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In the decades leading up to 2012, the end of a very large cycle of time, and a 33 year journey through the dark rift in the Milky Way, we re-birthed, re-modeled, re-hashed, re-claimed, re-mapped, re-booted, and re-membered. We just about re-did everything and looked deep into our hearts with an electron microscope. But that process is over. It is fading into a dim memory. Our work is done there, and what we have done cannot be repeated. Today we are in a new age, frequency, dimension, bandwidth, reality and perspective. What was . . . is gone, and there is no going back. For most of the conscious community, the universe has hit the pause button, and we are in an odd place of suspended animation. We have gone back to the womb. This is a safe place for us while the Earth recalibrates to the new frequencies. We are in the incubation phase of a new cycle. We are dreaming a new world while maintaining a body in the physical world. It is an oddly fascinating place to witness. It is like living and dreaming all at the same time. We are becoming familiar with the void and the unknown. Even though there is some oddly unsatisfying and unproductive searching going on, we also feel safe and secure regarding the eminent outcome to our incubation. We are collecting new tools for the future. We are gathering information that we will need for the new birth . . . And we can feel it coming.

Aluna Joy, and the Star Elders
Palenque, Mexico - 12/21/12 - Message #2

The following is the second message that we received in the Mayalands this past December over Solstice. You can find our other messages on our website at www.alunajoy.com under the "Articles for Personal and Planetary Transformation" link. It might be a good idea to read them in order as each message builds upon the previous one. We are sharing this message here with you just as we received it, in present time, with very little editing. We do this for a very important reason. We know that the messages that we receive are not just for our groups, but are for others as well. The the Star Elders assure me that the message and the corresponding energy will be transmitted to you. So as you read this, you might want to imagine that you are with us. Also, always view the photos on the website that we share, as photos also hold some energy of the sites.

After having done our entrance ceremony (read entrance ceremony here at "http://www.alunajoy.com/2013-dec21.html" and summary of the entire pilgrimage here at "http://www.alunajoy.com/2013-jan24.html"), we had initially thought we would be going to the area in Palenque called "Group C" to do our main ceremony. However, Spirit had other plans for us. When we got to the entrance area of Group C, it was blocked off, and the energy did not feel right. We decided to continue walking into the main site area and ended up settling in the area just behind the ball court. (Yeah . . . It was still raining.)

Aluna: We are connected by our hearts now, and the Star Elders say we have returned. They said, "We have emerged out of the jungle." (In fact, we just did come out of the jungle.) I felt a big shift when the open sky appeared above us, when we exited from underneath the jungle canopy. We were nearly lost and asleep in a dark world (the past). The past is where we said, "Goodbye." We have now buried our past. We just didn't say goodbye to our old selves; we buried them. We buried all that was in the past in the underworld for that energy to be recycled. When we came to this location in Palenque, with the sky above us and the soft rain coming down on our heads, they said we have emerged from the jungle, the dark cycle. The Star Elders referred to the jungle as the place where we were lost in illusion-where we believed false truths, and we couldn't hold onto our center.

Okay, I am going to have to tell you a story. According to an old Mayan myth, when the Spanish came to the Maya world in their sail boats, the Maya people could not comprehend or see the boats. They could not see the boats, because in their minds they had not been trained to understand what a boat was, so it was an unknown and invisible to them. A sail boat was inconceivable. When the boats came nearer to the shore, the Mayas still couldn't see them; but the shamans could feel something shifting, just as every one of us here can now feel something shifting. We have known most of our lives that something new and important was coming. What was coming (or shifting) is this new life into which we just have emerged. Even as a child, I knew this new life was "the life." I didn't understand what that meant when I was a toddler, but I knew what was coming was important. I am sure many you have felt the same thing, as well.

Okay, on with the story . . . The shamans could feel something different in the vibration of the coastline, and they began looking into this unknown. They tuned in, and they searched and struggle. This is much like what we all have been doing. We have been working, searching, reaching, tracking-looking for that unknown but familiar energy, an energy that we knew we came into this life to experience. Sooner or later, the Mayan shamans began to understand a little bit about this shifting energy. They got a stick, and they began to draw the boat in the sand. They drew the masts, the sails, and the boat. Then they said, "This is what we are seeing, but it doesn't make sense because we don't know what it is . . . we have never seen this before."

It is just like when we get our visions: sometimes we can't describe them with words because there are no words to describe them, since we have never seen them before. Well, after the shamans drew the boat on the sand, pretty soon everybody understood what they had drawn; and they started seeing the masts, the sails, and the boat. Then the shamans said, "it is coming from that direction (and pointed out into the ocean). It is out there." Finally, everyone could see the boat in the ocean.

What we have been reaching for on this spiritual path has been invisible and inconceivable to us until now. We have been required to trust in our hearts and stepping forward in nearly blind faith. But we have now come out of the "jungle," and we have entered a place where we will be able to conceive of the un-believable and begin to understand this invisible world. We will be able to see the writing in the sand. This invisible world is the truth of who we are and what our destiny is. This truth is our heart and core-a truth that has only been veiled from us until now.

The first time I went to Avalon, we went at a time when they said there would be no crop circles because it was too early in the season. I wanted to see one so badly. We were driving down the road toward Avebury; and although there was a big crop circle on the side of the hill, I didn't see it. I was looking right at the circle, and it did not register in my mind even though it was a big, obvious circle. I could not see it until one of the local UK people, said, "Oh by the way . . . there is a new crop circle." And then it went "bing" in my mind, and I could see the crop circle.

This is what we are doing on this historic day - we are finally seeing what is already here. Inside, let us ask to see what we haven't been able to see. The Star Elders gave me the following prayer in 1990 when I came to Palenque for the first time. They want me to share this prayer with you now:

Dear Creator …
Give me the eyes to see like you see.
Give me the ears to hear like you hear.
Give me the heart to love like you love.
Give me the bones to understand like you understand,
Give me the mind to know as you know.
Give me the HEART to love as you love.

The Ancients always knew that all the knowledge and the wisdom of the world were anchored in bones and stone. We are surrounded by the stone that was anchored here by the Ancients, and their DNA is in this soil that we are standing on. We are part of a new history now. We are our own ancestors returned. We have come here to see the New World being born. This is a world that no one has seen yet, not even the Ascended Masters. The Star Elders don't know what it is as well. Nobody knows what the New World is. It is a clean slate and a great void of pure potential. It is our job to peel away the fog from our eyes now and see beyond what we knew in the past. We may not understand with our minds what we see today and in the following days, but we will hold it right here (Aluna points to her heart). We will let it incubate inside of us, like the boat the shamans drew on the sand. It might take us awhile to understand what we see or what we feel in this place, but sooner or later we will understand what it is and begin to create from it.

The Star Elders say there will be new geometry, new laws of nature. Right now our bodies are still operating from the old laws of nature. New laws of nature, new geometry, math, science-everything-once this becomes realized it will change the course of humanity. All scientists and mathematicians will change their focus, or direction. Everything that we ever thought we knew will change to a new direction. A global light bulb will go off across humanity-not just in us but in everyone-because remember that we are connected to everybody and everything. We are one.

So what we absorb today will be a homeopathic inoculation that is not just for us but for the rest of humanity-for all the other thousands of people around the world that are still inside (the jungle), still searching to find the pieces that they don't understand. So, today, while we are here, whatever we feel-don't judge it, not anything. No matter what you are feeling. If it is sad, if it is happy, if it is blissful, if it is confusing, don't judge it. Just BE with it. Everything you feel is a CLUE! Just be with it and know that the Universe is now peeling away the illusions to give us a new vision of something that we have never seen before. This may be a confusing process, but we have a great support group in each other.

Our ancestors could not teach us how to take this next step. But our ancestors did take us this far. All the ancient cultures of the world built a foundation stone for us. We climbed this foundation stone and are now standing on top of it. But what the ancient left us has little to do with what this New World will be for us. Twenty six thousand years from now, the foundation stones that we build today will be the foundation stones for our descendants. And they will build yet another step, as well. We are ascending a giant cosmic pyramid, step by step. We do not know how many steps we have climbed, nor do we know how many more foundation stones are in front of us. Today we could be on the 5th step (the 5th world), or it could be the 144th step-nobody knows.

Many of us have bits of memories of Atlantis and Lemuria, but none of us has memories of ages before these times. And there were many past ages. This cyclic pyramid could be thousands of steps high. But today we are on this new step, and it is our job in the future to create the next step. This is what we came here for. This is why we are always searching inside and always excavating. If we don't find what our hearts are looking for, then sometimes we judge ourselves and think we are doing something wrong, or we are not spiritual enough. Let all of this negative thinking go . . . NOW. Don't judge yourself. Don't think you don't have it or don't know, because you do. We all do. Everybody in this life does. It is in our DNA. Everybody on the planet has a knowing deep inside, so don't judge anybody or anything or yourself, because we all have what we are searching for.

Okay, feel your feet. (Those reading this take off your shoes and place your feet of the earth if you can.) There is energy coming up from under the earth. The Star Elders are saying they are uploading a new geometry into us. There are many different levels of creation in each age, and geometry is one of the highest levels and one of the first that needs to be manifested to create a new paradigm. From there, it filters down into physical reality. What we are getting today is an etheric blueprint for the future, but it is still in Spirit. The New World needs a framework, and the framework is the new geometry. We can't draw it yet, because we can't see it. The framework, the new geometry, is going to start filtering down, and it will eventually come into physical form. And this will show up in our lives as changes and shifting and new beginnings. I don't think it is going to take long for us to feel the evidence of this new geometry and it will make us feel like a boat without a rudder for a while.

Life and experience have been speeding up at a multiplying rate. Have you noticed this in your life? Our grandparents talked about having one or two big life lessons, and now we are getting those every month or every week-sometimes every day. And we are saying, "Oh God, please have mercy on us. This is too much." We feel like we are being pushed to the edge, and, yes, Spirit has been pushing us to that edge. Spirit has been pushing us just about off the edge of this cliff. We think we are going to fall, and yet we don't-we fly. The proof of this is that we are still here.

This life has been elevating us. We are now floating off that foundation stone our ancestors left for us and are entering a void. We have been pulling our energy up to the next level. We have been opening ourselves up to that which is new. We let go and buried our past, and the new blueprint is being anchored into our spirits and is altering our DNA. The year 2012 has been crazy and confusing. Nobody knows which way to go. Do I go this way, or do I go that way? Do I make this choice, or do I make that choice? Do I want to do this or that? We can't make up our minds about anything because there is conflicting energy between the world we are leaving and the world we are moving into. And there is a strange, perplexing chasm between them. The old path has ended, and an inner leap has taken us to the new path.

Right now I am asking that the Star Elders hear us, because we don't want to feel confused anymore. We want to be able to make a choice now between one world and the other. So are all of you committed to this New World? (Group: "Yes!") The Star Elders say that we are not experiencing direction and guidance in the same way that we have become accustom to. The New World will not be linear anymore, as well. It will be spherical. But we still are manifesting and working in linear lines, at least today. The Star Elders say things are not going to work this way anymore because the New World is spherical. At first, this is going to be confusing; but soon we will get it, and it will become easier. So as we go through this journey together and as we absorb the energy from Palenque and Pakal today, not only will we feel his peace and his love but also the Star Elders are going to anchor this new blueprint and geometry. We probably won't be able to understand it with our thinking heads today-but maybe we will. (Fingers crossed)

(It started raining a lot harder.)
As we are feeling this site today, just imagine we are one of those Maya people on the edge of that beach looking for that boat. . . . Oh cool! . . . Because of what our ancestors had to go through to see that boat, they have left us a doorway to see the unknown and unimaginable. So if we imagine that we are those Maya people sitting on the beach with the shamans who are drawing the boat in the sand . . . the Star Elders and Pakal are saying that through this doorway there is something coming, and we don't know what it is. Our ancestors broke through this veil, and they could eventually see the boat. This has left a little tiny thread of a door. Just pretend you are on that beach looking for the boat. Then the doorway that our ancestors left for us will open for us. Of course, it's not a sailboat we are looking for, but our truth in the core of our cosmic DNA that is brand new. So we are going to imagine that we are looking for something we have never seen before and be open to anything. The best way to do that is by doing two things: Be very, very grateful, and don't judge anything you see or feel. Even though it may not make sense to you now . . . it will in time.

I want to thank Mother Earth and Father Sky and give thanks for the rain. Palenque was dry and really needed the rain. Thank you, Pakal, for loving us so much yesterday when we walked in-it was so beautiful. And thank you for the blessing that we get to be here. There are so many thousands of people across the planet that wanted to be here and couldn't for a "zillion" reasons, and it's such a blessing to be here. It is our responsibility. We get to take this energy home. We get to be the homeopathic inoculation for what is coming. We get to go and spread this energy across the planet, along with all the thousands of other people across the globe that are doing this work as well. We are the bridge. God bless all of them. God bless humanity. God bless us. God bless the Earth, the sky, and this new age that is now coming.

(We were instructed to make an sacred site essence here at this time from only energy in water that had yet to touch the earth.) Sacred Site Essences

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