Balancing Vacillating Energies … Oh Dear!
You are not losing IT … You are getting IT!

Aluna Joy and the Star Elders - July 2009

If you are confused about the energy that you are feeling these days, trust me, you are not alone. The Star Elders say that we are immersed in the process of building the bridge from the world that we are leaving behind to the world that we are creating. We are presently smack dab in the middle of the shift of the ages. This is causing some very frustrating and interesting side effects.

One of these side effects is how we manifest. In the last few weeks, since solstice, we are noticing that when we begin a project, we also find that at each step of the way we have to change direction or even start over. It feels like we have to do everything twice. Nothing seems to be working smoothly right now. The energy for manifesting flows in . . . and then to our utter frustration, the energy flows back out like receding tidal waves. It feels like we hit temporary walls along the way. It is like the "flow" is all of a sudden cut off. We feel like we have become yo-yo's, or feel like a hamster continually spinning on a wheel. This vacillation is leaving us feeling pulled in two directions at the same time. It is really hard to decide which way to go. We feel quite stuck, confused . . . and lets face it…. downright annoyed.

The reason for this yo-yo side effect is that the energy we used for creating is vacillating between the past and the future. At this time, we are not completely present in either world. We are on the bridge between the two worlds. The energy of creation is still working in the past world, but it is also now beginning to work in the future also. In other words, we are manifesting on both sides of the bridge at the same time. This vacillating energy will eventually quicken and shorten in duration to the point where we will be creating from a single point in reality. I can hardly wait for this!

This yo-yo energy does not stop us from creating, but we do have to focus more intently to get a job done. The Star Elders say 50% of our intentions right now are in the past and are difficult, but not impossible, to complete. It is important that you keep living and creating. Yet it is up to you to decide if you want to take an extra effort to manifest, or finish a project. You might just want to throw in the towel. The Star Elders also say that the other 50% of our intentions are being created out in the future somewhere. Because we are only 50% present in either world. Again, we have to focus intently to get these jobs done. We also have the option to let the intent or project go until the creative flow returns. Your intents which are based in the past will be increasingly harder to complete. Whereas your intents based on the future will become increasingly easier to manifest.

Just to make things a little more confusing for you all . . . The Star Elders say there is no past . . . or future.

There is another side effect from not being completely present in either world. We get clumsy. Have you been bumping into walls, stubbing your toe, bumping her head, and feeling generally wobbly and out of it? Yeah, this is part of this shifting also. Your body's equilibrium is working hard to adapt to the new world. Your internal gyroscope is re-orienting to the new world that is emerging. This is causing you to become ungrounded. This can also cause nausea and headaches. These symptoms have been going on for quite a few months but will begin to fade by the end of the year. The Star Elders say to be careful with your body right now, as we could be accident prone. (I learned this the hard way)

There is a huge wave of people passing out of this dimension, as they are in a hurry to get to that next one. Unfortunately these ones are going to miss out experiencing the show of the ages! There are many that are on the fence, trying to decide which direction they want to go. It is time for you to decide! There are many brave ones, that make up a multitude of light workers that are committed to riding out what is left of this fading dimension. These ones will experience what the Star Elders say is the wildest ride in the universe and a huge evolutionary jump for the soul. Why do I get the feeling this could be one of those roller coaster rides you wish you had never gotten on . . . but once you arrive at the destination you want to do it all over again. P.S. Any way that you choose to transfer yourself to the new world is the right way for you! There is no right or wrong here, only what your soul has decided to do.

So in a nut shell . . . you are not losing IT . . . you are getting IT! But to get IT you will have to loose IT. So you see why we are feeling like Yo-Yo's.

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in . . . A Star Messenger - Earth Oracle - Soul Reader - Sacred Site Junkie was literally born awake and in the company of her guides, the Star Elders. Today she has evolved into an author, spiritual life coach, sacred site guide, alternative historian, ordained minister and modern mystic. In the Inca world, Aluna is considered a Qawaq (cow-wak), a clairvoyant or seer of living energy. Aluna acts as a spiritual archaeologist using her clairvoyant / clairsentient gifts to excavate current messages from the masters of ancient, enlightened cultures to uncover what affect this has on humanity and the collective consciousness. She is well known for her down to earth, accepting attitude that makes each one feel like they have come home. She inspires and encourages others to recognize and accept their own authentic divinity and connection to the Creator. "Our groups are family, and each one is a teacher and also a student. We work together as a team to unravel the sacred mysteries of life." Aluna coined the term "sacred site junkie" because she is one herself. After her first trip to Tulum, Mexico, her life changed dramatically, and she was sent on an entirely different path in life. Since this time, her work has been influenced by uncountable shamanic experiences in sacred sites of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Peru, Bolivia, Egypt, Greece, England, Australia and New Zealand. Aluna has been leading groups in the Maya world since 1986, the Inca world since 1996, and the Egyptian world since 2008, and the mystical world of Avalon (England and Scotland) since 2007. Aluna offers Star Elder Sessions, formulates Sacred Site Essences and a free newsletter. She is the author of "Mayan Astrology" and her articles have been published worldwide. Website: Facebook: YouTube:

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