Aluna Joy, with King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, Joseph of Arimathea, and the Star Elders...
June 19th, 2012 - Chalice Well and St. Johns the Baptist Church in Glastonbury England - Message #2

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The following is the second message that we received in Avalon (England and Scotland) this past June/July 2012 over Solstice. You can find our other messages on our website at under the "Articles for Personal and Planetary Transformation" link. It might be a good idea to read them in order as each message builds upon the previous one. We are sharing this message here with you just as we received it, in present time, with very little editing. We do this for a very important reason. We know that the messages that we receive are not just for our groups, but are for others as well. The Star Elders and all the others that joined us, assure me that the message and the corresponding energy will be transmitted to you as you read them. So as you read this, you might want to imagine that you are with us. Also, always view the photos on the website that we share, as photos also hold some energy of the sites.

June 19, 2012 - Chalice Well in Glastonbury.

The group meditated for a while in the meadow above Chalice Well sacred springs and then went to the source of the well (having the lid with the Vesica Piscis) and then moved on and proceeded to drink the water from the lion's head. This spring in on a Mary ley line.

(Chalice Well is one of Britain's most ancient and sacred wells, nestling in the Vale of Avalon between the famous Glastonbury Tor and Chalice Hill. Surrounded by beautiful gardens and orchards it is a living sanctuary in which the visitor can experience the quiet healing of this sacred place. For over two thousand years this has been a place where people have gathered to drink the waters and find solace, peace and inspiration. Myths share stories that Jeshua, Mary, Mary Magdalene and Joseph of Arimathea, among others had visited the well for it healing and peace. More at

Aluna begins receiving….
I noticed that while we were drinking the water from this sacred red well, it went right through to the core of our being. The water is sinking down through our root chakra, but at the same time our crown chakra is spinning open and lifting us up into the ethers. It is like a sinking and a lifting all at the same time. This is what it is like to integrate of all our selves - our physical / 3D body with our higher-self body, emotional body, spiritual body, and our soul. This land (on a sacred Mary ley line) and sacred water are creating a bridge within us that is allowing a holy merging and healing of the separation of Heaven and Earth. It is activating a divine timing, like a spiritual alarm clock, for a holy convergence of dimensions - an historical event that will soon be realized.

I feel the water from this sacred well opens our hearts, brings about wholeness and unity, and activates inner truth in our conscious minds. When this happens we are able to understand our divine purpose, learn to live impeccability and embody the feminine quality of endless compassion for family and community. I also feel the energy in this spring balances us with nature, from whom we have been out of touch for so long. (Aluna received permission to make the "Ancient Divine Wisdom Essence" on this day).

St. Johns the Baptist Church at Glastonbury - June 19, 2012

(First our group went to the right side chapel room in St. John the Baptist Church where a stained glass window shows Archangel Michael, Mary Magdalene, and Jeshua. To the right there is a lamb with the Wearyall Hill Thorn Tree and Saint Michael's Tor, and next to that is Mother Mary.)

The first part of our message was lost due to the fact we simply forgot to turn on the recorder. There was a reference to a dream Aluna had the night before and how it related to the message we received. There will be future references to this dream in future messages as it became a regular dream event for Aluna during this trip.

We often see Archangel Michael with the scales, instead of the sword, because it was also his role to help us be clear about which way we will go in life. Sometimes the scales are shown with a feather on one side and a heart on the other side. This is similar to the role of the Goddess Maat of truth and justice in Egypt. When we go back far enough, we see that most ancient cultures are anchored to the same source… Star Beings … that connected us with all these various symbols of truth across the planet. This is why there are so many common threads among all religions and why we must quit fighting among ourselves, because the truth at the heart of the different religions all came from the same source. We need to quit judging who is right and who is wrong. So it is ridiculous that we forget that we are one human family. It is shocking that we still buy into the illusion that we are different.

(Our group moves to a different area and stands near two extremely old, black, marble slabs that cover two oddly and purposefully unmarked tombs on either side of the high altar at St John's Church.)

Now I want to show you the really interesting place here at the main alter area. This is Guinevere's tomb and on the other side in King Arthur's tomb. See the marking on the top of the marble slab? Something was purposefully chiseled off. You can see that this is the outline of a woman and a skirt or a dress. When we go to the Glastonbury Abbey, we are going to see a sign that says King Arthur and Queen Guinevere were buried under black marble slabs. I think these are the slabs.


So do I think they are here buried here? My intuition is very strong concerning this being their final burial site, even though there is no historical way to prove it. In the Glastonbury Abbey, we will see a sign that says King Arthur was buried about six or seven feet down and on top of his tomb was placed a big black marble slab.

In 2007 I came into this church and hung out for awhile, and I found these two black marble slabs with obvious markings on the top that had been chiseled off. Everywhere else in the church, every tomb - everything - is marked with a person's name and date of birth and death, etc. So I asked the historian about these slabs. Then I came back two days later and asked the historian again: "What are those black marble slabs and who is buried there?" And the historian said that they are wealthy merchants. That's their story. But the odd thing is historians don't understand where the black marble slabs came from because the slabs are obviously older than anything else here. Also the names of the merchants are not listed on the tombs. They can't address the fact that the names and other markings that were on the tomb covers have been purposely chiseled off. If wealthy merchants had been buried here their names would have been worn off a bit but would not have been purposely chiseled off.

Now for some of the background story about how the bodies of Arthur and Guinevere got here. King Henry VIII was not a nice guy. He started tearing down the Abby because he was horribly jealous. He did not like people making pilgrimages to the Abbey because of Arthur and Guinevere who had already been gone for centuries. So he started dismantling a whole line of churches. Monks knew he was about to destroy the Abby, so they moved the bodies of Guinevere and Arthur and brought them here. The monks clearly wanted to keep them hidden while in plain sight: the obvious can be so invisible. Then a story was made up about the merchants. This was a cover up, and the actual history was lost.

Look at the marble. It is very, very old. There are even holes in the marble that look like they were used to pull up the slab. But if we ask the historians, they will probably tell us their cover up story. Also, Arthur was buried with a cross on his chest, and I don't know if historians know where that cross is either. However, in the Glastonbury Abbey, we will see what the cross might have looked like with some interesting pre-Celtic writing on it.

When we feel the energy of the marble, it still holds some of Guinevere and Arthur's focus and intent. All stone anchors etheric codes. There is integrity and honor anchored here. There are all kinds of other qualities that are still anchored here with them, even though it is just their bodies that are here and not their spirits or souls. There is an old saying, "all history is locked in stone and bone." Here at this site, we have stone; we have bone: all these etheric records will stay anchored here until the next magnetic pole shift.

Maybe that's why the Star Elders encouraged us to travel to all the sacred sites I have visited over the last twenty plus years again in 2012. This is because we are about to have another magnetic shift, which the Earth does regularly. A magnetic shift is not a big deal. It's nothing to be afraid of. You know … Shifts Happen! A magnetic shift is the only thing that will absolutely wipe the etheric record clean from the Earth, giving the Earth a clean slate. After a magnetic shift, we can begin fresh because we won't have history, or etheric records of history, that keep us automatically repeating patterns again and again and creating a world based on negative dualistic energy all over again. Although the etheric records of history will be erased, our universal TRUTH will remain.

Many years ago, the Star Elders told me that eventually all the sacred sites won't matter. We won't need them anymore. A magnetic shift is probably the reason why. No one knows the future.

Regarding stones and etheric records . . . most all stone circles were built on ley lines, and the stones were lined up at particular energy / acupuncture / ascension points. The ancient ones anchored their truth and energy in these stone, which is a major reason why we like going to pyramids and other sacred sites. The energy is locked in the stone of the pyramids. Magnetic shifts may erase the etheric records when we go through a shift of an age, but the acupuncture / ascension points always remain anchored here on the Earth. But these points do move around and re-configure from time to time. The Maya believe a shift of an age occurs every 104,000 years, or four cycles of 26,000. Most ancient cultures of the world know we are nearing this shift.

We were on the Michael ley line last night at the Tor. We were on the Mary line this morning at Chalice Wells, and now we are back to the Michael line here in this church. I feel that the simple act of wandering is such an overlooked spiritual value. If we wander along, without trying we can feel subtle shifts in energy - like suddenly something feels peaceful, but we don't know why. This is how we find acupuncture points anywhere. We all have a barometer in our hearts: it is our inner compass. Everybody needs to learn how to listen to this barometer.

When you wander around you will find amazing energy spots in your backyard, next door, or out in nature, even in New York City. Energy spots are everywhere. The cool thing is that these Michael and Mary Lines in England have been anchored deeply over a long period of time and have been used for so long that the etheric record has built up a strong and tangible energy. Now when you go home, you can find other energy spots; however, they will feel more subtle, as they have been used less. Knowledge and wisdom builds up on acupuncture / ascension points until a shift of an age, at which time we get a clean slate to re-build a new world.

Tending to ley lines as Earth-keepers is a major reason why we are all drawn to traveling to different places, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. When we find a place with subtle or even intense energy, we feel like we have to be there. We have to hang around in that feeling, and thus we anchor more of our heart there. If we get into our heads, our analytical minds, we might miss feeling or reading the energy. We are not going to feel anything when we are in our thinking, analyzing minds. We have to just BE in the heart, in our core, walking on the earth, connecting with land and feeling the energy.

That's why, when I turn the group loose for free time, we are not wasting our time. When it appears that we are just wandering around, we start picking up on energy intuitively because we are not trying to do anything, we are just wandering and that's when we receive insights. But when we try, we push away such feelings, or inner knowing. There is a focus on "doing" in our society now. We think that we have to DO and forget to BE. Just BEING is the most elegant version of DO-ing we can imagine.

Aluna: And I don't know if anyone knows how to just be here yet. We are still working towards this goal. As soon as we say that we are TRYING to work toward something, or that something needs to be DONE or FIXED, the universe sees a path . . . not a destination. Thus the universe gives us obstacles to create a path for us so we can DO the doing and trying. The destination is "BE." So we have to let go of the path - the doing and trying - and just BE the chalice, which is why we are here. "Just be" here now and do what feels right in each moment, no matter what that is.

So back to where we are now . . . we are sitting between the earthly remains of two people (Arthur and Guinevere) who held the most amazing vision of unity and impeccability - of honor and respect for all people - a vision that was not upheld by the kings that followed. That is why their history was erased.

So let's take a moment and absorb this impeccability and find ways to apply it to our lives. Arthur and Guinevere worked in unity. There was a perfect balance between male and female. They understood that we are part of the whole, and they thought of the whole. Arthur and Guinevere saw everyone as family, similar to how we like to lead our groups. The people around them were their family. They weren't servants; they weren't subjects; they were their people, their family, from the blacksmiths to the farmers to everyone.

This reminds me . . . a few days ago Guinevere came to me, and I had never felt her before; not like this. I had felt her presence when I was here in 2007, but not as though she wanted to connect with me. This time, however, I could feel her presence as wanting to connect. There is a difference between feeling a presence at a certain location and feeling someone's presence purposely connecting with you personally. I knew this trip to Avalon was going to be powerful. Having Guinevere appear out of the blue was unusual because Arthur had always come through previously. I wasn't expecting Guinevere. (This was also a major clue about what was coming in the days that followed regarding the Goddesses and the men who protected them.)

The Star Elders always share things in the simplest way possible. They say we just have to stand up and breathe. That's all - just stand up and breathe. In order words, stay alive, stay here on planet Earth because our presence is needed. We don't have to do anything else - just BE. They say we shouldn't judge ourselves for whatever we need to do to get through this shift of the ages. If we feel we need to eat a pint of Ben and Jerry's or fried potatoes, whatever, to dense up, or we quit meditating; it doesn't matter. All we need to do is just stand up and breathe. That is all that matters right now. The other stuff (meditating / techniques) was a way to get us awake enough to hold this space - to be the living illuminated chalice.

In the last few weeks since the eclipse and the Venus transit, we've been hanging on by our finger nails, because the energy has been very intense and shifting quickly. Every time I think "God, I can't go on." The Star Elders say, "Stand up and breath. Don't worry about anything else." We all managed to get here for this time. We all managed to pack our bags and get on the plane, in spite of the intensities we were all feeling before we left. There is a greater reason for this that we will discover further into the pilgrimage. (fingers crossed)

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