The Living Body in the Sound of Creation
Evening in Luxor Temple
The Master Atlantean Thoth, the Light Sentinels, through Aluna Joy March 18, 2011
Listen to the sounds recoreded at Luxor during the time this message was received.

The following is the 8th message that we received in Egypt. You can find our other messages on our website at under the "Articles for Personal and Planetary Transformation" link. It might be a good idea to read them in order as each message builds upon the previous one. We are sharing this message here with you just as we received it, in present time, with very little editing. We do this for a very important reason. We know the messages that we receive are not just for our groups, but are for others as well. The Immortals, Horus, the Hathors, and other Star Masters and the Star Elders assure me that the message and the corresponding energy will be transmitted to you. So as you read this, you might want to imagine that you are with us. Also, always view the photos on the web site that we share, as photos also hold some energy of the sites.

We are in the Heart/Core of the temple of Luxor. Most temples here are built beginning at the heart and built outward. This is the temple of Man/Woman. John Anthony West says that this is the head of the temple. But I feel it is the heart . . . the center point of the energy of this temple. Group member Diane has already dowsed this temple. I heard her say "Look, look it is here!" She confirmed the heart of the energy with her dowsing (Diane had been dowsing every site we entered for the high energy spots).

When I first came here three years ago, the second set of Ramses statues, the one on the right-hand side, as you come in, is a living stone. He is the only living stone that I have ever discovered in Luxor. There are not too many of them in Egypt. There are a lot of them in Mexico and in Peru. I this one on my first trip to Egypt. I was presenting at a conference here. I was walking down the street, and all of a sudden I got yanked into Luxor.

He is not the spirit of a Ramses but that of a enlightened alchemist from Atlantis. (Thoth) He started telling me the story about Atlantis and when Atlantis fell, many of the light beings survived. Some came here to Egypt. Other were evacuated to portals in the Yucatan and the Maya world. Here in Egypt they decided that they were going to try and re-create and construct some of the temples so they could hold onto the positive energy that was anchored in Atlantis. Luxor is one of these temples, also Hatshepsut, where we were this morning, is another one of these temples. They began to build temples in the same way that was the exact design of activated Atlantean temples. So where we are standing is the heart. This is the center. This is where they worked to anchor the Atlantean energy… to save it from total loss. I was told that this Luxor temple was and is aligned to stars. There were many stone alters/activation points in the abdomen area of this temple. The stones are gone now as they are in Hatshepsut as well. This temple was and could still be a huge manifesting temple. It could focus the creative energy of the universe to create anything. It could awaken ones soul. It was use to benifit humanity collectively.

There were fail safes built into this temple, so that no one with greed or ego could use it. The only way you could turn on this giant manifesting / creation machine was to work together in harmony and unity. Each would stand at one of the alter stones, and they could PLAY the temple with vibrations and sound. This was the sound of creation. Temples were psycho-acoustically and psycho-geographically tuned. Each alter stone was worked individually but in harmony with the other stones.

Atlantean Masters rebuilt this temple after they survived the Atlantis catastrophe. They were hoping that enough of the energy was captured to make it would work again so they could rebuild paradise. Of course, we can see now that it didn't work. We know now that the Earth needed to go through a dark gestation cycle. Earth needed to be reborn as we need to be re-born. All that was lost back then is coming back to life now. This is why we come here, to expose our bodies and souls to the energy of conscious creation, so we can birth a new world together.

They worked in this temple like it was a giant musical instrument. John Anthony West says this temple represents an entire human body, and he has this whole technology about how this is a body. Maybe that is true and maybe it is not. But whatever the ancient ones were trying to do, they were trying to make the temple come alive. If the Temple came alive, when an initiate walked through the body of this temple, they would become an awakened human being also.

I was allowed to see the memory of the Atlantean times, and I saw that the temples were made of stone that was a translucent, glowing type of stone. There is no remnant of this type of stone now in this age. I am assuming that that magnetic shift changed its structure. When the Earth changes, every time there is a magnetic shift on the Earth, the natural laws of that realm change. So this might have been the same stone that was in Atlantis, but when the earth shifted, the stone changed its molecular structure, and now it is not the same as it was as in Atlantis. So it does not hold the energy the same way as it did when it was in Atlantis. I think that is why we are all attracted to crystals, because they still hold energy like the stone in Atlantis.

Because of the magnetic shifts of the Earth, this is why you also don't find what you would normally expect in archaeological sites. There are a lot of things missing. You don't find advanced technology and other things that would be absolutely necessary to build these places. This is the same in Peru and in Mexico. Anything that is out of balance with the natural laws of nature during a magnetic shift disintegrates. Anything that does not fit into the new evolved nature of the new age will not be the same.

The Star Elders say that you never have to worry about nuclear waste, polluted water or polluted air, because the Earth does clean herself. She will take care of herself. She is so very powerful in this way. During a magnetic shift the magnetics drop down to zero. It reboots. Geologists know that this happens on a regular basis. I don't think they understand what it does to humanity when we have a magnetic reboot. But we do know that we have magnetics in our blood. We have iron in our blood, and iron holds magnetics. When the magnetics drop out, everything gets wiped clean . . . everything. Anything that is out of balance with natural law gets cleared out. That is why the ancients made temples out of stone, because they survive magnetic shifts. Stone is natural to Earth. So after the fall of Atlantis, which was a magnetic shift that coincided with a big catastrophe, the molecular structure of the stone changed.

Group member Howard: I kept hearing "Rejoice, rejoice." as I came through. And Isis said "They didn't fail, because WE are here." So they didn't fail.

Yes, that is true. Atlantis was not a failure. It was a dress rehearsal, and what we are doing now at this important time is we are doing it for real! But many people still have to heal the loss that was felt here at that past time.

That is the other reason why ancient ones build temples. Ancient ones build very complicated, elaborate, interesting temples of stone and other natural materials. They did this so they would survive magnetic shifts. WHY? Because they knew that we would be intrigued and come back. They already knew that the age of technology would develop, and we would have the ability to get on airplanes and be able to come here and see it and feel it for ourselves. It is important to be in the energy of these temples as they are portals to other times, places and even the stars. We can learn many great things from books . . . but energy and the frequencies of these ancient temples can only be felt while being here. This is why we create essences in these places. It does capture a bit of the frequency. So does photography. (Sorry to say that we didn't get the required clear space to create an essence of this temple. Maybe next time : )

When we come on temple sites, we open up our minds and say "My gosh, what does this all mean?" Then the energy that is locked in the stones can download into us. It is our innocence that is the best magnetic for this energy. It is our job now to help this site, and others like it, come alive like they did in Atlantis. It is obviously energy has been anchored in these sites. We have been feeling it every day in this pilgrimage. This energy shifts us and we become more awakened. When we awaken further the site is activated by this even further.

But as far as making this site come alive again like the ancients (or maybe us) did in Atlantis, where this site became a living stone, and where the whole place hummed with a harmonious frequency that could create matter, they were unable to do this after the fall of Atlantis. It takes many people working together in perfect harmony to do make these sites sing. No one person can turn on this site. If one person could have made this site come alive, then its power could had easily fallen into the hands of those that worked from their egos and not from their hearts. It had to be a heart-centered group of people to make it occur. It was a failsafe that still holds true today. Initiates had to work with different stones simultaneously and hold a divine heart spaceat the same time. Creation was achieved as a team, as it will be in the coming new world. Our groups work together as a team. Each one of us participates in the way that we feel we are called to participate. This feeling is the calling of the heart. When we LET IT GO, it works so beautifully. When we work from impeccability and honor and give each individual space to do what they need to do, magic happens.

Immediately afterwards, magic DID HAPPEN, and we got a taste of the music, harmony, frequency that made this place come alive. It was only a brief moment where the over tones of the temple sang with us. Tourists stopped and took notice. It was a priceless and magical moment that we were given (One way to achieve the sound of creation is with Peruvian whistling vessels. This ancient sound instrument has been lost to the Quetchua people, but is being revived in the modern world.

Now I am seeing that some wonderful looking Atlantean guys that are lining up all the way down the spine of this temple. Remember that this temple represents the chakras of the human body. So there are lined up all the way down to the entrance. They are waiting for us. They are lined up down to the obelisk at the entrance. So you are being invited to open your hearts and ask the Atlantean light beings to be with you now. This is a gauntlet of light that we are going to pass through as we walk from this heart temple. So with your permission (and for all those reading this), simply tune into the energy. I can see that these guardians will help us tune in. OK . . . now as long as everybody is in agreement with this, we will invite this energy into our hearts.

We ask that these lighted Atlantean Guardians help us to have the eyes to see as they see, the ears to hear as they hear, the heart that loves as they love, the wisdom that knows as they know, and to anchor in our bones this light as it is anchored in the bones of this temple. We ask that this light infuses us with the highest light and wisdom . . . through all time, space, dimension . . . past, present, future . . . body mind, spirit . . . seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, until we no longer need help to hold this quality of light in our body (or until you no longer want this activation). This activation will offer yet another level of initiation to our souls' memory.

Okay . . . something else is appearing at the head or crown of this temple. . . on the other side, in the next world. It is really big. It is a Sun God. It is a golden disk that reminds me of the Solar Disks in Peru. The God aspect of what I am seeing reminds me of Kukulkan, the enlightened Solar God (a.k.a. Star Elder) that is widely known and felt in the dimensional doorways and portals in the Yucatan . . . in sites like Chichan Itza, Labna and Kabah. This wisdom reminds me of the energy that I feel when I am in Uxmal, in the Yucatan also. These places are connected by ancient portals that were used to rescue high vibration beings during the fall of Atlantis.

As we walk out of the site . . . beginning at the heart and working our way down our chakras . . . we are going to be re-birthed into our bodies. A whole new level of ourselves is being birthed into our bodies as we walk out on this path of light. The Mayans call it a Sacbe, "a road of light, a road to heaven". This Luxor Temple has within it an ancient Sacbe. It is important to walk in these ancient Sacbes, and feel the vibrations of the portals, because they say we will need this information in the coming days and weeks as we enter a new world. We must prepare our bodies for this profound vibrational change. These sites and others around the world help us acclimatize to the concentrated and divinely focused energies that it takes to shift an age.

So as we walk out, we will pass the statue of Ramses on the left hand side. This statue is the living stone and Atlantean alchemist that I was telling you about earlier. He is now saying that the Atlantean guardian beings, that are making this gauntlet of light, are light sentinels. You might relate them to an angelic realm of some kind or another, but they are so much more.

So when you are ready, they would like us to stand up and walk back into ourselves by walking through and out the front of this Temple knowing that each step that you take, you are waking up and walking into your own body. There is a Golden Codex coming into every one's body. Are you ready for this?

(Now for those reading this, imagine walking slow with thoughtfulness out of the temple (use the photo slide show above) as if you were walking back into your body. Also you might consider listening to the music we heard and made at this time. We hope this helps to further the energy transmition.)

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