Aluna Joy Yaxk'in - Moray, Peru - September 18, 2010

The following is the second message that we received, during our most recent journey to PERU, in September of 2010. You can find the first message here: Future messages will be posted on our website at under the link entitled "Articles on Personal & Planetary Transformation ". We are sharing this message here with you just as we received it, in present time, with little editing. We do this for a very important reason. We know that the messages that we receive are not just for our groups, but are for humanity also. So as you read this, just imagine that you were there with us . . . the Masters and Star Elders assure me that the message and the corresponding energy will be transmitted to you. You might want to imagine that you are sitting with us in Andes. .

Do you remember at the last site, when we told you about a vessel inside of you? . . . the Valley that they are going to fill up with liquid light? Well, there is something else in your vessel today. It looks like an instruction manual for what is coming, but it is not in words. I can see planets, stars and spiraling galaxies in there. The Andean Masters are saying this knowledge is going to pour down into you. Of course, we are in the giant, energy collection site of Moray. All three of Moray's circles collect cosmic energy. Everything we think, feel or do in transmitted back out to the stars. Our family can hear us here. We can feel this energy. It is like a pressure coming down on top of your head. A lot is coming in at this time, and it is heavy, because there is a lot of it. It is not heavy, because it is not good for us. It is heavy, because there is just a lot coming in. It is going into every cell of our bodies.

What they are offing us today is not just for us. It is for those that we are going to serve when we leave and go home. They are downloading this instruction manual, which they are telling me, at the moment, you are not going to be able to read . . . which I don't think is very fair. :) But when it is time, bits of wisdom will fly out of your mouth. It will be just what people will need to hear. You will know exactly what to do when the time comes. We all feel that inner impulse to act on inspirations . . . well that is going to get a lot stronger. You may have noticed that this whole last year has been kind of wishy-washy . . . "you want to do this, but you don't" kind of thing. We have been in a flux zone where nothing seems to gel or anchor. No decision seems to be right. A lot of us have been feeling like we have been knocked out of our flow. Remember the old days when we used to have the flow? Well, this is like that old flow times ten. We are very painfully clear about what it is like not to be in our flow. Now, as this wisdom starts blossoming inside of us, like a seed growing in a new garden, we are going to find a deeper, more powerful and pristine, clear flow inside of us. We know that many times we second-guess our first initial hit to do something. That impulse, to second-guess ourselves, pushes us into our heads. What spirit guides us to do, in that moment, gets lost. What your heart is telling you to do gets lost in confusion. You are going to learn how to operate right from here! (Aluna points to her heart). Second-guessing is fading away into the background that will become more easy to ignore this secondary impluse.

A few weeks ago the Buddha relics came to Sedona, and we received some of the water that was blessed by the Buddha relics. If anybody has ever sat with the Buddha relics, you understand that it is just super, powerful and amazing energy. It is so powerful when you walk into the building, and you burst into tears. They gave me some of the water, and I was called to bring a bottle of it with me. We are going to go around the circle and put a couple drops in your hand, and you can put it wherever you are called . . . your heart, your third eye . . . wherever you want (those reading this . . . place a drop of pure water in your hands). These drops carry the vibration of the whole lineage and history of enlightened ones. Lord Meru is saying that this is going to help. We now have the guidebook to the new world, and this blessing of the water is like the key to open the door, like a key. They are also saying that you don't have to be here (in Moray) to get this. There are people all over the world getting this key right now. You don't need this Buddha water to have the key. It is more like a symbol. We don't need the actual Buddha water, because we are moving past that place where we will need to draw anything from the external. It will not be necessary. It is all in here (Aluna points to her heart). But still our human side likes external things, like coming to Peru, which takes us out of our mechanicity, and it helps us wake up. But it is not necessary.

They are saying that there are people all over the planet right now that are starting to understand that we have gone through that door now. I felt it a couple of weeks ago (late august 2010). A lot of us here in this circle felt something shift a couple of weeks ago. It is becoming quite global now. Everybody is feeling it. It is the void of great potential. We are collecting the guidebook to the future, and we are accepting the key that knows how to open that door. Imagine that all of your loved ones and all of your relations are here with you, and that they are also being gifted this energy.

I am also feeling a lot of energy coming to us from the sacred mountains that are surrounding us. I feel Lord Meru. He was here when we walked into the circle. It doesn't appear that he is doing much except holding space for us to do what we need to do inside. Yesterday, they cleaned the slate and cleaned things out of us. Today, they are letting us sit here, and they are holding space for us. They are letting us do our work now. It is our time. This is going to allow us to take in what we received yesterday really deeply and with our own power. It is important that we wake up with our own power on our own two feet.

Now this new frequency is building up in our hearts, and it looks like our hearts are stretching; not our physical hearts of course, but our energetic hearts. They are stretching our hearts, because they say that in the new world is energetically bigger and that our temple of the heart needs to be correspondingly bigger also. Those of us that have connected with beings in the upper realms know that the love that they send us is so indescribably huge. Well, they are stretching us so we can start radiating at that level of light and that level of love.

The Andean Masters are also shrinking other areas of our selves. We have two sets of chakras. One set is based in love, and the other set is based in fear / negative egos. There is actually a fear based heart chakra behind your love and light one. Maybe there are spiritual teachings on the planet that talk about this, but I haven't heard of them. These are actual centers in the body were the primordial self is. These centers were necessary for a time, but now these places are now shrinking away. So if it is okay with you, and you are okay about letting go of your issues, your fear, your stuff, the repeating patterns, allow this shrinking to happen. It is a whole separate section of chakra centers that held the negative side of duality . . . the dualistic side of the positive chakras. I hope this makes sense?

So they are going to shrink the negative / primordial side of ourselves. That side of ourselves is vaporizing, and the other ones are expanding to fill in that space. So our hearts are going to expand, and the negative one is going to vaporize. The Andean Masters say that they are going to do this step-by-step over the course of the next couple of weeks into months. They are going to do this nice and easy, so it does not trigger any backlash. If things change too quick, our memory / mechanicity would like to put it back, because it is familiar. So they are going to do it nice and slow . . . or I should say, WE are going to do it nice and slow, because actually we are doing it to ourselves. The Andean Masters are not doing anything except holding the space for us.

And again like yesterday, I am feeling that our soul families are here in support. There are a lot of them. They are asking us to do something. Inside of us, they want us to internally, from our hearts, claim who we are. They say everyone in this circle (and those reading this) has had glimpses of the brilliance of who they really are but may be afraid to completely accept it. They are saying to claim this now.

So the Star Elders, Lord Meru, the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays and a bunch of the guides that have all come with us, are having a council meeting, and they say you have questions. You can ask them now. They may or may not answer you depending on your motivation. Does that make sense? Now . . . they say there are a lot of questions. You can ask them verbally if you want to, or you can do it internally. They are saying that we (You) are a very aware group, but we are also very curious on the inside, which is really good, because it is going to leave us open to receiving what is coming even though we might not be able to define it right now. The curiosity alone keeps us open to receiving.

Question: What is next?

Aluna: Well that is everybody's question. We all want to know what is next. But the truth is . . . what comes next . . . is what we make of it. The new world is a clean slate. What we are moving into is brand-new. Example . . . we are surrounded here by farm fields that have been just plowed . . . and we are the seeds. What seeds we plant, is what will grow in this new energy. It is what will manifest in this new cycle. So what is next is what we make of it, and what we hold in our hearts.

(At this time, Aluna suggested that everyone put one word into the center of our circle that would describe the way they would like the new world to be: Dozens of wonderful words were voiced. Some of the words that were included were the following: Unconditional love, joy, unity, peace, community, fun, gratitude, equality, divine family, paradise, trust, compassion, impeccability, gratefulness, eternal youth, confidence, truth, reverence, bliss, NOW, freedom, etc . . .).

Aluna: So, can you feel the energy building in the middle of the circle so beautifully? All the Masters and guardians that are here have been collecting these intents into a vibration and placed them into the guidebook that we received earlier. They are writing all this down inside of us, and they are gathering up the frequency. Now, this is not my idea. This is Archangel Michael's idea okay, and he has got a really, funny sense of humor. He says that he is going to play Santa Claus. He is taking a big sack of this energy of all our intents of what we would like to see in the new world, and he is going to sprinkle it all around to all the open hearts across the planet. He is wearing a Santa suit. I didn't want to tell you that. He is having fun with it and likes to embarrass me.

Ok, as the energy here fades away here . . . I am watching our words merged with the question "What is next?". The masters watched all the words going in to the circle, and now they will let me see which words were mostly related to the question. The words "balance, freedom" and "now" really rise to the top. The rest of the words were secondary things that manifest from the seeds of these three words. We will probably figure out what that means as we go along on this pilgrimage, but "freedom, balance" and "now", they just rushed into top of the list. So that is ….what is next! If we stay curious and open to what this means, we might understand more. Balance is always a good way to be. Freedom is something that happens when we wake up, because we are more self-reliant, and we don't need as many natural laws to keep us safe. The universe is kind to us, loves us and protects us. If we are asleep or unconscious, we live with a lot of natural rules and boundaries for our own protection. When we wake up, these boundaries fall away, because we don't need them anymore, because we know how to take care of ourselves. So, I am guessing that there is more awakening in the ability to stay present (NOW) in the moment. End of message . . .

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