Great as the Mountains… Vast as the Oceans
Message #3 from the Andean Masters ~ Sacred Valley PERU
By Aluna Joy Yaxkin ~ recieved Sept 18th 2009

I apologize for the length of this transmission. I considered chopping it down a bit because of its length, but as I considered doing so, I also realized that some of the essential energy would be lost. I know it is a bit of a commitment to read something this long, but I am guessing that if it was meant for you to hear, you will find the patience to get through it. I realize now that I waited until solstice to release this message from the Andean Masters. Even as I write this, I can feel their energy and their message coming alive to those that will read this in this powerful solstice energy.

The following is the message that we received in the sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru during our most recent trip in September of 2009. Sometimes these messages are a continuation of previous messages. This is the third message from our 2009 pilgrimage to Peru. You can find message one and two on our website at under the link titled "articles". We are sharing this message here with you just as we received it with very little editing. We do this for a very important reason. We know the messages that we receive are not just for our groups, but are for humanity. So as you read this, just imagine that you were there with us . . . the Masters assure me that the message and the corresponding energy will be transmitted to you.

We would like to invite the Ascended Masters of the (Apu's) sacred mountains around us and the guardians of this land to be with us here today. We ask these guardians to put our group (and also you reading this) in a bubble of light. In this bubble of light, we are going to ask that all foreign energy, that does not belong to the ones in this bubble, be removed, and all energy that the beings in this circle gave away, we are asking that this be returned to them now, so that the only energy in this bubble belongs to this group, (and those reading this) 100%, no more, no less. We are acknowledging the presence of Lord Meru, Jeshua, Archangel Michael, and the Star Elders.

Ok let see what is going on . . . So I will just start with the first thing that I am seeing, and that is a huge amount of energy pouring into this group (and those reading this). It is spiraling around like a hurricane, and going down to the center, and there is a spot in the center. This energy is flowing into all of us now.

OK . . . this is something that the Star Elders started telling me last night, and I told them to wait until this morning or I might forget it. They are going to want to share some very powerful things with all of you today, and it has to do with who you really are. They don't want you walking out of here with an inflated ego, because some of things that they are going to say are going to be very big and very grandiose. To the Star Elders and the Masters that are with us now… this state of being is normal and natural. This is what we are supposed to be all the time. So what they are going to share with you is not to inflate your ego, or to make you feel better about yourself. What they want to share with you is simple facts about who you really are. They want you to realize who you truly are. OK?

So what is going on now is that Jeshua, Archangel Michael and Lord Meru are going around the circle and re-aligning some energy in each one of you. (and those reading this) It looks like pretty small shifts actually, but that is what they are doing. They are synchronizing you with each other . . . with the land that you are on . . . with the mountains . . . with the intent of this trip (and your life) that each one of you hold in your heart, and now it is getting quite big. They are synchronizing you with the planet, the solar system, the galaxy and so forth and so on (they are offering this to those reading this also).

One of the things that they started at Tipon (You can read Tipon message #2 here), which they are going to amplify a little bit right now, is what they call stretching the vessel. Why they want to do this is because everyone in this circle has a limited image of themselves of how big they are and who they are. They want to take you to the next level. They want you to imagine how you would feel if you were as big as the mountains around us. How would it feel if you were that tall . . . that big . . . in your physical body? If you have a hard time imagining this, you might want to look outside and look at the mountains outside the window here and give yourself an image of how big that actually is . . . especially some of the sacred Apus that are popping out of the mountains right now out of the clouds here. They want you to imagine that you are as big as the mountains, so you can understand how you are in relationship to the Earth.

What the Masters want you to realize is that size doesn't matter. So what you see in the mirror is not you . . . it is not who you are. They are wanting to help you re-identify yourself with who you truly are, instead of what you see in the mirror. They are literally tricking your mind to believing that you are bigger, so you can get your mind wraped around this concept. They are telling the memory of who you think you are, and tricking it into believing that you are bigger. But it is not that you are big physically. This is your energy . . . your Spirit . . . that is so huge. They want to help you shift your perception of how you relate to the universe and to the Earth. What they are saying is that the beings in this group (and those reading this article) are not small at all. And ALL the issues that we have in life are those that have been keeping us small, because we believe we are small; all the self-doubts, the self-criticisms, the anxiousness of trying to get something, somewhere, etc . . . . The funny thing is that you already have what you are looking for. What they want to do today, in this heart initiation, is to help you realize that what you are looking for is not out there. It is already in there (Aluna points to the heart). Does this make sense?

One of the reasons why Peru is so powerful for us, and helps us to awaken, is because everything here is so big. The mountains are so tall . . . the energy is so vast, so powerful, so beautiful and so heart-centered that it stretches us . . . it stretches our vessel, so that we become bigger than we are. We become bigger, because we want to take in all that is around us. So now imagine that you are as big as that mountain. You are a part of that mountain, and the mountain is part of you. The mountain is inside of you, and you are so big that you can contain that whole mountain. Once you have got that in your mind, they want you to shrink that mountain down so it fits inside your heart. So that huge, vast, amazingly awesome, powerful spirit in that mountain is now condensed and fits inside your heart. As you do that, this destroys your perception of size, and you now can become as big as the planet, the solar system and the universe. All this, right now, is in your heart.

There is a guardian that we connected with at the City of Eagles (You can read Message #1 here) that we traveled to the first day that we arrived here. This being had evolved past identification with physical size. He/she, it was an androgynous being, and was ONE with everything, yet still retained a self identity. In that place of being one with everything, he/she was as big as anything and everything in the universe. Physical size makes no difference when we are working with Spirit. Spirit does not have the limitation of space. Size makes no difference when we are working with the heart.

Lord Meru who rarely says anything is now walking around the group, and he is handing each of you something. Archangel Michael says it is a record. It looks like a record . . . not a CD . . . a record. Like a disc. It is a record of the history of the Earth, but it is also a record of your interaction with Earth over eons. Each one of the records is different, because each one of you has had different experiences in your life. They want you to accept these records/discs if it feels right for you. You can store these records inside the mountain inside your heart.

Some other guides have just shown up. I haven't seen these guys in quite awhile. They live inside the crystal city inside Lake Titicaca. I call them the Lemurian healers, because I have no other name for them, because they don't speak. But what they do is they stretch the heart center out. And they are standing behind you, and they have arms that look winged-like. They don't look quite human. They are nothing but pure love, and this love goes beyond our definition of it. There is really no way to describe the way they feel because it is a love that has not been tarnished, or jaded, or hurt, or wounded, or has had to live in a 3D world where you have had to choose where you put your love and discern what places you can't. You get what I am saying? It is a love that has no limits.

They are standing behind you, and they are going to help you stretch out your heart center, so that the mountain and the record in your heart stretches out so it can fill your entire being. Now this of course is not your physical heart. It is your energetic heart center and remember . . . spirit is not limited by physical size. And as this happens, the energy will rush down your arms, out the top of your head, and it will go to the center of the Great Central Sun. The energy will also rush down your legs, and down the bottom of your feet until it reaches the center of the Earth. OK . . . That worked quickly. I have to say that all of you are quite ready for this. The Star Elders are saying that this went really quick, so it is telling them that all of you are just a breath away from busting free from your limitations and perceptions as to what it is to being a true evolved human being. So they are making sure that you are all anchored beautifully to the Great Central Sun and all the way down to the heart of the Earth. There is sort of a spiraling energy working through your body, and I can see some hurricane energy where all the energy of the mountains is pouring into us. It is beautiful.

Ok . . . I am looking again . . . It looks like now that two things need to happen . . . you need to keep moving, but yet you got to be still at the same time. And this is kind of interesting, because it goes back to the saying of "Spirit helps those that help themselves." "God helps those that help themselves." So you can't sit still, and expect things to manifest for you. You have to keep living. You can't sit still and wait for Spirit to bring things to your table . . . to your lap. You have to keep living each day. You have to keep making the steps and live your life. But at the same time, staying in the present moment and not pushing past where you are and not to rush ahead.

Right now, in the universe and particularly on the Earth, time is doing some pretty wobbly things. Days are feeling long and short. We are feeling rushed and stalled. What the Masters are wanting to do is to help you find that center point where everything stays calm, but yet you are still moving. In other words, we get up, we eat, we go take a walk, we go up on the mountain top, we share with each other, we keep living. But what the Masters want to do is to help you anchor your life to a center point that is never ahead of itself, or in the past worrying about your history, or fearing your future. It is center of the center of your heart. It is the little light or flame inside your heart. It is the internal, cosmic clock that works with Spirit; not with the material world.

We have a material world clock. It is called the Sun. It comes up. It goes down. It comes up again. It goes down again. It delineates our day. This is the material world clock. What the Masters want to do is to activate the clock inside your heart that stays present in Spirit. Does that make sense? We still need the outer clock. We still have a physical body, so we will still need the outer clock. But the internal clock is the one that keeps us straight and centered on our path. It keeps us present with Spirit; not ahead of it; not lagging behind it, but walking with it. This is also the doorway in which we make the shift of the ages. Does that make sense?

Both clocks are needed, because this is the first time, on this planet, that we will have the Earth ascend to another level while maintaining our physical bodies. In past times, we have always dropped our bodies and let the Earth ascend, and then we reincarnate back to the Earth, and see how it is doing. We have never done this with the physical body. We are starting to realize what a hard job that this has become. We are discovering how difficult that actually is. Our bodies are screaming and reeling with the energy, and Archangel Michael says "It is rockin' and rollin'." He has a good sense of humor.

Remember in the beginning there was that hurricane energy? This energy is coming down into that clock, the timing clock that is inside your heart. It is like everything that is inside this spiral of light, it is going down into your heart. It is like you are ONE with everything in the present moment . . . and yet your outer body . . . your outer clock . . . is able to use it. So it is almost like you are to be using two calendars at the same time: Your material world calendar and your internal spiritual clock. This could be the Maya Haab abd Tzolk'in calendars. The Masters are working out some examples as to how these two clocks work together . . . something that would show an example of how you would use the internal spiritual clock and the external world clock all at the same time.

OK . . . One simple way you would notice it is if the world clock says it is noon, so that is time to have lunch. But what if you don't feel hungry? You might want to eat lunch an hour later, or you might want to eat it a ten o'clock in the morning. You know what I am saying? What clock are your going to listen to?

Another example . . . You need to go out to do some shopping one day. The trick is in finding the right moment to go. It is not about "Oh, I have available time at this moment . . . So I have to go." But if you have that feeling like "Ahhh, I don't feel like going quite yet", you don't go. You wait until both clocks feel like they are working together. This will get easier with time. They are showing me the clocks are like little gears in a watch, and there are certain points where they connect up and synchronize. You could call them multi-dimensional time intersections, because you are looking for the place where spirit and the material world are in harmony, They click!

So one of the issues that pops up with this when you start working in this way is that you might find yourself being a little impatient. The Masters are saying a lot of you already know how wait for multi-dimensional time intersections. But if you lose your patience, and you push the gears, it knocks all the clocks out of synchronicity. Does that make sense? You don't want to skip one of those cogs in the clock. Much of why the world feels out of sync at this point in time is because cogs in time have been skipped over, rushed, or even backed up over. This is why the world can feel so fragmented.

So a little bit earlier they said they were synchronizing you. I am starting to understand what this synchronizing is all about. It is about synchronizing the clocks inside of you . . . with the bigger cosmic/spiritual clock that is the collective of humanity. They are synchronizing you with each other, with the mountains, with the planet, and with the solar system. This is something the Star Elders know how to do automatically. They know how to stay in sync with everything even though everything out there has different cycles of time. They are synchronizing you with all of those different cycles. You have two clocks within yourself: the outer material world clock, and the inner spiritual world clock. They are working to synchronize you with everything out in the world. They are going to connect certain points that fulfill your heart's intent, and this will accelerate synchronistic events in your life. So your heart's intent is what your destiny is here on Earth. It is what you came here to do.

The odd thing is that once you are synchronized in this way, it is going to look like and feel like a vast separation when you go back out into the world, because your cogs are going to connect in places that they didn't before. This will open up many doors of opportunity for you. When those cogs connect, it activates your heart's destiny of what your purpose is here on the planet, It also separates you from all the other intents in the world that are not aligned with your destiny. So it is going to look like you are feeling more and more separate from the world, but you are not. It is more like a fine edged sword . . . the more you follow your internal clock that activates your heart's destiny, the less you are going to feel involved with the outer world that is out of synch with that. Does that make sense? So that is why they call it a heart initiation, because they are lining up your clocks with you heart's intent. In some ways, it is kind of like a spiritual, super highway. You have a road map, and there are big roads and little roads, and you can go in different ways, and it takes you to different places. Your heart's calendar, or the clocks inside of you, and your heart's intent are going to take you to places that you are intended to go.

Okay, this is getting pretty deep . . . So stick with me okay? This will be a bit of a stretch for us. We are entering a new world a new age. Because of this, they are showing me now that everything in this current world is becoming an illusion. This path we are on the path driven with our Spirits. So even though our outer clocks say this is the physical world and these are physical paths that we are taking, these are all physical beings that we are getting connected with, from the perspective they are showing me here, once you follow the clock that activates your heart's intent, the current physical world isn't real any more. It becomes an illusion. It almost disappears. This is the way that we will, as a collective humanity, while still connected to the Earth, and connected to the solar system, will make the Shift of the Ages. We put our energy toward what we want to create . . . a new harmonious world. We will take our energy away from the things that we don't want to create any more. We know that if we feed the demons inside of ourselves, they just get bigger and we create more of them as we go along. If we look for the problems, we just find more problems, and more problems, and more problems, which we could process for the rest of our lives. We will never find the end of these issue if we keep looking for them. What the Masters are asking us to do, and what you already know how to do, is to recognize the places that you don't want to create anymore. Change your course of action, and place your energy toward what you want to feed in the world. It is like when Mother Theresa said she won't go to a war rally; but if you put a peace rally on, she said she'd be there. In other words, instead of fighting with what is going on inside of you, start putting your energy toward the love, the peace, and what you want to see in the world. It is like Ghandi said "Be the change that you want to see in the world." If you did nothing but this, it would put you in synch with your heart's destiny with your two clocks; your outer clock and your inner clock.

So all that mechanics that they just shared with you, you really don't need to know. You just need to BE what you want to see in the world. Here are some of the ways you can start doing that. Now each one of us, we all know what our issues are . . . the things that we feel are blocking us from moving ahead . . . the things that are blocking us from Spirit. Every issue that we have in our life is there because our clocks are out of sync with each other, or literally running backwards. Recognize an unresolved issue inside of you, and start creating ways you can start working your inner and outer clock in the opposite direction. It is what the Mayas call Zuvuya. You want to incorporate Zuvuya in our lives because what we have been doing was trying, trying, trying to fix the things that are blocking us, yet we haven't had satisfactory results. It is getting very frustrating, because we keep trying to do the same thing to fix the same issue. This hasn't worked well for you, right? So what the Masters are asking you to do is to go the other way. For instance, people tell me "I want to be able to hear Spirit." And they keep telling themselves everyday, "I can't hear Spirit. I can't hear Spirit. I can't hear Spirit, and I want to. I want to. I want to." And what that does, it just pushes that away. You are telling the universe that you can't hear spirit. So, what you do, the opposite way, would be to pretend. If you are not where you want to be, you need to act as if you are already there . . . pretend.

Remember when you were children, you would pretend all kinds of wild, crazy things, and you would have whole magical worlds appear to you, because you were pretending. The universe pays attention to what you put your attention on. So if you start pretending that you hear Spirit, or you pretend that you hear your guides, even though somewhere inside your mind, you think you are cheating yourself or you are tricking yourself, you are telling the universe that you are hearing Spirit. The universe has to give you what you are pretending to have, because you are acting out physically as if it is already happening. Do you get what I am saying? So all the things inside of you that you don't think you are getting, you have to start acting as if you already have it. Then the universe is bound by natural law, to open the doors and give that to you. This works only in present moment. Spirit does not understand the past, and the future does not exist. You must pretend in the present. There is no way you can rush the clock, although the physical outer clock loves that. We need to participate . . . we need to keep moving in the here and now.

There is nothing out there for us to find that will help us wake up. We have all we need right now inside of us. The doors have been opened just in the last couple of months.. . the last couple of weeks actually. The doors have opened, and we have access to everything right here, right now. But we have to keep living in this world if we are going to keep this body with us. Does that make sense? We have got it already, but we have to keep moving. We have to keep climbing that mountain. We have to keep doing that ceremony. We have keep moving and doing what our outer clock would enjoy, that tells the universe that we are acting the way we want the world to be. And the inner clock is going to tell us exactly when to do that, and when those cogs come together, and when it is the right moment at the right time. That is where the patience comes in. So, as we enter a new age, it might appear that we are now going about things completely backwards than what we used to do. We used to go out and discover information, and uncover the pieces out in the world to awaken us. Now we need to understand that we already have it inside of us; and like children, act it out into the world innocently like it is already here, because we are the ones that are going to bring the new world into fruition. We are creating this world step by step. The Earth would have done it all by herself if we weren't here. But this is the grandest challenge that we have ever taken on . . . to ascend with the planet in the physical form, in a world that is currently brutally dualistic.

OK . . . The Masters are walking around the circle again (and those reading this article) and checking out how everybody is doing. One of the things they are going to start working on is . . . Archangel Michael calls it "Re-arranging the filing cabinet." It is all the bits of information that you have in your brain, but because it is set up in a certain way, it tends to repeat itself mechanistically in the world. What they want to do is switch things around. It doesn't change anything except that it gives you a different perspective in how you react in the world. Does that make sense? So instead of going out in the world to try and get what you need to wake up, you know you already have it. So when you go back out in the world, it just shows up like magic. It is called synchronicity. This is what happens when we go about our lives in a new way. I hope that makes sense, because what I am seeing sometimes is really hard to put into words. So to help rearrange the vast amount of information you have stored in the memory in your body, they are going to put a little doorway in your DNA. This doorway will allow you the possibility of going about things in an entirely different way. Lord Meru told me several years back, "We have to find another way.", because the way we have been doing things is going against the new emerging natural order of things. This is really difficult and exhausting. So what this little doorway inside your DNA is going to do is to allow you to recognize that you are already awake and have everything you need inside of you. Then you can go out into the world and act as if it is already there. Does that make sense?

Now the challenge will be that, during the next few days, every time that nagging little guy on your shoulder says "who the hell do you think you are", or "you can't do this", or "you are nobody", or that you have blocks about all the different issues you have, you are just going to pretend they are like a little mosquito and you just flick them off. They are no bigger than that, because you are as great as mountains and as vast as the oceans, and as big as the Earth. Size does not matter. It is just a program from the old world that you no longer need. So what they are going to ask you to do, as you are walking through these mountains (and walking through your life), is to remember not to feed those little monsters inside of you anymore, and start feeding the things that you want to be . . . even though in this moment, you don't think you are there yet. The guardians and the Masters know that you are already awake. It is only your mind that fights you and makes you small.

This has been the intent of the gathering of this group from the beginning . . . to awaken ourselves, remembering that we are already living Masters. And this is why, towards the last couple of months before a journey, we always see Spirit shuffle the deck. Some people drop out and new people come in, because we come together for a bigger reason than we recognize. We knew right away that we were powerful. We knew right away how connected we all were. I am trying to grasp what they are trying to tell me now. We are coming together because . . . well, Lord Meru tells us that we are the gardeners of the new world. We are planting seeds. We are the gardeners. We are the pilgrims that go out into the world and plant seeds everywhere we go. Every step we take. They are also saying that we were the ones (and the ones reading this article) that seeded this planet in the first place. So now we are coming back again, because it is spring time in a new age to plant another garden. This is why we work so hard to perfect ourselves and purify ourselves, so the seeds that we plant will grow into a new age that it is a golden age of peace and harmony. Because what we do here on Earth, we do for the whole solar system . . . the whole universe. It is all connected and interdependent.

Remember at the beginning of this message, they said that what they tell you here today was not to boost your ego? It was just to help you remember the truth of who you are. This awareness doesn't make us better than anybody else out in the world. It just means that we have a unique job. But each person on this planet has a unique job, and each one is needed. If it wasn't for the people in the kitchen cooking our lunch, we wouldn't eat. If it wasn't for the bus driver getting us here, we wouldn't be here. If it wasn't for the beautiful people on the street, we wouldn't have all of these wonderful interactions. We need all of us. We all need each other. But we are the ones planting the seeds for the future. It is just the job we do.

So here we want to send thanks to all the beings that have made it possible for us to get here, and help us live the lives that we do . . . the guys that built the roads, and created trains, boats, and airplanes and all of these things. Without any one of these people, none of this pilgrimage could have taken place. So this isn't something to feed ego about. It is just what we chose to do.

We know that when we chose this path, there would be sacrifices. We feel alone in the world at times. We have not felt at home. Sometimes we have alienated friends and family, because we have chosen this unique path. So with each job on this planet, there is always a sacrifice, because we live in a world of duality. For the guy who goes out and builds a road, and works hard manual labor, that is a sacrifice too. This is why in the beginning they said not to have an ego about what our job is. It is just a job like any other. I, for one, am terribly happy that this is my job, and I don't have to go and dig the roads and cook lunch for 30 starving pilgrims.

In this little bit of time here, they have taken us full circle. We started at one place, we went all the way around, and now we are back to where we started. But we are on a higher spiral. We are still in the world. We still have to walk. We still do our work here, walk our talk and be our talk. But now we are going to stay in synch with that cog of those two clocks; the physical reality clock and the spiritual clock.

Archangel Michael is going to watch every one of us and help us build a new muscle inside of us, and it is called the "Be Here Now Muscle." It is a new muscle which will also help us keep our clocks in sync. We have all had it, but we have let it atrophy, because we have been spiritual speed freaks and sacred site junkies, and we are always trying to rush ahead. Those with vision have the mis-fortune of being able to see down the road a bit, so we are so anxious to get there. Now is the only place Spirit works. If you go too far ahead, or worry about your past, or feel guilty about your past, you diffuse your energy and get out of sync. We are feeling that urgency to do what we came here to do. But you can't manifest your destiny if you are out ahead of yourself. Nor can you do it if you are worried about a past event.

So Archangel Michael is going to work on you, and it is called the "Be Here Now Muscle". Every time you start jumping ahead, or start worrying about what you just did, he is going to come into your mind and say "Ahhh, be here NOW." OK? Because it doesn't matter what you did yesterday. It doesn't matter if you flubbed up, or had a negative thought, got judgmental about yourself, or someone else, or someone down the street, whatever. That doesn't matter. That is past. It doesn't exist anymore. The future doesn't exist either. The only thing that exists is NOW. This is what I have been feeling the Star Elders really wanting us to hear more than anything else. It is really imperative that we hold the totality of our energy in the present moment every single moment that we possibly can. We are not going to be perfect. We are going to get out ahead of ourselves, and we are going to get behind ourselves every so often. But what Archangel Michael is going to do is to help us grow that muscle so well that it will become so automatic that you won't have to think about it anymore. The next few days you might have to think about it a lot. Then pretty soon it will become automatic. Does that make sense? Because that is when you will be able to use that power, and that love, and that creative force that you hold in your heart to its fullest extent.

As you have been waking up, you have noticed that your manifesting skills have gotten better and better. What you think and feel, you also manifest very quickly after, be it negative or positive. This is mussle is going to help that along. That little muscle in the physical is located inside your body in two common places: One of them across the back of your shoulders, and another is in your gut. You are going to know when you are out ahead of yourself, when you are out of sync. So when you get ahead of yourself, you are going to feel that funny feeling, or that twinge in your stomach or that little tickle up your neck, and you are going to say "Ohh . . . What's going on? . . . OK . . . Let me get back to here and now." It is funny too, because the Masters knew that we would have issues about rushing ahead. This is why on this pilgrimage they had us do a quiet and slow conference day. We have never done this before. I realize now that we just needed to stay in one place for a day to help anchor this "Be Here Now Muscle".

OK . . . while Archangel Michael is working on this muscle, the Masters just want you to let your awareness go around your world, the room you are in, and hear the sound of birds outside. Feel what it feels like just to be here in this moment right now. Now they want you to put that feeling of just being here now in this room, down into the center of your heart, where that clock is working to line things up for you. Your heart's intent is looking for doorways to release the seeds into the new age garden we are planting.

(A statement from the group was asked) …. I feel that being a healer has a responsibility that comes with it. This responsibility is to give the knowledge back.

(Aluna answers) This is what the Andean Masters call the river of knowledge. Once you have learned something, you always give it back to the world somehow, because it keeps the river going. Some Native American cultures don't believe in that. Like in the southwest, they hold onto their knowledge, and it jams their whole culture up. Here in Peru they give everything . . . they are always giving, and it makes the river flow very harmoniously.

Also when you receive special knowledge . . . it is not the whole picture, it is not the complete picture. So don't wait to have the whole picture before you share what you have learned. As you share each piece you receive, the river flows wider and stronger, and you open yourself to receive more pieces. And the next day, you know that you are going to know more. Then you give that also, and you keep it going, because it keeps the river growing in you. So it is okay to give what you have in each moment, and know more is coming. That is another part of why the Masters told us to keep moving. You can't just sit and wait for it to arrive on your doorstep. A lot of spiritual folks think that if they just sit, they can meditate themselves there. This is a good way to get clear yourself out. But as far as manifesting, it doesn't work. You have to move, and participate in life. Also you can't truly share anything that you haven't experienced yourself. So once you have learned something, or experienced something, not with your head, but with your Spirit and heart, that is your gift to give to the world. Does that make sense to you?

Question: I have a tendency to not trust myself, and I don't know if Spirit is really telling me to do something now, or if I am making it up.

Aluna: This takes practice. You are learning to trust yourself. Remember . . . doubt always follows truth. The first thought is always the right one. Sometimes we feel the truth of who we truly are, and it is so amazing that we don't want to believe it. So we doubt ourselves. So when we find ourselves doubting ourselves, all we have to do is just go back one little step, and we will find the truth. Sometimes we don't hear the truth. We feel the doubt, because the doubt hurts. It goes OUCH, and we don't like it. So we need to go back a step, and remember the first impulse and know that this is the one that comes from the heart. Everything else after that comes from the mind. It is all the blah-blah that goes on in there. I call it the "yada yada yada" voice.

The trick is following that first impulse, because sometimes it sends you down roads that you haven't been. Every time we are asked to do something that we have never done before, there is always the butterflies in the stomach and that fear. But there it is a lot of growth there too. The body doesn't like to do things it has never done before. It is mechanistic. So listening to that outer clock and recognizing that "Yeah, I am a little bit nervous", Is just the mind talking. Excitement and fear are very much the same energy in your body. So instead of saying I am afraid of what I am being asked to do, say "Wow, I am so excited." This changes the entire perception of the event. It is like the roller coaster ride. You got on this ride and are going up towards the top, and you are about to drop down the first big hill, apart of you is really loving it, but the other part of you just wants to get off the ride, because it is scaring the daylights out of you. It is a funny thing because once the ride is over you want to get right back on? If you can live in that moment, you are on track. Life is supposed to scare you a little bit. If it isn't then you are stuck. How many were afraid when they came on the trip? Had all kinds of tests? Yeah. (Everybody's hand went up) Even me, and I've been to Peru fifteen times now, and I still get really nervous, because I am breaking my routine, but I just don't buy into it.

Doubt is pretty much part of the human condition. It is just another one of those little monsters that you just don't give any attention to. Nobody has gone through this physical reality without having doubt. Like when I sat down here this morning, I didn't have a clue as to what I was going to do or say. I don't know what I am going to do until I sit down and do it. We all go through this when you live from the heart. You simply have to get out of the way, and let your heart speak. So you might feel a little uncomfortable about new things in the first few minutes, but it goes away, because you are not feeding that monster any more. It starves it to death. You could feed the monster, and say "I am afraid so I am not going to do it". Then what that does is it just starts snowballing into bigger and bigger fears and into more and more limitations. Then you find yourself way over here somewhere, where you didn't want to be at all. We have all done this collectively on a big level in the world. We are all now working to pull ourselves back into the place that we know we came here to be.

Let me see . . . I think we are about done here. Let me see if the Masters have anything else to share. What they want you to do is go outside and get your feet on the grass, and just feel the earth and just be here, because there is no place to go today (those reading this article should do something similar). There is no place to rush off to. So just go outside and be in the sun, and feel the present moment in the world. And drink a lot of water, because they worked energetically on a lot of you for a lot of things, and they want you to flush it all out. Drink, drink, drink. They are going to take the outer bubble down, so we can go out in the world now.

We want to thank the Master, Star Elders, Lord Meru, Jeshua, and the local guardians that helped us today, and accept their continued help as we continue to evolve and become who we truly are.

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in . . . A Star Messenger - Earth Oracle - Soul Reader - Sacred Site Junkie was literally born awake and in the company of her guides, the Star Elders. Today she has evolved into an author, spiritual life coach, sacred site guide, alternative historian, ordained minister and modern mystic. In the Inca world, Aluna is considered a Qawaq (cow-wak), a clairvoyant or seer of living energy. Aluna acts as a spiritual archaeologist using her clairvoyant / clairsentient gifts to excavate current messages from the masters of ancient, enlightened cultures to uncover what affect this has on humanity and the collective consciousness. She is well known for her down to earth, accepting attitude that makes each one feel like they have come home. She inspires and encourages others to recognize and accept their own authentic divinity and connection to the Creator. "Our groups are family, and each one is a teacher and also a student. We work together as a team to unravel the sacred mysteries of life." Aluna coined the term "sacred site junkie" because she is one herself. After her first trip to Tulum, Mexico, her life changed dramatically, and she was sent on an entirely different path in life. Since this time, her work has been influenced by uncountable shamanic experiences in sacred sites of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Peru, Bolivia, Egypt, Greece, England, Australia and New Zealand. Aluna has been leading groups in the Maya world since 1986, the Inca world since 1996, and the Egyptian world since 2008, and the mystical world of Avalon (England and Scotland) since 2007. Aluna offers Star Elder Sessions, formulates Sacred Site Essences and a free newsletter. She is the author of "Mayan Astrology" and her articles have been published worldwide. Website: Facebook: YouTube:

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