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With Archangel Michael, The Star Elders, Goddess Nut, Brother Horus,
Mother Sekhmet, and Goddess Hatshepsut through Aluna Joy
Temple of Joy and Song - Dendara, Egypt - April 19th, 2014

The following is the 3rd message that we received in Egypt this past April, that fell between two powerful eclipses and within historical life changing Grand Trine in 2014. You can find our other messages on our website at www.alunajoy.com under the "Articles for Personal and Planetary Transformation" link. It might be a good idea to read them in order, as each message builds upon the previous one. We are sharing this message here with you just as we received it, in present time, with very little editing. We do this for a very important reason. We know that the messages that we receive are not just for our groups, but are for others as well. The Star Elders and all the others that joined us assure me that the message and the corresponding energy will be transmitted to you as you read (and purposfully "LIKE") them. So as you read this, you might want to imagine that you are with us. Also, always view the photos on the website that we share, as photos also hold some energy of the sites.

The daily blog . . .

You can really feel the building intensity in the eclipse portal. There was little sleep as the energy is quite electric. The heart is pounding and nerves are raw. It feels like Spirit's calling is to wear us down so as to remove all hope of armoring up against the transformation that is coming. Our group is more than ready and unified in this quest even though we are not comfortable or rested. This is in stark contrast to 6 months ago when we were in Egypt, when the political unrest was at its height, and yet our group was so full of calm and peace. What a difference a few months can make. The doors are being pried open, and we are being squeezed through the eye of the needle, taking only that which will be useful in the new world. It is hard work to stay calm and balanced. We are calling on our highest forms to maintain some balance today. I am feeling so grateful that we are on the sacred waters of the Nile, as I feel that it makes the energy easier to deal with.

We traveled to Dendara today: to the Hathor Temple of Love, Joy and Song. Jeshua himself spent a year in this temple. I can't think of a better day to go to this site. When we entered the site, an instant calm hit us, and we were told that we were going to get an energy vacation. And We did!

In the Old Kingdom chamber, we received a beautiful message about energy and right use of power, and how, if it is used without our hearts engaged, it is easy to misuse our power. This is the world we are leaving behind, without any judgments to those who got lost in the ego games of power and force.

Over the first few days of our pilgrimage, we have been collecting quite a bit of power. It has been so intense that we haven't sleep. In the untouched, sacred chamber, the Hathors integrated our energy with our new world heart. We felt at peace. On the bus ride back to our home on the Nile, I slept deeply like a mummy.

The Message

Our group walked in to the Temple, and Aluna led everyone to the Goddess Nut/ Hathor Temple side room. We were then informed by Hatem, our local guide, that the inspector of the site and a team of gun packing guards were following us into the site. The guards saw us walking in and remembered us from 6 months ago. I guess we should have dialed back our light a bit when we walked in. (lol) So we began to "act" like normal tourists to bore the guards. The inspector ended up staying for some time, so I asked to go to the Old World Kingdom area, hoping that the guards would give up and leave us alone. We climbed down into a very small chamber that is incomprehensibly immaculate and full of pure unspoiled initiatory energy.

(In the lower Old World Kingdom area)

Aluna: I am going to invite in the gods and ancient ones, etc. . . The Hathors, our collective pal Archangel Michael, The Star Elders, Goddess Nut, our dear brother Horus, Mother Sekhmet, and Goddess Hatshepsut, who is still here with us from yesterday. She is staking us! (group laughs)

Today we are getting an energy vacation. The energy has been hitting our nervous system really hard the last couple of days (a nervous system re-boot that just finished late July 2014). Now they are wanting to bring this energy down into our hearts. There is a huge sense of love in this temple today. There is a deep honoring, recognition, and appreciation that we have returned. Egypt is really pumping with clear and untouched energy due to the lack of tourists. We are so blessed.

Our brightness alerted the guards when we walked in. We forgot to dial down our energy when we walked in. Usually they don't notice us and leave us alone (our groups cloak of invisibility). It is a sign that the energy in our group is really intense and really heightened. This is why we are not sleeping well, and why we are feeling a bit edgy and our tummies are a bit nauseated. So the gods and ancient ones are really raising up our energy, because we asked for this, and this is why we came to Egypt.

Remember when we were in the King's Chamber, the gods said they were going to raise our vibration to the next level, and we have been feeling kind of fried ever since. What they want to do with us now is to merge this new energy with our hearts. This will smooth out any bumps that are coming next for everyone on earth. (And for those reading this… you must give your permission before they will realign your heart.)

Pure energy connected with love (the heart chakra) transforms love into an energy that you can use in the new world without repeating old paradigms. This energy is what the ancient ones used in the past in the mystery schools. Energy without engaging the higher heart is dangerous, and can easily be used for evil purposes. Without heart (love), power and energy can be misused by reacting out of lower natures. We are blessed because we are being very self-responsible as a group. I know that we all appreciate this about each other, because this intense energy could have been catastrophic to our pilgrimage. We own our issues that are rising up from this purification.

Now it is clear to me why we started with the King's Chamber on this pilgrimage. We needed that intense energy to flush a lot of old programs and issues to the surface to be cleared out. This made space so the gods and ancient ones could do what they want to do with us next. Are you ready?

Today they want to bring all that we have gathered thus far (and from many lifetimes) and anchor it into our hearts. In this Old Kingdom temple of Dendara, initiates used to bring forth the song of their hearts. The heart song is energy and power and alchemy integrated into the heart. This heart song was not an outward sound, but was the sound frequency their higher hearts actually made. They are activating our heart songs today. (And for those reading this… you must give your permission before they will activate your heart songs.) Take a moment and meditate and allow this process.

Ok, they are showing me some back history of this temple.

Before the Essences became the Essences and the Rosicrucians became the Rosicrucians, the Marys and all the Old Ones would go underground to do their work in temples like this one. Post Atlantis temples were built on top on Old Kingdom temples. The above ground energy was contaminated and twisted after the fall of Atlantis. A lot of initiates, mystics and living masters survived the fall of Atlantis, but also a lot of the lower ego powered people survived as well. The temples above ground were becoming more about ego, power, and war. Dendara avoided most of this contamination. These were things that they did not want to participate in.

The initiates, mystics, and living masters didn't want to lose their energy or have it altered by the rampant ego and ignorance. They were committed to holding and sustaining the momentum of light that they gathered before, during, and after the age of Atlantis. . . and to this day. To do this they had to go underground, much as we go into a hermitage today. This is one of the chambers Jeshua used, as well; also Anna, Mary, and Joseph of Arimathea. This is only a hallway that is excavated here, but we can see how beautiful and amazing it is. And it still holds a deep, peaceful and mystical energy. This is why I have been so intrigued about the Scotland / Brittan and Egypt connection the last few years. There is something to remember here. So we will keep digging for the pieces we all left behind, in order to bring them back to light for this special time.

Their energy is still in this land and in this temple. These are ones who worked with the mindset of …as above so below. So they knew that they were anchoring here what was above: bringing cosmic energy to earth, or Heaven on Earth. They were anchoring the love of the universe and the love of the place they came from-their starry heritage, cosmic DNA-and they were bringing it here. We are also doing this work, since we came from the stars as well. This is why we have felt different from others all our lives. We are not any more special than anyone else; just cut from a different cloth and dancing to a different drummer.

The ancient ones would sit in these chambers in silence for a very long time. Soon they could hear their heart songs. They would enter the void, as we do in mediation. They focused their energy and light into their heart, and soon they could hear their unique higher heart song. Then they would anchor this frequency into the earth. This is not like sound frequencies that we are hearing in our ears right now. The high frequency that we hear now is from the sun activating us. (Those reading this can hear this sound, as well.) So they are asking us again for permission, so they can start integrating into our hearts all this ancient and powerful energy we have collected in the last few days and lifetimes.

This realignment with our hearts will make our energy run a lot smoother and easier. But they warn me, we are going to get another blast tomorrow in Karnack. (And we did!) Sekhmet already knows we are coming to see her. Hatshepsut has followed us here from yesterday. I feel there is something coming about the great mothering of a new world that we are being called to be a part of. This will take a tremendous amount of heart energy. This vital work will insure that we will end up in a love-based world, and we can finally put the lower ego driven world behind us. What we tried to do in the past, but failed, is to anchor a heart-based world. This was the experiment of Atlantis. We will not fail this time around.

The further away we can get from the world of ego, the closer we can anchor what we all came here to do, and that is to anchor the world of the heart. This will bring about oneness, impeccability, truth, honor, authenticity, peace, and harmony. Now we are going to be pulsating at this higher vibration. This action will make the transition ahead more comfortable than it would have been. It is going to take a couple of days for us to integrate this energy into the heart. They have to do it slowly, bit by bit, so our human space suit can tolerate the transition.

I have never seen all the ancient ones so deeply connected and working together. Egypt's energy just gets better and better. (As we can see the Middle East is now reacting to this advanced light being realigned to the holy lands. Issues and karmic cord are imploding.) The ancient ones knew we were coming here. (And those reading this… you can let them see you now! Give them permission if you are called to be a part of this work.) They know who you are. They have called you back. You didn't come (or read this) by mistake. They know your hearts. They all know that you are here to anchor the new world of the heart . . . a new world where love trumps power. Power is not a corrupt thing in itself, but power by itself can be exploited. When you anchor power to the heart, it can never be misused, because there is integrity and consciousness involved. If you are being aware, you can have power and use it to better earth and humanity.

The ancient ones hold no judgments. They know it is pretty easy to go off course with raw ungrounded power. They are also painfully aware of how easy it is to get sidetracked and misuse this power. We can be arrogant, angry, self-righteous, and judgmental. Early in the awakening process many might experience having a Christ complex and think they can fix others when they really need to awaken themselves. These are some of the ways to misuse our God-given power. There is no judgment for the people that have misused power and are misusing it even now. They don't judge anybody, because they have felt these lower egos, as well. They don't see them as lesser than us. They see everyone as one family of humanity. They are making this very clear. . . there is a deep discernment and observation, but no judgment. They love all living beings on Earth. They are human, as well as stars beings. They are both, and so are we (and those reading this). Some of the ancient ones here were 100% from the stars. They know that we have come here to anchor a better world, and they recognize and honor this in us. They recognize that we don't want to misuse our power, and we feel really upset at ourselves when we do. They are asking us when we go back into the world, go without judgment . . . including judgment for the guys with the machine guns out there (in the upper temple) that are trying to stop us from doing anything here today. But you see spirit gave us the space we needed anyway, and they got to feel useful by doing their job. It was a win-win.

We walked in with a lot of energy, because the guards weren't here when we first walked in. They followed us. It is important why they have me share this. We scared the guards with our powerful heart energy. BUT . . . We also scare ourselves when we run into new powerful energy. Our hearts race because our human bodies (human space suits) are spooked by new frequencies. The unknown is naturally scary to the old programs and paradigm that our body runs on. But these programs are being upgraded, realigned, and rebooted. We have mastered our minds and spirits very well, so we don't react with these anymore, but our bodies are still reacting. This is the reason why we have bodily ascension symptoms. This is why our hearts pound when we receive new energy and new programs and perspectives. We are in a place now where we are going to start to run into a lot of new things, and our bodies will react . . . our human DNA is reacting, but not our spirit. Our minds are staying fairly balanced. We need to remind our bodies daily that this is a normal part of evolution and ascension, and this is the consciousness that is needed now.

OK. . . All light energy (past and present) that we have collected is going to anchor to our hearts now, as well as all the energy throughout this pilgrimage (and our lives).

Take a moment in gratitude for this blessing-and to allow this gift to be received by body, mind, and spirit.

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