Aluna Joy with the Andean Masters and The Star Elders
September 20th, 2011 - The Sacred Valley ~ Urubamba, Peru ~ at the base of the Sacred Mountain Apu Pitu Siray

The following is the 4th message that we received in Peru 2011. You can find our other messages on our website at under the "Articles for Personal and Planetary Transformation" link. It might be a good idea to read them in order as each message builds upon the previous one. We are sharing this message here with you just as we received it, in present time, with very little editing. We do this for a very important reason. We know the messages that we receive are not just for our groups, but are for others as well. The Andean Masters and the Star Elders assure me that the message and the corresponding energy will be transmitted to you. So as you read this, you might want to imagine that you are with us. Also, always view the photos on the web site that we share, as photos also hold some energy of the sites.

We would like to take this moment and send thanks the sacred spirit of Apu Pitu Siray for the blessing of us being here in this sacred valley. This mountain is one of the sacred mountains. This little hacienda is one of the few places where we get to be in the energy field of a sacred mountain while sleeping, eating etc. … It is a great blessing.

Yesterday, when I we were in Moray, I went back to a place that I call Base Camp. I could not share yesterday, because I was not here. I was out there (Aluna points up). But what I am going to share today is what I learned. I learned a way for everybody to find that Base Camp within themselves. Base camp is who you really are and where you really live. It is the truth and not the 3d illusion we live in now. Base Camp is a little different for each person . . . just like each of us are a little different from each other. Base Camp is the place from where we create whole new worlds. This place is available to us now, because of the times that we are in right now on this planet. We are in a new creation mode for a new world. This offers us all a unique and rare opportunity for the advancement of our souls.

Remember . . . On the first day in Peru, we received an empty chalice (read past messages at When we drove down into the sacred valley, we could feel the love and the blessings of the Apus and the Andean Masters flooding into us. I have never felt them greet us quite so powerfully as I have on this pilgrimage. Sacred sites all over the world are resonating with the new frequencies. This will get stronger as we enter the year 2012. I have not seen them work with us with so much energy and enthusiasm as they have on this visit. We are in the midst of vast, ever-changing, oscillating, intense frequencies. Things will change from one moment to the next. Our desires of what we want to create start and stop so quickly that it is really hard to keep up and stay focused on manifesting anything. I think that we are in the time now, where we are cooking on ideas, so when we do finally put our feet down in a new world, we will be able to manifest all our visions of paradise, even though, right now, it seems physically impossible to do all that we feel inside of us.

Base Camp is a place inside of us where the only thing that matters is our agreement that we made with Creator when we consented to come into this life. This agreement is the only thing that matters. Everything else is an illusion of this world. Everything else is just noise . . . and blah, blah, blah. We came into this body and dimension at this time for this very agreement. This agreement is somewhat different for every one of us, but it leads us all to the same destination.

When I went back to Base Camp, what I saw was that they moved everything and everybody away from me. Everything I learned, everything that I was programmed with, every way I think this world works, the density of the Earth, gravity, everything was gone. It was just me and the Creator. In this space, I realized that the only thing that matters is what we agreed to when we came here. The only thing that God really cares about is if we are happy, and for us to thrive and be full of light. It doesn't matter if we do anything or create anything. If every single person on this planet was just content, can you imagine what the world would be like right now? There would be nobody trying to take from each other, because they felt lack. There would be no war. There would be no illness. We would be naturally happy. We all have this Base Camp inside of us. Everyone has this spot where we can go back and sit with the Creator and let this dimension melt away so we can get clear and recharge.

Another point that I realized is that all the things that we do here that keep us in the process of always processing things, is the process itself. Processing comes from the mind and our habitual world. The simple fact is that whatever we put our attention on is what we are going to get more of. The universe is here to support us; not to challenge us. The universe is not here to stir the pot or create endless processing, but to give us what we want. This isn’t a school of hard knocks unless we make it a school. If what we want is to continue to process our issues, we will. If we want bliss and love, we will get that as well. Every time we put our focus on something, the universe says “Oh, okay. That is what you want.” The universe is bound by natural law to give it to us. This has never been more true than it is right now.

Twenty to thirty years ago, there was a gentle buffer zone with manifesting what we wanted. It was a divine grace period. We were offered this, because we were still new to this energy, and we weren't as evolved as we are now. The universe gave us time to learn about this new energy. Also, we were not in the right place in the universe back then. We needed to be protected from this potent, creative force for our own safety. But now, the world is being bombarded with this powerful creative force. We literally feel overwhelmed with the acceleration, and we are dancing a finely tuned dance between what will we allow in our life and what we won't allow. The doors we open up is what the universe will give us, because that is what we are asking for. What we manifest does not come from our heads . . . our minds. In our mind, we always say we want to be abundant, happy and healthy. We have a lot of things going on in our heads. We have a lot of knowledge and wisdom in our head as well. They are programs from this old world. But what the universe listens to is this (Aluna points to her heart), and what we really believe about ourselves.

Are we are still feeling like victims, or are we feeling needy, or still battling our greed, lust, gluttony and other egos? When we have these feeling and beliefs inside of us, this is what the universe will keep giving to us. It has to! The universe listens to our whole package; not just what our minds want. This is why we are learning to become aware.

There is absolutely no end to bliss and light and love and happiness and perfect health that we can experience. There is no end to it. There is also no end to searching, suffering and processing. We can process our stuff for the rest of our lives, and we will never find the end of it. Because the universe is going to continue to give us more stuff to process. In fact, we are looking for it! We think “Oh, I can't be an enlightened being yet, so I must find something to work on to fix.” We think we can earn our way back into the grace of God that I AM/We Are. God made us perfect, but we don’t believe it. We are quick to believe the lies before the truth. It is a mystery to us all. There is nothing that we need to prove to God. Now is the time that we need to get our heads wrapped around this one! So don't get stuck in the need to process illusions. However . . . we are still in a world of duality, and some issues will arise. But witness them, and let them go. Do not get bogged down in the need to process. The fact is that when we let them go and erase from our minds any issues that are mis-qualified energy (mis-qualified by us by the way), they will starve and slowly disappear.

There are a lot of schools of thought out there that believe in continually processing or else we are not growing. Soon we realize that it is a bottomless pit. BUT . . . there is a bottomless pit no matter which way we look. From the blissful things to the hellish ones. But which pit do you want to be in? We can choose to be happy and full of love and light and be abundant and healthy, or we can go the other way. We are all still working on this. We are not going to be able to perfect this concept right now, because we are still in the world of duality, and Base Camp is not in duality. When we master our minds, we will switch this world in a heartbeat. But for now, we are still learning how to let go of the ego-based, material world and the attached programming. But we can create things by plugging into Base Camp. It is a simple surrender. How many times have we heard this, but we still cannot quite get there 100%. We are a work in progress. So be light on yourself.

Finding and Anchoring to Base Camp - The Activation . . .

You must give the Andean Masters, the Star Elders and Archangel Michael permission to help you with this process of discovering Base Camp. They will never do anything without your permission or against our free will.

OK . . . We begin.

We are going to call on all of the Guides, Guardians and Angels of the LIGHT that are part of this group (and those reading this), all the Ascended Beings of LIGHT that are here to elevate us, to raise us up to a place where we can be Living Masters. We ask them to help us settle into the core of ourselves . . . our Base Camp.

The first thing that we do in this process is that we must let go of everything we know and identify with in this dimension. This is temporary letting go just for this process. We do this just to help you find your core . . . Base Camp.

Please take a moment and create a bubble of light around you. The only thing that is in this bubble is you …100% … no more, no less. All things that you have given away have now been returned to you. All things that are not original to your true self are being removed from you now. This bubble will stay up for the duration of this process and will be removed when you are done with this process. You can do this process over and over until you feel it has anchored solidly within you.

Please take a moment now to let go of where you consider your local, physical home is. Just erase this location from your memory. Now they ask that you remove your country and put this outside of yourself now. Just see this being pushed away from you like a memory. Now see our entire planet, and push it outside your bubble. You are not this planet, country or city. You never were.

Now, all the people in your life . . . push them out of your bubble for this time. There are no parents, children, extended family, soul friends, and even pets inside your bubble. Remember . . . we are doing this for only a short time to help you remember your Base Camp. Then your loved ones are returned to you unchanged.

Now we ask Archangel Michael to re-calibrate this bubble into one of greater clarity which is now being formed around your physical, mental and spiritual bodies.

Inside, your mantra is . . .
“All that I AM is between ME and God.”
“All that I AM is between ME and God.”
“All that I AM is between ME and God.”

Shut out this entire dimension, and push it away from you, so it is only YOU and the CREATOR. All the things that your parents taught you, all the things that you learned in school, all the things that you learned in other ways, good or bad, hard lessons, good lessons, everything . . . push them all away. You are not your genetics, the color of your hair, your education, your age. Push it all away. Push away all that you are sitting with right now . . . your worries, your issues, your responsibilities, your beliefs that you are not good enough, or that you don’t try hard enough, or that you missed the boat. Let it go. Let it go. Let it go.

“All that I AM is between ME and God.”
“All that I AM is between ME and God.”
“All that I AM is between ME and God.”
You need to push this process out as well. I am not here with you as well. It is only YOU, the CREATOR and your sacred agreement. That is it. There is nothing else.

We invite you to focus on the sound of your breath and your heart beat. If you plug your ears, you can hear your heart beat inside of you. This heart beat is synchronized with the Creator’s core. With each breath you now allow the Andean Masters to carry away all the things that you thought were you, or believed about yourself that are not true. You allow these thing be washed away like an old memory or a bad dream.

The only thing that is inside this bubble NOW is YOU and the CREATOR and the creative force of the universe which is the energy to give you the power to decide and empower what is going to be created. Just sit here for a moment . . . just YOU and the CREATOR. All that matters is between YOU and the CREATOR, and that is it. There is NOTHING else. It is a space that is filled with crystal, clear purity and full of light and filled with unlimited potential.

Now, while you are Be-ing with God/ CREATOR, allow yourself to remember the core, the heart of your agreements regarding what you came here to do, or not do, or to be, or not to be. Feel your own personal Base Camp . . . that place that WAS before your incarnation, and will BE once again after this incarnation. This is who you truly are, before you took on a life in a dualistic world that either judged you or glorified you. You are neither of these. You just ARE. LIGHT . . . An aspect of the Creator . . . Egoless and pure.

Now we ask that the Andean Masters anchor this Base Camp inside of you for all time, space and dimension . . . past, present and future . . . in body, mind and spirit . . . For 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year . . . that is if you so wish this to be so.

Now . . . Feel this . . . Remember how it feels. Remember how you feel while being here. This is who you are. This is where your truth comes from. This is how the Creator sees you . . . Pure, untouched and impeccable.

When you know that you have anchored a place where Base Camp is inside your 3D physical reality, come back into the room where you are sitting, and allow yourself to re-enter the world. Breathe . . .

When you get confused, or don't know which way to go, or can't seem to be clear, or be able to manifest, please go back to this point, your Base Camp, where the only thing that matters is what is between you and God, and that is it. It is as simple as it is supposed to be. TRUTH is SIMPLE and unifies! Lies are complicated, confusing and separate us from the Creator and each other. This new Base Camp will align this world into a clear perception . . . in spite of all the complications, detours and illusions amongst varying, isolating, vacillating energies this dimension is dishing out right now.

Once you anchor in the place where you and the Creator are ONE, it is a place where you can live from no matter what is going on in the world. You are now in the world but not of it. You are the calm in the storm. You are in the eye of the needle.

Part 2 . . . Anchoring A New Heart in Base Camp . . . coming soon.


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