuitive understanding. By listening to the site, we are able to access the Hall of Records. This knowledge is stored in the intuitive water in our bodies. What we learn here will be taken forward, multiplied and matured as the pilgrimage continues.

Yaxchillan - Earth - Balance
Yaxchillan is hidden deep in the jungle between Guatemala and Mexico on the Usumacinta river. The ancient name for the city was probably Pa' Chan. Yaxchilan means "green stones" in Maya. The site is particularly known for its well-preserved, sculptured stone lintels set above the doorways of the main structures. These lintels contain hieroglyphic texts and imagery that describes deep Shamanic practices.

Yaxchillan teaches us to balance between the earthly world and the ethereal world. Its mysteries are buried so deep, that it makes any one who visits here dive deep within themselves. Here, described in its famous lintels, is the process of capturing, mastering, and becoming free of one's individual ego. Once this state of consciousness is achieved, we become ONE with all life.

Tikal - Fire - Power - Mind
Tikal . . . a place of power and nature. Tikal is among the world's wonders. Here we learn about power, but also the mastery of the mind and consciousness. Many call Tikal one of the most spiritually powerful spots on Earth. Tikal possesses a certain quality of magic that fascinates and enchants. It stretches your mind and heart to hold more wisdom and light. The monumental site, with its towering pyramids, looms out of the misty jungle canopy like living sentinels of ancient times. They speak to those with open hearts. The ruins of Tikal include more than 3,000 structures extending over six square miles and includes palaces, temples, ceremonial platforms, ball courts, terraces, plazas, avenues and steam baths. It is paradise.


Rio Dulce
Lake Izabal is surrounded by lush, tropical rainforests inhabited by hundreds of bird species, monkeys and many other animals. The waters of the lake are rich in fish. Unique to the lake is the fresh-water sea cow (manatee); a mammal that can weigh up to one ton. It is the largest mammal in the country. This species is in danger of extinction. Lake Izabal is the largest lake in Guatemala. It is more than 45 kilometers long and covers about 590 square kilometers. In some places, it is 50 feet deep. Lake Izabal is fed by many tributary rivers; the largest of which is the Rio Polochíc whose mouth is at the west end of the lake. Lake Izabal drains into the Rio Dulce at its eastern end. Here we take time to relax, and integrate the previous two sites, and also prepare for the two most powerful sites in the Maya world.

Quirigua - Air - Heart
The Maya have a traditional story that speaks about the day the Starry Ones, the Star Elders . . . the Invisible Council, left the earth plane for the last time (about 800 years ago). Quirigua is the site where this historical last exit took place. Quirigua is one of the smallest Mayan cities, but one of the most mysterious and powerful due to its splendid series of Star Elder monuments. These living, sandstone obelisks were created to mark important cosmic events. Each spectacular sculpture is that of a Star Elder and is adorned with symbolic information and encircled by gods and sacred animals. The sides and backs are etched with Maya calendar glyphs giving dates to significant events. The date of Quirigua's turning point in history is immortalized on a huge boulder known as Zoomorph G. Half a dozen of these curious rounded sculptures, resembling mythical and real animals, are found in Quirigua. We think the Zoomorph is a map of the universe and contains the necessary information needed to enter and exit the Earth's hologram. The Acropolis, which was created out of white quartz crystal, amplifies the energy needed to generate these cosmic migrations. Quirigua has mesmerized countless travelers. British author, Aldous Huxley, noted that Quirigua's stela commemorate ". . . human triumph over time and matter and the triumph of time and matter over man."

Quirigua is permeated with Heart energy. Here we take the longest journey any one can make. It is a journey of 13 inches. It is the journey from our minds to our hearts. The power of heart energy in this site, combined with a lightness of spirit, helps us allow this 13 inch journey to take place.

Copan - Ethers - The Emergence
Copan . . . the most powerful site in the Maya lands, is renowned for its magnificent Maya Ruins and dozens of living Stela. Copan's rich stone sculptures and intricate hieroglyphs make Copan an incomprehensible mystery on the "La Ruta Maya". The entire area is enshrouded in mystery. Stories of UFO sightings abound throughout the surrounding villages. Its rich stone sculptures and intricate hieroglyphs are legendary. During the reign of its most illustrious king, Waxak Lahun Ubah K'awil (also known as "18 Rabbit"), the royal sculptors of Copan displayed their innovative talents in many stelae that 18 Rabbit commissioned. The Hieroglyphic Stairway, a stairway into the sun, includes the longest single glyphic text found at any Maya site.

What is COPAN for today's spiritual traveler? Several translations have been offered regarding the meaning and purpose of COPAN. COPAN means "Xuxpi", or "Xukpi", which is related to an inner dimensional Celestial Bird. According to the mystical world of the Mayas, the Celestial Bird was in charge of taking your spirit from one place to another. You can see this Celestial Bird in Copan's Temples such as Rosalila. Copan could be considered "a Bridge" or "COPANTL", which means "pontoon or bridge". We think Copan is a bridge between dimensions, and we consider this site the most powerful site in the Maya world. It is also home to the Butterfly Man (from Copan).

Copan, also called "VALLEY OF KINGS", is located in the western part of Honduras. It was a great Mayan Civilization and was governed by an enlightened dynasty for centuries. Most of the Mayan archeological sites today bear the name given to them by their discoverers. The case of Copan is different. According to Don Diego García de Palacios's letter, which is considered as the first written account of these remarkable ruins, it assure us that these ruins were known by this name during the sixteenth century. Investigators have not yet agreed upon the etymology of the word "Copan". Several translations have been offered regarding its meaning such as "bridge", "Capital of Co". Others say it comes from the Nahuatl language, and they add the ending "tl", thus converting it into "Copantl" which means "pontoon or bridge".

While in Copan, we will visit its new museum "El Museo de las Esculturas". You start entering the museum as if you were entering into the mouth of a snake. You then continue walking through a long and dark tunnel, representing the excavated tunnels in the inside of the Acropolis. It is also symbolizes Xilbaba . . . the Mayan underworld. At the end of the tunnel, you will see a replica of the famous Rosalila temple.

In Copan, we can seal in all the energy, light, and wisdom which we have collected with the help of the power of the Sun. It is here that many enlightened ones discovered a bridge within. This bridge allows one to transform themselves, and transmit themselves to another world or reality. It is here that the emergence of the dove was completed. This is where one could literally walk into the Sun.

Mayan .. Incan .. UFO… ET.. Alien Gods… Star Beings

The Mayans believed that their ancestors came from the Pleiades. The Mayan Indians of Central America knew that the Earth was round centuries before the Europeans made this discovery. The Popol Vuh states that several gods, including Hunahpu, Xbalanque, and the great god-king Quetzalcoatl, returned to the stars after their Earth life ended. Peru's pre-Inca civilization, like the Maya, said the gods were from the star system "Pleiades" just as the Sumerians did. Inca ruins have been found at 13,000 feet, with one stone weighing 20,000 tons. Legends tell of spaceships that came from the stars. Inca ornaments of "platinum" were found. Text reveals that the Incas also knew that the Earth was round centuries before it was known to the Western world. As with all myths about Mayan Gods and Goddesses, Mayan myths discuss connections with beings from other realms who came to Earth to seed the planet. Many people see the story of the Popol Vuh as a story of extraterrestrial Gods who came down and made man in his own image. When they first made man, he was so perfect - living as long as they did - and man could see far and wide (clairvoyant) and were as perceptive. Within their culture, they have legends of visiting Gods from outer space. In the last thousand years, the being known as Quatzequatl, the Great Feathered Serpent, was a God who brought the teaching of peace to this part of the world and appeared as a white God with a beard.

DOUBLE ROOM (price per person) $3595.00 USD
TPL (price per person) $3395.00 USD
If group reaches 31 the price will be reduced by $130.00 USD per person

A private link with a day by day itinerary will be sent to you upon request. This is to maintain the privacy and integrity of the group's energy.

TOUR PRICE INCLUDES: All hotel accommodations (as listed in the itinerary). All airport transfers and transportation within tour dates will be covered unless otherwise stated (Remember . . . you will need to arrange your own arrival flights to Villahermosa, Mexico and your departure flights from San Pedro Sula, Honduras). Beautiful, safe and comfortable accommodations. All entrances fees to temple sites, day tours and guide fees. Full breakfasts and dinners as listed in the itinerary. Gratuities for hotels and bell boys. There will be 4 main, wonderful, full-time guides at your service throughout the trip. Aluna Joy, Enrique and Raphael are at your service as spiritual guides. Jose Chan from Infiniti Tours will be at your service for logistics. Aluna Joy will be providing Group Star Elder Sessions when Spirit calls her to do so. Enrique will be providing heart-felt ceremony. Raphael will be acting as group guardian and will offer individual healings. Also, laughs, joyful tears, and the beginning of lifelong friendships . . . just about everything a spirit could want! Plus, spiritual growth that cannot be measured by any standard! We guarantee that you will never be the same! (NOTE: Some of our plans are subject to slight changes due to Spirit's calling, weather, etc...).

NOT INCLUDED: We do not include your arrival flight TO Villahermosa, Mexico or your departure flight FROM San Pedro Sula, Honduras. You will need to purchase your own flights arriving any time in Villahermosa, Mexico on December 18th, 2012, and departing any time from San Pedro Sula, Honduras on December 29th, 2012. If you have any question or concerns about your flights, please call us. Local Airport Departure Taxes are not included. No lunches are covered. We snack at lunch, as you will not want to waste a moment in a café mid-day when the sacred sites are calling you. Tips to our 3 main guides (Aluna Joy Yaxk'in, Enrique Enclada & Raphael) and other escort-guides and bus drivers are not covered. They should be offered and accepted with the heart only. You will want to tip the maids for cleaning your rooms. Drinking water and laundry bills are not included . . . as well as and all the beautiful things that you'll want to take home with you.

Group size is limited to 40 people.

Last minute, spontaneous registrations may be impossible to arrange.
Call us to see if we have space for you in the group prior to submitting your registration form and purchasing your flights.
If we are already booked full, ask to be placed on the alert list in the case of a rare cancelation.

A Complete Mayan Guide Book and other material will be sent to you 30 - 45 days prior to the Pilgrimage.

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