For Ryan . . . we will miss you.
Wish you were not in such a hurry to hear heaven's music

Ryan and Aluna in San Cristobal Mexico for new years 2000!   -   Ryan merging with MAYA POWER in Palenque Mexico

In support of the sensitive ones of the World
What does not destroy us... makes us stronger.

THANK YOU for the PRAYERS and LOVE you all sent Ryan and his family. It did make a difference to them and I am sure to Ryan. It has made this event Holy and a GREAT HEART OPENING for many. PLEASE send LOVE, PEACE and SURENDER to Ryan's family and freinds as they deal with this loss. God bless you all for your loving help.

6/29/06 - He is gone! 6/29 at 10:24 AM - Sunken eyes can see & broken wings are flying!
Dreamspell says this about 6/29/06 - 13 IK. I endure in order to communicate - Transcending Breath - I seal the input of spirit - with the cosmic tone of Presence - I am guided by the power of death. Ryan understood this Mayan system.... it seems fitting he would pick this day to fly.



A dear spirit brother, Maya enthusiast, and past pilgrimage group member, Ryan Parks, accidentally overdosed and is now way beyond returning to this world. It has been hard for all of us that know his gentle sensitive spirit, and it is such a loss for this world. Ryan is a rare one. The way he sees the world is so rarified that we can hardly relate to it. It is like he sees the world as God does . . . pure and perfect. Ryan was very much like the actor in the movie "American Beauty" that could see the beauty in a piece of trash floating in the air. It was a joy to watch him.

It is so hard for sensitive ones to tolerate this world. Sometimes they can fade away without anyone noticing their beauty and expression of God's light. They can become drunks, drug addicts and crazy without our support. One day I saw God in the blue eyes of a begging addict on a street as I handed him a five dollar bill. I will never forget it. It changed my life. Yet even with Ryan's mother's courageous support, he still found this world too hard to bear. He could not find home. He looked for escape.

Ryan's heart song tells us that WE NEED TO SUPPORT EACH OTHER! These are intense times. PLEASE do not be embarrassed to let others know that you are hanging on by a thread. Don't be shy about asking for help from a friend. This is what Spiritual Community should be best at, and yet I find it not filling this role. In fact, I find many spiritual communities are becoming a place where there is ego based competition with spiritual levels. How righteous we are in our spiritual path, etc…. We feel we cannot show our weakness because we will be judged, criticized or condemned. We loose our right to be real. For those who have their feet only lightly touching this earth, this is an unbearable environment, and they feel abandoned by the lack of support. Because we do not understand them, we judge them. This saddens me because I feel that we are loosing so many of our best and brightest. When Jesus said "DO NOT JUDGE", this was not said lightly. Judging kills! Judging is a form of negative projection and is a form of black magic.

Please . . . everyone hear me . . . In these very intense times, IT IS IMPERATIVE that WE SUPPORT EACH OTHER . . . HOLD EACH OTHER . . . and NOT JUDGE EACH OTHER. Being a sensitive myself, I know how hard it is to stay here day in and day out. So do not judge those around you who do not seem to be able to cope or can't seem to get their act together. They are our barometers for this world. They are the canaries the miners take down into the mines to test the environment. And speaking about the environment . . ., from where I stand, it looks like we are hitting a very deep and critical period. We cannot do this alone anymore. The environment and evolution of this Earth, is pushing us to reconnect with each other or else!

Ryan reminds me that we are so close to shifting into the new world. The closer we get to that door, the more intense it will get. ANYTHING that is not GOD'S PERFECTION and DIVINE PLAN will rise up to be cleared. Sensitive ones are feeling this. Sensitive ones will be our alarm clocks so that we will know when the time is near. So we must honor and support them. These are amazing times, but they are not easy. I know the only way through this time is to hold hands together and walk these last few steps on equal footing . . . no one lesser or greater than the other. Just God's children walking hand in hand through the gates into the new world. I think Ryan would not have it any other way.

And back to Ryan who inspired this insight . . .
and an urgent plea from me and Ryan's mother Kim.

I was at a local pizza house because a good friend of mine was performing. We requested that he sing the song "Blackbird", by the Beatles, not knowing why. When our friend played it, I realized that it was for Ryan. I realized, as we sat there singing, that I was singing it for Ryan. I know music was Ryan's saving grace and escape in this world. So what better way than a song to send him along in his journey? We sat there with tears in our eyes . . . sending him this song with our hearts. So, I ask all of you healers out there, please take a moment to help Ryan "Take HIS broken wings and learn to FLY". We know he does not want to be where he is. It is time for Ryan to make the journey home. He has been waiting for this moment to be free. I know he will be waiting for us, with a joyful heart, on the other side.

Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life... You were only waiting for this moment to arrive.
Blackbird singing in the dead of night,
Take these sunken eyes and learn to see
All your life ... You were only waiting for this moment to be free.

Blackbird fly, Blackbird fly Into the light of a dark black night.
Blackbird fly, Blackbird fly Into the light of a dark black night.

Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life ... You were only waiting for this moment to arise
You were only waiting for this moment to arise
You were only waiting for this moment to arise

Thank you all for reading this... enduring my emotional and somber message. But it seems to be the message of the day. I hope you take it in, and then look around you to see if someone near you needs a hug, some support and love. And if you are the one in need, PLEASE ask for help before you do something that could cause us to loose you! Please! We all need each other. We are all God's Children.

Copyright © 2006 - Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this article on the condition that the content remains complete, full credit is given to the author(s), and that it is distributed freely. Aluna Joy Yaxk'in -

I feel like I'm trapped, a feeling I can't erase
Trapped in this time, trapped in this space
wanting to soar above it all
To touch the sky, and not to fall
Into this earth and its lofty cares
I want to flee and escape its snares

To run from concrete cities that prey on the earth
And the industrialization that has given birth
To white collar slaves who toil in splendor
Who use knowledge as power, killing its wonder

In this oceans blue, the sky so vast
I'm just a speck, a glimmer who won't last
Who yearns to be heard, to share my light
To do my purpose, to have my flame burn bright

And yet they snuff me, I'm too free and wild
To break society's rules, one must be a child
To shine my light is somewhat a crime
In a world where being yourself a climb

So this is my paradox, this is my plight
Wanting to share but wanting to take flight
I ask the sky, the moon, the trees
If it is possible that my soul will be appeased
If I could stay and have in this life
My earthly yearnings and be free from strife

In my heart I know my spirit will always fly
As long as my soul continues to ask why
In my body, I know I'm here to learn how
To fulfill my dreams yet live in the now.
Quynh Nguyen 1993
Caution when reading this page. These are raw and un-censured messages from Ryans family and close friends. If you are empathic you might consider not reading this.

Kahlil Gibran On Death

Then Almitra spoke, saying, "We would ask now of Death."
And he said:
You would know the secret of death.
But how shall you find it unless you seek it in the heart of life?
The owl whose night-bound eyes are blind unto the day cannot unveil the mystery of light.
If you would indeed behold the spirit of death, open your heart wide unto the body of life.
For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one.
In the depth of your hopes and desires lies your silent knowledge of the beyond;
And like seeds dreaming beneath the snow your heart dreams of spring.
Trust the dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity.
Your fear of death is but the trembling of the shepherd when he stands before the king whose hand is to be laid upon him in honour.
Is the shepherd not joyful beneath his trembling, that he shall wear the mark of the king?
Yet is he not more mindful of his trembling?
For what is it to die but to stand naked in the wind and to melt into the sun?
And what is to cease breathing, but to free the breath from its restless tides, that it may rise and expand and seek God unencumbered?
Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing.
And when you have reached the mountain top, then you shall begin to climb.
And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance.

PRAYERS and MESSAGES for/or about RYAN
(newest messages on top)

Hello Aluna, Thank you for All of the help you did for Ryan Parks I personaly love you more now than ever! You are a true Friend! Hugs and Love Dwight

Aluna, I just want to say "Thank you, from the bottom of my heart" for sharing Ryan's Song with us all. We are indeed blessed to share in the stories, the suffering, the heartfelt responses from so many, the healings he brought us - mostly, to be invited into the intimacy of Ryan's family's farewell ... The HOLY ATMOSPHERE is felt by us all - and we are all family. Thank you Ryan. Thank you Kim. Thank you all of Ryan's wonderful family! And thank you Aluna! FLY, LITTLE ANGEL, FLY! ... and MAY THE BLESSINGS MULTIPLY ... Love, Linda from New Zealand

All Things Must Pass - George Harrison
Sunrise doesn't last all morning
A cloudburst doesn't last all day
Seems my love is up and has left you with no warning
It's not always going to be this grey
All things must pass - All things must pass away
Sunset doesn't last all evening
A mind can blow those clouds away
After all this, my love is up and must be leaving
It's not always going to be this grey
All things must pass away
None of life's strings can last
So, i must be on my way
And face another day
Now the darkness only stays the night-time
In the morning it will fade away
Daylight is good at arriving at the right time
It's not always going to be this grey
All things must pass away

In response to your request I am picturing a golden sphere of light and will keep you, Ryan and all in my silent heart healing prayers. Bless Bless, David

"All That I Am"

I am the one winged bird for flying
Sinking quickly to the ground
See your faith in me subsiding
See you prime for giving in
I give you all that I am

I am the sound of love's arriving
Echoed softly on the sand
Lay your head upon my shoulder
Lay your hand within my hand
I give you all that I am

And I breathe where you breathe
Let me stand where you stand
With all that I am

I am the white dove for a soldier
Ever marching as to war
I would give my life to save you
I stand guarding at your door
I give you all that I am

I am the one winged bird for flying
Sinking quickly to the ground
I am the blind man for a watchdog
I am prime for giving in
I'll show you all that I am

And I breathe so you breathe
Let me stand so you'll stand
With all that I am

THANK YOU make us us all cry as one!

  You have made me cry several times this week. How is Ryan doing? I am praying that he moves on. Maybe Ryan is waiting to leave earth on July 4th to go out with a Bang! I made a post online to help Ryan go home its at I helped Ryan the best that I could. I hope Ryan goes to the Light soon and is as sensitive as ever! Hugs and Love to Ryan Kim and Aluna - Dwight

Dear Aluna: Thank you so much for taking up Ryan's cause. You have done a beautiful job of gathering the many Earth angels to his side, and furthering his messages to us all. The Universe works in such mysterious ways to our small selves --- I just read of Ryan's date of dying....he must have been working overtime that week!...for just a few days before June 2nd my family came upon a young man lying in the street, unconscious and bleeding from his brain from a drug overdose. The police had just arrived and were shouting into his ear to "Stay with us Jimmy, stay here!" As I stared dazed at him a dream suddenly flashed into my consciousness -- in the dream many people were leaning over an unconcious young man as an intercom blared "Code Blue!, Code Blue!". Someone pushed me from behind and said "You know how to pull the Soul back into the Body, .... Do it !"....and I did...and tried again when I saw that boy lying in the street. I later called the police and they said that so far that young man had made it. I wanted to call the hospital to somehow get the message to him that people cared about him -- but I never did. Ryan has made me realize I should have -- how important it is to tell even a stranger that we care, deeply. I hear Ryan's message -- the Message is Love -- and feel that amongst many things he is also showing us that while the physical body may become weaker and less significant, the Soul can expand, it's impact greater and more potent. I felt Ryan in Palenque, a place I long to journey to someday, and smiled with recognition at a magician who once worked through that sacred site. His magic continues alive and strong today as he pulls us all lovingly into the Center of the Sun..... Thank you, Ryan!!!God Bless. Alexia

My heart-filled thoughts of strength, understanding, and compassion goes out to Ryan and his family during this very difficult and challenging time. Certainly it is very difficult for us to know or to fully realize another soul's purpose during this journey on Earth. I became aware several years ago of another young man, Brendan , who was gifted musically and committed suicide during his late teens/early 20's. Again, a young sensitive, who was unable to find that space of peace within during these conflicting and challenging times. Partly because of Brendan and now, Ryan, I am inspired to step into the responsibility of what I feel "my mission" is, on my own journey. While I am only one person, I would be doing an injustice to myself for not stepping forward and answering the call -- particularly when I become aware of circumstances, such as Ryan's. I sense he is and has been a brave young man in many ways. May all surrounding him become aware of the gifts he has shared with them. May his journey in this lifetime be an inspiration to others to evaluate their own lives very closely so they may rise up to their fullest potential. Certainly Ryan is a source of inspiration for me. He has renewed my own determination for my path. His situation validates my own recent decisions to step out "in full faith" and reveal to all what I came here to do. Thank You, Ryan. You indeed are a blessing and a rainbow from heaven! Namaste, Cathy - * I Choose to Go the Whole Way in This Life! *

I was deeply moved by your sharing of Ryan's Song... What has helped me is the knowing that no matter what, I am the love that God longs for in me. No matter what, everyone is the love God longs to embrace. I remember how frightening it was for me to embrace my physical form. Now, I have given myself permission to touch and be touch by everyone around me. ... Coming into my physical home is the greatest miracle and the deepest honoring of God I have come to know. In a very simplistic way, the touch of our feet on Mother Earth shifts reality and may gently support all souls who are having difficulty grounding their unique beauty in our times. My hope is that others will know that there is continuous support and love by many of us, even if it is not immediately felt in the most difficult of times. I send my love to Ryan, his family and friends, and all souls needing help and compassion right now, and always, in all times. Love, Maria

Dear Aluna Joy...I was touched reading about your wonderful friend, Ryan. I have absolute faith in our blessed Mother Mary... and I will say the Holy Rosary for Ryan tonight (06/20/2006) at 12 AM. PacTime. I believe in miracles...please.. allow him to recover if possible, dear Lord. He surely has much to share with everyone. Thank you. Love, Sunny (Northern California)

This morning I sang the blackbird song for Ryan's peaceful transition. Healing Reiki energy for his Light and Love to carry him across the bridge to others who are waiting for his return home. Peace to all who shared this soul's Love and courage. Light Connection, Janice TN

Aluna, I keep checking the update link ... It feels like there is a lot of support and understanding from Kim's family ... I felt prompted to go up to the top of the "Center of New Zealand" hill today, from where the views of snow-covered mountains across the bay were stupendous! Sent prayers for Ryan's release from there ... And I keep thinking how he's blessed us all .... Linda ( from Ryan's Maya 1999 Group)

I am very touched by Ryan's story and I will add my prayers to yours for him and his family and friends. I hope that rain comes to Sedona and that the flood stops in Houston. Kind regards to you. Noelle (Switzerland)

Ryan-- he is not ready to leave for some reason????? I work as an open channel for the interalactic energies to work for people, basically holding the stargates open on the call of the soul. When I opened your newsletters the energies flowed strongly as I asked if it was appropriate for me to assist the transition. I got NO ! It would seem there is more work for him? As I said, a lot of energy flowed for him. Good luck Ryan. With love and light, Don - Queenstown New Zealand

Hello Dear One,
We Are All One
If One is Harmed
All Are Harmed
If One is Helped
All Are Helped
Therefore in the Name of Who I AM
And I AM One with the All That Is
I both simultaneously ask and confirm
That which is for the highest good of All Concerned
Is NOW Manifest on this Plane
In all Planes
Through all Dimensions and Timelines simultaneously
And I give Thanks That This is SO!!!

I was struck by your Description of Ryan and my Connection with this song by GENESIS called "Keep It Dark" spoke to me about him. Genesis music, lyrically especially, always has a little Brit Humor in it. Our Lightworkers will pray for Ryan Thursday night to be completely healed. Love & Light, Sterling

I just wished to pass on some words that came to me in a dream ... It seems to be a message worth sharing...joining together to complete our missions and evolvment, kindness, compassion and gentle guidance required to return, when we seemingly have lost it. Perhaps to compel others into acceptance of those aspects of self. Much love, Crystal

HEY LITTLE BLOSSUM - By Crystal Mountainsong
Hey Little Blossom please don't take your love away.
The mother is asking you to stay another day
Hey Little Blossom please don't you go .
The Planet Earth needs you to stay for your show,
Feel the pain and let the tears flow
Burn the anger in the violet flame and let it all go
.... Your love is the fuel needed to drive your ship
No one else can fill your shoes to make the trip
We got all that we can ask for if we open up our hearts
We got all that we can ask for if we shine on thru the dark
Singing in the rain, healing the mothers pain
Singing in the rain, starting all over again
Complete this tale, you know how to clear the path
Turn around and shine your heart, is all she asks
Oh little Blossum, Please don't take your love away
The mother she is asking you to stay another day...

I sent out a prayer request this morning for Ryan and will post again tomorrow. Be well on this powerful day/night. Mother Blessings,Silverstar Red Crow

Dear Aluna, Sending to you and your Ryan and all your loved ones, and earth, sky, animals, and plants, and the four directions, peace, love, healing and caressess from the gods and goddesses and spirits of LOVE. PEACE, LOVE Dobby

tired of speaking sweetly
Love wants to reach out and manhandle us,
break all our teacup talk of god.
If you had the courage and could give the beloved his choice,
some nights, he would just drag you around the room by your hair,
ripping from your grip all those toys in the world that bring you no joy.
Love sometimes gets tired of speaking sweetly
and wants to rip to shreds all your erroneous notions of truth
that make you fight within yourself, dear ones, and with others
causing the world to weep on too many fine days.
God wants to manhandle us,
lock us inside of a tiny room with himself
and practice his dropkick.
The beloved sometimes wants to do us a great favor
hold us upside down and shake all the nonsense out.
But when we hear, he is in such a "playful drunken mood"
most everyone I know quickly packs their bags and hightails it out of town.
Hafiz, The Gift

Hi Aluna, Thank you sooo much for the updates from Kim. Since your newsletter story (which was beautiful!) I keep pressing the "RYAN'S SONG" button for updates. I've just read Kim's letters again (more tears!) and all the other letters .... Oh, Aluna, I do believe that Ryan has given the world a tremendous gift of LOVE, both through being here in this life, and by sharing the horrendous experience leading to his probable passing; he is definitely an instrument of our awakening - Bless him - Bless us all, for we are ONE. I love Kim's clear communications (except it's so hard to read them through the tears!), her understanding and compassionate heart. I hope to meet her one day. When Kim and Ryan come to Sedona, I'll certainly be there with you in spirit! Much love, Linda

I know Ryan though we have never met. I am taking time to pray for him now... Valena

I pray for Ryan and share, one hundred percent,- your thoughts on the current changes to the earth and our consciousness. Today I have to do something I've never dared do before, and I recognize that this is my stepping forward out of my comfort zone and spreading my wings and the wings of spirit. I have to talk about my beliefs and understanding! All blessings - Hazel

Dear Aluna, A couple days ago a friend posted your latest newsletter, along with others, at a chartroom. I didn't look at the others, but was drawn to read yours - in particular about Ryan. I immediately sensed his presence strongly. I have assisted beings who are stuck between worlds before, but he felt different. So I asked my daughter what she sensed. She felt him very strongly too and asked what age he is. I didn't know (as the pic of him wasn't in the copy), but she figured he was around her age (18). She felt that he didn't necessarily have to not go back to his body, hoped that she would physically meet him. My daughter is currently doing a painful health issue, which is unusual for her as she usually could get the plague in the morning and be done by afternoon. I felt that maybe Ryan, who understands people like her, was trying to help her with it, or, she was trying to help him. Could you please let me know what is happening with him? Thanks! Janet

Thank you so much for sharing about your friend Ryan -- how very sad, and I most appreciate you putting out the call to support -- so important!!!!!!!!! -- and often we need reminding.     As I read your words about Ryan I have to say his being "in limbo" did seem to be serving a very specific purpose. By his not leaving his body yet I feel it was in part a selfless gift from his vast being to call attention to exactly what you wrote about -- the need to pay attention and support those for whom this world is so difficult. If he had passed right away, this would not have been accomplished with the same depth and attention. By asking others to focus on his release, we bring attention to Ryan, his particular circumstances, the anguish of others like him -- and the pieces of ourselves that are in resonance with this. As our soul is eternal, and time is eternal, welcome liberation will soon arrive.
With many prayers and blessings for you, Ryan's mother, and Ryan, Love, Alexia

Gentle Loving Spirit: take Ryan in your arms and hold him as your own. Fill his being with the purity of your love. Fill him with the gift to forgive any being that has harmed or hurt him. May he also be forgiven for harming or hurting any being. Touch his soul and transform any pain to love, wisdom, compassion and kindness. As his soul heals, let the lessons of his life unfold to those he left behind so we to may be filled with forgiveness, love, wisdom, compassion and kindness. So be it. It is so. ~ Hathor

Hello Aluna, as I read about Ryan I immediately thought about my son, Bennett, who overdosed in 1997. You could have been writing about him. These dear sensitive souls - this world is just too much for them - and yet being in a body is also claustrophobic they are magnificent beings. I wrote a book, Mothers Who Cry in the Night, all about it and I help many mothers who have lost children. (I worked with Georgia Shakti Hill on several TV projects too!!) These children on the other side are in a huge group helping us now in these end times. They have an uncanny way of getting me together with mothers from all over the world. If I can help Kim in any way I would be honored. Please check out my book at: or Books: Mothers Who Cry in the Night : The Ultimate Gift of Love Rev. Dr. Betsie

Hello from my heart beloved sacred sister Aluna Joy
I felt your pain today beloved as I read about Ryan ... and as you shared the story and words to the Beatles' song "Blackbird" , I had a sense of his release and was guided to share these song words with you by an Australian singer, John Farnham. the song is called 'Lifted up by Angels'. I feel the angels and the Star beings all around right now and the reassurance that if Ryan hasn't already departed his physical shell by now then it is imminent ...... here are the words

The touch of your hand, will let me know,
You take me in, and let me go.
If not for love, why would we meet.
How is it done, two into one
We're lifted up by angels
Higher than the world
Strong enough to leave it
Bound to leave the secrets
Angels never heard
We're lifted up by angels...
You understand, yet never say
How every plan would fade away
If not for love, where would you be
Ashes to dust, water to rust
Away from me
Close enough to heaven
Above the rain
Darkness cannot reach us
Let the angels teach us
Only love remains
We're lifted up by angels
Given wings to fly
Leave the night behind us
Trust the light to find us
Even as we rise

Dear Aluna Joy, much love and hugs to you and I send my love and healing prayers to Ryan, his MUM and all the people he touched in this world. Blessings Carolyn :-)

Blessings and prayers to you, Ryan, all that found him to cross their path in life. A friend of mine two days after Thanksgiving, went into cardiac arrest during an asthma attack. Two days before Christmas she released and went on from this life. I can understand your pain. Blessings, Linda

Greetings Aluna Joy - I am still absorbing the energy of your report on the passing of Ryan .... you wrote it so beautifully and I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my way too sensitive spirit
"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace." Jimi Hendrix 1942-1970
... THANK YOU! Sunbear

Aluna, That was the best issue ever. Thank you for your beautiful, sincere letter to us. I will take it to was indeed what my heart needed, support! Love and light, Peggy Iileen

Hi Aluna, I have passed your request on to the Healing Prayers Circle. All concerned will soon be receiving love, healing and lots of good stuff from around the globe. For more info on this circle, visit my website (I believe we have a mutual friend too - Mary Thunder). Sending you love and blessings and many thanks for all the great work you do. Elly

Im saddly surprised hearing about Ryan. Tell his mother that we in the mayan world are guiding him to move out from the middle point in between where he is now. We send him lots of love, light and compassion. If the spirit lets him return, we want to see him again . If not the gods will welcome there, he will be fine - enrike