From Sheikh Abdull Perfume Palace in Giza Egypt
From the leading expert in Healing Essential Plant Oils in Egypt
A Healer from the Heart - Gamal Abel Sami Zaki

Why I brought these 8 oils back from Egypt ...

This past October 2018, we came home with 8 Pure Healing Essential Oils From Egypt. Every pilgrimage to Egypt that we make, we always make a stop in the best oil shop in Egypt. Gamal knows how to use these pure oils for healing. He gives our groups mini readings, explains which oils are good for each chakra, and if we have a personal issue, he will recommend an oil for that as well. This year again I sat back, listened and let the oils speak to me. By the time Gamal finished his very informative talk, I knew I needed to bring home 8 oils. I was clear that these oils will assist with the current energies that we are in now. I could only bring back a limited amount, so I expect that these oils will sell out fast.

These are Pure Egyptian Oils and are very potent. Please use sparingly. They are pure oils and will maintain their scent for years. They do not evaporate like perfume, as they are essential oils. Use caution when using the pure oils so as to not get on clothing, rugs, etc....

Ways to use these Egyptian Essential Oils:

1. Directly inhale. Just breathe.
2. Bath Oil - Use 2-3 small drops in a hot bath. Relax for 30 minutes.
3. Diffuse in Oil / Candle Burner - Add your oil of choice (2-3 drops) to unscented wax in a wax / candle warmer. With unscented wax, the oils will burn evenly for longer, more consistent burning, and with a more powerful scent. We like 100% natural soy wax. You can find the Soy Candle Wax Melts and a variety of Candle Warmers at the following two links: Purity Unscented Soy Candle - Wax Melts (2 Pack)     Candle Warmers
4. Apply Directly on your Skin - Dilute the Essential Oil with 50% Jojoba Oil and place directly on your skin.
5. Massage Oil - These can be used in a pure, unscented organic massage oil. Just use a drop or two in your massage oil. Do not put in eyes or other sensitive areas, etc....
NOTE: Oils might coagulate if cold.

Gold Oil Blend
Opens the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakra and Provides Protection

Egyptian Gold Essential Oil is made with a blend of oils that were used in spiritual rituals for eons. It opens communication with the divine, but also protects you and your space from malevolent energies. Egyptian Gold Essential Oil was used for emotional and spiritual transformation and initiations in ancient Egypt. The fragrance balances the emotions and is stabilizing, empowering and up-lifting and protecting. Use for your spiritual practices, such as meditation and visualization, to enhance devotion and deepen reverence.

Egyptian Gold Essential Oil is also used to release negativity and is effective in protection against black magic. This is essential is spiritual and shamanic practices. This blend contains Frankincense, Lavender, Fir, Myrrh, Spikenard, Hyssop, Cedarwood, Rose, and Cinnamon oils. I got a very strong hit that I needed to acquire more of this oil for this time on our planet.

Egyptian Gold Oil Blend - Opens the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakra
Price: $33.00 - 1 Dram Vial (.125 ounces)

Sahasrara Lotus Oil
7th - Crown Chakra - Open to Higher Realms

The Crown Chakra is used to communicate through time and dimension. Lotus oil helps one to see clearly, and it influences all other chakras in a positive way and is especially useful in meditation. Use this oil for opening and clearing the Crown Chakra. It helps with spiritual and psychic protection, and for healing karma. This oil helps with communication with ones who live far away, or to communicate with your higher self and other's higher selves and consciousness. This can be very helpful in resolving issues with others when the usual verbal communication is not working. This oil also helps open us to hear and be received by our spiritual guides and teachers. It allows us to focus and heal past lives, heal karma, and bring forth ancient wisdom that you had hidden for safety for this time. By using this oil in meditation and deep contemplation, we can receive the answers for things which are not clear and balanced in this lifetime.

Lotus' scent has been used in ancient times to clear and open the Crown Chakra, to take one away from the materialistic world to live on a higher spiritual level, and to be able to communicate from there. Lotus Oil has been used in ancient Egyptian times in temples to lead kings and priests on a high spiritual level, and to receive universal energy to create their own world.

Associated Color: Violet
Associated Mantra: AUM / OM
Physical Location: Crown of the head
Associated Organs: Nervous system, Pituitary and Pineal glands

Egyptian Lotus Oil - Crown Chakra - Open to Higher Realms
Price: $33.00 - 1 Dram Vial (.125 ounces)

Ajna "AUM / OM" Sandalwood Oil
6th - Third Eye Chakra - Open to Inner Vision

The Third Eye Chakra is a very sensible sensitive instrument. It rules our inner sight and shows our maturity. When the Third Eye is completely opened, we can read the Akashic Records.

Sandalwood activates the Third Eye and helps us to see the powerful truth clearly and understand prophetic dreams. Sandalwood oil is very good for meditations when the meditation is focused on opening the Third Eye chakra. It helps is to open the third eye gently and smoothly into very clear sight. Opening of the Third Eye should be handled very carefully. When it opens too fast, we may see more than we can bear. So make sure you are comfortable, grounded and harmonized before using. Sandalwood oil also helps in stressful situations, and it balances irritation on the mental level. It helps in concentration and allows one to come to clear decisions. It harmonizes emotions, fear, sadness and melancholy. It stimulates the immune system, helps in healing arthritis and rheumatism and can help heal bones and pains.

Associated Color: Indigo
Associated Mantra: AUM / OM
Physical Location: Between the eyebrows, behind the forehead
Associated Organs: Eyes, Brain, Nervous system, Ears, Pituitary and Pineal glands

Egyptian Sandalwood Oil - Third Eye Chakra - Open to Inner Vision
Price: $33.00 - 1 Dram Vial (.125 ounces)

Vishuddha "HAM" Amber Cashmere Oil
5th - Throat Chakra - Speaking Our Truth with Power and Love

Opens the Throat Chakra. For Releasing/Healing Fear and lack of self-confidence. With the Throat Chakra, we are able to express our thoughts and feelings and bring them to a speech level. The secret about Amber Cashmere is that this is the best oil to stop fear of self-expression or to communicate. It makes people believe in themselves, to drive their self-confidence, so that they can talk very frankly, to share conversation and tell their truth without fear, to face the truth and to pass through it. Assists with releasing/healing fear and lack of self-confidence.

In the old Egyptian times, words had a very different importance. Words, so they knew, were sound. To speak was a procedure to build up sonar fields, to fuse with universal wave pattern. Amber Cashmere now-a-days comes from Lybia and Cashmere. In the past (e.g. 30,000 years ago), it was grown in Lybia only. At that time, Lybia was Egyptian land.

Associated Color: Blue
Element: Akasha
Associated Mantra: HAM
Physical Location: In the neck and shoulders region
Associated Organs: Thyroid, Parathyroid gland, Mouth, Teeth, Vocal cords, Trachea, Esophagus, Shoulders, Neck, Arms and Cervical vertebrae.

Egyptian Amber Cashmere Oil - Throat Chakra - Speaking Our Truth with Power and Love
Price: $33.00 - 1 Dram Vial (.125 ounces)

Anahata "YAM" Rose Oil
4th - Heart Chakra - Opening the Heart and Clearing the Emotional Body

To Listen to the inner voice, and to Heal Emotional Stress. The Inner Voice talks about the Present; not the Past or the Future. To let go and/or to Start fresh. To be conscious of your higher self's needs.

The Heart Chakra is our "Center of Love", and aids us to express sympathy and to communicate on emotional levels. Rose Oil is called the "MASTER OIL" because it is used to clear the heart. It helps us to live on a feeling level; not on a mental level. It balances emotions with the body and with our "Collection of Memories". Rosie Oil is used to forgive, to be able to forget, and it gives us the power to start again. Rose Oil stops nervousness because it is "food" for the nervous system in the body. Rose Oil opens our heart and our feelings, but it protects us as well and gives us security. It makes us safe, helps us understand what is going on around us and assists us to be free to do what we really want to do.

Associated Color: Green
Element: Air
Associated Mantra: YAM
Physical Location: In the center of the chest at the heart level
Associated Organs: Heart, Circulatory system and Lungs

Egyptian Rose Oil - Heart Chakra - Opening the Heart and Clearing the Emotional Body
Price: $33.00 - 1 Dram Vial (.125 ounces)

Manipura "RAM" Jasmine Oil
3rd - Solar Plexus Chakra - Harmonize the Powers of Ying and Yang

Balancing and clearing the Solar Plexus Chakra is very important because it contains our individual "I AM". With Jasmine Oil, it is easy to find self-confidence and trust and believe in ourselves. If we want to reach higher consciousness levels, we need a strong and balanced feeling for ourselves, so we can feel safe and secure with our intuition. Jasmine Oil also connects us with our personal "I AM" higher self and harmonizes all our higher chakras (Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras). Jasmine Oil is the most important oil for grounding. Some people think the main destination in spiritual work is to be "HIGH". To be always HIGH can makes us weak and vulnerable to being attacked on many levels. Jasmine Oil helps us to stay in Balance between higher and grounded worlds.

Jasmine Oil helps us to live sexually and spirituality balanced; that means to understand and harmonize the different powers of Ying and Yang. Jasmine Oil clears up and cleans the wounded chakra membranes of the Solar Plexus, and it prevents the penetration of negative influences from all levels. It takes away sadness and upset feelings of the stomach.

Associated Color: Yellow
Element: Fire
Associated Mantra: RAM
Physical Location: Between the navel and solar plexus
Associated Organs: Pancreas, Liver, Human digestive system, Large intestine, Stomach, Lungs and Adrenal glands.

Egyptian Jasmine Oil - Solar Plexus Chakra - Harmonize the Powers of Ying and Yang
Price: $33.00 - 1 Dram Vial (.125 ounces)

Svadhishthana "VAM" Musk Oil
2nd - Sacral Chakra - Heals Primal Fear and Releases Karma in Lineage Lines

The Naval Chakra can hold feelings of fear, fault, insecurity, feeling unsafe and other energetic disturbances. Musk Oil helps us to release fear, as well as to accept, understand and clear up fault. Especially for women, it is the oil of protection, helps to understand all that is going on in the body and helps heal sexual abuse. It stops nervousness during the "Moon Days" and gives great security. Musk Oil helps to let things go between generations, between mothers and children, and it gives calmness during pregnancy.

The Navel (or Sacral) Chakra is our center of power in the abdomen. It is responsible for the maintenance of mankind as well as for the assimilation of food. It gets energy, like the Root Chakra, from the Earth and Sun. Musk Oil is very good for healing the skin.

Associated Color: Orange
Element: Water
Associated Mantra: VAM
Physical Location: In the pelvic area
Associated Organs: Kidney, Urinary bladder, Reproductive system and Genitals

Egyptian Musk Oil - Sacral Chakra - Heals Primal Fear and Releases Karma in Lineage Lines
Price: $33.00 - 1 Dram Vial (.125 ounces)

Muladhara "LAM" Red Amber Oil
1st - Root Chakra - Grounding

The Root Chakra is our connection to Mother Earth. Without good grounding, spiritual aspirations are nearly impossible to achieve. Grounding is vitally important in these times. If we are balanced in this root chakra, we are able appreciate life in all its diversities without judgments, and with a greater understanding of the differences between light and dark. We will also have greater compassion for challenges that people are going through in life. Red Amber allows us to achieve greater confidence in human life, by allowing us to tune into authentic, unconditional love, greater appreciation, deeper love and powerful service to god and humanity.

Red Amber aids us to communicate between the material, emotional and mental levels. Essentially Red Amber links up the other chakras. It helps us to accept what happens in life, to be able to let things go, to love ourselves, to enjoy freedom, and to be in divine love. Red Amber can give us the vision, knowledge and the wisdom on how to be of greater service.

Red Amber helps us to accept our body, without hiding or being a slave to it. We can allow ourselves to be as we are and with greater self-acceptance. This oil helps to ask "Where do I come from? Why am I here? Where does my pain come from?" It helps us to face the deeper spiritual reasons for our pain. Red Amber helps us to be honest to why we suffer, and to be encouraged to find a way out. We remember what we truly need, and we get clear to what does not serve us anymore.

Associated Color: Red
Element: Earth
Associated Mantra: LAM
Physical Location: Base of the spine
Associated Organs: Foot, Blood, Vertebral column, Skeleton, Teeth, Bones and Legs

Egyptian Red Amber Oil - Root Chakra - Grounding
Price: $33.00 - 1 Dram Vial (.125 ounces)
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