Introducing The Star Elders
Who are they, and what do they do?

I was 2 or 3 years old when I first realized that I was not alone in the universe. One early morning I had slipped outside my parents home and in dawns first light where I connected with a group of very loving, light filled beings. They felt like my true family. If I had been older I might have called them my guides, or my angels, or even my guardians, but to me they became simply my "buddies". This was the beginning of a lifelong connection.

Over the years as I grew up, the buddies taught me many things. They showed me how to connect with nature and earth in deeply mystical ways. The local birds and animals of the area where I lived in southern California, were drawn to me and I to them. The hawk, the owl, the dove, snake and spider even the Mockingbird that I named Pepe'. I didn't understand that this union with nature was anything special. It just was. It was natural.

They also showed me how to enter inter-dimensional worlds. As I wandered they would guide me to vortexes of heightened energy or power points or nodes. To me they simply felt like my churches, my special private sanctuaries in nature. Today we know these places are honored the world over by ancient cultures as sacred sites. This connection with earth and life was as natural to me as breathing. It didn't seem special or out of the ordinary. It was perfectly natural to be at ONE with life. I was shocked that my family and friends didn't understand what I was talking about. They could not feel the shifts in energy or the earth, nor did they connect with the life around them as I did. I felt alone and confused.

It wasn't until 1990 during an over night stay in a sacred site called Palenque, in Chiapas Mexico that I finally asked the buddies who they were and why they were with me. Up till then, they had just been "the buddies". They "jokingly" referred to themselves as the 20 Gods of Time. They were the ones that anchored the culture of the Maya on Earth. The Maya culture had attracted me since childhood, but I knew little about them, and I still do know very little. There is much more for us all to learn about the cosmic Maya. The buddies continued to share they were not Gods at all, but what they were seen as by the Maya people because of their unusual ability to manipulate the environment and to come and go at will. Read this entire Palenque story here

But if not Gods, who are the buddies?
The Star Elders, a group of Cosmic Star Walkers, are being of great light and have come to Earth over and over again. They came to observe the cycles of Earth and humanity. They wanted to know why Earth looked to be out of sync with the rest of the universe, thus cutting us off from our starry knowledge. If you ever felt totally alone, yet still felt there is something or someone else out there, this is why! We are just a little bit out of sync with the cosmic whole. But that is changing now! They fell in love with the people of Earth and decided to stay a while to teach what they knew. Everything was done in a sense of fun, ease and great humor. More insights to the Star Elders.

The Star Elders have been coming here much earlier that pre-historic times. They have influenced eras we do not have memories of, or hold any historical account. They were here in the times of Atlantis and Lumeria, the birth of Incan and Maya Worlds, at the birth of the Egyptian era, the Himalayas in Tibet, and a belief system that Buddhism was built on. They spent time on the sacred mountains in North America where the I AM Ascended Master Teachings sprung from. Anywhere a culture, religion or tradition seems to spring up from nowhere, fully developed, the Star Elders were a part of that evolutionary jump. They planted seeds of cosmic truth in different times and locations, and let things evolve naturally. This is why we can discover common threads between beliefs and traditions in the most ancient cultures. it is because the foundations for these cultures came from the same source, our ancestors from the Stars, the Bird Tribes, the Star Walkers, The Gods. How these truths developed into seemingly different cultures was at the free will of the local indigenous people, but the foundation of truth has remained even today.

The Star Elders are very much like Ascended Masters we know of today. They work with the Great White Brother (not based on the color of the skin or gender); Lord Meru and the Brotherhood of the 7 Rays; Archangel Michael and other Archangels; Jesuha / Sananada / Christ; Mother Mary; Saint Francis; Buddha and a multitude of Hindu/Buddhist Masters, and the list goes on and on. Now this sounds a bit farfetched, but on the other side these guys all know each other and work together toward a common goal to empower humanity into living mastery on earth, and to guide us through this shift of the ages that we are navigating now!

The last time the Star Elders were on Earth in physical form was about 800 years ago, in an area we now call Guatemala, in a site called Quirigua. They had finished measuring the new Earth land masses after huge shifts and changes in environment. These shifts happened over 10,000 years ago and still are the basis of our catastra-phobia of end times today. They had calculated the very complicated cycles of life on Earth and how they related to the cosmos. The Star Elders knew the Earth was about to enter a cosmic cocoon to be transformed from a worm into a butterfly. It was time for them to go. They could not be here for this process. We were on our own to bloom. They left and went back to the stars.

This was the begging of a time we call dark cycles, medieval times, a time of forgetfulness when the darkness seemed to rule over truth and light. It was a time where humanity seemed to devolve instead of raise itself. There was war, famine and horror beyond description. Beautiful civilizations fell to the twisted hands of barbaric and greedy warriors. We are just now coming out of that dark cycle. We are hatching out of the cocoon and stretching our new wings. We do feel the pressure of this transformation and feel a deep longing for something or someone or some place we cannot describe as yet. But this place is on it's way.

  Many years back, I had the honor to be with a group of Maya Elder in the highlands of Guatemala, that still retained the stories and cosmology of their cosmic teachers. It took me many years to find them because I knew they were there. Even today the Maya tell a story about the last of the Star Elders and how during a great celebration they disappeared. Their white robes dropped to the ground and they arose into the heavens, in a Mayan site called Quirigua! They also know that the calendars/cycles did not come from the indigenous Maya, but people from the stars. They call these starry ones they call the Invisible Council. The Maya still use 20 different cycles that the Star Elders taught them to understand humanity and Earth. More on the 20 Mayan Calendars Each year the Maya celebrate the beginning of their sacred calendar on 8 Batz days. On this day they still commune with the Invisible Council for guidance. The living Maya have not forgotten their cosmic teachers, and I think we are just beginning to remember them.
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Today the Star Elders work with me as a seeing/healing/Activation team in my Star Elders Sessions and on our sacred pilgrimages. Read about out Pilgrimages here. We are always together. I see them as 20 very tall androgynous looking beings in long white robes who seem a bit like Viking Angels. Recently I discovered this information that sounds just like the Star Elders. In UFOlogy, Nordic aliens are humanoid extraterrestrials said to come from the Pleiades who resemble Nordic-Scandinavians. Typically male like and six to seven feet tall with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and skin tones ranging from fair to tanned. Scholars note the mythology of extraterrestrial visitation from beings with features described as Aryan often include claims of telepathy, benevolence, and physical beauty. Nordic Aliens

The Star Elders do not have individual names, but speak with one voice. They know each other by frequency, not by a verbal names like we do. "The Star Elders" is a name I gave them out of necessity. Verbal names have a vibration that can restrict one's limitlessness. So they don't like names, but tolerate "Star Elders" as their calling card for us. To be honest, they really like the name "the buddies". Buddies implies that we are friends . . . equals. No one is higher or lower than the other. They have always been uncomfortable with being on a pedestal. They know if we put them above us that we dis-empower ourselves. This is a sign of a true and good teacher.

The buddies transmit what they want to share in a ball of thought. In this ball is the history of literally everything, and very confusing at first. They do not see the separation between events, times and space, like we do. To describe one thing they have to describe everything and then point to what they are focusing on. In our relationship together I have had to remind them of beginnings and endings, and how to communicate in a linear way so others can understand. We meet somewhere in the middle. They are getting better at separating out what they want to say from everything else, and I am getting better at translating them. Like any worthwhile relationship it has been work.

In sessions, the Star Elders are real, blunt and direct, but also very inspirational and uplifting. If you are looking for an excuse not to evolve they will push that button. If you are looking for answers from them because you don't trust yourself, they will not help you, but help you learn to trust yourself, so you can hear your own truth! People feel better, empowered and clearer after a session for the most part. More about Star Elder Sessions

In pilgrimages to sacred sites the Star Elders (among a huge myriad of other light beings, depending on our location) guide us in our journey to discover answers within ourselves. They also go out ahead to smooth the way for us, avoiding any mishaps or problems that are so prevalent in travel in general. Some times they even show up for a visit.
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In closing this very brief history and introduction to the Star Elders...
The Star Elders wanted to say there is nothing normal or natural about the way we live right now. It is not normal or natural to feel separation from each other, all life and from the creator. There is nothing natural or normal with our limiting ideas about manifesting everything and anything we want, at any time we want. It is not normal or natural to get sick, to age, or to die either. It is not normal to struggle to survive. It is not normal to hate, to be jealous, to be angry, to be greedy, to lie, to cheat, or to steal. All these come from the lack we feel in our lives and the lack is just an illusion infused into our 3D programming. They wonder why we agreed to such limitations, and they hope our continued interaction with them will end this unnatural way of life. They want to see us WAKE UP and end the horror of waking up in a beautiful world, not knowing who we are, and why we are here, or feel powerless to do anything about it. They know this is not natural to us. In truth, we are living masters in the making.

The end of the world scenarios are not true, but come out of a past memory. The big shift will come . . . but this time it will be a HUGE SHIFT in consciousness that will end the illusions and give freedom back to humanity that is our natural birthright. Have patience and perseverance and don't give up. We are almost home.