Activation of the Butterfly Heart
Messages from the Star Elders
Copan Honduras by Aluna Joy - March 2009

This is a Star Elders' message I received in Copan . . . I edited it a bit to make it clear to the reader. The Star Elders speak in circles and the message does not translate well in text unless I edit it. Yet I wanted to leave it as close I could to the original message so that the energy would be retained. The Star Elders say that if you, the reader, imagine that you were there with us, that you will get the download and the energy shifts as we did on that day.

The ancient ones, and the living Mayas today, know that where we are now shifting into a new age. This age is upon us now at the end of the great cycle of 26,000 years. We are also at the end of a larger time cycle of 104,000 years. We have arrived in a place where no one has gone before.

Most of the ancient ones who lived here in Copan, all these living steles, will speak to you if you sit and listen to them. They came from the stars, and the living Maya still know this. They came here with a technology that they had to describe in an Earthly way so that you and I could understand it. Example . . . If you were an advanced star being living on Earth, how would you describe cosmic energy that was much more advanced than that of the people of Earth? You would teach through symbology and things that existed in nature. A lot of what we see in the Maya lands is symbolic; not actually literal like many archeologists think. The Star Elders and the Ancient ones would use things from this world to help us understand their world. We would understand a butterfly, bat, parrot, snake, etc....

We are at my very favorite of all the stela in Copan (Stela B). This stela understands the concept of the butterfly (Read about the BUTTERFLY MAN here ). Tz'utujils Mayans in Guatemala speak of simultaneous twin realities . . . the reality of the world and the reality of spirit. These worlds are like the wings of a butterfly. They believe that beating wings must connect at the heart center for the butterfly to live. When we flutter our wings we connect with both worlds. Life occurs because of the synchronization of the wings. Living as the butterfly is like having a foot in each world. This is what we connect with when we meditate. We can live in both worlds simultaneously. We are spirit, but we are also human, and the challenge for us in this lifetime is to appreciate and have allowance for both worlds at the same time.

If you notice, most of the stela are holding their hands in a mudra-like position at the heart level. They are holding their power at the center of the butterfly. They are more often than not, holding a horizontal bar across their chest that represents their power. On either side of this bar, there are serpent heads, and there are human heads coming out of the serpents' mouths. The serpent represents the kundalini, and the head that is coming out of the serpent is you and I being birthed from this butterfly / kundalini energy. The serpent head on the right side of the bar represents the world of the past, and the serpent head on the left side represents the new world. The ancients knew how to travel between these worlds. Inner-dimensional time travel was a corner stone of Star Elder teachings. In Palenque, inner-dimensional flight was taught, and in Tikal it was practiced. But here in Copan, they took dimensional travel to an entirely new level. Copan is the city of the Sun. Here they practiced how to travel into the Sun. This is a powerful ascension process.

Remember in Tikal, when we were asked to dump all of our duality? (You can read the story here . . . They said that Tikal was a good place to do this, because a lot of duality got acted out in Tikal. Duality cannot touch Copan, because this place is too powerful for duality to survive. This is why we can only experience Copan in short stages . . . like little inoculations of energy. We burn out quickly here. So we plan to come in and out of this site the next couple of days, so we can adjust to the energy. We still live in duality, but Copan helps us to reach the next level where we can find true freedom of the heart.

Copan also has very different energy than other sites. Even though it is broad daylight, you can still feel the energy of the stars here. Usually you have to be in the dark to feel the stars. But here in Copan, you can still feel the stars and the cosmos even though it is broad daylight. It is the only place in the Mayalands where I have felt this. In Copan the dimensions bend over onto themselves like if you folded a piece of paper in half. The vast energy of the solar dimensions are literally touching down here. So when you walk into the SUN here in Copan, it is just a fraction of a space between the 3D world and the other solar dimensions. The trick is knowing how to get through that little bit of space without burning up. You have to know how to bend time and space in yourself. You have to know how to raise you energy to match it.

Copan is the city of the Bats . . . bats that fly in the night sky. The Maya call this Zotz. An owl can see in the dark, but the bat can't. A bat uses frequency for its sight. Bats project a frequency out, and it bounces back to them giving them sight by the rate of recurrence of this frequency. Now, if you are in a place in between worlds, and you are in the great void, how are you going to see? You would use sound! The Star Elders are saying that visiting the city of Copan . . . the city of the bats . . . will help us learn how to see in the void with a frequency! This frequency will help us to get through that little tiny bit of space between here and other solar dimensions. This is why more and more people are interested in toning and sound healing, because we are practicing our BAT wisdom. We are learning this so when space starts to fold over upon itself, at the time of the great shift, which is happening right now, we will be able to see where we are going . . . with sound.

The shift that is happening now is causing us to feel discombobulated and confused, out of sorts and not really present . . . but yet we are here. We feel connected with everyone, but not; hungry but not; wanting to do something, but not . . . all of these feelings are being created by being in-between. We are not here, yet not feeling there either. It is like we are almost torn in half, but yet completely centered. We are at the center point of the butterfly. At the center, there is no movement; only oneness.

We are finding that we are becoming really intolerant of many things in this dimension, and this is causing a lot of judgments and causing us to be angry and frustrated with our reality. You would think that when we evolve to a higher level of consciousness that we would be more compassionate and tolerant of this world. But that appears to be an idealistic dream that is not based in the reality of living in the twin worlds. This is the way we let go of this world. If we were happy and content here, we would not let go.

We are at the center of the butterfly. We are letting go of the duality. In this center, there is no movement . . . only stillness. The Star Elders want to infuse in us this centeredness of the butterfly, as we are standing by the Stele B that holds the energy between the worlds. (We paused and let the energy in.) (The reader can do the same while looking at the photo.)

I was called to take the group to the hieroglyphic stairway where initiates walked into the sun, the solar dimensions. Once at the hieroglyphic stairway, the message continued.

It is funny that we are getting this message today. I always thought that bats are kind of nasty looking creatures. I never could get it. Yet every time I go into the Copan museum, I would always take a picture of the Batman. I just could not get away from him. I could not pull myself away from him. This is why today this is so important. The Bat has wings like a butterfly, and flies like a butterfly. But he uses sound to see and to know where he is going. I understand now why I linked the butterfly story to the Maya tour site. I did not understand at the time why this was so important, but we needed to understand about the butterfly. Today we will overlay the bat on top of the butterfly. Now we understand this process, and know why it is so important. (Read about the BUTTERFLY MAN here

So now . . . with your permission, the Star Elders are going to merge your Butterfly with the Bat, who can see frequency, because the butterfly does not hear or see with sonic energy. The Star Elders want you all to connect with your butterfly heart within you now. We are going to receive the energy that comes pouring down this hieroglyphic stairway. There is a huge amount of golden energy pouring down this stairway. We will sit in front of this energy for a bit. Remember that you are surrounded by a bubble of light that protects you, and that only light can enter this bubble around you. Just feel the place, and let the energy in. You can soft focus on the stairway and be kind of half awake and half asleep. Out in the world you have to be aware of what is going on. But here you can let yourself go. (We pause and let the energy in). (The reader can do the same while looking at the photo.)

I can see the bats coming over your butterflies now. The Star Elders are going to merge our butterfly with the bat . . . it is going to morph inside of us. It does not look like a butterfly-bat when they do this. It is turning into something that is more geometric. It looks high tech to me. It is still the concept of the butterfly. Let me see if I can describe what it looks like. There is a center point that is a circle, and there are two wings coming out on either side. There is like little beads of energy / light on the outside tips of each wing. Looking at the butterfly from above, it looks like the little beads on the sides have holes through them. When the wings beat, it makes a sound . . . a frequency.

I find it interesting that the ball courts all have these circles with round holes that you can't see from the front. But when you look from the side, there is a hole in the middle of it. There are many theories about the strange holes in the ball courts as it is nearly impossible to toss a ball through it. It must have a different meaning that archeology does not understand at this time. They are not ball courts at all. They are doorways between one world and the next. Maybe the hoops in the ball courts are anchors for cosmic calendars!

So the Star Elders are infusing this bat energy across our hearts. Our hearts are like a butterfly or a bat, because it has 2 sides, and it beats. They are going to put this energy inside your personal bubble. It is the only thing that they are going to allow inside that bubble, and they are going to seal that back up around you. Inside that bubble, there is a vibration or a heightened frequency growing that is not audible to you. But I guess that if you were a bat, you could hear it. So, if it is OK with you, they are asking permission from each person here (and those people reading this), that they build that bridge between where we have been, and where we are going to now. This new frequency is building a bridge between the past and the future.

Ok now, I will try to explain how it looks . . . There is the butterfly with wings with little spheres of light at the tips of the wings. There are little holes going down through each sphere of light. I am seeing the whole cycle of time, 104 thousand years, going through these holes. This is the old world . . . the past. It is a huge cycle going through these little holes on the ends of the wings. It just barely ties us to this dimension which is now the past. It is circling like a big giant calendar, and on the other side is the same thing. Only the other side is the future. One wing is the past, and the other wing is the future. Two huge cycles are passing through our wings holding us between the worlds.

A feeble attempt to try to illustrated what I saw.

I have been seeing a lot of people having trouble with the right side of their body . . . including their right shoulder, right knee and right hip. This is the past wanting to let go. The memory of the past is affecting our body. Our body's memory does not understand the new world out in front of us, and it does not want to go there. It is a primal and human fear of the un-known. The body says "Wait a minute. I don't know that. Am I going to be safe there?" So your body resists. Our spirits are ready to jump. Our spirits want to go. They want to fly! But our body has memory of the old world. That is the side that is linked to duality. As we start to absorb the new energy, our body is causing issues in our shoulders, hips, ankles and knees on the right side as our body tries to hold onto the past.

So with your permission, Archangel Michael and the Star Elders are going to work with each one of you that is having trouble with the right side of your body, and they are going to clear it out. They are going to work from the heart center over to the right side. Archangel Michael and the Star Elders are going to go in with a cosmic eraser, and they are going to erase the fear of the things that you do not understand and the fear of the unknown . . . because that is all it is . . . fear and nothing else. So they are going to erase all of that fear, and they are going to replace it with excitement and a great sense of adventure. In other words, instead of being afraid of the unknown, you are going to be excited about it. Our spirits are already there. Our hearts are already there. We are there. But we still have this body with all this memory. It has collected fear over eons, and so did our ancestors before us. We are carrying the culmination of uncountable generations of fear. We are the ones that will learn how to let go of what has been programmed and start something new.

So the Star Elders are working on the nervous system around the shoulder, tendons, muscles and pinched nerves on the physical level. A lot of it has to do with being a little nervous of what is to come. I know that we all have had some trepidation and worry about the world, and of course the world is reflecting this to us all the time when we read the news. All you have to do is turn on CNN. You see that the heaviness of the fear of the future is really thick right now, and it is affecting the whole collective. So there is no way that we can escape that part of the collective. We are going to feel this is you watch CNN or not.

But as a group, here and now (and those of us that will get to experience this article as you are reading right now), we will be the ones that bridge over to the future, so we can go beyond the collective fear and move to a place of great adventure and excitement for what is next.

There is something else that the Star Elders are doing. I could compare it a gyroscope. A gyroscope has a still center point with a vertical pole going through its center. This center point would also be the center of the butterfly and the center of your heart. It is the stillness. When you spin a gyroscope, it rotates like our planet does. It is also like the beating wings of a butterfly and the two sides of our hearts. This spinning emits a frequency. If you looked at the butterfly visually and you spun it, you would see a type of merkabah!

From Wikipedia . . . A gyroscope is a device for measuring or maintaining orientation. The device is a spinning wheel or disk (or butterfly wings!) whose axle is free to take any orientation.

Humanity has evolved to the point now that we are all feeling like we are living between worlds. The butterfly is evolving also and is no longer about helping us simply being able to stay connected between the 3D world and spirit. It is transforming along with us as we go through this shift and turning into an energy that will help us leap into the next level.

Instead of the two wings coming together, the one side (the right side) that is part of the old world will be left behind . . . and the other side will survive. I am seeing that your merkabah is going to morph into a new higher dimensional merkabah. You have to let go of the half of your merkabah the represents the past or history to create the new half of your merkabah. That does not make sense to me. So we will watch that one and see if they clarify that, because it looks like it is going to separate.

Comment from our group member Carolan: It is like a first stage rocket that drops away, and then the second stage goes on.

Aluna: Yeah, that is a good analogy. So the first one, the whole rocket, was our merkabah that we have been in our body for hundreds and even thousands of years . . . and now we are about ready to launch the next rocket. I like that. That works really well. Thanks.

This process that Archangel Michael and the Star Elders are doing with you will be on going for a few months. You cannot leap the entire way in one day. Your body will not like this. So over the next few months, they will continue to raise your frequency and help you let go of duality. If it gets to be too much, just ask them to slow down. If you are an energy junkie, ask for more. But most of all, give yourselves a lot of space and quiet time to let this process happen.

It is really good to see that Copan has changed from years past. There is a gentleness that was not here before. So this site is really ready to release its wisdom and its knowledge. This is why it is so good to keep coming back to these sites, or at least for me anyway, because I can see the difference between one year to the next. Four years ago I thought that I was not going to be doing trips anymore, because the sites were not giving me anything new anymore. There was a break for about a year. I thought "This is it. It is done. No more trips." But I decided to give it one more shot. How could I not come back? I love these places. They are home to me. So last year we went back to Palenque, and its heart was wide open. Tikal has changed also. It is exhibiting the inter-dimensional energies it was known for in the past. Copan now has a huge heart that I never expected to feel here. The energy of the cosmos, the stars, which has always been here, is much, much closer. It is almost like the sky is right on top of our heads. This was not the way it felt in prior years.

A long time ago, the Star Elders told me that we would be the ones that would write what we might call the new Bible, or the new Koran, or the new whatever. Those ancient and old teachings evolved us this far. The Master teachings got us this far. What we are starting now as a collective humanity, thousands of years from now, they are going to be talking about the ones that understood about the butterfly and knew how to cross the bridge. We are the ones creating that bridge.

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in . . . A Star Messenger - Earth Oracle - Soul Reader - Sacred Site Junkie was literally born awake and in the company of her guides, the Star Elders. Today she has evolved into an author, spiritual life coach, sacred site guide, alternative historian, ordained minister and modern mystic. In the Inca world, Aluna is considered a Qawaq (cow-wak), a clairvoyant or seer of living energy. Aluna acts as a spiritual archaeologist using her clairvoyant / clairsentient gifts to excavate current messages from the masters of ancient, enlightened cultures to uncover what affect this has on humanity and the collective consciousness. She is well known for her down to earth, accepting attitude that makes each one feel like they have come home. She inspires and encourages others to recognize and accept their own authentic divinity and connection to the Creator. "Our groups are family, and each one is a teacher and also a student. We work together as a team to unravel the sacred mysteries of life." Aluna coined the term "sacred site junkie" because she is one herself. After her first trip to Tulum, Mexico, her life changed dramatically, and she was sent on an entirely different path in life. Since this time, her work has been influenced by uncountable shamanic experiences in sacred sites of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Peru, Bolivia, Egypt, Greece, England, Australia and New Zealand. Aluna has been leading groups in the Maya world since 1986, the Inca world since 1996, and the Egyptian world since 2008, and the mystical world of Avalon (England and Scotland) since 2007. Aluna offers Star Elder Sessions, formulates Sacred Site Essences and a free newsletter. She is the author of "Mayan Astrology" and her articles have been published worldwide. Website: Facebook: YouTube:

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