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TOGETHER.... We lift up Humanity and Earth... one HEART at a time!

   Solar Meditations

The SUN is LIFE. It is as simple as that. Without it we would not exist. The SUN is a living being full of wisdom and healing qualities. When we recognize the SUN as such, we can foster a living and potent relationship with the SUN. We can receive insights and information, receive healing and send healing to others. The Sun is a doorway to universal knowledge. The ancient traditions of the Americas knew this fact and still do today! Our fear of the SUN has only blocked us from its beauty and power and the SUN'S ability to connect intimately with us and share its knowledge of the vastness of the universe. We are not separate from anything in the universe. The SUN, the moon, the planets and places we do not have names for as yet. As science probes further into the cosmos, we can only stand back in awe of its vastness, and yet we are connected to it all. We are an intimate part of that incredible vastness. These mediations, prayers and ceremonies, that I have been inspired to write over the years, are only the tip of the universe. Use them as a doorway to further and deepen your connection to the amazing whole we are a part of. Use them to help you remember that you are one with all that is. Use them to re-connect to the collective spirit of all life.
May the sun shine brightly in your hearts forever.
Aluna Joy


Dear Great Creator
We come before you, with humble, grateful, peaceful hearts.
We stand here filled with overwhelming love and respect
for the earth, humanity and all creation.
We accept with great honor the positive intent of balance, peace and harmony
along with the immeasurable blessings and love our family from the East has sent us.
We thank you for these blessings.

Dear Great Creator
We have new eyes to see as you see.
We have new ears to hear as you hear.
We have new hearts to love as you love.
We have new minds to understand as you understand.

Dear Great Creator
We now bring forth the new gifts that are within us
We now awaken to the new light that is within us
We now walk a new path that is ahead of us.
We now walk in balance, peace, and harmony,
with light, love and truth of the glory and power of the universe.

Dear Great Creator
We have courage to seize the blessings that are offered to us.
We have a new boldness to share these gifts in the world.
We have the perseverance to live in each moment
in the ways of balance peace and harmony.

Dear Great Creator
We now intend that the peace, balance, harmony, truth, love, integrity, compassion,
that we feel in our hearts today, are anchored on Mother Earth,
through all time, space, dimension,
past, present and future,
through body, mind and spirit of all living things.
7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
We now send these positive intents forth to our brothers and sisters in the west,
with great love and gratitude.

Updated dramatically this year due to major shift in consciousness.
We are ready!

Arrive at the chosen location 1 hour before dawn, and face east. You can either sit or stand. It is also beneficial to place your palms out, or even arms outstretched fully to the sides with palms up. Sensitive ones may find this too powerful and may need to keep their hands folded in front of them. Do what feels right to you.

Call in all your guides, guardians and angels. Ask that the group be placed in a bubble of light and that any energy that is not part of the group be removed. Also ask for all energy any group member has given away to be returned. Unify yourself and your group as you link together as a global family. In silence call on the energy of the Stars and the Universe. Draw this powerful energy into you. Ask to be filled with the purity of balance, peace, harmony and love for Earth and Humanity. Inside, ask for personal support and strength for the days ahead, so that you may be a strong server of truth and light. Ask to be reawakened to the ancient, timeless knowledge of the cosmos. Let your inner mantra be a Mayan code, "In Lak'ech Ala K'in": "I am you, and you are me"… "I am you and you are me". "I am you and you are me". Continue until the sun rises.

When the Sun breaks the horizon, face the Sun and ask Hunab K'u (The Creator of the Universe for the Maya) and Pacacamag (The Father of the Universe for the Inca) for blessings and permission to enter their memory and wisdom. As the Sun rises, look directly at the Sun. Please use discretion here. Just one second of pure sunlight directly in the eyes is enough, but do what is comfortable. Pure sun light is holistic information.

As this first light breaks, while breathing in deeply over and over, bring heavenly energy down into your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies activating your entire being. Ask to be reawakened to the ancient knowledge and wisdom of the Cosmos. Draw in this energy through the top of your head and out the bottom of your feet. Send it the center of the Earth. Firmly anchor it there.
- - - You have just become a Cosmically aware being.

Now breath in deeply over and over, and bring up the powerful energy of the Earth into your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies activating your entire being. Ask to be reawakened to the ancient knowledge and wisdom of the Earth. Draw in this energy through the bottom of your feet and out the top of your head. Send it the center of the Universe. Firmly anchor it there.
- - - You have just become an Earthly aware being.

Again while breathing in deeply over and over, add your own inner gifts and light into this bridge. See your energy going out the center of the Heavens and the core of the Earth, and then return to you one thousand fold. You are now part of a living conduit of universal unending energy. Firmly anchor this multiplied energy into your heart.
- - - You are now a balanced bridge between Heaven and Earth.

While breathing in deeply over and over, draw all the positive intent that has been anchored in the SOLAR WAVE by earlier sunrises before you. Listen, hear, see and feel the prayers of our brothers and sisters of the East who have just finished their prayers and anchored their positive intentions with the rising SUN. Allow their intents to merge with yours. Allow this energy to join the living conduit of unified intent. You have just entered the Solar Wave. Ask that all the positive intent placed in the Solar Wave be multiplied a thousand fold. Bring this into your heart space. Anchor it firmly there.
- - - You are now the sons and daughters of Earth and Sky.

Again breathing in deeply over and over, hold a vision of a positive future for humanity in your heart. Don't see what needs to be healed, as this will add energy to the imbalances … simply see Earth and Humanity perfect and whole. Add your vision of peace, balance and harmony. See your vision of Heaven on Earth, Nirvana, Shambala. See the element of water being calm. See the element of earth being in perfect balance. See the element of fire being in harmony. See the element of air being at peace. See the bodies, minds and spirit of humanity fully awake, conscious and full of love, peace, harmony, balance and utter gratefulness and joy. Last, but not least, see yourself perfectly healed in all ways, for all time. Ask that this vision be multiplied one thousand fold. Anchor it firmly within.
- - - You are now born again and have become a powerful living chalice for Earth and Humanity.

While still breathing in deeply over and over, see the sun within you get brighter and stronger to the point that you can no longer contain it. See this light burst forth from your heart center filled with all the positive collective intent. See it go out to the Earth and all of humanity.
- - - Your living chalice has spilled over with a powerful cosmic force.

Now turn toward the west - away from the sun, and with a grand and joyous sweeping motion and energetic whoop, send a carbon copy, so to speak, of the collective intent for peace, balance and harmony to the ones waiting for the sun to rise in the west.
- - - You are now celebrating being one with all life.

In closing, send gratefulness to all those who arose before you to anchor their prayers in the first rays of a new Equinox year. Send thanks to all your guides, guardians and angels who were present and helping with this process. Take down the bubble of light down around the group . . . And last, but not least, send your love and respect to the great Creator for who all things are possible.

What we give is what we receive . . . Once you have completed this work, you will be at a higher frequency. This is a good time to listen in silence for your personal message; for what you receive today will influence and empower your entire year.


This is an example of a 3-step Solar Ceremony/Meditation that was inspired by a Mayan Elder, and an Incan Elder and the powerful presence of our Brothers and Sisters from the Pleiades.

Arrive at the chosen location 1 hour before dawn. Call on the crystalline, electric blue energy of the Pleiades. Feel this spiraling energy descend into your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies activating your 7 chakras. Pull in this Pleiadian energy through the top of your head, through your chakras and out the bottom of your feet and send it to the center of the Earth. Firmly anchor it there. Feel the crystalline, electric blue energy unify yourself and your group as we link together as a star family. Ask to be filled with the purity of compassion, love, allowance and support for Earth and Humanity. Ask for personal support and strength for the days ahead so that we may be strong servers of truth and light. Ask to be reawakened to the ancient, timeless knowledge of the cosmos. Realize in this moment that we have become part of the stars, and the lighted ones of the Pleiades have become our brothers and sisters. State out loud the Mayan code In Lak'ech "I am you, and you are me". "I am you, and you are me". "I am you, and you are me". With this action, we merge realities and anchor the energy of our star brothers and sisters into our hearts. As we await the arrival of Father SUN, begin to meditate on positive intentions, prayers for humanity's awakening and healing, etc... for the year to come. Holding the positive future of Humanity in you heart.

When the Sun breaks the horizon, face the Sun and ask Hunab K'u (The Creator of the Universe for the Maya) and Pacacamag (The Father of the Universe for the Inca) for blessings and permission to enter their memory. As the Sun rises, look directly at the Sun. Please use discretion here. Just one second of pure sunlight directly in the eyes is enough, but do what is comfortable. Feel the energy of Mother Earth rise upward from under your feet, flooding your body and chakras and streaming out the top of your crown chakra up into the heavens. Be filled with the grounded energy of Mother Earth. Ask to be filled with the purity of compassion, love, allowance and support for Earth and Humanity. Ask to be reawakened to the ancient knowledge and wisdom of the Earth. Ask for personal support and strength for the days ahead so that we may be strong servers of truth and the light. State out loud again the Maya code In Lak'ech "I am you, and you are me". "I am you, and you are me". "I am you, and you are me". With this action, we merge with the energy of Mother Earth. Allow the previous collected energy of the Pleiades to merge with the energy of Mother Earth within us. We become a living conduit between the Earth and Stars.

Now hold your arms out to the side of your body with palms out. Imagine pulling in the energy of the Sun. Open all 7 chakras to the SUN and listen, hear, see and feel the prayers of our brothers and sisters of the East who have just finished their prayers and anchored their positive intentions with the rising SUN. Allow their prayers to merge with yours, within the collected energy of Mother Earth and the Pleiades. You have just entered the Solar Wave.

Begin to say the name of the Sun, K'IN in the Mayan language, and draw in, collect, and catch the spirit of the Sun in your arms. Just as Om-m-m is the name of the Earth, K'IN is the name of the Sun. The name of the Sun sounds like, "K'ieeeeeennn" with a distinct E sound. When you do this properly, you will feel the sound of the Sun vibrating in your head. Say K'IN, K'IEN, K'IEENN, K'IEEENN, 7 times for our 7 chakras and our connection with the Pleiades. Now pull your arms inward and place the energy of the Sun into our hearts, and center it inside our inner temples.

Merge the Earth-Pleiadian energy with your spirit, your heart's songs, your prayers, and your positive intentions with those who walked this path just moments before. With a sweeping motion, send it out to the universe within the path of the Sun's westerly course. Send the collective prayers to Earth, Humanity and Stars on to the next group waiting in the west to greet the SUN. Feel your heartsong being received by the Creator, Hunab K'u/Pacacamag and our cosmic brother and sisters. Feel your heartsong being received by your brothers and sisters in the West. Send thanks and appreciation to the Pleiades, Mother Earth and Hunab K'u and Pacacamag for their help this morning and their continued help throughout the year. Send thanks to all those who arose before you to anchor their prayers in the first rays of a new year.

Once we have completed this, we will be in a higher frequency. This is a good time to do some personal inner work. We can dedicate ourselves as keepers of the Earth and servants of the light and truth. Feel the inherent responsibility of fully awakening. Accept the weight of this responsibility within the joyful and empowered spirit that you are. Allow the spirit of the Sun and the Creator, Hunab K'u/Pacacamag to shine brilliantly from your heart.

In silence, listen for your personal message, for what you receive today will influence your entire year. Remember to listen to the song of life. When the Creator calls upon you, remember your dedication and responsibility to humanity, Earth and the cosmos. Remember, you are a piece of the Sun, Earth and Stars, and you have a special message to give to humanity. SO BE IT!


This exercise helps us to learn how to take control, consciously, of our own creative energy from the Creator. The creative pulse of creation radiates, encompasses and penetrates everything, physical and non-physical. It is everywhere and no where at once. It is memory and possibility. It is the movement of the Creator. The Maya called this force "Lol" (spirit that permeates everything) or "Ik" (the wind). The Maya believe that all creative energy comes to us through the lens of the Creator, our Sun. The sun sends cosmic energy to Earth. When this energy reaches Earth, it is collected by the trees. Then the trees create the wind and distribute the information/energy thoughout the Earth garden. With this is mind, the obvious place to connect with the creative pulse of our universe is in its primary form, on Earth, in nature and under the sun.

Begin to reconnect with the creative pulse by finding a place in the sun, near some trees. If you are more daring, climb a tree! I recommend the second suggestion highly. Remember . . . the trees collect the energy sent to us by the Creator. The idea here is to connect with the spirit-energy of the Earth and the trees.... then move beyond this energy to the primary creative energy of source that is the genesis of all Spirit.

Get comfortable either in the tree or next to it. With your face turned toward the Sun, begin to merge with the tree. Feel the tree. Become the tree. Recognize the tree's spirit. Let the tree's spirit recognize you. Let the spirit of the tree fill your heart.

When you have successfully merged with the tree, begin to notice the wind, the breeze that makes the leaves ripple in waves. Watch this for awhile. Feel the spirit of the wind blowing in the trees. Watch the trees and their unified interaction with the wind. See how the wind and the trees become one. Recognize the spirit of the wind, and allow it to recognize you. Allow your Spirit to blow with the wind and move with the tress. Let the wind fill your heart. This is quite powerful when you are actually in the trees moving with it. Remember the Maya believe that the trees make the wind from energy received from the Sun.

Once you have connected with the obvious energy-spirit of the trees, begin to connect with the more subtle energy of the rocks, the bushes, the sand.... Look all around you. See the spirit-energy in everything of the Earth. Merge with the Earth and its spirit, and let this creative pulse flood your heart.

While containing the spirit of the Earth in your heart, begin to shift your consciousness by pulling in the energy of the cosmos into your being. Seize the energy of the Sun. Even if you can't see them during the day, be aware of the stars and planets. They are also sending you energy. Remember you are a piece of the sun and a part of the cosmos. Now merge yourself with this cosmic energy and let the sun, stars and planets fill your heart. Begin to combine together the energy of the cosmos with the spirit of the Earth. Become one with this unified spirit. Let all of the creative energy of the universe enter your heart and flood you with sustaining energy. You will begin to feel like you are in an ocean of spirit, and the individual definitions of reality will become fuzzy and blend.

Once you have merged with this encompassing spirit of the universe, ask to go beyond this spirit and understand the primary energy behind it. Listen with your heart to hear the solar wind that is not a wind. Listen to the cosmic voice that is not audible with our physical ears, nor can it be seen with our physical eyes. Hear the song of creation. Begin to experience this place before physical reality. Sit with this creative pulse until you feel you have connected completely. You have now reoriented yourself with the center of creation.

At this point, it is deeply meaningful to commit yourself to this new orientation point. I use various forms of affirmation and prayer. The example below is a suggestion only. Sing what is in your heart.

I am one with the memory of the Creator.
I am one with the possibility of the Creator.
I am one with the intention of the Creator.
I am one with the creative pulse of creation.
I remember now, I always have been.
I draw all my life's creative force from the source of the creation.
I will remember this always.
This energy is attainable to me at all times.
Every second, every minute, with every breath I take,
for I am a piece of the Creator.
I commit my spirit to the source of creation,
and thus is my orientation point for all my creations.

Creative energy is available to us at all times to be used by our individual intentions. We realize that we are existing and creating with this energy in every moment. Remember that all we create begins from this source. We need to begin to be aware of where we are receiving our energy from on a daily basis. If we are receiving energy from others, we are taking in a fragmented source of energy, and may be impairing the person we are pulling it from. Be conscious to draw sustaining energy from the universe, in which to create, and center ourselves with the core of creation in this place-energy beyond physical form. This meditation-exercise can also be done during the nighttime under the natural light of the stars.


Select a special place that faces the rising Sun for this ceremony. Begin to meditate before the sun rises. With respect, ask Hunab K'u (God in Mayan) for permission to re-enter his memory to remember how to walk upon the Earth in a scared way again. Ask the Cosmos to help you remember the ancient knowledge of the future. Pray for the Earth and the future of the awakening cosmic human. Contemplate the future of humanity and your part within this future.

As the SUN begins to rise, stand and face the SUN. Look at the SUN directly. Please use discretion here as some can handle more sun light than others. Just one second of pure sun light directly in the eyes is enough. Then close your eyes and begin to say the name of the SUN. Say K'IN 7 times for your body, 7 times for your spirit and 7 times for the awakening of the Cosmic human as follows. Hold your hands out in front of your face as if you were holding a sphere. When you say the name of the SUN, remember you are placing a bit of your spirit into your hands. Just as Om-m-m is the name of the Earth, K'IN is the name of the SUN. You can actually feel the energy of your spirit in your hands!
Say - K'IN - K'INN - K'INNN

Feel the vibration in your hands. Hear the sound of the SUN. Now holding your spirit in your hands, place the blessing of your spirit on the Earth by bending down and placing your hand flat upon the earth. Allow your spirit to enter the Earth and send your blessing and intentions to walk on Earth in a way that will awaken yourself and others into rightful living once again.

It will take you longer to read this then to practice it!!!
Since we have revealed the West Sun's need for speed in their transformational process, I thought it would be appropriate to share an instant Mayan mediation. This quick process realigns you to the vibration to the Sun in about 60 seconds flat!!

Find a comfortable spot for this meditation, preferably in the light of the Sun. This technique is disorienting, so you must not try this standing up. Put your hands on your face with the thumbs up. Place you little fingers just below your mouth. Place your ring fingers on your nose to close the nasal passages. Place your middle fingers on your closed eyes applying a slight pressure. Place your index fingers on your temples with a slight pressure. Place your thumbs in your ears to completely block out all outside sound. The idea here is to completely lock out the senses of our physical reality in order to enter into the nonphysical world of Spirit. You can't smell, see or hear anything! Yes, it may look silly but don't quit now. Give it a try. Now before you suffocate say the name of the sun "K'in". Say K'IEEENN with a distinct "E" sound until you run out of breath. Practice saying the name of the Sun a few times in various sounding frequencies until you can feel the vibration of the sun in your body and head. You will know when this happens correctly for you will not be able to feel anything else but the vibration of the Sun. You will loose touch with the physical world. Take another breath and close your nose once again and repeat. Say K'IEEENN. Do this as many times as you like. In this internal space, we can visualize we are a piece of the Sun. We have become the expansive cosmos and are on our way to becoming Cosmic humans! Until the next issue, may you be K'inan Ra K'u "the spirit of the Sun God!"


As we move into a new way of being, we also must learn a new way to receive energy. This new way is to learn about and work with the light of the Sun. We need to remember this natural talent by reconnecting with the grasses, plants and trees of Earth. They understand how to be supported by the Sun and so do we! Our pineal and pituitary glands respond to sunlight when we open ourselves to the Sun. This can initiate resolutions to conflicts, heal our bodies and create profound inner peace. The pure light of the Sun is LOVE and INFORMATION from the source that can fill the emptiness inside all of us. We can feel supported, loved, and valued beyond any previous experience. In this meditation, we will work with the sun in conjunction with the four consciousnesses to facilitate Omni-consciousness. You will breath 13 times for each consciousness. These 13 breaths time 4 equals 52 breaths which represent the synchronization of the Earth with the Pleiades.

Find a comfortable spot in the sun to sit so the Sun can shine on top of your head. Close your eyes and feel the heat "information" from the sun hitting the top of your head. Breath in slow, very deep breaths in through your nose and exhale ALL the breath out through your mouth. When you let out your breath, let go of all your stress, confusion and other challenges you may be experiencing. It is most important during these breaths that you imagine you are breathing in the light of the Sun through the top of your head and down through your spine!

In this way, breath 13 times for individual consciousness and think of only yourself. Feel your body and its natural rhythms. Feel the primal instincts within you. Feel the essence of self. Now, breath 13 times for community consciousness. Think of your family and close friends and bring them into the meditation as if they are a part of you. Feel the cooperation between you and these beings. Feel the inter-connectedness and harmony within your environment. Feel the essence of community. Continue now by expanding yourself while still merged with your community consciousness to encompass the planet. Breath another 13 breaths. Merge with the planet and humanity as a whole entity. See the barriers between cultures and continents dissolve. Feel the Earth and all of humanity as part of your being. Feel the essence of global consciousness. Now breath your final 13 breaths for universal conscious. Expand the planet of which you and your community are a part of into the awareness of universality. Begin to feel the presence of other worlds and civilizations. Feel the presence of our cosmic brother and sisters. We become one with all life in the cosmic. The energy of the cosmos supports our life. Feel the essence of the universe as one integrated whole. Open your eyes and stand up. Ask Hunab K'u to anchor these cosmic remembrances of consciousness in your being. Ask for guidance for the new ways to live in the universe as a unique part of a integrated whole.

Here is a quick simple exercise to help you link with the cosmos.

It is preferable to do this outside standing on the earth, barefoot, under the stars. Stand with your back straight. Become aware of yourself. Become aware of the universe. Now envision yourself inside a brilliant tetrahedral pyramid of transparent light. All you can see are the straight edges of the triangular form. See your spinal column as the core days/mystic column of the sacred calendar. Envision your arms and legs as the portal days on the Tzolk'in chart. Your head is the capstone of the pyramid. Make the boundaries of the pyramid grow and grow until you are as tall as the tallest tree, then the tallest mountain... and now your head is reaching the boundaries of the Earth's atmosphere. You are inside the Earth based tetrahedral pyramid. This pyramid contains the frequencies of life on Earth, its history and influences of its inhabitants.

Now look up and see an upside down, brilliantly transparent, cosmic tetrahedral pyramid descending to you. This tetrahedral pyramid contains wisdom, truth and pure radiant light of the universe. Stretch your arms up to the stars making an upside down triangle above you. This makes a place for this cosmic pyramid to merge with the Earth based tetrahedral pyramid. Consciously pull this tetrahedral pyramid to you. Pull it to you until the apex of the cosmic pyramid is touching the top of the Earth's tetrahedral pyramid (your crown chakra). Slowly pull the cosmic tetrahedron into your being until the top point of the Universal pyramid descends past your feet, into the Earth, and down to the Earth's core. You have now anchored the universal frequencies with Earth's frequencies within your human body. In this space, realize you are a cosmic being. You always have been. You are a child of the universe... but somewhere you just forgot. Affirm to remember the wisdom of the universe and that all natural states of being human are fully restored.

In this cosmic state of awareness, take some time to listen with your cosmic ears. Listen to the song of the stars and Moon. Be aware that you are not alone on Earth or in this universe. Be open to the presence of your cosmic brothers and sisters. These are the ones who star seeded you. They are your family, and they miss you as much as you miss them. Listen to their message. Now go beyond all personality, and listen to the song of the universe. This song cannot be sung by one being. It can only be sung by the collective whole. It is indescribable, nearly audible and when you experience it, you will hear and feel the frequency of the universal whole.

Remember, you are an irreplaceable part of this song. Your cosmic brothers and sisters are here to guide you, and it is your responsibility to re-anchor the universal light of truth and wisdom to the Earth plane again. This is why we are here. Now radiate outward the light you truly are and begin to walk in this knowledge.

This simple exercise can be done at sunrise or sunset, under the moon in its different phases, or under the stars, or even looking out a window. When you have practiced this enough, it only needs to take a few seconds to stay in sync with the universe. It is as simple as looking up and realizing we are children of the universe. This is an exceptionally brilliant projection to anchor into our hearts!


There are many ways to stretch. Here we share a meditation, but do not limit yourself to these suggestions. Do what Spirit calls you to do to re-reconnect. This little meditation/visualization will help you on your way to self-empowerment and manifest the full embodiment of you true divine nobelness.

Sit quietly, and make sure you are comfortable and warm. Travel back in your mind to a place when you were very young. This place or time may be the memory of your first profound vision/experience or as simple as what you would call a "really great day." Preferably pick a time when you were outside under the Sun or with the Moon and stars. Someplace in time that is natural is optimum. If you have not done this kind of work before, you may have a long wait before you can recall a suitable memory. For some of you, it may take many days or even months, because you have buried these childhood memories very deep. Much of the collective childhood has been buried because of negative situations you would rather forget. Be patient. We assure you, each of you has this dimensional door inside of you to access the magic of your destiny.

Once you discover the childhood memory, sit within the feelings you had. Don't move forward or backward in time. Stay very still in that moment and let it settle into you. Feel the Sun, the wind and the birds, or feel the crisp night air and the crickets. Once you have anchored this feeling within, have a dialogue with this feeling. Ask why this experience is special to you. Look for where the frequency is coming from. Ask for the message. Now, visualize a cord of liquid gold anchored at the Earth's core. See this cord go through the base of you spine and out your crown to the center of the universe. Anchor this cord to the pyramidal center of the creative force from Hunab K'u. Now you have established your doorway to the source through a doorway you naturally had when you were a child. Now begin to move your body and the golden cord inside your spine as if you were tuning a radio to the right frequency. Feel the blocks within your spine, and stretch to clear them. It helps if you imagine you are taller. This will help you stretch. This is your dimensional doorway. Send out love to the Creator, and allow yourself to receive from the source. You are now a two way conduit of energy that is being sustained by the center of the creative force. This two way connection is a state of being a natural human. Again, in this re-aligned space, let your phenomenal life experiences pass by you. Notice the common cord between these memories. Ask to remember your divine purpose within the ascending spiral/evolution of your current and past lives. Being in this space will accelerate your transformation, galactic alignment and your ability to access universal truth.

You now can access a doorway to discovering your personal guide book to universal truth. Once you have found your way to it, you can go there any time to link with your inner truth and wisdom to harmonize and understand your current situations you may be experiencing. We are stepping back from you now, along with the other groups of lighted ones helping you at this time. We know it is time that humanity becomes energy independent... even from us! Learn to draw strength and wisdom directly from the core of the universe. This will liberate humanity from its limitations. All war on Earth is caused by energy dependence. If you want peace on Earth, be responsible for how your obtain your energy. Your happiness and survival as a human race depends on it. Your ascension into the new reality depends on it. We can guide you to a certain point in your evolution. After that point ....well... the rest is up to you... and you can do it!


Sit in front of an east facing window where the sun or moon is lighting up the room. Relax and breathe deeply. When you are relaxed, hand over yourself to the Creator. Simply give yourself away to the light. Give away your heart, your physical body, your emotional body, your spiritual body and surrender completely. When we give ourselves away, we are open for help from the Creator and the Masters. If we stay attached to owning our heart, we close the doors for divine assistance. Once you feel you have given your entire being away, begin to ask to see what egos need to be mastered. Write them down! If you want to get radical, post this list all over your house and in your car.

Now call upon the crystal cities in Machupicchu and Lake Titicaca (If you have a picture of these places, it may help if you use them). Call upon the Inti Runa, the people from the SUN. Ask them for their help in opening your inner temple. Keep calling to the Inti Runa (The ones from the SUN) until you can feel their lighted presence.

Find your heart center. See your heart in a cage with a big door on the front. Begin to open the cage. Imagine your heart as your entire being. Ask again the Inti Runa for the help in freeing your heart and to reveal your inner temple. Begin to step out of the cage. Feel yourself stepping out of history, and out of the dark ages. You have hidden in this inner temple for a long time. It is time to let yourself out. It is safe. It is time. Feel yourself becoming free, limitless and multidimensional.

When you feel you have revealed your inner temple, ask permission from the Inti Runa to enter the crystal cities for teachings and wisdom. State your intention and your purpose for this request, or ask to be shown what is appropriate for you to learn at this time. What we experience and learn in these cities is in direct proportion to who we are and the inner work we have completed. Keep on keeping on. The rest is up to us!


During my numerous visits to sacred sites, I learned a process to help crack the doors open. I call this process "Giving Yourself Away". I know for some that this may be a wild idea, but once you have had even a small experience of a dimensional doorway, you will not be thinking the same way as you are now. It is not as outrageous as one might think. It is perfectly natural! Giving your heart away is a way to enter other dimensions.

Here is a meditation/focus/prayer you can do to begin the process of moving into the next dimension. Since there is a doorway right in front of you all the time, you can do this meditation anywhere. I find it helpful to place a picture of a sacred site that I am drawn to in front of me. So you could choose a photo of a site that calls to you. If you do not use a photograph to focus on, allow you eyes to soft focus about 8 - 10 feet in front of you. Let your eyes relax and go blurry. This is called shamanic visioning. Allow your perspective to shift as if you were watching pond ripples. Face in the direction that feels right for you. You may need to turn your body to a different direction. I like facing north, but it may be different for you and the direction may be different in various locations. Hold strong attention on either the photo or the empty space in front of you.

Tune out the world around you. Enter your own little world. Settle in and allow yourself to feel otherworldly energy coming toward you. If you can't feel it, imagine this energy at first as this encourages you to connect to the energy that is already there. Allow your deeply felt emotions of love, gratitude for life and the Creator, and your great desire to connect with your 4th dimensional family to grow inside your heart. Allow these feelings to well up in your heart until you feel that you could burst. Sometimes I use heart opening, uplifting music to help my feelings of gratitude to grow inside me. Sometimes I sing along with the music. Sometimes I cry tears of joy. Other times I am filled with profound peace. Use anything you need to get the good vibes going inside yourself.

Don't try to see the doorway with your eyes. See the doorway with your heart, emotions and intuition. You will begin to feel a doorway in front of you. Put your focus on the doorway. The more focus you give the doorway the more energy you will get back from it. Soon you will feel yourself being pulled toward the doorway as if a big rubber band was attached to the next dimension. The energy of love and bliss will expand inside you. This is the way were are intended to feel all the time! Allow your body to feel heavy and relaxed. Slow your breathing and allow the energy to begin to pull you.

Pour your Heart outward into the doorway and simply give yourself away. You will feel the energy from your heart disappearing into a void in front of you. If the energy is going beyond the focus point you are holding, you need to focus harder and let all outside distractions go. Sometimes I'll pray, "I give myself to you." v"I do not belong to me anymore. I am in service to humanity". I make dedications and send thanks, etc....

Soon your current reality will fade and your short term memory will fade also. Soon all of your 3D realty will disappear, and you'll be in the next world not remembering traveling there. Do not let this frighten you, as you'll be snapped back immediately. You won't like coming back so soon, I can promise you. Remember . . . surrender, trust and the complete absence of fear are absolutely required. LOVE and a grateful heart are essential. These requirements to enter actually safeguard these other worlds from negative interjection. No negative energy can pass through. If you have fear or doubt, you will not make it though the door. Remember, DESIRE and an OPEN HEART are the keys to entering the 4th dimension. How much you desire and how clear our hearts are will determine how quickly we will enter these new worlds.

It is time for many of us to begin to move back and forth from these realties. When we do this, we will experience a highly refined energy that will alter our and quicken our spiritual evolution. When we return, we will bring some of the 4th dimensional frequency with us. This energy will affect everyone around us in a positive way. Sometimes we do not want to come back and that is up to each one of us. But there is a lot of work to do here to help humanity. When we do this work, we become bridges between the worlds, tying the realities back together again. We also become door openers and will hold the doors open for others to pass through. We will be the way showers to the next world.


Deep in the Peruvian Andes is a Sacred Valley of the Inca Masters. This valley is the doorway to the 4th dimensional Mystery Schools. Stories spanning many decades speak of initiates entering the mystery schools to be instructed in the ways of the Masters. One may not be aware of their entrance to these schools, as some souls enter while the body continues to hike the Inca trail or explore sacred sites of the area. Either way you enter, consciously or unconsciously, it does not matter. Your life has changed and will take a new direction. You have had your first lesson in how to work with light like the Masters.

Near the village of Urubamba on the east side of the sacred valley, is an insignificant trail leading up into the snow packed Andes. You know you are in a special place because on the opposite side of the valley is a huge message written on the mountain side. It says, "C-God". On this trail, during a two-day hike, one passes crystal clear lakes and touches a piece of Mother Earth where Masters still walk to this day. It is here, at the edge of one of these crystalline Andean lakes, where the Masters from the 4th dimension come out at mid-day to transmute cosmic energy to help humanity awaken and to heal Mother Earth - Pachamama.

The Masters enter our 3rd dimensional world wearing glowing white robes. Their semi-transparent bodies look much like ours. They are taller than us, about 7 feet, and emit a powerful frequency that can only be described as heavenly. When you see them, you feel like you have just met God. The truth is that it is not the Masters that are God, but the energy of the Cosmos that runs through them. In this sense, they are God . . . and we can be too!

It is clear that those of us with the soul's intention to awaken that we are on the brink of becoming masters. It is also clear that what we place our attention on, up until the Spring Equinox, will determine our future reality. These are the final days of decision, and everything we do and everything we spend our precious time on sends a vote to the universe. So it is important to learn how the Masters in the Andes work with light. It will take time for each of us to work as long and with the great intensity as the Masters do, but if we begin today we can take the next step in anchoring more light into ourselves, into the Earth, and spread light out into the world.

The way the Masters work with light is easy, and here is how you can do this work. Each day at midday go to a private location. Ask that you are cleared of any negative egos and negative energies. Ask for the Masters' help by calling on members of the Brother/Sisterhood of the 7 Rays for assistance. This is important while we are learning how to do this. When you feel a calming presence and feel clear, face the Sun. Stretch your arms out to your sides with palms up so the Sun is hitting your hands. Point your face to the Sun and allow the energy of the Sun to enter your body. Allow the river of energy to flow all the way through you, down to your feet and into the Earth's core. Once you become a flowing river of solar energy, you are grounding star energy - solar energy. Now bring this energy back up though you and make every cell of your body a radiant SUN. Do not attach any definitions or ideas to this energy. Just keep it pure light. Once you feel every cell of your body filled with light..., give it away! Allow this energy to radiate out from you in all directions. Make yourself brighter and brighter. You can consciously send it wherever you see the need for healing. If you don't have any particular place in mind, just ask that the energy be used where it is most needed. I like this way myself because how could I know better than the Creator where the energy was best needed. I like putting the Creator in the driver seat. I just become the conduit.

The Inca Masters work like this for 1 hour at midday, but in the beginning, try five minutes to build up some stamina. If the energy of the midday Sun is too strong and makes you feel weak, use the energy of the rising Sun until you build up strength. Anyone can practice this everyday. When we build inner strength, we become more and more effective. We came from the stars and the Sun. It is humanity's responsibility to ground this energy from the Stars and Sun to Earth. This energy helps Earth and every living thing. We anchor this energy with every breath we take on a smaller scale, but when we consciously work to anchor the Cosmic energy to Earth, we become the powerful Masters that is our birthright.

It is time to take another step with this process, and the Inca Masters are ready to support any who wish to do this work. All we have to do is ask for their assistance. When the time of the great shift of the ages is near, the Inca Masters will return from the Golden Cities to re-inhabit the Earth. If we want this re-union, they say we must do the Light Work.

The I DARE Prayer

I dare to LOVE in each moment
even if I am afraid of being hurt.
I dare to live in TRUST that all is well
even if I feel fear with mounting prophecies to the contrary.
I dare to let go of GUILT for whatever reason even if it has provided me with a safe haven in which to limit myself.
I dare to let go of SHAME for whatever reason
even if I feel others blame me.
I dare to feel WORTHY
Under all conditions and circumstances.
I dare to SPEAK TRUTH in each moment
even if it may cause temporary chaos.
I dare to be BRILLIANT
even if I am afraid that I might make others jealous.
I dare to be POWERFUL
Even if I am afraid I might misuse this power.
I dare to be OUTRAGEOUS, AUDACIOUS and OUTSPOKEN - even if I am afraid that it may intimidate.
I dare to be UNIQUELY ME
Even if I am afraid that I might not be accepted.
I dare to be WEALTHY
even if I am afraid that I might lose it all and/or others believe it is not spiritual to be rich.
even if I am afraid that no one will take care of me.
Even if others may threaten me to stop.
I dare to enter the NEXT WORLD joyously
even if I am afraid of the vast void in front of me.
Most of all ….. I dare to GIVE MYSELF back to GOD
Even if I am afraid I might lose myself.
Because losing myself to God makes all the other things
I think I need to DO or BE….. obsolete.

Star Elders - through Aluna Joy
All that you know, all that you feel, and believe,
and trust, it is only LOVE that gives it life.
You say LOVE is the answer, but it is not. It is the question.
Love is what you make it.
So the question is how will you use LOVE today.
Love is the Creator. LOVE is the universal juice
that makes things what they are.
LOVE does not judge. It simply becomes, over and over,
every thing you think, feel, LOVE, and hate....
Is it LOVE so how could it do anything else
but create what humanity is.
It is just LOVE, and always LOVE, and only love...
So if the question is LOVE then you are the answer!
And the answer is how you use LOVE today.

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