Into the Light of a NEW SUN
Karnak Egypt at the Moon Temple
The Karnak Ancestors and the Star Elders through Aluna Joy. March 19, 2011

The following is the 9th message that we received in Egypt. You can find our other messages on our website at under the "Articles for Personal and Planetary Transformation" link. It might be a good idea to read them in order as each message builds upon the previous one. We are sharing this message here with you just as we received it, in present time, with very little editing. We do this for a very important reason. We know the messages that we receive are not just for our groups, but are for others as well. The Immortals, Horus, the Hathors, and other Star Masters and the Star Elders assure me that the message and the corresponding energy will be transmitted to you. So as you read this, you might want to imagine that you are with us. Also, always view the photos on the web site that we share, as photos also hold some energy of the sites.

(Having found the center point in the Moon Temple at Karnak, the group stopped and started to prepare an alter around a stone carving of a baboon.)

Temple seed stones always come from very ancient places . . . some times from other ages. Many seed stones are from the temples of Atlantis, and are recognizable because they are a different kind of stone than any other in the temple. The Seed Stones anchor the center of the centers, the holy of the holies, the seed of the seed; so there is always a profound stillness here. When you are in the center of the center, there is no duality. In ancient days, the initiates always came to the center point first, and then worked their way out. It is also how they built the Temples . . . from the inside out. If find it interesting that most tourists explore these sites the opposite way, by going in the front gate and working their way in. But we didn't manifest ourselves this way. We were born from a center point, and created physical form out from the center. So in these sites, it is appropriate to start at the center, the heart, and then expand out from there.

The Ancestors of this sacred site invite you to take a moment and invite the center of the center into the center of your heart. This heart center is offering you another seed, if you choose to accept it. It will be our center stone within.

I am receiving a message now . . .
There is a new Sun coming up over an ocean, and there is nothing else. Just the ocean and the SUN. We are little babies being rocked by cosmic mothers. They look like our ancestors; those that have walked in this place before us. Now energy is starting to come in from radial directions now. The energy is coming from the source of all that is, that is everywhere. It is the center of the center. This energy is coming from the future and our new orientation point that our ancestors gave us at Abul Simbel (read about what happened at Abul Simbel at The energy is coming from everywhere, and it is washing over us. It is so delicate and so refined that there is no way that I could describe this energy properly. We can only feel it. Be in it. The Ancestors say we are like little babies now. Babies don't have language or a need to label or describe things. When we are babies, we don't think with words. You are not thinking with your head. You are not thinking at all. You are just being in the heart. When we are a baby, we are not thinking about night or day, or what comes next, or what we did yesterday. We are being right here . . . right now. We also allow ourselves to be loved by the mother. Today we are being reborn into a new place where we can absolutely BE. We are being ask to allow the love of our Cosmic Mother and the Ancestors to LOVE us and let this love in.

The Ancestors are showing me that this energy is like the moon that gives birth to the new Sun. Today a new Sun is pouring out of the moon. The moon is only a reflection of the sun. The Moon corresponds to the world we are now leaving. It was light but only a reflection of TRUE light. The New SUN corresponds to the world we are now entering into. We graduate from living in a reflection of light and truth, but to the absolute LIGHT itself and the TRUTH that it contains.

In Maya prophecy, they talk about what will happen just before we enter the new world. They say that there will be some days of darkness and then a new sunrise. The Maya say they are not really sure if it is a brand-new Sun or just the energy of a new Sun, but they say a new Sun will rise. A new Sun is being manifested in spirit right now. The Ancestors are saying that this new Sun is being birthed into the world in the next few days, weeks, months or as long as a couple of years. It will take a while for this to manifest physically. When it does, we will be receiving energy in a direct way; not as a reflection or energy reverberation that is not fully present. We can assimilate this new sun energy now because we have advanced and awakened enough to handle it. As the Sun becomes fully present, so will we! All false and outdated spiritual concepts will dissolve away and only. Our perspectives will change, countries will be liberated, as we will be liberated. Lunar cultures will re-align with Solar ones. The course of the planet will change. The Earth and humanity is a symbiotic relationship.

Creation takes many steps before it arrives in a physical dimension. When we start to create something, we have to imagine it first, and then gather information and resources before we can actually manifest that something. Manifesting in spirit is one half of the manifesting process. It is also the part we quickly over look, because we cannot see it with our eyes. Everything has to be created in spirit first, and then it slowly manifests into the physical world. Because we have been receiving energy from a reflection (the moon), manifesting has been challenging. Now that we are moving into full on Solar energy from the Source of all that is, so creating will manifest at a record pace! Hold on to your halo…it is starting to move fast!

This is a new Sun and with it will come the ability to manifest with pure LIGHT and not a reflection of it. This new energy will manifest and reflect how our hearts relate to our world. How we relate to the Sun and how the Sun relates to us is how we will create something together. The Ancestors say we are part of this manifesting process, because we have SUNS inside of us. So the new Sun that is being born on the outside, the one that Maya people talk about in their prophecies, is also new Sun that is being born in us. How we manifest in the world will be a collaboration between the Suns within us and the Sun in the sky. So they say right now that we are in our infancy . . . we are little babies being rocked.

When we woke up this morning I was feeling a little vulnerable, and now it is clear. I was feeling not quite all here. This is how would we would feel if we were a baby just being born. We would feel dependent. We would not know which way is up, we would not understand our body. It would all be brand new. Remember yesterday, when we worked at Luxor? (read the Luxor message at . . . We did in fact receive a new body. In this new body is a baby that is inside of us being coddled and loved by the energy of the new Sun. Does that make sense? So this new baby (us) is like an empty vessel. It doesn't have language. It doesn't have an idea of right and wrong. It just IS. So when we go into these sites filled with pure, fresh, new energy, we will absorb the light knowledge from the ancients, and this will be our foundation stone that we will build upon. We won't be building it the same way the ancients did. It will be a foundation stone of which we will build something even more amazing and more brilliant.

Jeshua said "What I have done, you can do also, and greater things.", and the universe is waiting for us to do those greater things. Our minds, at this moment, couldn't even consider what these greater things are. After all, he walked on water, raised the dead, made the blind see and fed the masses from one basket of food. I mean it is miraculous to think that he and other Masters are waiting for us to create greater things. This new seed inside of us is going to grow, and we will understand what those greater things are for us to manifest . . . for us to command into this world.

The Star Elders say that thousands of years from now, our future generations will look back on us, and they will know us as the ones that have written a new Bible etc. They will read about (group members) How-Weird, Bubbles and Kerri" (and those of you reading this), and how these ones brought something new into this world that they also struggled to understand. I know that we won't have to travel through another cycle like this again. We have learned about creating something beautiful and letting it fail. Now, when we create, it won't be finite, but the creation will be eternal. We are starting our own revolution; the revolution for permanency and eternity. We can do this now because we have advanced our soul and spirit and HEARTS. We are creating this so that no other living thing will have to endure the trials and tribulations that humanity has gone through in history. During the last few ages, we have had to endure things that we did not want to manifest, so we would know what we would DO want to create.

We are starting at the beginning… again. We are the new babies. This new baby inside of us is going to learn a new language. It is going to learn a new way to do create things. It is the energy of the new SUN. If we are feeling fuzzed out, or not quite here, it is because the universe is clearing out all that stuff that we don't need anymore. The new light is taking us to a place where we can learn and create from the purest, core level.

Many of us have done past-life regression, where you go back to your birth and feel your first feelings and see how those first feelings impacted your entire life. It was the seed that set the course of your life on a certain path. The Elders say that today is such a day for us . . . that we are bathing in a core energy. This energy is something that is beyond language or a mental understanding, and it WE WILL set a new course from this point on. Instead of duality, there will be unity. Instead of war, there will be peace. Etc…

A long time ago, the Star Elders showed me a vision of how it was going to feel when we cross over to the other side. They say that most of our memory won't survive. It is starting to happen now. We are starting to have spells of fuzzy headedness. Our old memory cannot survive, because if we take memory with us, we will re-create the same old world. We are used to doing this from memory and mechanicity. So, when you get fuzzy headed, and you feel like you are not all here, don't worry about it. Know that you are just letting go of some memory that you don't need to take with you.

The Star Elder also say that there will be a few that will be storytellers in the future. These are ones that will tell myths and stories about the ancient old world, and everybody will sit around and go "Wow! They lived that way?" When we cross over with the new SUN, most of humanity won't remember the struggle, the pain or the suffering. I like this idea a lot. Negative energy will be so foreign to us that it won't even come into our minds. The old wise ones, which there will be many of us, will be telling stories about a world that was once, but is no longer here. It will be like a fairytale.

So the energy that is around us, this new Sun, is inviting us to let the LIGHT in . . . in whatever way that is appropriate to you. We are being downloading with pure energy from the cosmos. I am also seeing some nice grounding energy coming up from the Earth. This is the Earth/Sky merkabah. We are being placed in the middle of this merkabah. This is the purest of the pure; the place that is the core of every sacred Temple. It is the seed of the seed; the holy of the holy. There is no definition to it. It is all pure. It just IS. All we have to do is allow.

The choices we make now will be what motivates our lives from this point on. Today we build a new cornerstone. So the Ancestors and the Star Elders are asking you in this moment to imagine what that cornerstone will grow inside of you. Maybe it will be an ideal vision or just something simple as a wonderful feeling . . . the feeling of love . . . a feeling of peace. When we arrive at the other side, we will still be diverse, but our hearts will be unified. We won't be a cookie-cutter world where we will all be emanating the same energy. Each one of us will have our own definition and individuality that makes up a whole unique and interesting world. But at the center of all of us, there will be a profound neutrality and unity. Humanity will transcend any separation caused by material, social or religious back grounds. There will simply be a connection with a unified heart joining all of us.

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in . . . A Star Messenger - Earth Oracle - Soul Reader - Sacred Site Junkie was literally born awake and in the company of her guides, the Star Elders. Today she has evolved into an author, spiritual life coach, sacred site guide, alternative historian, ordained minister and modern mystic. In the Inca world, Aluna is considered a Qawaq (cow-wak), a clairvoyant or seer of living energy. Aluna acts as a spiritual archaeologist using her clairvoyant / clairsentient gifts to excavate current messages from the masters of ancient, enlightened cultures to uncover what affect this has on humanity and the collective consciousness. She is well known for her down to earth, accepting attitude that makes each one feel like they have come home. She inspires and encourages others to recognize and accept their own authentic divinity and connection to the Creator. "Our groups are family, and each one is a teacher and also a student. We work together as a team to unravel the sacred mysteries of life." Aluna coined the term "sacred site junkie" because she is one herself. After her first trip to Tulum, Mexico, her life changed dramatically, and she was sent on an entirely different path in life. Since this time, her work has been influenced by uncountable shamanic experiences in sacred sites of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Peru, Bolivia, Egypt, Greece, England, Australia and New Zealand. Aluna has been leading groups in the Maya world since 1986, the Inca world since 1996, and the Egyptian world since 2008, and the mystical world of Avalon (England and Scotland) since 2007. Aluna offers Star Elder Sessions, formulates Sacred Site Essences and a free newsletter. She is the author of "Mayan Astrology" and her articles have been published worldwide. Website: Facebook: YouTube:

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