Earth Oracle - Star Messenger - Soul Reader

Many on the spiritual path sooner or later find themselves asking a simple universal question "who am I and what am I here to do"? It can take a lifetime to arrive at that answer to this question for each of us. So writing a biography about oneself is just as elusive as trying to catch the wind. So in this ever changing world this is my attempt to catch the wind and tell you who I am and what I do here.

I have had a life long connection with light beings I call the Star Elders. (Star Walkers/Invisible Council) Over my life time they have helped me, through a series of shamanic experiences, to gain insights to the challenges humanity goes through. I have studied Maya and Inca Cosmology because these were anchored by the Star Elders a long time ago. I really feel at home in Mexico and Peru because of this fact. It is as close to home as I can get without leaving the planet. I have been traveling to the sacred sites of the Maya and Inca since 1986. I have worked with and been initiated by many Mayan Elders over the years. I have co-worked with Incan Spiritual Messenger, Willaru Huayta since 1996. In the 90's I began exploring England and Scotland. These areas have now added such unexpected depth to my spiritual path that I could never repay this debt to spirit in a 100 lifetimes. I began bringing groups to Avalon in 2008. I feel blessed that I can help others feel the same amazing Christ/Mary energies. It is life elevating and altering. Then there is Egypt and Jordan (Petra). We have been blessed to bring groups to Egypt since 2008. After 2008 I decided I had cleared my karma with Egypt and thought I would never go back. But in 2011 the doors flung opened wide again and we gathered groups beginning in 2011 only 3 weeks after Arab Spring had erupted in Egypt. This powerful time of FREEDOM catapulted my life to yet another higher level, and for this I am still at a loss to describe with words, as our experiences are simply not of this world. I want to thank my beautiful groups (our soul family), as all of this would not have been possible if it had not been for these wonderful ones.

I act as a cross-cultural spiritual guide for since 1986. My intimate connection with the Star Elders combined with my intense watery astrology chart (8 planets in water - yikes), help me to be a human barometer for humanity. My 4 years of intense dark night of the soul in Mt Shasta, transformed and catapulted me into this work. These life teachings and experiences have been invaluable to me, and are the basis for my work. At this point the planet has become a very small, and present, guide and work in many countries and we continue to grow.

If I was to label myself on a business card I would simply say a MESSENGER (Earth Oracle - Star Messenger - Soul Reader). But I AM also a international public speaker, author (or better put a Messenger), sensitive/empath, sacred site spiritual guide, sacred site essence formulator and photographer. Even with this it misses the mark. How could we every truly describe ourselves. I posed this question to a dear Grandmother, Rev. Jean. She was about to introduce me at a conference I was presenting at in Portland OR. With a puzzled looked on my face, I began to go through the list of things I do. She jumped in and said... Oh... your a psycho-geographical healer! I said "what?" She went on to explain that a psycho-geographical healer is someone who knows where, when and how to place some one in a geographical location to initiate a shift in consciousness. Well that was how I was introduced that day. Other ones have called me a modern mystic and Spiritual Archaeologist. I can't cram all this on a biz card so I give up. I am just me. This is all we can ever be. We ALL shift and change so fast it is hard to limit ourselves to any one title. I know many out there feel the same way. And THIS... is the way spirit works. As the Mayan Elders taught me, life and spirit in fluid, ever changing, and always transforming.

Star Elder Sessions. The Star Elder Sessions are just as hard to describe as myself. The Star Elders work with me to realign energy fields, diagnose physical, spiritual and soul issues and blocks. I do this one on one, and in groups. I receive great feed back on the effectiveness of the sessions. Go to the session page for more details if you are interested.

On Spiritual Pilgrimages I act as a cross cultural spiritual guide in the world sacred sites. These unique spiritual journeys dive deep into the Culture, Cosmology and Mystical Worlds of the ancients. My groups go beyond simply visiting the sacred sites but focus on joyously activating profound spiritual awakenings, filled with wisdom, peace, love and unity. The intimate group size offers a safe space for heartfelt transformation and the beginning of life long friendships. My indigenous spiritual guides are especially selected for their integrity, open hearts and unique knowledge and reverence of the spiritual path.

Sacred Site Essences... I began to make Sacred Site Essences on my first trip to England during the 3rd Annual Mayan Dream Time Festival in 1998. It was here I explored my first crop circle. During this time spirit called me to make an essence of the circle. It was the beginning of the Sacred Site Essence line. All essences are made in sacred sites during special celestial alignments, with sacred waters of the area and guided by spirit.

I have authored Mayan Astrology, The Mayan Time Decoder, and The Mayan Daykeeper (Now out of print). These tools have made one of the Mayan calendars easy to use. My articles have been published worldwide.

I am blessed to be a carrier of one of the rare Stones of Ica from Peru. The Ica stones were carved by Star Elders 60 million years ago, and placed in the earth as a living library to help awaken humanity during these accelerated times.

I guess the best way I see myself is as simply an inspirer, but I also am a conduit or keeper of the stories of the ancient ones, and the Star Elders. My message is constantly changing as we (humanity) change. In the end here... it seams strange for you to get to know me, without me getting to know you. So join one of our pilgrimages... if you feel a kinship with my path. It would be good to meet you.