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A Trinity Activation of Sacred Inner Fire. Balancing the Sacred Male and Female Trinity
The Three Marys, Horus, The Hathors, The Immortals, The Star Elders etc… through Aluna Joy
Philae, Egypt - 10/14/13 - Message #6

The following is the 6th message that we received in Egypt this past Oct 2013. You can find our other messages on our website at www.alunajoy.com under the "Articles for Personal and Planetary Transformation" link. It might be a good idea to read them in order, as each message builds upon the previous one. We are sharing this message here with you just as we received it, in present time, with very little editing. We do this for a very important reason. We know that the messages that we receive are not just for our groups, but are for others as well. The Star Elders and all the others that joined us assure me that the message and the corresponding energy will be transmitted to you as you read them. So as you read this, you might want to imagine that you are with us. Also, always view the photos on the website that we share, as photos also hold some energy of the sites.

Isaiah 43:2 When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.

Our group entered the Temple of Isis at Philae in the predawn light. Outside there was a trinity of stars that made a pyramid shape in the sky, and it was floating just over the temple as we floated to the boat dock. As we entered the temple I saw the three Marys, whom I never had expected to see here, as I usually connect with the immortals in Philae. On this pilgrimage, there has been a theme of the sacred three that we were still working to understand. The Marys are showing me a timeline of the history of all the pilgrims that have come here before, from the North and South and East and West, to remember and to activate themselves, and to raise their vibrations to a point that we all know we are reaching for now.

We went directly to the center point of the temple, the holy of holies. There we began with three Oms, and we experienced a feeling of floating. Deep inside the stone in the main altar, there is something coming alive that was planted there a long time ago.

Aluna - The Marys share that all the groundwork has been laid out for our visions to be realized. There are now new pieces of life emerging from the foundation stones of the past that we had built. These new pieces will provide everything that we have come here for (to Earth at this time) and will supply the necessary triggers to remember what we have been seeking. (Those reading this will also receive these triggers.) The more we raise our vibration (moving into the heart), the more we will be able to connect to these new pieces.

The three Marys are showing me some history . . . When we go back far enough, we have all come from the stars. When we come here we lose many natural abilities that we know we still have inside, but we can't seem to bring into form here just yet. When we descend into this dimension there are layers of forgetfulness that come over us, as we anchor into our bodies. Some of us managed to keep a few of those doors open, and these are the ones that are the Seekers of the planet.

At this point, we can feel the heartbeat in the altar that anchors straight up to the stars. Orion is directly overhead as we stand here. The belt of Orion is one place in this star system that stayed peaceful, and it is yet another reference to the number three. Is it your desire to reconnect to your Star family and the portal between us and them? The three Marys ask if we would like to be connected to the trinity belt of Orion. (You must give them your permission.) This will connect us back to the stars: the three stars in Orion's belt, the trinity (the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost), the three Marys, the three stages of the goddess, past, present and future, and our ancient memory and ancestry. The three stars will be connected to our third eye, throat, and heart and then will filter down in to every cell and our newly upgraded DNA. These star connections help enable us to go out into the world and spread our message, love and knowledge that we all have gained on this path. Imagine that the stars are now here inside of you. This process will help us remember - a memory that goes beyond religion, beyond ritual, beyond ceremony and prayer and into living an all knowing and loving knowingness.

When our DNA is activated with this ancient, ancestral memory, we will be able not just to KNOW but also to LIVE in the consciousness of ONE. We then can anchor this energy back to the Earth, so it can encompass everyone on the planet. Also, we will remember all our abilities and begin to recollect how to use all that we lost when we came into this body. This memory can HEAL us of the feelings of being lost or trapped, or that we somehow made a mistake and ended up on the wrong planet. This remembrance will allow us to develop a new sense of divine purpose.

We (lightworkers and healers and those reading this) are the ones who wake up this planet. We reopen the portals between the stars and the Earth. When these portals are open, everything that we have ever imagined (deep inside ourselves) that we could do, or would want to do, can come into manifestation in this body and in this lifetime! So be careful regarding what you imagine.

We will bring new light that is more brilliant than the brightest sun. We came here to bring this light back to this planet, to evolve life on this planet to the point where it could be ONE with all the light in the universe. Earth and humanity once again will be in sync with the universe. We will no longer feel the burden of gravity or linear time, for we will live spherically, as the universe is spherical.

OK . . . the Star Elders are changing the channel on me. I am feeling the Immortals around us, but they are in the outer chambers that surround us. They are not coming into this center chamber because they say it is our turn, our time for this activation. We now pick up where they left off and take evolution of consciousness further. As Jeshua said, "What I have done you can do also and greater things." It's the greater things that are now right in front of us. Just a paper thin veil is between us and what's next for us. When we get to the other side we'll wonder why we had to struggle so hard to get there.

The Immortals around the outer chambers are now sending up flames from their energy bodies. They look like they are on fire. We are in the middle of a fiery circle, and this inner chamber is the heart or the core of this fire. The center of this flame is the empty space of a sacred chalice. It will be up to us to choose what to place into this sacred space because it is a vacuum. Since the chalice cannot stay empty for very long, it can and will fill the space up by default unless you decide what will be the contents of your chalice. It is time now to begin to fill your chalice. (Take some time here to do this process, and do not worry if your process is not complete yet.)

We have been in a great void for months now and have been feeling stuck between ages. But in the grand scheme of things, these months are an extremely short time. So when they say that this empty vessel/chalice will not stay empty for very long, understand this chalice could fill anywhere from the time you read this to months from now. The chalice will be filled with our love, wisdom, and power and the same will also take place for our star brothers and sisters.

So here we are in this holy place, surrounded by the Immortals, the three Marys, and all those wise ones who have walked this path before us. We ask for divine wisdom for what we will put in our chalice. Help us open our eyes so we can see as the Great Creator sees… hear as the Great Creator hears, and love as the Great Creator loves, and use our limitless power as does the Great Creator. We ask that this physical body now contain all of these high qualities. So now (and those reading this), imagine a vacuum and collect pure love, wisdom and power to fill our chalice. Once we have done this, we will have a strong footing in the New World. Remember to be flexible as our perceptions are all going to be considerably different.

OK . . . Horus just showed up. I can see his beak, his eyes, and his crown. All the beings that have been working with us are starting to show up, one by one. They were always here but didn't want us to know that yet, since this activation is to be done on our own two feet, from our own light. I can see Thoth is here as well. I'm seeing Sekhmet too. She is standing by the door, holding up her arms. There is a rope underneath her that almost looks like wings blocking any of our energy from leaking out of the door.

We are doing this in a group today because we/they can't work with individual, separate consciousness anymore. We are entering the world of ONE and Unification. This is not an individual chalice that has been activated inside of us; it's a collective one. When initiates advance passed the individual ascension process (most of us reading this have already done this), then they are invited into the planetary ascension of ONE in which manifestation is done in sacred soul groups and for the betterment and advancement of humankind. The chalice we now hold inside our hearts is for all of humanity. This larger chalice no one being can control or use on his own, thus affording it the most perfect protection. This is a clue to what is coming in the near future. Remember there will be a different way to do things now and different ways to live from different perspectives.

The individual process of ascension has taken us to the next level, one in which every action in life is for the collective good and not just that of the individual self. In time this concept will become easier than you might think right now. Imagine that the Earth and all of life on Earth is YOU (or an extension of you) as you walk through life. When you live from that perspective, you live for everyone. The Maya's say, "In Lakesh Ala K'in . . . What I do for me, I do for others." What I do for others, I do for me.

Imagine that every step you take, every thought and every feeling you have now is working from the light in the universal chalice that belongs and is held by every human being on the planet. It is another step toward oneness (from where we came), and this wave of oneness always will start first with like-minded beings. We are a group of like-minded beings here, and the guardians around us who walked here in very ancient times were like-minded too. That's why they came into this room with us to celebrate the invitation to the universal chalice.

The Immortals are on the outside of this room burning a golden flame to keep it pure. What is going into this chalice now is massive. It's only one (and first) drop of golden light, liquid light, one drop of infinite drops. Today we get to be part of this universal chalice and also be a part of this one drop of golden light. The golden light can't belong to one person or one organization anymore. It belongs to the collective. It is in its infancy, and it will begin to grow.

Sekhmet is still sitting at the door with her arms open. There is a golden fabric hanging down, and she is holding her hands up, cupping them, because she wants the energy to stay in the room. The energy is getting really woozy, wobbly, because the light is starting to build now. So if you need to kneel or sit down, don't be shy. (If you are reading this, you might want to sit down.) They are asking how much energy do you want? How much love, wisdom, and power would you like today? They will anchor it into you as far as you want. It is up to you. So we are going to ask Horus, the guardian who is offering us his multi-perceptional protection, and Thoth with his wisdom, and the Hathors with their universal love, and Sekhmet with her power of creation, we are going to ask that they go around the circle and give each person (and those reading this) absolutely as much as they desire in this moment. Take deep breaths. (The group got comfortable on the floor.) Oh . . . Ma'at is here now as well, and she's is keeping the balance. The Immortals are holding us in a purifying golden flame.

The universe has cleared the way for us. We are the servants of humanity. This is what we came here for. We have come here to join in on the chalice of humanity. We have come here to be of service to that universal chalice, not to the self but to the whole. They honor us and they bless us for that. It is mind-boggling to truly take in the magnitude of the times we are in and to understand that it is much bigger than we are. All are part of the living cup of life that is now coming to this new age.

We are becoming a sacred fire - not consumed, but enlightened, by it. This is the light that is coming. Granted with this coming of the sacred fire, there will be things that need correction and things to let go of. There will be many things that cannot survive in this light. But what will survive will be authentic.

(At this point we could feel the temple cooling off, as the sun outside began to rise.) This cooling is an actual physical manifestation of the fire going into our chalice without consuming us. We have absorbed the energy the temple offered us. We are coming into alignment with that place inside that will not be consumed by the fire, but can and does contain this light.

This light showing up in the physical world (in our bodies) means we are one step closer to really manifesting our visions and dreams in the physical world. Our visioning is coming into physical form. This is the first step for us to become living masters in the physical bodies we were born with. This never has been done before. In the past we left our bodies at the end of an age and then came back when the new cycle was up and running. Now, we are rebooting reality without turning off the power. We can't do that with our computers!

The Hathors came to this planet from the stars. They weren't born on Earth. They manifested themselves here. They know how to manifest a body on a physical plane. This is similar to the activation of a new body that is happening inside us now. Our physical bodies actually belong to the Earth. The Hathors now are helping us to manifest a physical light body inside as well. This new body is what the Immortals came here with as well. Our new integrated body contains everything that we have been studying . . . immortality, instant manifestation, inter-dimensional travel. Soon we will not be limited by our physical bodies. The Hathors, the Immortals, and even the Star Elders had and have the ability to transcend the physical. We humans began with a dense physical body from the Earth, but we have a new body emerging inside of us that belongs to the stars. These two bodies will be able to work in tandem within the sacred flame that is a new chalice that is burning but will not be consumed.

The Immortals are starting to back away from us, as they are finished with this activation. They are encircling us with love. Sekhmet has put her arms down. We no longer need to contain the energy in this chamber. It is time for us to go out into the world. We have absorbed a tremendous amount of energy.

(The group all stood up, held hands, and offered up three long Oms in gratitude.)

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