The Evolution of Manifesting Forward
The Order of the Unified Heart!

Through Aluna Joy, Lord Pacal, and the Star Elders - Palenque, Mexico Temple of the SUN - December 14, 2010

The following is the part FOUR and last of messages that we received, during our most recent journey to Palenque, in December of 2010. You can find other and future messages posted on our website at under the link entitled "Articles on Personal & Planetary Transformation ". *** We are sharing this message here with you just as we received it, in present time, with little editing. We do this for a very important reason. We know that the messages that we receive are not just for our groups, but are for humanity also. So as you read this, just imagine that you were there with us . . . the Masters and Star Elders assure me that the message and the corresponding energy will be transmitted to you. You might want to imagine that you are sitting with us in the Maya Temples.

The Mayans have a word called Zuvuya. It means that in order to understand something completely, you have to look at it in reverse. The Star Elders take this idea even further, and say that we have to look at things spherically or from many dimensions at once in order to understand them fully. What the Star Elders are showing me this morning is that humanity and Earth has actually pulled a cosmic Zuvuya. We have been living/creating backwards, and that is why life sometimes didn't feel right to us. We didn't feel like this reality was home to us, and it didn't make much sense either. Because we have been creating the world backwards, manifesting reality got knocked out of balance, creating everything from war, pollution, negative ego, illness, aging, separateness and duality.. and maybe even death! The universe has been going through a process of flipping our reality. The divine plan of the collective consciousness is beginning to manifest this flipping, and we are being placed back on track, which includes a way of creating that is in balance and harmony with the natural laws of the universe.

As above, so below . . . Our SUN completes magnetic polar shifts every 11 years. The last flip was in 2001. The next magnetic flip will be in 2012. NASA states that "The Sun is like a snake that sheds its skin." On Dec 13th, 2010, there was a huge global eruption on the sun. The sun sent this energy to the Earth. I think this CME (Coronal Mass explosion) blast anchored the energy of flipping evolution on earth.

Remember when we were in Yaxchillan, and we saw the cosmic hourglass? Well today The Star Elders say that there is enough weight in the collective consciousness on the future side of the hour glass to tip the balance to the side of harmony (Read about the hour glass in a past message at We have been living backwards for a long time . . . for a huge cycle of time. Now we are moving forward. It will be an adjustment, because humanity will have to do a 180 about face to align with this forward evolution. We have been creating backwards, and it went against a natural universal code that is inside of us. Now that we are moving forward, things that are out of alignment will dissolve away. So today, we are in the first steps of creating forward. We have been living in between dimensions for quite some time. Now we are starting to create forward instead of living backwards. Does that make sense?

Okay, something else is coming in . . . I can see, what looks like, a big stone face of one of the ancestors, and I am looking to see if there is anything that he wants to say. It reminds me of a huge stone face in a site called Itzmal. David Catherwood drew this face in the 18 hundreds, but the site no longer exists. It was destroyed. This stone face is the representation of the day sign Ik, the wind, which is about change. He has an open mouth like he is blowing air, and he is sending a lot of information.

When energy shifts, it is wobbly. Sometimes we can see it with our eyes, and/or we might feel queasy. I noticed today that I feel a little fuzzy, like I am not quite here. Is everybody feeling that kind of fuzziness? We need to pay attention to the shifts in energy to know what is going on in the world. We are really starting to understand the difference between energies, because we have been here in Palenque (and earth) a long enough time that we have created a frequency baseline. We understand what it felt like on one day, and then the next day, and the next day. You can see that the sites and the world changes/evolves from day to day. We have been in Palenque during this time where evolution flipped and rebooted. So this can make us feel like we are in a dream. We might feel confused about what is real and what is not. We might have some pressure in the front of our foreheads. Our eyes may feel like we are not seeing right, and we keep blinking trying to re-focus.

So, we are at the end of a very large cycle . . . 104,000 years, which is four 26,000 year cycles, or four cycles of the completion of the procession of the equinoxes, our traveling around the Pleiades. What we do in these next steps will be our foundation stone in the new world. Before we came to this temple today, The Star Elders synchronized our hearts. This process didn't take very long, because we were nearly in sync anyway. They just anchored it and sealed it, so we will stay in sync. So now, when we go out into the world to live our lives, we are going to bring more and more people into this new synchronized heart. We are going to bring people into a heart space that is the natural legacy of Palenque. Lord Pacal just jumped in and says "It is the Order of the Unified Heart." So… We are the first members of the Order of the Unified Heart. Pacal is filling our space with a tremendous amount of his energy which I call profound neutrality. It is not just peace and harmony. When we say the word "peace" in this world, it means a lack of war. What he carries is the neutrality that Jeshua carried. It is one of the reasons why Jeshua came to Palenque to meet Pacal, because he and Pacal carried similar energies of the heart. Like frequency attracts like frequency. It is why Palenque holds this beautiful unique vibration.

If this is your first sacred site you don't know the difference in energy, because you haven't been to other places that feel differently. This is why sacred site travel is so helpful in our path to awakening. We might think in our minds that all sacred sites feel this way. They don't. Palenque one holds a particular quality of heart that I find "Home" in. It is good that we learn about the differences in frequency.

Lord Pacal is sending us an ocean of his wonderful energy. This is helping us comprehend the magnitude of the Order of the Unified Heart. We (and those reading this) have been initiated into this sacred order. Now when we go out, and when we touch other people, we will magnetize them into this order. It is a secret order. It is something that we know inside of ourselves that we never speak of. It is something that we do without thinking. When we do simple acts of kindness, people will be compelled to enter this secret order called the Unified Heart. This order won't be known by a name but by a quality of heart.

Over the years, we have been talking about the butterfly man (see past articles on It is unexpected, because this is the first trip in several years where we have not talked about the butterfly man. The reason is that the butterfly wings are no longer flapping. They have come together in stillness. The flapping wings were our hearts working to live in two worlds at once. But now that time is over now. We have arrived. As these two wings come together, we have more and more awakening moments . . . more and more of those "Aha" moments. The wings, like our the two sides of our hearts, are now unified. The old world is being absorbed by the new world. Just like one small light can eat up the darkness. All that is no longer needed from the old world will be dissolved way. We are entering a place of total neutrality where even duality starts to dissolve away.

There will be symptoms that have to do with the dissolving away of duality. Right now, in our DNA, we understand everything by comparing it to something else. When we lose duality, we lose the ability of comparing and, along with it, the ability to understand things. Right now we know the day, because we have a night to compare it to. We are going to start understanding things as simply frequency just as the Star Elders do. We will not limit anything by a definition or a comparison anymore. Definitions limit and separate everything. If we define it, we also limit it from evolving. Nothing stays the same, all creation is a continual evolution. Now we are ending the limitation of the physical reality.

There is a harmonization beginning and profound peaceful neutrality in this Order of the Unified Heart. Archangel Michael popped in, and now he has a joke. He says "No, you are the order of the jungle cough." We all have the jungle cough, and that is breaking up the blockages and things around our hearts. So maybe it is why Tarzan did this (Aluna beats her chest) . . . to break apart the energy around our hearts. We are coughing out things that we don't need anymore. We are coughing out the blocks and the duality, so the only thing left will be the unified heart. We are becoming one (when we got home, we heard about what doctors are calling the 100 day cough).

Well, this is interesting . . . it looks like the Star Elders have decided to work on us. They are here with Lord Pacal, and they are working to give us new skin. We are changing skin and shedding the old skin like a serpent. Shedding of the old skin is a completion of a cycle and the start of something new. This is a time when the serpent catches his tail and consumes itself. When we get swallowed up by the serpent, it means that we are awakened and reborn because the serpent digests all the garbage in us, and the only thing left is the awakened kundalini, that we use for creating a new world. There are many stone carvings in the Maya lands that show an awakening human being coming out of the mouth of the serpent.

Enrique: "If you see on the facades of places along the south part of Campeche, and like in Labna, they are the so-called monster facades. The entrance is like a mouth of a big serpent. The jaws are above and below the doorway with the teeth showing, and are prepared to receive the shaman or the priest to enter the spiritual world. You are eaten by the serpent. So you literally, physically walk into the mouth of the snake . . . and remember, Palenque is the house of the heaven serpent." Na Chan Kan. Na is the house, and Chan is the snake in the local Mayan tongue from here."

So they are showing me that stone face that was supposed to give us a message. It feels like he is drawing us to him. He is asking us to come along. He is a teacher, but he is also a way shower, and he is going to help us create a new path. He is going to assist each one of us in knowing the proper decision to make in each moment. As we create a new world, he will help us make the right choices, because we are used to going backwards. The way things worked before, won't work the same way now, because we are going in a different direction. We have done a Zuvuya. We are now creating forward in the Order of the Unified Heart. This is a path that we will not find with our head. It is a path that we will feel with our hearts. This Stone Elder doesn't speak with his mouth. That is why we can't see his mouth. He sends messages from his soul, and the eyes are the windows to the soul.

This Stone Elder is from the first people. I see Greek Gods, Atlantean, Egyptian and Lemurian. It goes back to ages past that we don't have names for. This is an old being . . . a very old one. It is like the gods that helped to create this Earth, and it is helping us create a new one. His message goes right to our hearts, and our hearts will know the right steps to take. Doors will open, and opportunities will arise. We will know which paths to pick, because he will be assisting for a short while, not very long, but just while we are learning our first few steps. We need to get used to the idea of creating forward. It is like training wheels on our first new bike. Once we can navigate this new energy, this elder will fade away, because this is our world to create. It is our new world. We are the ancestors of the future. We are the ones that are setting the foundation stones for a brand-new world.

Now the Stone Elders face is morphing all over the place. He is shifting into different beings that we have known through history. It is almost like an energy field that keeps things evolving. This is the energy of evolution. We need to be able to step forward and consciously create. We need this energy of a new evolution inside of us. He is asking if he can place this new forward energy of evolution into our DNA. It is a cosmic and natural level of evolution. So if you will, you can allow this process. Again . . . only do what feels right to you. This Stone Elder is the archetype for the energy field, or model that maintains the energy of evolution. We have been creating backwards for so long that we need to be reminded how to create forward. He is beaming forward evolution out of his eyes toward us, so we can absorb this wisdom. This is important, because in this shift of the ages, we are taking our physical bodies with us. This energy of evolution of our soul will help us tolerate the new energy physically while we are going forward.

Over the eons, we have been working on different ways to work and evolve the soul. In Peru, they anchored their souls in the physical body. These are the living mummies of Peru. In Egypt, they anchored souls in pyramids and magnetically sealed the chambers so the knowledge would stay inside. There were also living mummies there, but they had to be magnetically sealed, so their knowledge would not leave the planet, and so we could go back in later and obtain that knowledge. Here, in the Maya lands, they anchored their souls in stone. So we have learned a lot of different ways of working with the soul. The soul is who we are. We are not our physical form that we see in the mirror. Yet, we want to keep the soul in the body and evolve it forward during this shift of ages. This is why we are getting new skin. The new skin is going to be a way to help us handle the vibrational shift of creating forward instead of the more familiar backwards. We will be harmonized and unified so we can do this. The ones that don't want to evolve will cross over the old-fashioned way, and come back by reincarnating in the next age. Some people don't want to do this work. It is their choice, and that is okay. There is no right or wrong way to do this. All are participating in this new evolution if they know it or not.

We are the ancestors of the future. We are leaving a legacy for those that will follow us. 26,000 years from now, that which we anchor here in this new world is what future humanity will be working with. It will be their foundation stone. So Archangel Michael popped in, and he says "You know that sounds like a really big job, and that is a hell of a weight to put on everybody's shoulders." But the Star Elders say…" it is NOT going to be a hard or heavy job, because we are working from our hearts." We just need to stay in the heart, and it will unfold. We are living in the flow of the universe that is already in us. We will be creating forward, and forward is so much easier. It is like going downstream in a canoe with paddles, instead of going upstream without a paddle. Life is now more in tune with the natural self. It is more in tune with our soul. There is no resistance when you are in this flow.

There will be some adjustments because we are losing the ability to compare things to understand them. Duality is fading. We are learning to understand things by frequency instead of those things "written in stone". When we understand things by frequency, all is allowed to evolve and grow. If we understand things by definition, we separate everything and limit their evolution. We use to compare things to other things so we could understand. That is the only way we could survive when we were creating backwards. Now that we are creating forward, we are going to lose that ability to compare. So, we are slowly being schooled in learning how to understand things by frequency only. Remember the outer world will still be creating backward for a time. So don't be fooled by outer illusions. This is why the Stone Elders are going to keep sending us that energy of the new evolution. This is why Pacal continues to fill us with his unified heart energy because the first few steps in this forward motion could be wobbly ones. We will just be in the world, and interact in the way we have been interacting with each other here at this time. This new evolution is very contagious. Good energy is always contagious. What we are taking back to the outer world is a virus; a very, very good virus that will spread across the planet in a good way.

It WAS and IS our job as ancient star beings to help wake up this planet . . . bit by bit . . . we populated it, we brought it back to life, and we raised its vibration. We came to help all life to be in sync . . . like our hearts which are in sync. It is time to have our planet in sync with all the other planets. This is why we have not been able to perceive life on other planets, because we are just a little out of sync with the universe. It is my guesstimate that we are about 60 seconds a day out of sync with the universe. If the Earth slowed down its rotation, we would sync up with the main cycle/calendar that goes through the entire universe. I don't know where the brake pedal is for the Earth, but we are only off by about 60 seconds a day. We won't have leap year when this happens, and we will be totally in sync with the sacred calendar. Scientists know that the Earth is slowing down it rotation.

Group member Howard shares: My feeling is that whatever it did, it tilted the planet and that took us from 360 days to 365 days a year.

Aluna: Yes there has been a couple of those wobbles. One of them was when the dinosaurs were on the earth and a meteorite hit. It hit at an angle that sped the planet's rotation. At that time, the Earth was like a skipping record, and everything evolved physically, but it didn't evolve intellectually. At that time, the Earth had giant dinosaurs with a brain the size of a walnut, but it didn't evolve. The Earth needed to speed up so there could be evolution. It is difficult to explain, but this is based in Maya cosmology and too long to go into here. BUT . . . what we are going to do NOW is to evolve the Earth WITHOUT these kinds of mass catastrophes. We are going to harmonize the Earth and solar system with our unified consciousness, because now we are awake enough to do so. We will not need catastrophe to evolve further. Remember, the Earth is always going to change. There are always going to be earthquakes, storms, volcanoes and those kinds of things. But we are NOT going to have mass catastrophe. That is just catastrophobia that is based in our unconscious ego and just an echo of history that does not have to repeat.

Our guide Enrique shares: So it will be a conscious change; not a change by default.

Aluna: Exactly. No more creating by default. We have been going against our own soul's flow, and now that the Earth has flipped over, and I think that is what the whole thing in Yaxchillan was about . . . the hourglass and the stars going through, and the ocean of creation. It is a different kind of shift then we have ever experienced before. There have been a lot of dry runs and practices and dress rehearsals. This one is the one that we go all the way. It is no dress rehearsal. The Star Elders have already told me that we are going to be successful. So I don't worry about the future no matter how scary the outer world looks. We are now initiated into that which can evolve consciously and have the energy to do it.

This story links to something that I experienced in 1990 when I was here in Palenque and I spent the night. They showed me the energy of evolution, and the history and the creative force of the universe, but they would not let me touch it. They put the knowledge inside of me, but they wouldn't let me use the energy. I think now we are getting a taste of being able to use this energy now. We are actually being held responsible and accountable for using this energy. Because how we use it is how we are going to create our life. So you see that each day, the story unfolds bit by bit.

It is interesting that we are all starting to see the same things and at the same time now. I have been hoping that we could do this, and we have been doing it a little bit by little bit. I know we can all do it together, unified. Okay . . . they say "That's it." The Star Elders don't know how to say "good-bye". They don't know how to end things gracefully. They just say "Okay, enough." We are done. We are cooked. It is time to go home and spread the good virus of forward evolution. :)

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