A call for support from the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico

IN THE PICTURE.... From left to right... Patricio, Mario, me - Aluna Joy, and Patricino at the base of Thunder Mountain in Sedona, only a short hike from my back door! Yeap... it was cold (burrrr) and about to snow. We were really looking forward to breakfast at the famous Coffee Pot Restaurant after the photo shoot by photographer David Teschuer. (The man behind the camera on this shot)   More pictures below... keep scrolling

March 9th 2001 marked the full moon of the Ten Thousand Prayers of Tibetan Buddhist tradition. It was a very auspicious night for me here in Sedona. I had some interesting and unexpected house guests! I was blessed to have a house full of Tarahumara Indians from Chihuahua area of Mexico along with author / explorer / photographer Richard Fisher. Richard explores the canyons of the worlds. He has explored the deepest canyon in the world in Tibet and explored, Australia's and Mexico's canyons as well. He has a few books on the subject too. Richard has published the only book in existence on the canyons of Australia. He is now looking for sponsors for second expedition to Australia. If you, or know anyone who might want to help with this please write Richard at sunracer@theriver.com

Richard is also a great humanitarian and he facilitates huge food drives for the Tarahumara Indians that live in Batopilas Canyon, near Copper Canyon, in Northern Mexico in the state of Chichuahua. After 7 years of drought the Tarahumara Indians have been starving. They receive no help from the Mexican government or churches in the area. Children are blessed if they live past 3 years old! Richard Fisher has personally delivered over 116 tons of food to the area. He raises the money for the food by contributions, profits from his book "Mexico's Copper Canyon 2001: Guide Book and by sponsoring the legendary Tarahumara Race Team and a Tarahumara Dance Group in the Southwest United States .... but much more help needed.

You can send support to:
Wilderness Expeditions Ltd. Richard D. Fisher,
PO box 86492, Tucson, AZ 85754 Ph:(520)882-5341 - sunracer@cox.net
Wilderness Expeditions Ltd is a IRS 501 (c)3 non-profit organization.
web site www.canyonsworldwide.com

The Tarahaumara with Explorer / Photographer, Richard Fisher

Aluna Joy and the Tarahuamra surrounded by beautiful views of Sedona.