Hatshepsut and her Guardians through Aluna Joy
Hatshepsut Temple, Egypt - Message #3 - March 14, 2012

The following is the third message that we received in Egypt this past March 2012 over Equinox. You can find our other messages on our website at under the "Articles for Personal and Planetary Transformation" link. It might be a good idea to read them in order as each message builds upon the previous one. We are sharing this message here with you just as we received it, in present time, with very little editing. We do this for a very important reason. We know that the messages that we receive are not just for our groups, but are for others as well. The Atlantean/Egyptian Masters and the Star Elders assure me that the message and the corresponding energy will be transmitted to you. So as you read this, you might want to imagine that you are with us. Also, always view the photos on the website that we share, as photos also hold some energy of the sites.

The Goddess Hatshepsut is so happy that we are here. She is so happy that we are here on Earth at this time. She can see that we don't pretend that we are something that we are not. We are being who we are . . . authentic. The Goddess Hatshepsut had to pretend that she was something that she wasn't to be able to survive in this land. She had to pretend to be a man to fulfill her destiny. She said that this is why she built on the West Bank of the Nile; because part of her, her feminine power, had to die be here . . . to do what she was called to do. She had to shut down a part of her true self. The West bank is a place where the dead are buried.

She is so happy, because we get to be who we are now. And this was only a dream for her when she ruled here. We can do our work in the world without costume or pretense or act like we are something we are not. We can be really who we are. We can be authentic.

We can be who we are, and this makes her happy, because she can see now that the Earth and humanity has evolved to a point where people can now be authentic, and real, and live their life's purpose in the world. Today we have given her a gift and that gift is showing her that NOW it is okay to be who you are, and you can have your power, and you can follow your heart and do what destiny is calling you to do. This is a great gift that we have in these days.

We are giving her permission to shed all the costumes that she had to wear. She is throwing them off now. She is throwing them off, and when she does this, it helps us to shed even further those things that are not truth to us. When she sheds her costumes and her masks, and she becomes who she really is, it sends the power of authenticity out into the world through us. She is unveiling herself today, and with it we become unveiled even further. She is so happy now, because in her day, she really understood the power of the feminine in a world that didn't. She is being freed from her inner prison, and she is also releasing the power of the feminine out into the world. Each one of is going to have a bit of this power to take with us as well. This is her gift to US! It is up to you if you wish to receive this gift.

Okay . . . around us, in the mountaintops surrounding the temple, there is a large group of guardians, observers. They are offering to clear our illusions away from us now. These are the things that are our old issues, things that just keep repeating in our lives, and things that keep us from being authentic. They want to take our masks away. They want to erase our repeating patterns that are based in illusion and helped us hide our light. They are asking us to go deep into all our past lives to do this. It goes through all the issues that we have in our current life and past lives. The Goddess Hatshepsut and the guardians here would like to take that away from us as a thank you for freeing The Goddess Hatshepsut from her inner prison. You must you're your permission for them to do this for you.

So . . . in this moment, gather up all your limitations and illusions into a ball in your hands, and reach out and hand it over to them. They will send this energy back into the universal energy recycling bin. Energy never ends. It is just recycled.

For some of us, these limitations might be feeling like we are not good enough. For some of us, it might be the feeling that we have been abandoned, abused, mistrusted, controlled or self-sabotaged. This might be the place where you hold yourself back; where you don't allow your true authentic self to shine. These illusions are like little monsters inside of us. The guardians want to take all these little monsters and slay them. They are like little beings that sit on your shoulder and say "You are not good enough. You are not worthy. No one is really going to like you if you really be who you are. You will be lonely if you BE who you really are."

The Goddess Hatshepsut was lonely, because she had to pretend to be something she wasn't. Therefore the universe attracted things to her that were also things that were not true. She knew that this was the price that she would pay for not being herself. She had to sacrifice to do something that Spirit called her to do. Even now, many of us pay a high price in our personal lives to be of service to humanity. The Goddess Hatshepsut realizes that we have been set free just like the birds flying over us. We have wings now. We can fly, and we can be who we are. The more we be REAL, the more we attract like-minded beings and circumstances, which we resonate with, to us. The more we attract like-minded beings around us, the stronger the love, the unity and the harmony will become in our family and personal lives. Also, we will carry this harmonic resonance within us and spread it across the world just by being. Yes . . . we can change the world.

The Goddess Hatshepsut says that part of her had to die when she was here to do her calling. She says that part of us here today will die, and it is also the part of us that is so important that we let go of. This is a place where we can die and be free. The only thing that can die is the negative ego, the lies we believe about ourselves, the lies that we believe about each other, or the lies we believe about the world. This is why she built on the West Bank, because she knew that one day the right people would come back, and they would allow themselves to die to the lies that were within them. We are almost a mirror image of how she had to live while she was here. We have finished her job here. We have helped her fulfill her destiny. She is so happy, because we are set free. WE have set her free as well.

Remember yesterday when they gave us a new heart, and we were going to build a new body? The Goddess Hatshepsut says today we get our wings. I was thinking that we would get lungs, or a new head or kidneys (jokingly said). We are getting wings.

We have come back to finish what she started. Only now, we can finish the work as our true authentic selves instead of bending and molding ourselves to fit into a world that is a lie . . . or that is an illusion. We are strong enough to hold space in this way now. We have evolved. We don't have to alter who we are to anchor our truth anymore.

So now . . . to seal in the this activation of clearing . . . a golden light is now flooding into the temple. It is flooding into us as well. It is coming from many, many directions. It looks like little threads of light. Now that we have cleared out the things that are lies within us, those spaces that those things filled up inside of us are now empty. They are now filling up with golden light. The golden light is just pure unqualified energy, and as we go through the next days, we will start defining what that energy will create. It is just pure potential.

The Goddess Hatshepsut acknowledges the great potential that is in our hearts now. She knows now that what she has anchored here has taken hold in us. She can take off her mask and her beard, and her man clothing, and she just can be the pure essence of who she really is: a powerful feminine creator. BUT, as I see her come out of her closet, this power goes way beyond male or female duality. It is the pure essence of LIFE that is within her, and it is within all of us.

She says that we have all been asking inside of ourselves "Are we ready for this?", and she says that we are (and all those reading this), and we have been ready for a long while. So, are you ready to CLAIM now who you really are? Are you ready to come back to your true selves? Remember Sekhmet, in the Cairo Museum, asked us to COME BACK. Yesterday, in Luxor, Thoth, the Atlantian, was saying "Come back" and also to go out into the world and do what we came here to do. It is time to claim your space in the world, and DO IT. She is saying that the world is now ready for what she knew then, and what we know now. The world is ready and so are we.

Okay, now she wants you to imagine that you are no longer the same person that you were when you walked through this gate (or read this activation). Now you are living as the pure light being that you truly are. This light transcends gender, religion, social status, education, height, weight, color, age etc…. She is giving us a job to do; a job that she couldn't do herself while she was here. If you want this job, you just accept it within your heart now. This job is quite simple to say, but is harder to live. That job is to be true to yourselves and be authentic.

And so it is . . .

The Goddess Hatshepsut has been holding tight to the pure Atlantean energy before it was contaminated by ego and illusion. This now is being passed on to us. This true essence of the Atlantian era can now be released into the world without any illusion or lies attached to it. It can now come out into the world as a pure, creative power so we can build a new world. Remember, if you don't create your life . . . someone will do it for you.

(Post note . . . while we were in this site, NASA's Star Watch announced that a comet by the name of LoveJoy was on its way to fly into the sun. We thought that this would probably happen when we were to go to Dendara on March 15th (the day after this message was received), which is the temple for the Hathors of Love and Joy.)

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