Aluna Joy Yaxkin - 3/2002

(Peten National Park - Guatemala) April 2002 - 8 Batz

Saying the Mayan sacred site of Tikal is powerful and mystical is an understatement. Its sheer vastness and power is hard to comprehend with the human consciousness even after one makes numerous visits. The mystery and unknown is as thick as the air is humid. Spider Monkeys jump from tree to tree over head while groups of raucous squawking parrots fill the air. The very air is alive with life. As one walks through the jungle, we can feel echoes of an ancient cosmic culture alongside the current day buzz of tourist snapping pictures.

Archeologists and spiritual seekers alike can only hypothesize to what has transpired here. There are many questions that archeology can not answer with fragmented evidence. Some of their conclusions do not add up. Spiritual seekers can feel and translate the energy but have no physical evidence to back up what they feel. So how can we begin to really know about Tikal or any site in the Maya world? How can we know about their daily and their spiritual life. How did they really live? What did they believe in? With so little, yet unimaginably mysterious evidence left for us to study it is no wonder all who travel here are overwhelmed with wonder and curiosity to how and why such a civilization could exist. It is in this wonder that we are deeply catalyzed to search for the truth.

Before we can understand Tikal, we have to look at what has already been suggested about this site. I belive the only path to an answer is to blend modern but not infallible Archeology, with spiritual but not scientifically provable intuition. As you can see we already are beginning this adventure to know Tikal and the Maya world with handicaps. Being a spiritual intuitive who can read ancient sites I tend to lean toward trusting what I feel. I also feel a deep frustration that I can not prove what I see. I know archeologist that are honest with themselves have the same frustration at having to guess at the truth based on particle evidence and guesses.

What archaeological evidence suggests is possible about life in Tikal.
The grand city of Tikal covers over 222 square miles in a thick inhospitable tropical jungle. There are more than 4,000 structures in Tikal some over 200 feet tall! The oldest date from the Pre-classic period (800 BC), and the most recent from the Post-classic period (900 AD). Science, mathematics, astronomy, agriculture, art and architecture even socio-politics and economics were developed by the Maya. Their highly advanced hieroglyphics seam to appear over night divulging precise calendars based on many celestial events that could not even be seen with the naked eye. Evidence show that they also had advance systems of surgery and dentistry.

The Grand Plaza in Tikal is visually impressive to say the least and is filled with standing stone stelae, round sculpted altars, and various ceremonial buildings. At each end of the plaza loom the Temple of the Great Jaguar (Temple1) and the Temple of the Moon (Temple 2). Temple of the Great Jaguar is located on the east side of the Plaza and is 150 feet tall and was built about 700 AD. On Spring Equinox the sun rises directly in the middle of this temple making it a calendar marker for Solar New Year. Temple of the Moon stands at the west end of the Great Plaza and rises to a height of 120 feet and on Equinox casts a perfect shadow on Temple of the Great Jaguar. Temple of the Jaguar Priest (Temple 3) rises to 180 feet, and located west of Temple 2, it was built around 810 AD. It has a carved lintel depicting human being clothed in jaguar skin. Some ancient cultures belived donning a jaguar skin one could enter other worlds by jumping into them while in an altered state - a form of shape shifting. Temple of the Double-Headed Serpent (Temple 4) at 212 feet, this is the highest standing structure in Tikal. It was built around 470 AD. From here you can see the entire site. Even George Lucas found this temple intriguing and used it in the first Star Wars film. On and YES you can feel the force here. Temple 5 now actively being restored was built around 750 AD and located south of the Great Plaza. This temple is close to 190 feet high. If the physical evidence is not impressive enough try to picture that the entire Plaza area was raised up off the jungle floor by over 30 to 50 feet making it stand out amongst the dense jungle. Now that is a lot of baskets of dirt to haul with out any modern equipment, or even the wheel.

In the lost world area of Tikal is The Plaza of the Great Pyramid, a four sided Pyramid. Plaza of the Seven Temples that is linked to the Pleiades and the list goes on and on. Other temples great importance is Temple of the Inscriptions (Temple 6) The roof comb contains the longest hieroglyphic recording to date and was built around 766 AD.

Scientist have measured tangible energy/frequency shifts atop pyramids during certain solar and celestial event like equinoxes. Over 100,000 people were believe to live at Tikal�s peak. Yet this civilization suffered a mysterious collapse after 900 AD when the cities became deserted and the jungle took over.

Now here are the questions. How could a civilization appear and disappear so quickly leaving such advanced forms of art, mathematics, sciences, architecture and so on? How could they develop these system so quickly. How could they build this grand city without any kind of mechanical help. They did not have tractors, earth movers, rock cutters, trucks, power tools� not even beasts of burden or the simple wheel! Even today with all our technology we can not build or even restore the temples to their original state so how can we assume they built them 1000 years ago with no advanced equipment??? If the Ancient Maya were superstitious, blood sacrificing, murderous savages, how were they capable enough to build such a refined and advanced city.

I have spent a lot of time in those intense jungles and I wonder how did they build such a great city in all that amazing heat, humidity, with all the misquotes, snakes and spiders, and no real drinking water (the river and lake today is a hour a way by modern truck). There were a lot of hazards in those jungles back then and still are today. Why would they want create such a city in such a remote and uncomfortable environment? Today the living Maya work really hard just to meet their daily needs and afternoon rest is necessary to cope with the humidity and heat. Yet their ancestors had a abundance of extra time and energy, while living in the same environment to create a complicated art form, develop advanced architecture and have time to study the cycles of time to far surpass anything done on the planet to date!

Why is it archaeologist can not find the bathroom, a kitchen or a trash heap for mere 100,000 people ? Why is there so little human remains considering the huge population? They only found sacred burials. Why are the living Maya today just as clueless only after a few hundred years to why and how they were built. (not counting the amazing Mayan priests today who are spiritual intuitives and can see and understand the past)

As I sit atop a pyramid at sunset I wonder about this amazing ancient cosmic culture. I wonder what we will remember next and what archaeologist will dig up to confirm what our hearts already know. One thing for sure is we need to look at the Maya world outside of the box - outside western mind or present world mentality. I know that what I remember while in Tikal sounds more like good science fiction or a Indiana Jones movie than reality. Maybe if I hadn�t had outer confirmation of my memories or feelings, I might have just blown them off thinking they were just amazing fantasies. And if my memories are fantasies why is it that many stories I have remembered have been confirmed by traditional Mayan Elders over and over. But these amazing stories are subjects for another article for another time.

I guess what I am trying to say by writing this article is a hope that each one of us will question what we know and persist in thinking outside the box. Humanity is habitual and mechanical. If we want to grow, to learn, expand and know the truth, we need to break these patterns by stretching to see the unexpected and unexplainable and the unprovable. We know so much and yet know so little. What we know makes us feel safe. Yet not knowing the whole truth can be hazardous to our survival. Some things are true if you can prove them � or not. Some things are true if you belive them � or not. Someone asked me once why I trusted my feelings and what I knew - beyond physical proof. So I asked them if they loved their partner. Of course they said yes� and I asked them "prove it!"

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