Star Elder Healing Sessions with Aluna Joy

Are you sabotaging your relationships, abundance, health, and spiritual life?
Do you feel a lack of personal power and have low self esteem?
Are you having trouble with grief, anger and fear?
Do you feel just plan stuck?
Are you are ready to change these patterns?
If you are ready to do the work... we are ready to help : )

The clearest reading and catalized me into beginning my mission.   Jodi - Palm Beach, FL
Life IMMEDIATELY IMPROVED during our session!   Mimi - Miami, FL
Aluna is an amazing psychic detective. She gets down to the core issue and blasts it with LOVE.  Darrel - USA

Aluna Joy and her life long guides "The Star Elders" work together as a team to DIAGNOSE & CLEAR... negative beliefs, programming & judgments; energy blocks and drains & stress, health, relationship & abundance issues; unnecessary feelings of shame, guilt, unworthiness, anger, depression and fear; a sense of not belonging - home sickness; a general resistance to life; a feeling of separation from God or personal guides; A sense of helplessness; sexual abuse and/or other abuse issues, addictions, traumatic memories; fear of love; fear of power and general resistance to the flow of life.

All of the above unnecessarily hamper your personal relationship with God, yourself and others and will impact your sense of well being. At the end of a session you will have a greater sense of dignity and self worth knowing your have the power to take charge of your life.

Sometimes we can fall out of tune with spirit when we have had a sudden shock, an illness, were raised in a dysfunctional family, are in or leaving a draining relationship, suffered a betrayal or even betrayed ourselves. It is in these times we can rise up as our own personal hero and take charge of our lives.

Even one session can offer many of these benefits... Discover and Strengthen connection with personal guides and internal guidance system (gut instincts). Remembering the brilliance of your authentic self and begin to live it. Get clear about your personal destiny and life purpose. Contact ones who have crossed over, Soul Retrieval, Unlocking the DNA Encoded Wisdom within. Clearing Karmic Patterns and unfavorable Lineage Lines. Acceleration of the Spiritual & Personal life! Clearing the Past, Reprogramming the Future.

Every human being is uniquely amazing and has a profound purpose, if we remember it or not! Living in the 3D world has blocked us from remembering our souls destiny. We identify with our present situation and past history thus we lose sight of our spiritual brilliance. Our present life is just the end of a huge chain of experience in which we draw from to manifest our soul's destiny. We can move forward, asleep to who we are and what we are here to do, or we can journey the sacred path with authentic power and renewed self confidence by remembering our true selves. Star Elder Sessions remind us of our brilliance and clears past blocks that keep us from reaching our highest spiritual aspirations. It is simple as that! I am only a conduit / messenger for the Star Elders and the multitude of lighted masters and healers that come through during a session - many of them YOUR GUIDES! Today the healings and clearings are going deeper and swifter than ever before. We are entering new territory that only these times can reveal. I surrender everyday and be open to new and amazing visions and give thanks that I can be of service in this way. It is a humbling, yet empowering experience for us all.

Aluna giving a reading of a pottery shard to learn the history of a sacred site called Tipon, in Peru.

Aluna's specialty is guiding and encouraging ones though the DARK NIGHT of the SOUL (the Shamans path). Gain relief from chronic suffering on all levels (spiritual, mental, emotional & physical).

Many things we feel and experience as human beings are not from our current life and many things may not be our own feelings at all. Some issues we experience are passed down from past lives and through family genetic programming with DNA transference. May other feeling may be picked up psychically or from a psychic attack. The repeating programs that we all struggle with, can lead to troublesome repeating patterns, strange illness, ruined relationships and a lack of abundance. Many never reach the spiritual and relational success that they deserve because they get drained by the past, negative energies and the growing challenge of the day where many are beginning to wake up and become more sensitive to the world around them. We can really feel alone in the accelerated world we are living in today.

BUT... Life doesn't have to be a struggle!
You can have the life you want if you are willing to do the work of letting go of the past.

Are you ...
... having personal / psychic boundaries issues?
... becoming more psychically and physically over-sensitive?
... having problems discerning what is your truth and out side influences?
... questioning that your feelings are truth?
... feeling off balanced or spacey?
... unclear about your personal destiny?
... attracting a lack of abundance?
... finding the material world overwhelming?
... procrastinating about taking action on your hearts calling?
... disorganized and unable to finish your work?
... finding it hard to able to find your place in the world?
... having a sense of not belonging?
... experiencing depression or suicide feelings?
... a healer that burns out easily?
... feeling a lack of self esteem or self love?
... feeling drained by the people around you?
... feeling that you are blocked from spiritual and material growth?

The Star Elder Sessions can help you to...
... move beyond FEAR and return to LOVE.
... become clearer about who you are and why you are here.
... release negative programming
... resolve anxieties and fears
... increase your self esteem and self love.
... remove psychic cords and stop psychic attacks.
... create healthy boundaries between you and others.
... attract healthy relationships
... release family programming and DNA transference.
... create balance and deepen inner peace.
... accelerate your spiritual growth
... heal past life issues.
... expand your awareness, clarity and insight.
... deepen your intuition.
... understand your emotions and feelings.
... know what YOUR TRUTH IS ... and what it is not.
... be able to speak your truth with others without fear.
... raise your energy level to maintain greater sense of well-being .
... discover right livelihood.
... create more financial abundance
... be more effective with less effort.

Our goal is that after a session ... You will feel lighter, clearer, emotionally calmer, and spiritually more connected and be able to see the bigger picture so you can get moving again!

Are you ready for a session?
If you are looking for an excuse to stall going forward in your life, don't bother by calling for a session. You won't get any limiting excuses from me or the Star Elders. - - - If you are questioning my psychic abilities and calling to test me, don't bother as you are going to be hard to see with your arms crossed like that. You will waste your time and mine. We both deserve better than that! - - - BUT if you are ready to blast forward with great abundance and bliss; open to being seen and ready to make important changes so you can fly ... then give me a call and we will have a wonderful time working together.

Many ask me if we tape record the sessions?
The Star Elders say when you listen to a prior session you are going backwards for answers for the future. They think this idea is a bit absurd, as you will have moved past the point you were at the time of the session. It would be like pulling out a beginning math book to understand algebra. Another point is a lot goes on during a session energetically that can not be recorded. So we do not record sessions, but if you want to take notes that is up to you.

What happens during a session? First I convert your birthdate into two different Maya Astrology counts. I use this as a doorway into your souls path. Then we create a protected space provided by our guides, guardians, and angels. With the loving-healing presence of the Star Elders, amplified with my natural clairvoyance, the Star Elders and I begin to work together to diagnose energy fields, see and clear blocks that keep you from being clear and moving forward on your path. Everyone is so uniquely different that I never know what is going to happen until we begin.

How long is a session? Sessions run from 1 to 1 1/2 hours long. We don't watch the clock and don't want you to either   : )  We go until we are done.. But plan on 1 to 1 1/2 hours long as it is the usual session times. Aluna prefers to begin her day at 9 am (in winter months) or 8 am (in Summer months) Arizona time. She also prefers that you use a land line and that you are in a private place where you will not be interrupted. It is hard to see you clearly if you are racing down a highway on a cell phone, or in a busy office. Remember to send us your birth date for the Star Elder Session.

Contact Us Here
Use World Clock to decide on a appointment time
Aluna lives in the MT time zone unless otherwise informed.

Send an amount that you feel good about giving. There is no right or wrong here, and your choice does not change the quality of your session in any way. We take CREDIT CARDS on our Secure Server. (VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER and AMERICAN EXPRESS) and PAYPAL. You can also send a CHECK or MONEY ORDER. You can pay by PHONE or MAIL.

Send any amount that is right for you
between $200 to $300 or more, for a session:

** Please Do Not make a payment until you have an appointment.

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Responses to sessions with Aluna Joy
and the Star Elders a.k.a. the buddies...

It feels great speaking up for what's right and showing others this freedom of speech and fearlessness in the workplace. You have wiped the fog from my eyes and helped me to see much, much clearer - THANK YOU!! NO FEAR!! ONLY LOVE!! - Lois

I have felt more Angels all around me. It's amazing to me how much breathing I have done in these past few days. With Love and Gratitude.- Yoly

I know I was hiding and lacking in confidence. I know that it was mainly due to the work you did with me that released that. Thank you so much. - Andree

I feel as if a heavy blanket has been lifted from me, and things are so much clearer for me. "Fear" seems as if it has started to fade into a far away distance Thanks again, Paola

Dear Aluna, Thank you for the incredible session. Once again I feel re-charged, re-vamped, and totally inspired with new found energy and enthusiasm. I thank you for your down to earth heavenly messages. So much has shifted in yet even more positive ways. Many Blessings to you and you life's mission here. I look forward to our meeting one day" in the flesh" With Love - Ginger

I am presently at a loss for words. I cannot yet describe the shifts I am feeling. Thank you for your integrity, vulnerability, presence and lightheartedness. It is ushering in me much JOY on this healing path towards union! - Maria

You pushed me to look at the reality of my situation and make something of myself. Plus, Archangel Michael's shield of protection is working. It's a miracle! I really want to move on with my life and fly like the Eagle I am. You are a lifesaver. - Ana

I felt your healing energies as soon as you placed me in that magic bubble, and tears welled in my eyes. I feel transformed already. Your ability to pinpoint the moment in time and release the pain. You have given me back more life and joy again. In peace and flower power and with much love - Liz

WOW! BIG THANKS... Changes are definitely in the air... My life feels like it is moving to a whole new level! Annette - QLD, Australia

I had a immediate energetic shift and I'm making some positive changes on the physical plane. You manage to maintain an open heart, while you deliver your truth, with clarity, humor and compassion - Sharon - USA

It felt extremely good and comforting talking to you, like with a "friend from home", a really like minded soul! You really seem to understand me like no one else! :-) You have a purity and freshness and gentleness about you that feels very good to me. - Sabrina - Switzerland

I know that yours is the most effective work I have come across. My experience is that your work is clear, effective, efficient, and to-the-point. I am looking forward to all of the changes that are yet to come, and from just one session. Fantastic work! - Many Blessings, Darrell

Aluna. You're a SuperStar and a GOD SEND - literally! Thank you, - Sally-Ann - UK

Aluna Joy wears her awesome power lightly like joyful Angel Wings. - Diana - San Diego, CA

In the very simplicity and humility that you mirror, I experienced such sweetness. That you make your gift available as you do is a blessing and a great example. Thank you again, - Love, Leianna - Sedona, AZ

Dearest Aluna Joy,It's taken me time to integrate the enormity of our session together. My life has completely changed and I feel SO good. Thank you from the depths of my HEART for being you. I definitely lost the need for credibility outside of myself anymore. ...wonderful indeed. In LOVE and TRUTH. - Isobel - Scotland, UK

I am amazed at how you could see and pinpoint all of my physical aches so clearly and help me with them. Your advice to simply "Play" has been a positive in my everyday routine, especially to not take myself too seriously! Your work is greatly appreciated! - Love, Sandy

You sparked an opening of seeds inside of me in a wonderful way. I have no-one I can share this with so enjoy the past wisdom myself. - Love Lynette - New Zealand

Aluna, THANK YOU for who you are and what you do! You are WONDERFUL! I have a new appreciation for your accuracy and integrity, and the advanced vibration you are able to access and bring into words. Your work has made a big difference in my life. - One Love, Russ - San Diego, CA

I definitely have felt a profound shift within myself...I am so much more peaceful, free and clear inside. I was empty of all the wounded healer stuff, felt no attachments, needs, desires, worries... an absolute state of perfection entered into the Great Silence of the Buddic Mind...a total clear out...of judgments and attachments... - Oshara

What a magical and healing experience I had with you and the Star Elders. I feel my energy different today! I feel myself more present and at peace with JOY in my HEART. You are a wonderful mighty star. - One Love, Ana.

I had a reading with you at which you said that the Star Elders would put a mirror in front of me (for me to see some old programs) and that my twin flame in Peru was going to finish his karma and that all this should take 2 months. Well it was totally right!!! My twin will arrive on August 6th. You were right on the button. And that mirror is something else!!! ... For over month a stuff was coming out of me. I cant even believe it was in me, but who cares, I just love life. Aluna and The Star Elders - thank you so much. Love and Laughter. - Nadja

Thank you so much for a remarkably accurate and enriching session. All the topics we discussed and the issues and questions that were on my mind were answered in a very precise way which brought much clarity and were very helpful! I feel much more confident, protected and supported by the knowledge I received today and your answers have shed much light on the road that lies ahead for me. - Jade Liu - NYC

Dearest Aluna, The reading and healing were so profoundly amazing, fulfilling and transformative. This really did bust some stuff for me... LOVE YOU ALWAYS - Sally-Ann - UK

Dear Aluna and Angels, Thank you very much for the reading, it was wonderful, I was left with a big reassurance that everything is alright. It was as if I had been listening to a wiser self. - Viviana

YOU and your "people" certainly do an amazing JOB! I really felt the effects of the release of the HOOKS!! I am continuing to work on my self-esteem…. I have had many readings in my life so please know that I really resonated with your reading and felt the truth in it. - Mikaela

It was good just to talk to someone who doesn't think I'm "crazy". Your compassionate and non-judgmental attitude made me feel right at home. I am glad I did not have any expectations because I do not think I could have even come close to what I received. WOW! I feel like I'm in a blender of light. - Edmund - CT

You are worth a million pounds!! I can report back that I feel so much more clearly connected to Source. I feel as though - you, the buddies and dear Archangel Michael "hovered" me (Archangel Michael uses a vacuum cleaner often) and no dusty redundant bits of spec remain. Thank you again for all the help firstly in enabling me to see my relationship for what it was and introducing the tough needed lesson on no compromises ... and then seeing me thru the pregnancy.... the birth ... and of course my panic post birth ... I will never forget your help. So, before I turn this into the longest gratitude speech ever I will sign off, With Love, Sally-Ann - UK