by Aluna Joy

In 1990 while on a over night stay inside Temple of the Sun in Palenque, Mexico, the Star Elders told me something I didn't understand fully at the time. They said that the rules were going to change soon. That the way we relate to the world… the manifest universe, would change. They joked with me and said that a new game was coming, and we are not going to get the rule book. The game and how to play it, will be something we discover over time by obversation.

Here it is 13 years later, and I think I am just starting to understand what they were talking about. I think the rules are beginning to change. We all have been feeling it on a physical level. We have been feeling down right soul tired, getting little headaches and subtle upset stomachs and getting dizzy. We have had mild temputures that have no rhyme or reason and our necks and shoulders are screaming out for help. The ringing in the ears and pressure on the top of our heads is driving us nutty, and the list does not stop here.

We have been feeling this shift on a emotional / spiritual level as well. We have been feeling vulnerable, twisted up like a pretzel, and like a lone boat on a huge ocean without a compass. Personal relationships, and all areas of life, are polarized to the extreme. Days go by to fast or sometimes to slow. Time itself does not feel constant anymore. We just don’t know which way is up, nor many don’t even care anymore. Some are at the brink of giving up. After all what is the point. This is nuts!

Just recently I have been looking at the possibility of even a deeper level of physical and spiritual symptoms that tell us that the new game is upon us. I had the honor to do a session with a young man who the doctors think has cancer. He is exhibiting some powerful symptoms, but to date biopsies return negative. They are not really sure what is going on. He certainly isn’t a text book case and it has the doctors scratching their heads.

In our session when I tuned into him, I didn’t see the usual "cancer" entity that most have when they are diagnosed with cancer. I saw and felt something entirely different. A deep sense of peace permeated the room and when he looked at me it felt like he could see right through me. I felt vulnerable and naked and a little uncomfortable with the intimacy that goes with a one on one session. It was a struggle to make sense of what I was seeing with what I was feeling. I didn’t understand the vision as it seemed to contradict outer appearances. What was going on with his 3D self was nothing close to his energetic self.

After some time digging we discovered together that he was becoming a human bridge between the current world and the new world to come. He has to reach out there so far that he almost leaves his body. The outer appearance of illness is just a vehicle so he can let go enough to travel to amazing places where he has visions and receives teachings. His job is to bridge these visions to where we are now. The really interesting things is that he hasn’t been that spiritual until recently. But here he is, reaching out for something he does not understand and I felt like I was sitting a the feet of Jesus.

This whole thing has had me looking in a new direction. I ask question like…. what are the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual changes will we see as we being to shift? I have already began to look at some of the shifts and how they seam to be effecting us ... but what if those shifts mimic health issues, and before we have PROOF that it is really a health issue, and treat it... do we hamper the ascension process, the process of shifting. Anyway these are questions I am asking myself. and we won’t be able to do what is right in each moment with out knowing what is going on! If the rule are changing, what are the new rules?

I know things are changing in ways we cannot comprehend right now. I feel we are staring to see some shifts and changes in our lives that don't add up or make sense. But maybe they do! Maybe as the rules change for the manifested universe our bodies, our minds, our spirit change along with it. Creating symptoms that might even mimic illness. But what if we are not sick or loosing our minds... what if we are going thought a metamorphosis of monumental proportions? What if we are shifting into something else? What if we are beginning to manifest telepathy… the power of manifestation, power over time and space and matter? What if all those amazing things we dreamt or thought to ourselves ... are true?!

Maybe we are tired because we are trying to hold on to what we know, while the new world approaches. Maybe it is like crossing a bridge between to countries but we get stuck in the middle somewhere because we forgot our passports back at home. Maybe we are tired because this shift is a lot of work. Our bodies are reeling with all the shifts and our aches and pains are just our bodies adjusting to new frequencies. The ringing in our ears might me new frequencies that we are beginning to hear. The pressure we feel may be a cosmic birth canal in which we are being squeezing out. I think we feel lost, uninspired and directionless because there are so many new options to chose from, and the old intents may not apply anymore. We are doing all this while we don’t have a clue what’s going on! All we know is life is not the same anymore and sometimes we just want to go home, and maybe we are.

Anyway when I posted the paragraph asking you "are you feeling this?" I was so overwhelmed with your responses. I could not believe how many of you shared in the same new symptoms I was experiencing. This was totally unexpected. Now that we have begun this journey together, I want us to take it to another level. What if we notice everything about our lives, notice what is changing? What if we ask our friends and family if they feel it too? My intuition is there are a lot of other symptoms out there we are missing just due to lack of communication.

I think sometimes we judge ourselves for not living up to our high standards. Being spiritual is not about being perfect. It is about being real. So lets talk about what is going on with each of us, and discover new ways life is changing. What do these changes mean to us now and what it will mean to us in the future. For me, my motivation is simple …. I just want to know the darn rules so I can play the game!! I think being observant and take nothing for granted is the way to discover the new rule book.

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in . . . A Star Messenger - Earth Oracle - Soul Reader - Sacred Site Junkie was literally born awake and in the company of her guides, the Star Elders. Today she has evolved into an author, spiritual life coach, sacred site guide, alternative historian, ordained minister and modern mystic. In the Inca world, Aluna is considered a Qawaq (cow-wak), a clairvoyant or seer of living energy. Aluna acts as a spiritual archaeologist using her clairvoyant / clairsentient gifts to excavate current messages from the masters of ancient, enlightened cultures to uncover what affect this has on humanity and the collective consciousness. She is well known for her down to earth, accepting attitude that makes each one feel like they have come home. She inspires and encourages others to recognize and accept their own authentic divinity and connection to the Creator. "Our groups are family, and each one is a teacher and also a student. We work together as a team to unravel the sacred mysteries of life." Aluna coined the term "sacred site junkie" because she is one herself. After her first trip to Tulum, Mexico, her life changed dramatically, and she was sent on an entirely different path in life. Since this time, her work has been influenced by uncountable shamanic experiences in sacred sites of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Peru, Bolivia, Egypt, Greece, England, Australia and New Zealand. Aluna has been leading groups in the Maya world since 1986, the Inca world since 1996, and the Egyptian world since 2008, and the mystical world of Avalon (England and Scotland) since 2007. Aluna offers Star Elder Sessions, formulates Sacred Site Essences and a free newsletter. She is the author of "Mayan Astrology" and her articles have been published worldwide. Website: www.AlunaJoy.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/alunajoyyaxkin YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/feelthelove2012

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~ The Responses ~

Aluna Joy
I have very consciously noticed my inability to retain anything I read for at least the last six months. I am an avid reader, but found a couple of years ago that I couldn't read anything. I figured I had just been too saturated by what others were telling me and I needed to move forward and learn how to better discern things for myself. As of now, I find I can sit down and read something and not be able to immediately repeat back to you anything I read. I've blamed it on becoming a scanner and reading only for how it affects me energetically and not reading to retain it or even to pass it on to others. That's the piece that bothers me the most. I would like to remember more so I can share more, but I have to trust it will be there when the other person really needs it. Peace to you, my sister. ~ Alecia ~ USA

Hi Aluna Joy,
Re your comments in your letter about reading text I am definitely experiencing something like that! The main thing I am noticing lately, especially with e-letters, and on the odd occasion I buy a paper or magazine, is that most text looks like a jumbled mass of letters. As I scan down the pages an occasional paragraph or article jumps out at me to be read. It's as if all of my reading material is in a blurry foreign language with the odd section in lighted up in English so that's what I read. I am feeling that my heart is letting me know what I need to read. I must say it does saves time. I feel like I have been given my own personal editing system! Also, my whole life I have been known to have my head constantly in a book but I just can't seem to concentrate on text these days. Very unusual for me. Then every now and again a book comes along that I must read and I find it is easy to read. I'm even finding it difficult to communicate in words with my star people, everything lately just feels like a feeling or a knowing or an intuition -which is a little frustrating for me because I'm a very word/book/journaling kind of person and I really enjoyed the chats I constantly had with them whether by voice or through my journaling. My journaling has definitely slowed down big time. I'm also getting a lot of silence from them and just vague messages of you can't know that yet, that can't happen yet, we can't tell you why, just wait. I've never been big on patience so this is all pretty funny for them I'm sure. It's also very hard to explain to someone when they say how have you been? Hmmm.. do you mean in the last hour/day/week? I am shifting so fast I can't even keep up with how I've been! How do you explain in words that you are experiencing the depths of your soul, and every corner of darkness, at the same time as you are experiencing the most joy and light and connectedness that you ever have, and experiencing detachment all at the same time!!! And it's only 2004 - what on earth are the next 8 years going to be like??? Onward and Upward we go :) Blessings, Dana in Australia

Hey Aluna!
I too am recently having a hard time typing- how did I hit those keys?! And I'm having a hard time reading-unless I'm in the sunlight! I just thought I'm gonna need glasses. Happy Traditional New Year-keep on smiling & shining Debbie USA

Oh boy am I glad to hear someone else say this. I have been wondering some days where the hell my brain is as I do not seem to be able to construct decent sentences together anymore. I used to be so good at writing and have been a little concerned re my concentration. Also when reading, the information is just not going in, yet I am interested in what I am reading. I cannot seem to remember or retain the information. I agree, I think it is all part of us learning to do it differently. Many years ago in a sitting with Archangel Michael, he told me that there would come a day when I would have to throw everything I have learned and read out the window and forget about it. That the time is coming for us to do our work completely led by Spirit and not influenced by anyone or anything else. It will be a higher, purer way of working. Hopefully it is all part of the big plan. Sending you much love, blessings and gratitude for your hard work . Elly Crow Woman

Greetings Aluna
Yes, I too have noticed the alphabet twist. I do seem inclined to non verbal communication so it makes sense to me. And I just thought I was getting middle aged. A fascinating book, THE ROSE by Charles Harness 1953, lists this as one of the first things lost in the characters evolving into a new type of human. It does get annoying correcting all the typos. Love to you - Sisters in the Light - Devi

Hi Aluna Joy
Yes, I have noticed that, and as usual thought it was just me going crazy. I'm not having much problem typing , but when I read my eyes just seem to slide over the words. I THINK I'm reading, but I 'm not retaining ANYTHING. This is whether I'm reading fiction or non fiction or e-mail or browsing the web. I also remember reading things I didn't read (does that make any sense? like new memories appearing, but I don't know where they came from.) I also haven't been able to write (with a pen), the letters run together into a nonsense kind of shorthand. Gevera Bert Piedmont

Hi Aluna,
I read the following and wanted to let you know that I also have been experiencing something similar. When I read something I'll have seen the written word, but actually have interpreted another word and then I go back to what I read and realize that's not what my eye saw at all. I, like you, thought my dyslexia was kicking up, chuckle. It's also happened to me when I was writing things. My mind will have one word and my hand will write another. Very weird. Another thing that is happening often is that when in a conversation with someone they will start to "disagree" with me and when they present their "argument" it is really that they don't "disagree" with my position, but are determined to hear only their position in their words and the actuality of it is that we aren't disagreeing at all, but they are determined not to listen to what I have to share. I think there is an interesting phenomena occurring, and I think it has to do with being in our own truth, which is a good thing, but we need to have tolerance for other's truth especially when it may differ slightly from our own, what do you think? Sincerely, Lorinda

HI to all,
Yes , I'm having a very difficult time reading with any form of comprehension. I too thought it was a form of dyslexia popping up, but agree with your theory- as this is rather new, being the past couple weeks. My physical self is reading, and I then realize my mind is somewhere else, in the ethers, my physical self is reading and my mind is concentrating on something completely different, and I'll again be reading and my comprehension is blank. Anyway, it's taking me two and three times as long to get through it all! Can't wait to hear more about it from you. Peace.. Karen Murphy

Dear Aluna Joy, I can relate! Sometimes I feel like my eyes are crossing! LaVern a.k.a Heckawe "Chief Uppa Creek Without A Paddle"

Dear Aluna Joy
I can easily relate to what you are saying about writing. I write for my living, and sometimes lately, I'll read a page and wonder what the heck I was thinking. I am very grateful for Spell-check! It does seem to be more frequent errors with the writing; seems like my fingers are working on their own. As for reading, I have found myself putting the book or whatever I'm reading down, closing my eyes and doing a brief meditation to focus and center-then go back. Most interestingly, I have gone back to re-read some of my journals, and even things I have written in the recent past can sometimes seem as if written by someone else. We live in very exciting and interesting times. Thank you for your letters-they are very appreciated! In Lak’ech Sara

Hi Aluna! Yes, I have recently found myself reading something and although I know how to read it, I get nothing out of it. I don't know what it it really means. It's as though there is an internal avoidance to the process of reading that is going on while I read! It doesn't happen all of the time, but it is disconcerting when it does. I usually just put it down, because the whole process isn't working at that time. Love, Nancy

I had to laugh out loud when I read your account of reading being difficult. I am experiencing this too and sometimes when I'm trying to read the words seem to slide right down the page or screen or whatever. I did kind of assume it was some sort of shift taking place and it kind of makes me laugh when it happens now. I'm really having some trouble functioning with a lot of the "normal" things in 3d life anymore. I am a waitress right now and I've always been good at my job but lately I just can't seem to get it together. I find myself being able to read people's thoughts and I spend my time sort of practicing the "new" stuff and then find myself way behind and not giving my customers good service at all. That's just one example of "old stuff" not fitting with my "new self" at all, there are many more, as I'm sure is true with a lot of people right now. Thanks for sharing, Love, Rena

Hi Aluna,
I wanted to let you know that I have been having days where my memory just can't dredge up a past moment, even if it was yesterday. Then other days where I am so tired I can't walk up a hill. Then alternating, surges of energies and clarity that are beyond all I have ever known this life. Days when I can hardly talk, and then a day that all flows with crystal clear connection and rhythm and I can write as if I am connected to the universal library at the end of a flowing cosmic pen! I just surrender into the days as they are and my life is one big fascinating ride on the waves of change. Saleena Ki'

Hi Aluna Joy,
My eyes are really being affected, I use to love to read and now It really bothers me. After I get done with my work, my eyes are really tired, yesterday I noticed in my referral vision I was getting on my left eye a waving fluid like pictures, also flurries of shadows, like seeming my cat run by and she didn't, also I am constantly running my words together while typing, and having to separate them. Although I am not getting much sleep, I feel really great and have no pain anywhere, Which is really great. It is an exciting time to be living and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be here and experience the changes and witness with wonderment.

Dear Aluna Joy,
I enjoy your letters so very much and especially this latest one. You asked if others were experiencing the inability to read text material or even communicating in writing. Funny, you mentioned that. I have comprehension dyslexia, but have always been an avid reader. Up until the past few years. Nothing interested me, as if I had already read it all, or maybe I had just lost my desire to learn. Ha ha. not so. with what you wrote in your letter, it was a wonderful validation, because I finally decided it just wasn't necessary. Then found out that if I were to read something, I would. Something would tell me it would be worth while. I use to make a living at public speaking, and for the last few years, I haven't even felt like speaking much. But, I have been spending a lot of solitary time in meditation , especially the last couple of years. I keep on , knowing that somehow, some way, we're all gonna make it through this. Keep on Aluna Joy, I will be with you in spirit. Truly Patricia

Dear Aluna Joy,
I chuckled when I read your sharing about your seeming dyslexia. You are definitely not alone with this experience. I cannot tell you how many errors I make now when I type anything out and reading.. well...sometimes it is like I am looking at something I never saw before as if I just dropped in here from another world. Language--words--reading--speaking... every part of that aspect of human existence has become for me something I sometimes have to strive to comprehend, as opposed to something that just WAS and I didn't even have to think about , except in terms of being aware of what I was reading or writing. And sometimes when I read something I have no idea what it means at all. Certainly perhaps , a new earth language is rising from within : a new form of communication may be being birthed and I for one am glad to hear it is not just me! Sometimes It is almost funny when I am searching my inner vocabulary computer searching for the simplest of words to describe something to someone... Depending on who I am with, I just say that I am having either a senior moment or an inter-dimensional moment.!
Blessings... Your star sister... Christine Bearse - Vernon, Ct

Aluna Joy,
Thank You for the letter and YES! reading of text is getting more challenging. I get quite a few emails such as yours and I thought that it was just me having a bad time reading them. So I'm glad to hear someone else saying it too. Blessings, Gordon

Hi again, Aluna,
Funny you mentioned that, about difficulty in reading and writing right. I've never experienced "dyslexia" before, but these past two months I've been frequently turning things around in my typing, misreading words, and even making "pun-ish" mistakes in speaking ... both weird and humorous ... I said to David awhile back that I thought I was becoming dyslexic .... But I know it's more than that. I feel it's part of our letting go of the culturally programmed interpretations that have become so much a part of us (don Juan calls them "foreign installations"), and seeing things in new ways ... sometimes I even can't make sense of "familiar" things, feeling like I don't know what anything "is" ... which is all right, as long as I can continue to function in this world too, hush! ... anyway, there is no way language can describe what's happening to us now. If we're moving into interdimensional existence, then I guess we're just needing time (and practice) to adjust to transitioning among worlds smoothly. Also, the "world" often looks "different" to us here, maybe more beautiful , or colors we've never seen before .... I think "true mind is emerging", we're waking up, that's all ... Infinity is claiming us - Whoopee! We may be living in a timeless realm sooner than we thought ... anyway, we're gonna relax and enjoy this journey! (... or whatever it is ...) That's all for now ... or NOW for all .... Love, Linda

I have been experiencing a shift in my reading/comprehension, as well as other aspects of my life, for some time. I read the words silently or aloud and have no comprehension when I am done of what I just read. I find that I already know what was written much more clearly and quickly than I used to. I believe we have or are moving to energetic transmission/telepathy, if we so choose. I find everything solid or not solid; i.e., written material, fabric, rocks, flowers, energy fields, etc., has a different energy vibration to it that I experience throughout my entire energy body, just by thought or touch, or by walking into/through the energy field. I also find that my body is undergoing changes in that I can feel much finer vibrations, not only on the exterior surface, but throughout the interior of my body. I can feel energy coming down through the top of my head, quite strongly at times, and permeating down through my toes. I experience conscious awareness of how my emotions effect my physical body in the moment. This makes holding negative vibrations painful in a magnified way because of the awareness experience of the effect in my body. I am diligently addressing issues as quickly as I can to clear them. For me, and others wanting to bring in the finer, higher vibrations, I believe this is a top priority now. Thanks for sharing your personal experience; it is comforting to know others have some of the same experiences. Love, Nancy

Dear Aluna
I am writing regarding your question about words not sticking to my head. I've been experiencing this lately myself. Can't read long texts and always wonder why people can't express whatever it is in a shorter way. I loose energy when I have to read long texts. I thought that my dyslexia was acting up too, however I stop and know that I am to live in the now. That's how I feel best live living the now not in the head. And oh those long texty reads! The are so soporific. With bright crystal, diamond Light. Zena Jann

Hello Aluna,
Re your so called "typos"...I may not be having the same problems, but I am definitely having some kind of problem typing, and I am a secretary who always has been very accurate. When I go back and read what I have written, I find I've used a word (and I just typed work instead of word but changed it) that perhaps was similar in meaning or spelling, but not quite right. I thought it was my age (56) and becoming dyslexic, but I am always turning words around or skipping over letters. It's very strange. I can't help but think it's part of dementia or Alzheimer’s...I don't have the answer, but it gets very frustrating. Peace and love to you, Carol

Yes we have noticed here that retaining info just read is almost impossible. Typing takes great focus and turns out really strange. Feeling different reference points or orientation within body feels different......big time. Suddenly in last week increased sense of disorientation in general Your star friends ~ K&J

Beloved Aluna Joy,
I so enjoy your sharings. I, too, have been experiencing problems in communication, especially writing. Verbally I am better, although often I open my mouth and things other than what I intend come through. I am more used to that activity as it has happened for years. As I read your letter, I saw you making the same TYPE of mistakes that I am making when I type. These mistakes [?] have increased just since about the beginning of the year. Oddly, many mistakes would probably be those a dyslexic person might make...or so I assume...at least they make those mistakes as they read...as in many of my typos I reverse letters often these days. A former Public Relations Director for a college, I am a good typist normally. Since I have been writing e mails, I can write lengthy e mails to people as I can crank them out quickly due to the speed and accuracy of my typing. Just wanting you to know that difficulty in typing is not usual for me. Yet lately I find myself placing my fingers on the keyboard incorrectly so that every single letter has to be corrected. Hmmm. Even typing this short message to you, I must have corrected about 20 mistakes so far...way more than usual. And yes I search, sometimes in vain, for the right word in written or verbal expression...sometimes draw a total blank...and then I find myself staring at the monitor and have to reread what I have written to know what to write next. One other thing is that sometimes I write and then zone out, when I finally stop typing, I have typed something else entirely. When my fingers stop, I usually find that yes, I do want to send to the person what I inadvertently wrote, but it wasn't what I was intending to write. Even this message to you...I thought I would write about four lines to you . Oh, well. And so it grows...2012 here we come. I trust this will add some different information to your survey on current communication glitches. Thank you. Loving blessings, Namaste and Mitakuye oyasin, Barbara Elizabeth from the North Coast Australia

What a relief to see I'm not the only one who isn't very literate any more. I can still write, but anything other than light fiction just doesn't compute. Even if I understand it when I read (and sometimes my brain just goes blank) a minute later I could not tell you what I read. It's very frustrating. The longer it is the less I can cope. I can't read your letters in one go. I read a bit and then come back later and rarely finish it.
Blessings - Lynne

Hi Aluna Joy,
Hooray, glad to know it is happening to someone else - don't know how many times I have been deleting words and retyping them - I am a touch typist over 80 wpm but boy oh boy have I slowed down lately and have to watch what I am typing these days as nearly every second word comes out wrong and I have to go back and delete and retype! (and I leave out words as well!). Nearly given up reading, especially text books - I seem to read it, think to myself, I can't remember the information and go back and read it again! Was only discussing this a couple of weeks ago with a work colleague - some times you think you are going nuts! regards, Christine (Krya)

Hi Aluna Joy
I have the same kind of feeling about words being jumbled up or dysfunctional these days. I have the same thing, and also think we are getting VERY close to telepathy. Therefore, the words are irrelevant yet it also indicates to me that we can't ever be LESS THAN honest and true now, as our TRUE thoughts are being communicated, even if our written words indicate differently. Does that make sense? Therefore, I think there is a time lapse between the thought and the hands typing the words, which is shifting the energy and making it very hard to TYPE the words, as the "typed" thought does not resonate with the "thought" thought. Hope that makes some sense. Looking forward to March 21 ..... hopefully EVERYONE will have their undisclosed and secret lives put out in the open to be cleansed and transmuted. Then we can all get on with being who we truly are. Co-creators in this amazing journey which we call LIFE. Love you, many blessings, Sunbear

Your article 'Have you been feeling this....' struck a chord with me ... right to the core of my being. These days I feel so alone and sometimes lonely even in a sea of people. The sudden onset of aches and pains which medical tests don't truly identify, often put down to 'aging' (I am 57 in September). The feeling that time is on extreme fast forward scares the heck out of me, deterioration of eyesight, and needing to have glasses for reading and the computer (another thing I just put down to age). But I think the feeling that makes me feel kind of lost at times is a feeling of not belonging here, I lived in Bali for several years and I have this deep longing to go back, to a place that lives and breathes spirituality. My closest and dearest friend is someone I have never met and she lives on the otherside of the world, but I feel more in tune with her than with anyone I know physically (except for my son, who is truly my heart) .... I sometimes have this desire to fly.. to just let go and get out 'there' soak up all the love and joy I can and then return and shower this over everyone, and hope they too see the and feel the joy and love. Another thing that has been really telling me how we can help heal the world is the feelings that water 'touches my spiritual self'. That through water much negativity can be washed away, and healing, love, gratitude can be carried from/to our bodies (which are 60% water/fluid), out to the water ways and oceans of the world, the healing/love/gratitude/joy etc touches everything it comes into contact with and eventually flows back to you, as the water remains it doesn't disappear. Does this make sense to you? Anyway I thought I would let you know I too feel 'this' Blessings to you and Thank you, Pauline Khong

Hi Aluna Joy.    I also have been feeling weird but it has nothing to do with reading problems as some of the people shared. I felt so disconnected the other night that I was crying all the way home. I was saying to myself "I don't belong on this earth, why am I here? Please take me back! I was in a state of despair. I talked to a couple of my students as well as to my son and his girlfriend and they also are feeling this. A couple of us were having nightmares a lot. It is good to know I am not alone in this and it is just the ascension process but do you have any suggestions or insight that would help us to deal with things? How long is this supposed to continue? Also, a lot of us are coming down with illnesses and root chakra stuff. Namaste! Allarah

Regarding your question in the letter: yes, I've been having trouble focusing on the meaning of what I'm reading, it often doesn't make sense. What seems to be happening more, though, is a shift of linear time. It seems to be running erratically even within the same linear time span ... say an hour. Sometimes I'm having trouble knowing what day of the week it is and am finding it hard to run my schedules at times. Love Carolan UK

Hi Aluna
Indeed, I have the same problem – reading, at times speaking, in fact, anything of the logical 3D world. Am so delighted that someone else is having this trouble and that it might have a greater purpose. I thought I was entering into my dotage. I seem to have developed a sense of inertia when it comes to dealing with written information and especially with logical or normal administrative tasks. When I try to assume a disciplined approach, all manner of things start to go wrong. Invariably, the telephone won’t stop with people calling asking for help which causes me to enter into altered state in order to respond. (At the end of the day those mundane tasks are still not done. Often I feel as if I am being taken apart.) So finally, I got the message: No 3D self discipline but spiritual integration at all levels. Asking for help and approaching it all from the vaster self – even the most mundane tasks – like staying in altered state – I wonder? I am trying and your comments are so timely because I started to think: "Ingrid, you have lost your oomph’s and you are using spirituality to compensate for your inefficiency." So, thank you, I am trying to learn but it is not easy – hope this note is not too long. This is the second e-mail – the computer froze with the first one , From Heart to Heart, Ingrid

Dear Aluna Joy,
It has been a very hard week. Last Wednesday, I came home from work early, not feeling well. I went to work this Monday, but lasted only 1 hr, when my boss sent me home. It was almost impossible to be at my desk....... Here is some of what is happening to me beginning March 9 through today. The heart/lung/chest pressure has been so great it is painful. The last two days/nights my head has hurt so much. my crown, third eye, and base of my head has great pressure. I put both hands on my head to hold it together. I have no energy and didn't feel like any reiki was getting to me. I asked that I receive healing energy. I can't get comfortable. I am coming out of my skin. My face has totally erupted! My skin is so sensitive that my legs hurt where they rub against my chair. My head hurts where the pillow is against it when I read at night. I am having chills and waves of grief and sadness. I have not slept. I cried all day. it was beyond me to handle this alone and there was no one to talk to.

I told myself I was not going to talk to anyone anymore and I was going to just forget everything. if God won't talk to me directly, then I would just forget all of this. I would no longer do my research. I particularly love your site, Karen's What's Up On Planet Earth, and Patricia Cota-Robles. I found a new website (Starchild) The very first article was EXACTLY what I am going through. The next day, I found another new website, and it said things I am doing and experiencing right now. And I started crying again. So I thanked my Divine Guidance. Apparently God wants to talk to me through the net. One article written 3-15 said, "As the ascension process greatly accelerates, so do some symptoms for many. "When the Heart Chakra begins to open, people are often overwhelmed by the intensity of their own feelings, and also the intensity of the repressed feelings of others which they begin to pick up and feel as well." I have been feeling overwhelmed...completely overwhelmed. So, my feelings are still very intense. My head aches and I just want to cry....yet a part of me feels like I am not alone. God gave me exactly what I needed in that moment.

My heart pressure felt like it would explode, but after reading the Kwan Yin article, the pressure eased and does not HURT anymore. Here is one part of the Kwan Yin article: "So, when it comes to your shadow, acknowledge it to be there, but do not give it energy. Release it. Let me explain it to you in this way, dearest children of the light. When you have low light you are not aware of the intense contrast between light and dark, and you do not see shadows. When you have a strong and brilliant light, the shadows are thrown into strong relief. At this time, the Light is increasing among you, and you are seeing and feeling the shadows more and more. This is your time of BREAKTHROUGH. To finally release all shadows as illusions and to move into the LIGHT."

Even if you don't read this, I think it was good for me to write it all down and get it out of me. I have felt so much grief......and my physical body feels sick and tired. I just want to cry and see no one. Thank you for the service you provide. Thank you, sincerely, I thank you. I know I'll get through this.....but it is SO HARD in this moment. Namaste, Donna