Sekhmet, the Star Elders and Aluna Joy
Karnak, at the Sekhmet Temple - March 16, 2012 - Message #5

The following is the fifth message that we received in Egypt this past March 2012 over Equinox. You can find our other messages on our website at under the "Articles for Personal and Planetary Transformation" link. It might be a good idea to read them in order as each message builds upon the previous one. We are sharing this message here with you just as we received it, in present time, with very little editing. We do this for a very important reason. We know that the messages that we receive are not just for our groups, but are for others as well. The Atlantean/Egyptian Masters and the Star Elders assure me that the message and the corresponding energy will be transmitted to you. So as you read this, you might want to imagine that you are with us. Also, always view the photos on the website that we share, as photos also hold some energy of the sites.

If you haven't noticed by now, there is a very sweet energy exchange here in the temple. As soon as we walked in, we were blasted with a pulse of heart, and healing that went to all the places that are wounded inside of us. The Goddess Sekhmet says that she is happy we are here. But there is something about us giving back to her this morning. She is curious about what we have learned since we have been with her last time, ages ago. It is as though her children have come back, and she wants to know what we have been up to. What we have been up to is what we have learned, and that includes the tools that we have acquired to survive this age after the fall of Atlantis. Because she knows that we have built upon what she knew back then. Does that make sense?

We have grown. So Sekhmet is inviting us to share with her what we have learned; not tell her with our heads, but open our hearts and show her what we have learned because she is curious. People don't come to see her as much anymore, so she doesn't get to hear about what is going on in the world. It is almost as if we need to give her an update. The way we do this is to open our hearts to her. That is why we are all compelled to come in and hug and touch her face. She is like our mother that we haven't seen in a very long time.

It looks like she wants to know what we have been up to in the last few days, so she can see the transformation that we have been going through. She sees the lightning bolts in the cells of our bodies that we got in the Temple of Dendara yesterday. She gets an idea about how much the world has evolved by seeing what happens to us in the other temples. It appears that she understands another level regarding who we are, where we are at in our evolution, and what we have experienced so far.

Ok now…. Is anyone feeling tightness around the throat? This can be experienced two ways: One as if we are about to cry, and we hold it in, and it makes our throats hurt. Or it is tight around our throats, and we feel as if we are swallowing our tears. She is helping heal that tight, choked-up feeling. Also, she is opening up our throats because we need to be able to let our energy out. We need to be able to roar like a lion only without making sound. This is a symbolic roar. We need to be able to let our healing energy or light come out of us like the roar of a lion -a symbolic roar . . . not a roar that is aggressive. So, she is going to open up our throats (and the throats of those reading this - with their permission), so the magic of the energy that we have inside can come out and be expressed fully.

Sekhmet says that we will know when and how to use this roar. She says that we will experience this roar in various stages of our lives. We know, for example, when the energy rises up, and it is usually when someone or something has upset us. We know that feeling of anger that rushes through our bodies at such times. The roar is like that, but this new roar is without anger. It is hard to find the right word. Passion might be closer, a rising up of energy. We have been misusing this energy because we have been in a dualistic world, and nearly everything is being misused energy-wise. We have been afraid of this energy and stopped using it in an appropriate way. Nevertheless, this roar creates the same kind of rush in our bodies, but it doesn't have the anger attached to it. It is a rush of energy that is like an explosion inside of us. That explosive energy can create anything. It is a new alchemy. It is a magic that we have inside of us.

Yet the only time this energy shows up is when we get backed into a corner, and/or someone tries to, or has, hurt us or betrayed us. That is because when we entered this dimension, we had to go underground; we had to be quiet; we had to hide our energy. The only time it would leak out was when we couldn't control it. Now we are going to be in control of this energy; and it is like the roar without the anger. This energy will heal, clear, and build what we wish to manifest. This "roar" is another tool that we can add to the other ones that we are collecting in our toolbox to help us manifest anything we can think or imagine. This roar clears the path - it clears the way. It clears out a space, so we can manifest. This roar is somewhat similar to having a burst of kundalini energy rise up the body, but even more so. This roar originates in the power of the heart, and it comes out of the throat as "Raaaaaaaaaaaa." The power of the SUN!

Sekhmet is curious about the bowl, so now I am telling her that we want to use the bowl to make an essence, so people who don't have the opportunity to come here can feel the energy of this roar inside of them - the roar that is used in the appropriate way. By the way, Sekhmet doesn't feel lonely anymore, because we are seeing her . . . we are feeling her. It is almost as if we took her outside so she could see the world. That is the way she feels. She doesn't feel like she is locked away right now. (We made an essence here called "The Magic Healer".)

We are feeling energy radiating across our chests now. The energy is warming up. Now Sekhmet is opening up our . . . it sounds funny . . . our inner roar. This roar is why Sekhmet chose to manifest as a female lion, not as an aggressive energy, but as an example of that powerful creative energy . . . a creative roar. Now she wants to make sure that everyone has had a chance to touch her and exchange some love. It is important that each one of us makes a connection with her. (Those reading this can connect with Sekhmet by viewing the video, the above photo or using "The Magic Healer" essence.)

Aluna pulls out her camera to take a picture of Sekhmet, and as she prepares to take the picture, she sees the energy moving in her iPhone's view finder. A large amount of moving orbs were captured in Aluna's video. Wow! Did everyone see that? It is bursts of energy. Watch the flashes of energy flowing around. Video posted here…

The Star Elders say that we (and those reading this) are recovering from our wounds and helping others to do the same. It is as if we are in a hospital recovery room to recover from needed healing and to recover pieces that we had left behind. This is what the orbs and light waves are doing for us.

While in the Sekhmet Temple, Aluna picked up the essence bowl and placed it at Sekhmet's heart. Then she moved the bowl to her throat, and we heard Aluna say that Sekhmet is roaring into the bowl. Then Aluna moved the bowl up over Sekhmet's head and poured some water down her forehead; and as the water dripped off of Sekhmet's nose and mouth, Aluna caught some of the water in the bowl again. Aluna said that Sekhmet is having fun right now. We said our goodbyes and continued our pilgrimage.

That evening we had a group sharing on our Nile cruiser - The Afandina.

Aluna: After we left the Sekhmet Temple, and we were walking around Karnak, Sekhmet told me more. One of the things that she told is that she was put in prison, and the temple she is now in was not her original temple. She didn't say which temple she originally came from. Perhaps it was from another age. She was put away because those in control didn't like her creative power, especially because she was a woman, or had female energy. They locked her up. So when we came in, we released her from her prison.

(FYI… earlier that morning Aluna had a "cheesy" and very odd dream)
So now the crazy dream the Star Elders gave me this morning - "Born Free" - makes sense. In this dream, we were running around. We were floating, and we were free. Everything was in slow motion, and we were singing "Born Free." Hair was flying, and the lion leaped out and jumped into water. I had forgotten that there was also a sacred lake at Karnak, as well. So we came into the temple, and we set Sekhmet free by letting her see the world that is inside of us. Maybe she jumped in the sacred lake. Some of us noticed that she had changed from the time we arrived to the time we left. There was a big difference in the temple's energy, which was interesting. Our energies were locked up and imprisoned, and now we have been set free. So maybe the wind is now underneath our wings - with our new heart, and the lightning bolts in our cells. Maybe Sekhmet was the wind that makes us now "born free."

In 2008 when I was here with a group of people that were organizing a conference, they took us to Karnak. Someone mentioned the Sekhmet's Temple as the rest of the group was leaving the site. I ran back to the temple, which was quite a ways from the front gate where almost everyone was gathered, and they were yelling, "Get on the bus. Get on the bus." But I was not leaving until I saw her. So I ran all the way back, saw her for just a few seconds, and left. So I never had a chance to really connect. Last year (2010), no matter what we did, no matter how much we bribed, we could not get into the Sekhmet Temple. But this year, when we were in Cairo's Egyptian museum, Sekhmet only said one thing . . . She said "Come back," and I was puzzled by what she meant by this. It turns out that even though I was standing right in front of her at the Cairo Museum, she wanted us to COME BACK to her at her temple here in Karnak!

Question: Do you know why her temple has been closed?

I think archeologists unconsciously follow the energy that is already anchored at a site. The ones that were in Karnak before intended to lock up Sekhmet, so I think the archeologists continue to mirror this intent. I have seen that same pattern at other sites, where "the powers that be" of current times will tend to mirror "the powers that be" of earlier times. So it is interesting to see the same mirroring here. Sometimes archeologists unconsciously protect us from energy we are not ready for, as well.

Group member Alice shares: There was a guardian in that temple, as well. It was a male energy. He was up and to the right of the door that we had entered. And when we came in, he was very laid back. He was sitting in his chair. Then when you said something, he leaned forward listening very carefully. The statue of Sekhmet herself - there is so much spirit in there. I could actually see her move at different times. But when I first tuned into her, as we were still all just milling around, what came through for me was that she was aloof, offended, and angry. She was angry, not in a pushy way, but just a little angry about her demand for respect, as if to say, "You should be honoring me." There was something about people coming in one after another and being very reverent and touching her feet. That was very strong at first.

Alice continues: Then Aluna said something, and she (Sekhmet) shook her shoulders. Like, Okay, I am shaking it off. And then she turned into the mode that you (Aluna) were explaining. There were various places where you said something specific, and she just moved into that with her body, but I don't remember what it is that you said. One thing I do remember, however, is when you held the bowl of water up to her chest, she dipped her head down, drooled into the bowl, and then put her head back up. Then you poured the water down (from her head), and then you moved the bowl down to her chest again to catch the water that was dripping down her face. So sure enough the water went into the bowl.

Aluna: Yes, that is what she told me to do. I had to pour water over her . . . which was kind of a "no-no" thing to do here in an archeological site. But I had to pour it from the top of her head, and she wanted me to catch some of the drops in the bowl when it came down.

Alice continues: The other image I remember is that of Sekhmet as a lioness. The lioness is the one that leads the pride. So she showed me a picture of a lioness, and I believe you (Aluna) were talking about us being her cubs, and I saw an image of her picking up a cub . . . you know how the mother lioness gently, gently carries and protects her cubs? That was the beautiful image she gave me, and each one of us would be her cubs. Also, she was looking out and being careful for us, making sure that nothing was going to hurt us.

Group member Terri: I believe I had a completely different experience from anybody else. You know the drawings on the internet of pictures that become different if you look at them long enough? Well, I didn't see Sekhmet (as she is portrayed) at all. Instead, when I looked at her statue in the temple, I saw a reptilian goddess. The ears were (or appeared as) the eyes, and there was a crease in the forehead that led to the eyes, which was the bridge of the nose and the nostrils. And then her nose was the mouth. When I went up closer to see, I was on one side of the statue, and the ear had a vertical pupil that had been carved there. So the closer that I got, the more reptilian the statue looked. But the message was much the same: "It is time for us to show ourselves as we really are." I think that what I was seeing in the statue is part of the Atlantis recovery energy, because what I saw goes way back before Egypt. No matter how close I got to the statue, I could not see the Egyptian aspect of it. She is beautiful. She loves everybody. And what I heard was that we should do whatever we need to do here - that it is time for us to show the world who we really are, instead of hiding behind the façade that we all present.

Group member: That part about Sekhmet's ears appearing as eyes is interesting because, occasionally, I see pulses of light coming from people's eyes. And when we first walked into the temple, I saw two pulses of light coming out of Sekhmet's ears - each separate ear. I was thinking that the pulses of light should be coming out of her eyes, and I was wondering why they were coming out of her ears.

(We left a lot of the other group member's conversation out from this message, as it was quite personal and felt it was private.)

Aluna: So I think we figured it out. We went to the Old Kingdom (in Dendara) and picked up Sekhmet's energy and returned it to her (in Karnak). I knew today's experience was about us giving back. I just didn't get what. Thank you, Kelly, for asking, "What do you think about Sekhmet?" on the first day in the Cairo Egyptian museum. This is why groups operating as ONE and without ego are so awesome. Someone will say something, or point out something, and the next thing you know, we are paying attention to that together collectively. We get a fuller picture about what we are experiencing.

Also, to have over ¾ of an hour with Sekhmet today was a huge blessing. The guard was being very generous, because he could lose his job. So we have to remember . . . someone that benefitted nothing from us risked his job and his livelihood to let us in. The guard gave me the keys, and he wanted me to unlock the door. There was something important about that. They (our guide and the guards) were surprised, because there were several keys on that keychain, and I picked the right one the first time. I guess it was a test or a clue for them to let us in.

Sekhmet is the protector, but also the healer. We have set her free, as well as ourselves. So what we need now is to complete our mission. We never know why we name a pilgrimage the way we do until we arrive and begin the work. So the Atlantian Recovery Project might have a lot to do with healing the wounds of that past time, as well as what we suffered when Atlantis fell. We can't rebuild a new world unless we have healed the past. So this is a very important part for us now.

I could go home right now, and I would be happy. If what we experienced today was IT for us - if that was our Grammy moment - that would have been worth the journey right there for me. It was that amazing for me.

Post note . . . Unknown to us at the time Sekhmet gave us a mission, a job, to do that morning in the temple. For the next two days, we did this work for her. This story will be revealed in the next two messages when we go to Edfu and recover old Atlantian energy from Set and take it to Kom Ombo (a healing temple) to be healed, released, and given to the crocodiles to be recycled in the underworld. We also cleansed and freed ourselves. Along with releasing all of our own mis-qualified energy, there was also a huge release of legions of souls. It was awesome.

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