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I am writing this in the middle of the Aegean Sea. I am at the very place that I remember the fall of the age of Atlantis. Just prior to this, I was in the sacred sites of Egypt home to the Hathors and the Goddess of Creation, and in Greece, and in the Ancient site of Delphi . . . one of the homes to the legendary Delphi Oracles. All of these places activated and clarified a puzzle that I have been working on for 20 years. This is one small piece of that puzzle that needed to come out now. More will follow. This is my memory, and theirs . . . but it is also yours.

Unmasking the Anti-Light

The seers and keepers of the light have come full circle. It has been a long journey to return right back to the place where it all was lost. We are now experiencing the memory, or what might feel as a shadow/echo frequency of the fall of Atlantis. We can see many of the old power and control dramas and chaotic energies resurfacing all around us as we rise above our past history to gain victory and passage into our glorious future. We are entering the most intensified purification process that Earth and Humanity has ever experienced, but we also know that heaven is closer than we think.

History . . . Just prior to the fall of the age of Atlantis, the clairvoyant and healing abilities of gifted Oracles were being misused by the Atlantean dark ones for ego based power, control of others, and outright warfare, instead of being used for their original purposes such as enlightenment, mastery and true freedom. These dark ones could be categorized as Atlantean dark lords, corrupt wizards, spiritual vampires, self serving alchemists, professional parasites and spiritual abusers. We simply see these ones as the younger brothers and sisters, because they still, even now, do not know who they really are, nor what they do.

In the times of Atlantis, many of these younger ones were living in the areas that are now known as Egypt, Greece and Crete . . . and in the entire Middle East. This was a critical, unsettled and frantic time for these dark younger ones, for their egos were being unmasked by brave Oracles, so all could see their true underhanded agendas. This is where the fable of the "emperor's new clothes" and the saying "Wolves in sheep's clothing" came from. For a brief moment in time, all of humanity knew these ones for who they really were. They had been de-mystified and were about to be overthrown. This was the last step in a long journey for humanity to arrive in this dimension fully awake.

Many of the Oracles had been called to unmask these dark ones out of respect for the creative force/light of the universe and the Goddess of Creation that we know as the Hathors. This was the force and deity that had given them the gift to see and heal. This force and deity has a great harmonizing energy that imparts great peace if used impeccably. Soon after this unmasking, the Oracles were forced to flee for their lives. The younger ones were outraged by the unmasking and began a counter attack. The Oracles and initiates of the Light fled to what is now known as Greece and the islands in the Aegean Sea, where, for a short time, they were honored again for their abilities.

The unmasking of these younger ones came too late to avert the collapse of the powerful age of Atlantis. The collapse could not have come at a more heart-breaking time. All of life was about to ascend and finally fully arrive in the diverse many, as the enlightened ONE. Due to the misuse of power, the Earth's energy field, around what we know as the Middle East, was cracked during this collapse. Many souls were cracked also. This was a huge set back for Earth and humanity. This is a pain we still carry in our bodies; a pain also felt by our younger brothers and sisters, and our Mother Earth. It is this pain that Mother Earth is also still working to clear out of her, by using volcanoes, storms, tidal waves, etc… During the collapse, many of the Oracles and initiates of the Light were rescued and relocated in Egypt's remaining Atlantean temples, and many went underground to continue their work. Many of the younger ones followed them there.

As time passed, and the last of the younger ones grew old and died, we hoped that the collective field of consciousness and the Earth would be clear of their convoluted influences and horrific misuses of power. Many of their bodies were sealed and buried on the west bank of the Nile as added insurance that they would no longer be able to hurt themselves and others.

We knew that the younger ones, as well as all lives passing on Earth, would have to journey through 9 gates of re-birth to be reborn. These 9 gates were powered by the creative force/light of the universe. These gates had a built-in, universal protection that would purify hearts as they passed through each gate before they were allowed to reincarnate. When we were re-born, all self-serving, ego-based agendas had to be cleared out so that we could be re-born in a clear place to begin again.

We were confident that the younger ones wouldn't return to this dimension for a very long time because they had dark, heavy hearts, and this journey would take them a long time. But the dark lords/younger ones had developed a form of alchemy . . . a sort of anti-light. This anti-light was related to the energy that had created the fall of Atlantis. It was distorted and altered from the pure creative light of the universe. This dark alchemy helped them bypass certain gates, so they could reincarnate to continue their ego based agendas with their heavy hearts un-cleansed. They bypassed the gates of re-birth even though they weren't worthy to pass through.

What is happening now . . . We have returned once again to this age that we call Aquarius. We have reincarnated back into this huge moment, in this cycle of ages, to set right the misuse of power and light, and to bring about true freedom and personal mastery. Just as we feel the power and the intensity of this time, so do these confused dark ones . . . our younger brothers and sisters. We are scrambling to make sure that the last code of Ascension is anchored in place so we can be here fully awake.

The unenlightened younger ones are scrambling quickly so as not to be unmasked once again. They would like to see us fail yet again in gaining our mastery and becoming fully awakened human beings manifesting all 13 codes into the physical realm (More coming soon on the 13 codes). They are setting up their smoke and mirrors so we might not see them. They are as cleaver as ever with their mind games and illusions. Sadly, they don't know who they really are and what they are doing to themselves, and, to their disadvantage, they forget who we are also.

These younger ones are emerging now in unexpected places and have surprising roles. They are trying to blend in so as not to be noticed. They are right next to you. Many are working in our governments, acting as our spiritual healers and teachers, and so on. But you see it is too late for their old ploys and mind games to work for them. We have already opened our eyes. We have learned hard lessons from the past. We have remembered the sweetness of a true peace and spiritual freedom. The legions of light have been re-gathered and nothing can hold back the light and truth anymore. We have reached a pivotal point in the mass consciousness of Light. We are now ready to re-claim paradise.

It is at this time that we must walk through just a few more steps in our history to return to paradise. There is a little bit more for us to do. We are coming out of an age where the darkness was supported in hopes that they would find the light within. Now it is time to return this energy and light, that we willingly gave them, back to its origin within us. It is time we abandon the idea of sharing our gifts with those who misuse and diminish this light. It is time to end the energy vampirism and the unquenchable addiction to our light and energy. We know that we only lent this light to the younger ones for them to use for a time. We hoped that they would also taste freedom's sweetness and awaken to their own true inner power and light. As you see, they didn't understand our gift to them.

We let these younger ones use our energy because we knew that they would eventually realize that they couldn't control the energy of creation that came from outside of themselves. Eventually their misguided efforts would fail over and over, and they will continue to do so. Nothing lasting comes from stolen energy. This energy of creation can only be shared and used as ONE . . . together, as a collective effort. Knowledge is not power . . . wisdom is. Getting energy from outside of oneself is like knowledge. Wisdom comes when you remember and truly experience who you really are. A child can have wisdom, yet some adults will never have felt its grace.

We came here with full knowing that we were going to be used in this way. We did this out of great service in order to raise the consciousness of the younger ones, the planet and humanity. But over time, we also became accustomed to the unenlightened behavior of the younger ones. We also forgot how powerful and untainted this energy of light and creation was in it purest form. We didn't understand the extent of our sacrifices until now. Like we said before . . . it has been a very long journey.

Now we must reclaim back the light and the power that is ours. We will not take it back in the same way that it was taken from us . . . OH NO! This is the way of the dark wizards. We will take it back by reclaiming and remembering who we are. We will starve the dark ones by not giving them any more of our energy. It is time to set the younger ones free from our energy fields; those that time and time again misuse the light we give them. We will rescue them no more. We will quit gifting our pearls to those who do not honor them. It is time for spiritual tough love. It is time that we move forward without trying to take them along with us. We hope they will follow our example. It will break our hearts if they don't.

In all life, a mother's hardest job is to set free their children so they can fly. We have cared, fed and unconditionally loved these ones for a long time. They have not learned with our help, nor respected our gifts, or found theirs in the process. In fact, we have crippled them with our unconditional love and acceptance. We didn't let them fall, so they could learn to fly. We carried them on our shoulders, and now they cannot walk on their own. It is time for them to discover their true inner power on their own and remember wisdom, peace, and the sweetness of enlightenment within themselves. We were supposed to be their example of this light; not their source of light. They forgot this, and so did we. It is time that we all remember.

If we continue to feed these spoiled ones, we become part of their heavy karma. By continuing to feed these ones, we help them continue the disempowerment of the servers of the light. We also slow down the collective planetary ascension process. What we involve ourselves in, with support physically, emotionally or even symbiotically, creates karma, good or bad, for us. Impeccability and integrity in this time of the shift is critically important. Where we put our light and power is what we will feed.

The Oracles of Delphi had unmasked the younger ones in the past, and now we will unmask them again. Once they are unmasked, they will have no outside energy to maintain themselves. They will be forced to look within, just as we have. This time we will be successful, and the Earth and humanity will indeed enter a great time of peace and personal and collective mastery. We will finally arrive in the many, as the enlightened ONE.

How can we recognize these younger ones . . . these Atlantean Power Lords that are around us when they do not want to be unmasked? How do we recognize them when they are very clever, lie and hide their tracks? We have become so accustomed to their heavy presence and their ways, that we forget how deeply insidious their wizardry affects each one of us, our tribes, our Earth and our Galaxy. We have learned to be unconditional supportive to any and all life even if it is not good for the collective well-being to do so. There is a great difference between judgment and discernment. We are asking you for divine discernment to help accelerate the ascension of the collective ONE.

If we don't know who the younger ones are, here are some of the masks that the younger ones use to continue to feed upon us and to steal our light. This is not a complete list, but it is enough for us to begin the great unmasking. These are some of their ploys. It is our turn now to do the un-masking. It is time that they discover their own inner light.

Harvesting Energy . . . First, the younger ones' main agenda is to harvest our energy. They do this because they have not found their own energy source within themselves. We let them use our energy, because we are compassionate and came here to serve those who have lost their truth. They have lost respect for what we give them, just like a spoiled child.

A blatant example of energy harvesting is prevalent in those still living in Egypt. Many Egyptian residents, and the areas around the Middle East, are still at a huge disadvantage as their collective agendas are still being influenced by distorted energy created at the fall of Atlantis. Many fall pray to this energy. One of the ways this shows up is that they will act very friendly and helpful, but their underlying nature is to get "Baksheesh" (money and tips). Everything is done with the idea of what they can get out of you, or the situation, and at every angle. It is shameless greed. It is harvesting human resources. It is false service. They seem to give the impression of service on the surface, but when you look deeper, they do not care for our well being; nor do the kind offers come from the heart. Even volcanoes in the Greek islands still ooze seductive dark energies that the Earth is still actively working to clear out. Many good souls have risen above this influence. This is an amazing feat that does not go unrewarded. They will be bridges of light for the others.

Closed Hearts . . . These lost younger ones know spiritual truths very well, but with their minds, not their heart. They say their words with a forced power; not from love. The words may sound right to us, but our hearts will know differently. They will speak of love, but we will not feel it coming from them. The younger ones' knowledge is void of heart and true light. We will feel this as emptiness, or that something is missing, or that something does not feel right. This is the easiest ploy to catch. If we don't feel heart, question that authority heartily. We remember that real wisdom is an experience felt . . . not a knowledge that is taught.

The Holy Teacher Ploy . . . The younger ones will make grandiose promises of spiritual growth, then twist spiritual truths and lace them with self-serving agendas. The younger ones work hard to maintain high ground on self built pedestals. This is very hard work for them as their power for this does not come from within. They have to steal it first. They try to create a following, even new religions, as it becomes easier to maintain high ground when there are more supporting them with their energy. They will be motivated by jealousy, competition and greed, but preach oneness, service and unconditional love. They will claim to have the answers and try to keep you in a continual student position. They will try to psychically cord us as they are teaching us, and some try to do this through all eternity! With all the mixed signals we feel, we might begin to doubt ourselves. We get caught up in this ploy because we are great cheerleaders and natural supporters, and what they teach does echo some truth to a point. We want to believe so badly that they are speaking from true power. We want to see everyone reach enlightenment. We know that we are all family.

The Avoiding Criticism Ploy . . . The younger ones will try quickly to put us in a position so we cannot question their teachings or actions. If we do question them, we will appear to others to be in the very place that you know the younger ones to be in. They won't give us any space to interact as they fear that we might unmask them. When things do not go as they plan, they will blame shift . . . "It is not us that is the problem, it is you." . . . or they will say that we are not ready for this level of knowledge. They may blame their sacred sites, their country, or the government for their mistakes. There is no accountability for misuse of energy with the younger ones. They will profess that the dark energy that we feel is the light. Innocent ones are especially vulnerable to this ploy because they have so much trust.

If we try to help the younger ones face their darkness, they will act surprised and stunned. They are masters at playing innocent and lace it with an underlying righteousness. Because of this reaction to our unmasking, we might doubt ourselves. We get pulled into this one because we forget that anyone could be dark and self-serving in the first place. Most of us trust that what is said by another is truth. We don't understand why anyone would lie as it hurts the collective ONE. Lying hurts everyone, including the one doing the lying.

The Spiritual Sacrifice Ploy . . . The younger ones will ask us to make sacrifices for a theoretical greater good. They will suggest that it is for a greater spiritual cause, even if it means jeopardizing our safety and well being, or worse . . . goes against our heart's truth. They have very little disregard for our emotional and physical well being. Be careful of this one, as they will try to boost our ego, so we will feel important by being a part of something . . . or it may make us feel guilty if we don't go along with this ploy. They don't ask for our consent, they command and take control, and leave no room for discussion. They will assume we will do anything for them and expect to use all our resources. We might even feel like their possession . . . treated like a slave. We will feel herded like goats. We will not feel respected. We do this for them because we have temporally forgotten who we are and our inner light. We will not make this mistake again. It is time for us all to wake up.

The Bait and Switch Ploy . . . The younger ones will shift and change from one ploy to another so quickly that it can unground the most focused initiate of the light. They try to keep us unaware of what is going on and try to place us in a fog. They can and do send many convoluted, mixed signals in efforts to keep us ungrounded and out of balance. They will create multiple distractions to confuse us. There will be a rushed and frantic energy, so we will not have time to think as they change direction. Once we are scattered and confused and in an unbalanced place, they can use us for any agenda they might have. They scatter us so they can farm us . . . harvest us. We are vulnerable to this ploy because we operate from the universal creative force that is constant when we are in alignment with it. Spirit is constant. This ploy is the universal creative force used in reverse.

The Healer Ploy . . . The younger ones will pretend to heal us, but instead they will rob our energy. Many times they will not ask permission to do their healing work. They will have no respect for universal or personal free will. They will impose their healings, teachings and knowledge on you if you want it or not. You will recognize this ploy when you become tired, confused or scattered after a healing or attending a class taught by them.

The Hiding the Agendas Ploy . . . The younger ones have a lot of secrets that they don't want you to know about. You will find that you don't know much about these people personally even though you have spent a great deal of time with them. They keep you in the dark about who they really are. You feel the hidden agendas but have no proof; but you feel them just the same. People do not hide what is appropriate and true. They only hide the mis-uses of light and power.

The Human Shield Ploy . . . This is the age old ploy where the younger ones will position you or another as the pawn in their scheme, and set you up to take the fall for them. They will get you to do their dirty work for them. We might find ourselves working for them for little or no compensation. They will hide behind our innocence, our titles, our banking systems, our legal systems, our identities and most of all our integrity and light. This ploy is interlaced with the next ploy. They will send out spies if they think we are about to unmask them to see what we are up to. The spies may be unaware of being used this way.

The Camouflage Ploy . . . These ones are experts at leaving no physical evidence for us to prove what our heart is telling us is true. Because we can't prove what they are doing, when confronted, they will say that we are fearful, suspicious, jealous, resentful, and have a lack of trust. We may be the only one that knows the truth about them, and this is a hard place to be in. This ploy teaches us to always listen to our heart, and to not get into these situations in the first place.

Remember . . . authentic trust is earned . . . not commanded! We should never get rushed into any situation until we know the ones we are dealing with. Being impeccable with our energy means supporting those that have proven themselves, and also exhibit integrity, honesty and most of all accountability for their actions. It also means to be impeccable with ourselves. Integrity is not about being perfect spiritual beings. It is about true motivation and commitment to doing the best one can for personal and planetary awakening.

The Spiritual Hypnosis Ploy . . . The younger ones are masters at fascinating costumes, melodic speaking, mesmerizing movements, decrees, affirmations, incantations and spells. They speak in grandiose terms. They try to captivate and spellbind us so they can steal our energy while our consciousness is sleeping. We can get caught up in this because they can falsely echo and imitate the energy of the ONE. But we are left with a hazy, sleepy, tired feeling that is unnatural to the energy of the awakened collective.

The Victim Ploy . . . If other tactics quit working, the younger ones might become desperate and slip into "victim mode" or the "I am innocent" game. This is hard to see as we immediately go into compassion for them, as again we all want to serve. They gain our sympathy and trust because they know about our compassion and innocence. This ploy gets us into agreement to help them. This sets us up to have our energy harvested. If we continue to help them, they will farm us until there is nothing left, and then dump us for the next energy source.

The Spider Web Ploy . . . Old Atlantean Power Lords are masters of working with the collective web that all life is a part of. They understand that all things are connected, and they use this knowledge to their advantage to harvest and drain us and all our relations. Once we let them into our field and allow them to connect with us, they can drain us.

Because the collective is all ONE, the younger ones have also learned to steal our light by going through unconscious, unaware others. We will feel this as a strange dark energy or personality shift in a person. This could take days or months to manifest. Remember, they are tricky and will do this slowly so you don't notice the shift. This is remote energy stealing. This is a type of psychic cording. It can be a messy, dark spider web of draining energy.

Other ploys . . . They like fighting on their own turf as this gives them a geographical advantage. They like to divide & conquer and use the element of surprise to keep us unbalanced. They like to give nice compliments to soften us up, and then they come at us with underhanded energy stealing and unexpected jabs. They will paint the illusion that they are working for the betterment of the awakening of humanity, but our hearts will tell us that their focus is only narcissistic in nature, and their only concern is fame and fortune. We may not be able to prove these facts, but we will know they are true.

We don't need to know these ploys because if we listen, our hearts will tell us when we are in their influence. These ploys are completely foreign and unnatural to most light workers and true healers. The collective, in its awakened state, knows no feeling of going to battle, darkness or manipulation. So when we come into contact with these ones, we are blind-sided for a time. So we must learn to listen now. All in all, these younger ones can be our best teachers, as they open our eyes to how we are not respecting our energy.

Now we know what to do. It is time to set the younger ones free from our energy fields . . . those that time and time again misuse the light that we lend to them. We will rescue them no more. This is spiritual tough love. If they do not face their inner darkness and demons like we all have done, they will never know the sweet taste of self awareness and true freedom. The fact that they do not know their true inner power and light hurts us all, and the entire planet. This unconsciousness keeps us all from paradise . . . our promised land.

What we are asking is not an easy journey for us to do. Remember, impeccability in this time of the shift is critically important. It is time to accelerate support in areas where the light shared will be multiplied. We will only lend our energy to fertile soil. Where we put our light and power is what we will feed. Feed the hungry wisely.

With love for all life and the awakening of the diverse ONE.
The Delphi Oracles, and the Hathors, the Mothers of Humanity at Dendara,
and by and through Aluna Joy

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in . . . A Star Messenger - Earth Oracle - Soul Reader - Sacred Site Junkie was literally born awake and in the company of her guides, the Star Elders. Today she has evolved into an author, spiritual life coach, sacred site guide, alternative historian, ordained minister and modern mystic. In the Inca world, Aluna is considered a Qawaq (cow-wak), a clairvoyant or seer of living energy. Aluna acts as a spiritual archaeologist using her clairvoyant / clairsentient gifts to excavate current messages from the masters of ancient, enlightened cultures to uncover what affect this has on humanity and the collective consciousness. She is well known for her down to earth, accepting attitude that makes each one feel like they have come home. She inspires and encourages others to recognize and accept their own authentic divinity and connection to the Creator. "Our groups are family, and each one is a teacher and also a student. We work together as a team to unravel the sacred mysteries of life." Aluna coined the term "sacred site junkie" because she is one herself. After her first trip to Tulum, Mexico, her life changed dramatically, and she was sent on an entirely different path in life. Since this time, her work has been influenced by uncountable shamanic experiences in sacred sites of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Peru, Bolivia, Egypt, Greece, England, Australia and New Zealand. Aluna has been leading groups in the Maya world since 1986, the Inca world since 1996, and the Egyptian world since 2008, and the mystical world of Avalon (England and Scotland) since 2007. Aluna offers Star Elder Sessions, formulates Sacred Site Essences and a free newsletter. She is the author of "Mayan Astrology" and her articles have been published worldwide. Website: Facebook: YouTube:

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Some of the RESPONCES
to this Article

Your article on the "younger ones" really spoke to my heart. I always thought & seen these very actions of people. I know someone that are like that - I just knew this in my heart but couldn't prove it. As I was reading, my heart was going Yes, Yes, Yes. So, it is much appreciated and certainly validates what I felt in my heart about the younger ones. Thank you......Sharon Stallman

Hi, Sweet Lady.
Boy, are you right on. I am getting messages from all over about just what you are talking about. Many, many light workers seem to be hibernating from people, and society as a whole. I just wanted to say HI and that I really appreciate you for carrying so much support for so many with your lovely work. Take good care of you. Blessings, and gratitude, Rev Jean Holmes ~

How does a part of the world leave the world?
How does wetness leave water?
Don't try to put out fire by throwing on more fire!
Don't wash a wound with blood.
No matter how fast you run, your shadow keeps up.
Sometimes it's in front!
Only full overhead sun diminishes your shadow.
But that shadow has been serving you.
What hurts you, blesses you.
Darkness is your candle.
Your boundaries are your quest.
I could explain this,
but it will break the glass cover on your heart,
and there's no fixing that.
You must have shadow and light source both.
Listen, and lay your head under the tree of awe.
When from that tree feathers and wings sprout on you,
be quieter than a dove.
Don't even open your mouth for even a coo.

Only dead fish go with the flow.

All it takes is ONE... to stand up for what is right in their heart, to break the spell these younger ones have on us and their groups! Thanks for asking us to stand up.

Hi Aluna,
I wanted to thank you profusely for writing 'Unmasking the Anti-Light' - I'm still astounded! I knew I had been working with an atlantean pattern intensely for the past 5 years - mostly paralyzed about doing anything about it. when I read what you had written, i was astounded at the clarity & truth in what you shared & finally some pieces I can work with ` Gold!.... .... For me, this is the most profound piece you have ever written and I've been reading your many good articles for years & years. I am so very grateful for you sharing something that was hard for you to write...I totally understand...I can think of many other things I'd rather write about than an anti-light. Thank you sister... your sharing has affected me profoundly as is the way of the Light! ~ deep peace ~ Sky

As I started to read Aluna's article on Un-masking the Anti-Light, I suddenly found myself with tears pouring and feeling much emotion. It came from nowhere, there was no logical reason for it other than when she spoke of the oracles it re-awakened a very deep memory for me. It touched me so deep I had a real sense of being one of them, and I have always had a Hathor connection. I thought the article was brilliant. It was so full of unconditional love. There was no judgment or ego on Aluna's part, and because of that it came across as a very profound article. Your chanelings from my view point as a reader seem over the past year to have reached a different level. A lot of channels seem to write about the same thing, and you can read pages and they seem to have said nothing by the end. Aluna's feel new, fresh and groundbreaking. Full of information that needs to be here now. I can see why you were guided to put it out now, and she claims no credit for it for herself. I cant wait for the one on the thirteenth code. MAY YOUR DAY BE FILLED WITH MIRACLES ~ SHEILA

Dear Aluna,
Thank you so much for epublishing your newsletter. The latest edition really rocked my world. For the longest time I have had a sense of massive misdeeds/miscreations due to Atlantis. I could not put it as accurately and concisely as you did, but when I read your words everything in me came to attention in whole hearted agreement. Bless you for your courage in putting it out there. Many have been helped/awakened. Love & Light ~ Nancy

Ola Sister from the Heart ...
Just to congratulate you on your insigthful and so,so, so, true newsletter , on the button dear indeed ....You left no stone unturned and covered all possibilities to create awareness of the Anti light ....through the Universal Consciousness of the ONE ! The One needs to look after that Light and free the small ones now! I sensed the relief and the release of everything that we all needed to go through in facing this anti-light head on in order to pave our way forward to the ONE NESS ...This time we are going to make it sister ...I am sure you are already feeling a lit bit better after putting that all out in the Universal Consciousness. In Love and Light, thinking of you in my heart, and so glad you found the puzzles to piece together. ~ Liz (one member of our nile cruise group)

When I read the article on the younger ones and the Atlantis history, I became compelled to answer. The shifts in my life over the past four yrs have been nothing short of a miracle. I recognize the "theft" strategies well. I suddenly started to paint - what I have been calling Atlantis. You have written about many of my paintings that I know are channelled works, as I have no knowledge of art and the art community has accepted as master works. So I call them works of my Creator. Thank you for your newsletter and the signs of the "younger ones". I now know who to cut the cord with. By the way, energy drain is an understatement. I have been fighting for my life to hang on to my light and now I understand why. Thank you. ~ Mary Jane

Allo,(I am French, so sorry for the way I write). I just finish to read the article: Unmasking the Anti-light. BRAVO you just described XXXXXX. (we omitted the name to keep from entering gossip) My brother in law have been w/ her for 10 years and he lost every things even his life. It feel so good to know that I was not the only one to think that not all "new age" are good. Thank you, thank you, Jocelyn

Thank you Aluna!!!!
Once again right on time and on point.... You are a true blessing to humanity and to me.... In light and love, ~ Sean

Dear Aluna, As a soul sister, I Just wanted to quickly share with you that I very much enjoyed reading your message on Egypt. I was there for the first time this April. & it is ironic but I felt similar energies to what you described. i.e. the parasitical aspect of the land there did not gel with me VERY well. There was also I feel a deep cry from the goddess and the sacred waters in (Egypt) to be healed, as it is so polluted..... On the contrary when I visited Palenque Many MOONS ago, I felt my heart open and I was humbled to see how much more respect the Mayans hold for their heritage. It is also very true what you mention about our lives being activated so much since the equinox.......Much love ~ Tina

Dear Aluna Joy
I applaud your latest newsletter about the anti-light and the many different 'light' suckers. For a long time I have felt this way and have doubted myself greatly for it. But after reading your article, it was on target with what I have experienced and uncovered in the past 25 years. I have had to practice the spiritual tough love for the past 3 years and with reading this article, it just makes me realize that I have not been the only one getting this type of information. Keep on, the truth is sometimes hard to swallow and what is strange is that so many so called light workers would call this negative, but it is the truth. Negative is judging the contents of your article. I look forward to the next 2 installments. Blessings ~ Trish

Hello, Aluna.
Thank you so much for sharing the very enlightening, awakening information of the Hathor and Delphi Oracle Issue. As I am reading it, I could feel the spiritual authenticity of your words guided by the great spirits of the lands you mentioned. I was tuned in what you mentioned as Atlantean Power Lords, who are the younger ones that are around us who uses masks to feed upon us or mislead us and steal our light. I truly felt I have been around this type of an individual who claims as a spiritual healer and an indigo child and who fits perfectly the description of the masks you mentioned in your article. He claims he supports the indigo children on this earth. Aluna, I trust your spiritual insight on this. Are the indigo children this individual is referring to; has the same intention as the younger ones you mentioned in your article? I don't want to be misguided in supporting the mission of someone who does not speak the truth. I will appreciate your enlightenment on this. More blessings and abundance to you! ~ Jennifer

Aluna responds to this one...

Hi Jennifer,
Your heart already knows this answer : ) doesn't it? Your just hoping ... like myself .... and would rather believe someone is working for the light. but what you have to do next is hard... you have to begin to listen and act on your hearts knowing. Great Blessings ~ Aluna Joy

Thank you, thank you, thank you! This newsletter is so true and is very similar to what I've been writing about lately. I have been reclaiming my energy -my soul, as well. Your information may be the only outside wisdom I really pay attention to anymore because of the corruption and manipulative new age webbing going on out there. Renegade "mystery school" shysters, new age Yahoo groups (and others like it), have also been known to corrupt, drain, and distort the energy and light from people who are trying to find answers and make sense of it all. In deep gratitude and love always ~ Kate

The article was not easy to read especially when it resonates such truth. Speaking for myself and many Light workers and Healers I know we most often find it disheartening when we find one of these youths in our midst. Many of us have tried to befriend them and show them the way but it often leads to more heartache when again we find we have been used. Are there solutions you have found to aid this situation in addition to tough love? The tough love is dramatic and well, tough on the one initiating it as well. Thank you for stepping out and speaking up on this topic. It is one that has bothered me for some time and other than distancing, I have been at a loss. Your lack of judgment other than less maturity is refreshing. Looking for the next installment.
In Love and Light, ~ Liza

Hi Aluna
A few words at the beginning of your recent newsletter grabbed my attention - "The energy has tweaked out our lower charkas" and reminded me of some words from Esoteric Healing by Alice Bailey in the following 3 quotes: Pt 1 Chapter 1
"The solar plexus is the centre in the etheric vehicle through which humanity (average, unenlightened humanity) [Page 172] lives and moves and has its being. …. Through it the "bright light generated in Atlantis" is poured, and the astral light is contacted."
"The sacral centre ….. was brought into full functioning activity in old Lemuria, the first human race; "
"1. The energies of the solar plexus centre itself have to be directed to the heart centre.
2. The energies of the sacral centre have to be transmitted to the throat centre.
[Page 173]
3. The energies of the centre at the base of the spine have to be transferred to the head centre.
After the third initiation, these basic energies are raised, controlled or distributed by an act of the will of the Spiritual Triad. Then "the light generated in Lemuria" (the sacral light) and "the light generated in Atlantis" (solar plexus light) will die out, and those two centres will simply be recipients of spiritual energies from on high; they will possess no direct, inherent light of their own; the light which they will transmit will come to them from collective sources on etheric planes.
You obviously had some very profound experiences in both Egypt and Greece!!
Many blessings ~ Annie

Hi Aluna,
I want to thank you so much for your Egypt Newsletter, it is absolutely amazing and so insightful, thank you for recording it in such a wonderful way. I recognize so many of the things you talk about in past spiritual teachers, groups and individuals, things I got caught up in the middle of and was made to feel they were my issues. There has been so much control and manipulation of students by spiritual teachers, particularly male ones, and oh boy have I seen the stroking of peoples egos to extract money, etc. So thank you for voicing it and bringing it out into the open for others to maybe see situations and past experiences they were blind to. There is so much food for thought. I look forward to hearing more about your time in Egypt and the revelations and insights you received, I wish I could have continued the journey with you. However, I'm glad you changed over into 'our gang' so we at least had some time to be with you and hear from the Star Elders. I'm so happy I now have Peru to look forward to and know we will have an amazing time. BIG HUGS! Lots of love, Pauline

Dear Aluna,
I am writing to you because the elements in the quotes below, taken from your Egypt Newsletter caught my attention. There is a certain synchronicity. The focus of the life in question is as follows: I am a high-ranking priest-scientist in charge of the Great Pyramid, part of the Atlantean Civilization-Empire. The interior of the pyramid is lined with variously organized ranks of glowing crystals (some huge some very small, many-colored). The pyramid is part of a global power-grid of some significance. But, I have been ordered (by a Cabal in control of the Atlantean spiritual and administrative system - the Dark Ones?) to shift the focus of the power generation and reflection and direct it towards an attempt to penetrate another dimension the center of which is in outer-space somewhere around the vicinity of the moon. Reluctantly I do so for I realize the act to be exceedingly dangerous although it is held (by some) that a new inter-dimensional power source will thereby be tapped. At first things appear to go well but suddenly a blast of unbelievably black and malign power with a huge cross-section starts to stream into the cap of the pyramid. Instantly I recognize that it will be transmitted all around the Earth through the power-grid and thereby "take control". To prevent this I order that the circuit be catastrophically broken by smashing the main focal-crystal & I also realize that the resulting feed-back will transmit a savage surge of "normal power" into the global grid - one that might itself destroy our whole civilization but which might also leave small remnants intact. This is a "better" choice than to allow the Dark Force - the Antilight - to take over everything. The "feed-back", initiated from Egypt, from the pyramid, destroys the civilization of Atlantis almost entirely. It almost wrecks the planet. I am killed inside the pyramid by the power-surge but I have the weight of so many deaths upon my shoulders that I cannot forgive myself. I go through at least 3 incarnations in military lives before I again "pick-up" science in my current body-form. Anyway it seems to strike a note with your own writings.
Regards ~ Robin

Aluna responds to this one...

Hi Robin,
I am gathering you are not a dark one in this life, and were manipulated in the past one. So forgive yourself and lets get to work on repairing this world. Your punishing yourself adds nothing to the healing light of this planet... So get over it : ) I say this with LOVE : ) I bet you will never get talked into going against your heart again! I will post your story on the web site as I might help others to read it : ) Blessings ~ Aluna Joy

Good Morning Aluna,
I met you at the first Universal Lightworkers Conference here in Brisbane. In 2002 I saw a black pyramid they told me it was coming in over the ENTIRE planet, we certainly got confirmation that it was happening. I next saw it 6 months later and then saw the 'Let me BE FREE' symbol superimpose over it etc. In 2003 I went to the US and anchored it in the apex over NC and then activated it in Colorado Springs. Like you, I was exposed to the very darkest of human behavior which was not very comfortable. I was then allowed to return to Australia (interestingly how we always travel to another country to do this stuff). I asked what was this pyramid about, I was told "it was to jam the frequency of spiritual ritual abuse and abuse of power. It would bring to the surface this energy, and those who acted it out would be exposed". And I have certainly seen that happening since. Like you I had these visions 20 years ago.. and the pieces are slowly coming together. In gratitude and serenity ~ Jan-Marie


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