Launching of the Heart Map
Aluna Joy Yaxk'in
September 17, 2011 - Pikillacta, Peru

The following is the 2nd message that we received in Peru. You can find our other messages on our website at under the "Articles for Personal and Planetary Transformation" link. It might be a good idea to read them in order as each message builds upon the previous one. We are sharing this message here with you just as we received it, in present time, with very little editing. We do this for a very important reason. We know the messages that we receive are not just for our groups, but are for others as well. The Andean Masters and the Star Elders assure me that the message and the corresponding energy will be transmitted to you. So as you read this, you might want to imagine that you are with us. Also, always view the photos on the web site that we share, as photos also hold some energy of the sites.

This morning, the group was scheduled to travel by bus to go Tipon. However, Spirit had other plans. The road to Tipon was closed due to construction and as you can see the bu nealry got stuck : ) We ended up going to Pikillacta . . . another site about 20 minutes from Tipon. Prior to traveling, and during our opening circle, Aluna had talked about how people had been feeling during the last few months . . . it was as if we were in an airplane, and we didn't have any place to land. We were looking for a place to go, but nothing felt right. Today was an example of this issue. It was our first test in this pilgrimage to BE okay with the no knowing of what is next, or having a clear direction.

Aluna begins . . .
It appears that the Masters wanted us to start at a very neutral place on this pilgrimage. I can feel the Andean masters all around us. I know that you can too. I particularly feel energy coming from this direction (Aluna points behind her). I am really feeling a lot of presence from this area. This is the sacred black mountain. It is an enchanted mountain.

(Willaru talked about the Lemurian Master of the enchanted, Black Mountain (Apu Pachatusan). The Black Mountain was located behind us in the direction that Aluna had first mentioned where the Ascended Master energy was coming from. The Lemurian master's name was Lord of Huanca. )

The Andean Masters want to offer you an empty cup. It is a new chalice. Not a restoration of your old chalice; this is a new one. So if you are called to accept this new chalice, all you have to do is say inside that you are willing to accept this new empty cup. This cup does not have any definition attached to it. Your identity of who you think you are and why you are here is not in this cup. This is a new cup for new identities. It is completely empty, pure potential, and that is it. I think that is why the Andean Masters rerouted our trip today, because they wanted us to visit a really, super, neutral place where nothing much was happening except just pure energy of the Sun and the Earth. It is here that they could offer us this new cup. During this trip, they say that we will begin to find new things to put in this cup. You may know what they are . . . but you might not know as well. With your permission, the Andean Masters will help you begin to gather new pieces of energy for this cup. This can be done now, because we are in a new time. They will help us build a new foundation, so we can have an airport to land on.

This is not going to take place of the cup that you already have inside of you . . . the place where you already know who you are and why you are here . . . at least not for now. When we first began today, they were considering starting you over . . . from scratch. But they decided that this might be too radical. So they are going to leave your old identity in place for now. This old cup will stay alongside the new, empty cup that you will gather a new identity for yourself for a new world.

During this pilgrimage, we will find bits and pieces of your old identity begin to dissolve away . . . who you think you are and why you are here . . . what you think you are going to be doing next . . . it might start dissolving away. You will "remember" new things or new energy that you will place in this cup. This new energy will manifest into something else later on. It looks like this is a trip of letting go of the old and receiving what is new all at the same time.

A lot of what they are showing me, I couldn't possibly explain. It is new stuff. I had a dream about it a couple of nights ago during my first night in Cuzco. It is still not clear enough right now to be able to put into language. But it appears that we have crossed a line in which we are no longer part of the world as it WAS. We are now fully inside the PRESENCE of the world as it will be. We are unplugging from all of our mechanicity and letting go of the things that are familiar. We are falling out of our patterns on this journey. The Andean Masters are going to help us grow in this state of openness, because that is what getting out of our mechanicity creates. It helps us be really open . . . like a child. The Andean Masters are going to help us find new places to anchor this new energy that will help us orientate and anchor to the new world that will be. This new world is actually right now, but in our frame of mind, it still feels like it is in the future. To the Andean Masters it is not. We are already in it. I felt this when we all felt the heart-felt welcome when we flew over the sacred Apus on the plane from Lima. They want to welcome us to the Andes and the mystery Schools that are here. We can feel the Ascended Masters here, all around the mountains, and particularly behind us. They are welcoming us here. They recognize our hearts. They are ready for us. They have been waiting for us, which means that they have plans for us as well. It is good they have plans for us, because our plans don't seem to be working so well today (laughter). I am feeling that these plans have something to do about a first step into a great ocean of great potential. It feels like a sacred baptism of energy that we will be receiving on this pilgrimage.

So today, they give us the opportunity to dump out all the things that we no longer want, or that serve us. They are giving us a new cup / chalice to put the new energy in. They are going to ask that this be sealed in each one of us throughout all time, space, dimension, past, present, future, body, mind, spirit, seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year until each person that owns this new chalice no longer wants it or needs it. You are in charge of this cup; nobody else. It is your responsibility to take care of what you put into it. Also the Andean Masters say that we will receive a lot of guidance on filling our cups, because we are like little babies in this new world. We don't know enough information to even ask a proper question. We don't know where to look or what to look for, because it is all new. We are children in this new land, so the Masters will help trigger ideas or things, so we will learn and start to ask questions and grow in this new world. If we don't learn what to ask for, we won't receive as quick or as much as we can to place in the cup.

Hopefully this message which we are receiving today means that we are moving out of the holding pattern that we have been feeling. I actually believe that this turning point was reached in the first week of September. It is the beginning point of being able to move forward again. The Andean Masters are just sending us now a lot of love and appreciation for who we are, and for the courage it takes to make this journey in an energy field that makes it really hard to make a decision. So they appreciate the fact that we were able to navigate all those mixed signals that we have been getting, and the false dead ends, and still make it to this point. Any time we make a sacrifice to make a pilgrimage, we are always rewarded. Because not only does it break us out of our patterns, but we are also telling the universe that we are ready grow into something new. By our actions, the universe has heard our intent that we are really ready to break forward and step fully into this new realm, even though we don't have a clue what in the world that looks like, or what we will find when we get there. They are in awe of our courage to take this step, and also honor so many others around the world now that are doing the same thing.

All ancient cultures used different forms of alchemy. They knew how to work with light, energy and frequency. But this new world is going to be different than any that the ancients knew about. The geometry and/or the natural laws of a new dimension have arrived. I think this is what we are going to start to discover now. . . what the new laws of nature will look like. Even the Mayans understood that natural laws would change. It is a huge cycle that we have been traveling and returning to the beginning point . . . about every 104,000 years.

Every time we cross back over that beginning point, which we are at right now, it triggers all the catastro-phobia and fear, because we are feeling what happened in the cycle before. We are crossing right over the same energy and are right on top of it. But at this time, we are an evolutionary notch up. So Atlantis, Lemuria, and all previous events were in a past cycle. What we are moving into, is way beyond any of those past events.

There will be some familiarity regarding parts of the new laws and foundation stones for what is coming next. There will be an echo of this world and past worlds, but it will be a lot different. There will be a more advanced alchemy than the ancients experienced in ages past . . . at least compared to Atlantis and Lemuria. For ages even further back, and since we don't remember them as well, we can't speculate if there will be echoes or things that will repeat are not. A lot of us have little bits of memory of Atlantis and Lemuria, but we are still pretty limited. But what is out in front of us is going to be a different alchemy.

Two days ago, I had a dream that was a clue to what is next. But for the life of me, I could not catch it all. The Andean Masters called it a "Heart Map", and it has to do with the connections of people's like-minded frequency. This type of alchemy was used in Atlantis, but it has evolved and has moved way beyond having to use physical temples, crystals, and other tools. This alchemy is more of an internal thing. It is a way of linking hearts. This is what we are going to be doing in this group while we are traveling in Peru. There is a common frequency, various geographical locations, and new directions. Once we link our hearts in just a certain way, it will bring something alive that is the creative potential that we will create from. We are entering an age that we cannot create by ourselves. We must join as a community. This is why everybody is being attracted to finding like-minded friends and family and building community. We are finding this all across the planet, because we are going to be doing this creating of like-minded family globally. So we do not have to be all in the same place; just somewhere on Earth. I wish I could remember the entire dream, but the Star Elders say that the pieces will come as we need them, and when we have come to be much more Okay with being in the moment. So, the bottom line is that we don't know what the hell we are doing (laughter). At least we have an excuse. Well, I have always had an excuse (Aluna points to her hair) . . . I am blonde (laughter).

This site, Pikillacta, sort of reminds me of a Wiracocha site that is on the way to Lake Titicaca where I feel there is cyclopean energy . . . really old history. But there is not much anchored here now, and I think that is why the Andean Masters brought us here. We needed to be really neutral to receive a perfectly clear chalise, so we could put the new laws / codes in.

Now our group began to see things that I had not yet told them about. It was exciting and deeply satisfying to see. This is very significant to see this on the first day of a Peruvian pilgrimage.

One group member saw a rose red color appear and many beings with it that had several faces and then the sense of energy of a rose flowing from the chest. The Brother/Sisterhood of the Seven Rays is the order of the Red Rose, and Lord Meru usually shows up with the whole group of beings. They usually send energy out from their heart. Another group member said "When I first close my eyes to tune in, I saw this little, red light. I normally see a white light coming towards me. This one was a ruby colored, red light coming toward me." Yes . . . that is the order of The Brother/Sisterhood of the Seven Rays.

Then another group member went even deeper into the energy. She said "When I closed my eyes, I saw hallways, and there were doors, and arches. It appeared not like a trail, but a way to go. Then there were very big faces, and I kept asking what their names were, and I got 'It doesn't matter. You won't remember anyway.' (P.S. The Andean Masters, along with the Star Elders, do not like to have individual names as it promotes separation.) Then I took a break, and I listened to what Aluna was saying, and then again closed my eyes. Then they took me to a different structure, but there more big arches, and green doors that were open, so we could get through them. And they told me that I was home."

More history of The Brother/Sisterhood of the Seven Rays . . .
We know that there is the Great White Brother/Sisterhood in the North that resides in the Grand Tetons and Mt. Shasta. So the Brother/Sisterhood of the Seven Rays is the South American version of this master community. They all know each other. I tend to plug into The Brother/Sisterhood of the Seven Rays here, more than I do with the North American Brother/Sisterhood oddly enough. Lord Meru is the only one that is known by a name, or that will use a name. He rarely talks and mostly projects wonderful, uplifiting energy. He is usually accompanied with many of the brotherhood. When we tune in, we can see a lot of faces. They usually invite you into a series of hallways leading to huge crystal chambers. If you can hold your focus and follow the hallways, you can reach the rooms where there is a Hall of Records. So we are already starting to see this which is amazing. I think it might be that we are near the mystic mountain. Usually we don't get this far into the energy until we get clear down into the sacred valley.

There is one rare book that talks about Lord Meru. It is called "Secret of the Andes" by Brother Philip. order SECRET OF THE ANDES The first 75 pages of the book are really right on, and then after that, something happens, and the guy that was channeling lost his connection or something, because it changed. It was clear that something else influenced him, and it wasn't as clear. But the first 75 pages are awesome. They talk about The Order of the Red Rose.

A group member shares another interesting point . . .
Willaru talks about 108 lifetimes, and in the Hindu tradition, Yoga tradition, there are the Mala beads. The main bead is the Meru bead! When you say your mantra and move the bead, you go all the way around. You never cross over the Meru bead. You turn it around, and go back the other way. I find that this connection is really interesting.

At this point the message stopped, and we were asked to continue on our pilgrimage.

More about the heart map will be mentioned in upcoming articles.

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