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The God Horus, The Star Elders through Aluna Joy
Edfu Egypt - 10/11/13 ~ Message #4

The following is the 4th message that we received in Egypt this past Oct 2013. You can find our other messages on our website at www.alunajoy.com under the "Articles for Personal and Planetary Transformation" link. It might be a good idea to read them in order, as each message builds upon the previous one. We are sharing this message here with you just as we received it, in present time, with very little editing. We do this for a very important reason. We know that the messages that we receive are not just for our groups, but are for others as well. The Star Elders and all the others that joined us assure me that the message and the corresponding energy will be transmitted to you as you read them. So as you read this, you might want to imagine that you are with us. Also, always view the photos on the website that we share, as photos also hold some energy of the sites.

Welcome to 2014!

As I have shared in the past, the year of 2013 was a weird and wooly one for sure. It was filled with deep and seemingly unending spiritual questioning and rerouting, a mountain of loss and letting go, some extreme ascension symptoms and a lot of waiting. Did I say . . . a lot of waiting? We have treaded in the deep waters of the void of the unknown for quite a while which has made us feel defenseless, undeserving, uneasy about our future and feeling alone; yet we are still here.

We hit a turning point in 2013 at the middle of the year. I was so thankful that we had not planned any pilgrimages before this date. Our Avalon - Scotland pilgrimage in July, and our Egypt pilgrimage in October were very fulfilling and came with profound messages that not only transformed our spirits, but we also began to see it transform our physical world as well. Both Avalon and Egypt exceeded our expectations. I have to admit that these two pilgrimages were the only things that seemed to flow in 2013. Everything else was still in a brutal void, but I attribute this to the fact that both trips had booked in the jet rocket fueled year of 2012.

We have begun to emerge in a calmer space of "still not knowing" and yet we are starting to be quite OK with it all. We have now just begun the process of settling down into a new rhythm of life which has the potential to build a new world. This world will be built in the present moment without the constraints of the past, and the worries of the future. This will take a bit getting use to as we love what we "think we know", and we have a habit of getting ahead of ourselves. Remember . . . large new cycles like this one, start very slooooowwwwwly and easy at entry level, while we gain solid footing in new territory. Be patient. Our lives are syncing with this new rhythm in a new normal, and we are beginning to see evidence of this. We have begun to see many gifts of being in unity consciousness, but we have also been blindsided by the agonizing pitfalls of being ONE with the emotions of the entire planet while the human race is still processing hard. Oneness has not been as fun as we had anticipated . . . but it will be eventually. Do we even know if what we are feeling right now is ours or part of the unified whole?

On a profound positive side, we are seeing consciousness shifts coming from world leaders, all the way to those nearest us, like our families and friends. In fact that we are having waves of unhindered intense light. It can feel like too much at times, as we have not felt this quality of light before. This light will shine on all things that are still out of alignment with new laws of nature. I will say it again. No stone will be left unturned. No closet door can stay shut. No one can escape this light. This will become clearer when you read this next message I am releasing today. ~ Enjoy and Love ~ Aluna Joy

We have not posted all the 2013 pilgrimage messages yet. It was clear that I was to hold back until 2014 before posting them. "Hold back" could have been a theme song for 2013. I have been watching the new way Spirit moves now. It is different than before. I am being called to WAIT for the right moment and listen to a new mysterious inner calling to release each message. Spirit has a clearer vision as to what is ahead of us than we do at the moment. I feel a complete trust is this vision. We are in the trustworthy arms of the Mother, and we can allow ourselves to be babes for a while.

It became very clear to me when I felt the call to release the next message from Egypt. Edfu, in the past, has not been my favorite site. Its history is deeply embattled with the fighting of light over darkness . . . Horus' work to anchor a temple of light over a dark temple anchored by Set. So, when we visited the site in October, I adamantly told Spirit and the Star Elders that I had no plans whatsoever to dig into the site and read what was there. Each time I have done this in the past, I was exhausted and drained, and so was our group. So I walked in with all my armor up and my eyes closed so I could enjoy the site's beauty as a tourist and not as a spiritual pilgrim.

Again, as in every site in Egypt that we went to in 2013, there was not a single tourist there and only a couple of guards to let us in. Even the sellers were gone. We walked in and enjoyed this amazing temple built by the God Horus.

Soon the Star Elders began to bug me . . . "Come on." They said. "Just take a quick look". I quickly gave them the cold shoulder and said "NO.", and reminded them that it was my free will to do so! A few moments passed and again the Star Elders bugged me again . . . tapping me on the shoulder saying "Hey, why not give it a quick look. If you don't like what you feel, you can stop". Again I said "NO! I don't want to drag myself out of here exhausted, and I don't want my group to either!"

By this point, we had reached the center point of the temple, the Holy of Holies. This temple still has its entire inner alter preserved, but this area is always roped off and closed to anyone. Now here is where Spirit did its magic for us. As we walked into the temple, a large hawk circled over us. The hawk is the symbol for the God Horus. The site's director, who was accompanying us, also saw this. He came up to us with tears in his eyes, and asked if we would like to be inside the Holy of Holies. He was the only one who could have allowed us to enter and were allowed to say quite a while. We were also shown what was behind the huge alter . . . a power point at the center of the back wall. (PHOTO)

Once again the Star Elders started up on me and this time with Horus' help. At this point, I know they would not be bugging me so much unless there was something really good to see. After all, I have told them for years to keep bugging me if I am missing something. I guess this was one of those times. So inside myself I said "OK! OK! I'll look, but it better be good!"

This is what I saw . . .

I began to see big, old, golden doors closing behind us. The doors were really thick, 8 to 10 inches thick. I saw a big bar that went through two ancient looking hoops/rings that locked the door shut. I heard a huge thundering echo in my head, like when one would close huge doors in a huge room. The doors were silver mirrored on the backside to reflect any energy from behind the doors from trying to come through. The front side was covered in gold with a huge amount of hieroglyphic writing on it.

Horus had built a temple of light atop all darkness, and any opposition to the light was meant to be kept sealed below . . . but it was not finished or was totally effective until now. Now, any and all opposition to the light has been stopped from entering this world. (We know this event took effect either at this very moment or between the dates March 2012 and October 2013) They showed me that the Set temple is now sealed closed for good. I could not feel any dark leaks coming up through the temple floor like before. Cleaning up the mess this darkness created will take us some time, but we will now find that all hindrances to light creating will be resolved much easier and quicker than before. What light creating that did not work before will now be successful. The light is now being supported with no opposition. We need to pace ourselves and try not to overload.

The golden doors are now locked behind us. The past is the past. We can let it ALL go now. This was the perfect place to be standing to see this closure . . . in the Holy of Holies; a place I would never expect us to be standing. The director gave us precious time here, so we could really feel the altar and the shrine. We send him great thanks.

At this point, I could feel the darkness gurgle underneath the doors like a revolting volcano, but it was too late. The doors were shut. I continued to watch the darkness began to dissipate, as it had lost its energy source which was our light! Any opposition to the light is simply going to dissolve away. Anything that is out of alignment with the new Laws of Nature will not survive. All miscreation will dissolve away, because it won't be able to tolerate the energy of the light that is now going to build at a multiplying rate of speed. Darkness (miscreation) cannot survive in a world that does not support duality.

I expect that on our next pilgrimage (April 2014), this temple of Edfu will be well on its way to coming back to life with a tremendous amount of light, because the drain of its energy (the friction of duality) will be gone, and this temple and all temples all over Egypt will have a chance to rebuild the energy of pure light. I expect that Horus' energy will become amplified, because this dreadful drain of energy will be gone.

When we continually use our energy to fight negatives or get involved in dramas, we drain ourselves. A lot of people get caught up in righteous battles . . . but even righteous battles that we think are good to fight will drain our energy. When we fight, we neutralize that energy against the darkness, and we never really accomplish anything except maybe keep the issue in a stalemate. The end result is that we have never created anything positive. We are done with stalemate situations. Now that this site is closed for good, this temple will be able to create something good instead of merely holding back the darkness. This is a reminder to us not to waste our energy on fighting things that are out of our belief system (politics, war, etc…). This is a message to spend your energy creating something good.

Energy can never ever be destroyed or erased. This old, mis-qualified energy that is below the old Set temple is going to be recycled, for our future use. We (and those reading this) are going to use this energy to create a new plan for creation by planning a new world where there is no duality and no opposition to the light (a.k.a. truth). We will be creating outside of the old paradigm of duality. Now we just need to BE IT it, and LIVE IT.

We are carrying this new energy now given to us from Sekhmet in Karnak and Mother Mary in Dendara (see past messages). They are sending us on a mission (and those reading this). Obviously there is not much to DO, because we barely crossed the threshold of this temple before I saw the door shut. So just us BEING HERE NOW is all that is needed. Just us being here with our light that is now unchallenged will move mountains.

Soon, after some individual exploring, we exited the temple to head back to our lovely sail boat. I watched the group's energy as we walked out. I was still skeptical of this message, and I waited to see if our group exited the temple looking like drained, rag dolls or light filled gods and goddesses. Well it was energetically the exact opposite of last year. The group was off the charts giddy! There was so much energy that the group came out glowing and full of life. In fact, they were so over the top full of light that I wondered what they had been drinking :) (just kidding) That night we played, danced and partied on the boat in celebration.

When I returned back home to Sedona, I kept this message in mind and watched to see if this event included not just Egypt, but the entire plant. I was curious because many months before this pilgrimage, up until I got my body on the air plane, I had experienced a wide array of bizarre and unexpected, crushing issues which felt like they had the intent to block me from going to Egypt or doing any of my work at all. We had a team of helpers watching our backs, and we still spent a good deal of time smudging and clearing our space to stay clear as we made final plans and began to pack. But once I returned home after the pilgrimage, I noticed something . . . I was not experiencing opposing forces anymore. My house felt clear and light again. I didn't feel the need to clear and smudge as often. Was this possible? Had all the opposing forces to the light and truth been locked in the past for good? Then I noticed that life began to move forward, and I didn't feel like I was in the void as much. My creative energy was returning, and I could feel a NEW, more peaceful flow building inside of me.

2012 proved to be the most powerful exploding capacitor we have every felt . . . an energy rocket ship. It had the force of an entire age behind it with enough power to catapult us into the void (a space between cycles). That space between cycles was 2013, and a year that many people are glad is now behind us. We will never be the same, nor can we ever go back to the way things were.

As we enter 2014, we can feel a gentle and peaceful flow that is being germinated inside of us. I am feeling glimmers of an age of an aware innocence beginning to emerge, and a building wave of humanity being called to return to truth. We will begin to peacefully create our collective new visions, as anything that is out of alignment with natural law will get a quick course correction and move back into alignment with universal truth. Each person will be required to stand in their impeccability no matter who they are or who they think they are.

Old systems are becoming simply irrelevant and are already dissolving away. Misuses of energy are already being cleared up, and hidden agendas are already being revealed. People in powerful positions are already breaking from old traditions and rules, and the old, fading system stands by powerless to do anything about it. Lightworkers will find even more and mounting support for their creations.

The light is now up and running in full capacity and all oppositions are now locked away and being recycled. But be patient, as the realignments will take some time, and the old paradigms will gently fall and be transformed with ease and grace.

So . . . Now that your light has been unleashed from any opposing force . . . What are you doing with that new found light?

To experience Egypt without the hordes of tourists is a blessing and rarely experienced in the decades that people have been traveling to Egypt. Throngs of tourists are not only a bother to spiritual pilgrims, but they also drain the energy of the sites each day (not that we would ever begrudge anyone from visiting a sacred site). But for a short time, Egypt's amazing temples are storing up their energy for US while tourism is down. We have been deeply and spiritually benefiting from this energy in 2011, 2012 and 2013, which was a sharp contrast to our first trip in 2008. We are committed to going back to Egypt as often as possible as long as we can. We feel that this rare and sacred space that Spirit is offering us may never come again. Should Egypt be calling you, we still have a few spaces left in our upcoming April pilgrimage to Egypt and Petra. We are only taking 16 pilgrims since the size of our group is limited due to our amazing, private sail boat. Read about it here: http://www.alunajoy.com/pilgrimages.html

Audio Transcriptions by Abracadabra Transcriptions - Cyndi Vickers [email protected]

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