A Download Of Enlightened Universal Consciousness Technology (Mary's Gate)
With Aluna Joy, Mary Queen of Scots & Clan, The Star Elders, Archangel Michael, Akhenaten, Mother Sekhmet
on the Island of Loch Leven, Scotland - Received 8/28/14 - Called to post 6/29/2017

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Read in a quiet meditative space for maximum effects!

We arrived at the sacred island of Loch Leven by boat, and I could feel a grand spirit of light in the window in the fortress wall. We knew we had just been welcomed with open arms. This presence was Mary Queen of Scots, the last of the Druid/Celtic goddesses, along with her entire court/clan, all of which were Druid goddesses in their own right (These ones are descendants of a very ancient order of the Marys, including Mother Mary, Mary Madeline, etc...). They saw our open hearts and welcomed us. This was my third visit to the island, and I felt strongly that we had finally earned our sacred welcome into something special (Sometimes it takes several trips into a sacred site before the veiled doors open, and we are allowed into its deeper mysteries). These sequestered goddesses could see our group's collective heart and shared immediately that Mary and the others were holding onto many deep, old secrets that we were being invited to receive.

They began by sharing what I call alternative historical facts that are not necessarily accepted by the archaeological community. There are many other layers of non-linear energy underneath this ancient site that is overshadowed by its 3D illusion of this being a historical prison. It was this deeper layer that called these goddesses to this place. Here they practiced an ancient form of Celtic Alchemy that was brought north from Egypt, through many holy lands, to this very spot and to many others areas in the mystical lands of what we know now as Scotland. Their ancestors came here to this very spot long before a fortress was ever built here. I remembered that we had dug into this memory in previous years when we felt there was something much deeper here, but we could not quite access it.

(For YOU the reader. Here you can ask permission to enter into the ancient memory of this sacred land and its etheric records of this ancient universal wisdom. Let go of any expectation to outcome as Spirit most always offers more than we can imagine.)

(Sometimes it takes just the right frequency of a group to reach deeper memories of ancient alchemy and wisdom. There is no way to plan a group to achieve the correct frequency. When we "TRY" to do so, invariably our ego taints our well-intended efforts, and thus the effect is never what we wanted or expected. We have learned to trust Spirit in the moment, go with the flow of each moment, and arrive with a wide, open heart. If we hit the right frequency at the right moment, it is a great gift for sure. This is not a time to hesitate, but to leap as doors rarely stay open for long.)

Mary Queen of Scots knew this was a sacred place, and so she would bring her sacred clan here, under the guise of being imprisoned. The outer world, the powers of the day like Queen Elizabeth, etc... thought that they had control of her. This was far from the truth. She came here, because she would be almost forgotten and not be bothered, so she and her clan "court" could do their work in total privacy and peace. This was in keeping with ancient traditions, not unlike Anna (grandmother of Jeshua) of the ancient Essene/Rosicrucian orders, where, at times, they would go into deep, subterranean temple-like caves to do their work when the outer world's energy was too dense to tolerate. (If you - those reading this - have been called to isolate yourself in the last few months, you most likely have ancient lifetimes of going underground to maintain your alchemical light work. If this rings a bell in your heart, then you know it is true).

On this island, they were very well taken care of. It wasn't a prison at all. There were many comforts, luxury and food. They show this to me to remind you that you need not sacrifice and suffer to do our light work. If it comes from trying, struggle and pain, we can block the best parts of our light work. But what we want to reach today is something that is underneath this recent history. We are asking for the depth and the core of eternal wisdom and truth.

Now, here is where I find receiving messages and translating them into English very limiting. Everything I am going to say now is going to fall short from what I am feeling inside. (Thus why I ask YOU, the reader, to take this in while in a semi-meditative state. I will do my best to convey the verbal message, but I suggest that you take a moment here to open your heart to this message and energy that comes with it, but only if you feel it is right for you.)

(Take some time here to breathe, before you continue to read this.)

So I start with the first thing that they are showing me about this eternal wisdom anchored here. This is how they accessed it in their time: I can see that they would let their "wild side" out here. It looks like quite a cathartic experience. Now they are showing me that if we were to go way back in time, this knowledge would be easier to access, less cathartic and more graceful as the density of the Earth was lighter. In the ancient past, it would look like working with the creative force of the universe in which we can manifest entire realities from. This tradition goes all the way back before we were "fully human", and we were more from the stars than of the Earth. Here they practiced creating from the raw force of nature, the creative energy of the universe. In Mary's day, to an outside observer, it would look like they would let a crazy, wild woman out to play. These actions would discredit them even further in the public eye, and they would be seen as having gone mad and be written off and forgotten. This was their plan all along. Today, Earth is quite heavy even for their standards. I am also being shown that an upswing is slowly coming now for Earth and humanity. Now, in this time, only the bravest light workers are on Earth; the Warriors of Light.

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So I am asking them if they will let us see the deeper truths, not just the outer expression of this truth, and how they accessed it. They are checking us out again to see if we are ready to receive this.

(Take some time here to deeply breathe before you continue to read this, and allow these goddesses to see the lightness of you heart.)

It looks like we/you have passed their inspection. We were asked to open ourselves further and do this by opening to unconditional gratefulness. (For those reading this, I am being asked to invite you to dive into your grateful place. Feel grateful for these ancient ancestors who held this pure creative energy here for so long for us to receive today. Open your heart for an empowering and uplifting upload.)

In the ancient past, before Mary's time line, their ancestors also pretended to play by the rules of their era; but actually they were all out of the box that their time would consider normal as well. On the outside, they looked like they were being socially acceptable. But when they hid away, they did what they needed to do to hone their skills of manifestation and perfecting their ancient alchemy. This practice covers more topics than we can cover here in this article. Let us just say this . . . if you can imagine it, it is possible to create it. I mean anything! I hope you heard this. This tradition was passed down to them through their ancestry and ancient ones through their lineage that goes beyond our time and planet.

Queen Mary is sharing that she has felt very depressed, because they know that the knowledge they are holding onto is only a small fragment of the whole. (Sometimes depression comes from remembering to much, sometimes even at birth, and also can mean you are on the brink of remembering even more.) They were concerned that their ancient knowledge might possibly end with them. Queen Mary even knew that she eventually would end up meeting her demise because of her beliefs and actions. (This fear still reverberates through our DNA today, but has no basis in reality now. We are safer than you know.) They are excited today, because we (and you reading this) are going to help to breathe life back into this ancient knowledge and alchemy. They anchored a lot of energy here that was their creation, and revived much from ancient times, long before this tradition was called Celtic, Essene, etc.... Now we can take this to the next level; a level that they could not reach in their time. They are celebrating us now! (And they celebrate those reading this now).

Ancient ones would always come to very, very remote places in order to practice in privacy, and today we have this privacy and sunshine here in Loch Leven. So now I am going to watch them and see if they are going to feel comfortable revealing the next layer. This layer is the entire mass of wisdom that made up their sacred tradition and alchemy.

Much of what they practiced was done with their finely tuned intuition, clairvoyance, clairsentient and oracle skills. And so it will be true with us as well. (Do not doubt yourself here. If you are still reading this, you have what it takes.) They knew that a lot of the knowledge had been lost over time through many holy wars, like oral history, ancient manuscripts and entire libraries and not to mention the eradication of many Wisdom Keepers and Oracles. But we can now begin to rebuild this alchemy in a higher form, as it is still untouched in the protected etheric records. We have entered a new era in which we can now assess them.

(Take some time here. Breathe, before you continue to read this.)

The process will begin with your heart's permission . . .
So as I watch their intuitive process, I will share what I am seeing the best I can. The first thing I am seeing is the roar of a lion. I also see a dragon. I am seeing Sekhmet (from Egypt), because she is one representation of the Great Mother. I call her my Mother out of great respect and love. Now, this roar is a sound, or a frequency, that when it is let out all the way, it creates worlds and universes. So when they say let the wild side out, it might have looked like hooting, screaming and dancing inside these very walls in Mary's day. They are acting out a memory of an ancient alchemy, but they are not quite able to touch what they know as the core truth. It was not the right time. They worked hard to anchor what was left of this frequency in hopes this could be restored again in the future. They are showing me that underneath this holy ground is anchored a roar of raw creative power. It is still here for us today (and to those reading this now).

So I am going to ask if they will let us move past their protective barriers that I am seeing now. I am asking if we can excavate a bit deeper. Ask yourself now, would you like to bring this creative energy back into your being? Are you okay with this?

(Group said. . . "Yes", and you must as well if you are called to do so.)

What they really want us to do is scream, hoot and holler, and I am concerned that if we do this now, the guards will come running. If we do that, then that means that the next group that comes, the guards will start watching them. So there are repercussions and spiritual responsibilities at play here. This is a ceremony that they are calling opening of the mouth or opening the throat. It is about letting your power out from your heart that has always been there. This power IS purest form of LOVE. How many people have been having weird little itchy throat things or feeling tightness around their throat ever since we came here? I have been feeling tight around my throat and neck. It feels a lot like when you hold back tears and how your neck tightens up. This is the same kind of feeling when you hold back the energy that is rising up in you. You are going to probably feel it in your throat, because they can see your hearts are already open. Mary was known for her depression and many tears. She really wasn't wired for this world, like a lot of us weren't wired for this world. She had a few women friends, that became her court, who understood this. They were of like mind, like our group is of like mind. And I bet most of us here are wired for the future; not the past that we are leaving.

So we don't want to cause trouble here today or cause trouble for the next spiritual group that comes. They came up with an alternative way to let your roar out. (You reading this at home don't have to hold back, and you can roar as loud as you like) :-) Here in these walls, we will use our inner consciousness to do the inner roaring.

So, in replace of the roar, we will OM. "O" is the sound of the heart, and when done right, you can feel it vibrate in your heart. "E" is the sound of the throat, and you can also feel it there with chanting "E". So we might want to chant "OOOOO EEEEE". You will feel this tone vibrate in your heart first, and then it will move up to the throat area. (Our group starts toning "O" to "E".) So let us keep it going. Already I can see it is definitely opening up a portal from the earth up to the sky. I see an ancient gate. It is called Mary's Gate. In your mind, continue to imagine that your inner roar is coming out.

(Our group continues to chant "OOOOO EEEEE").

(For those reading this..., you can do this toning too as you accept the download.)

She also wants us to acknowledge the men, because there were many men on this island that were disguised as her guards. But they were actually enlightened knights, and they also participated in this wildness. So we want to honor the men too. This is not an energy just for women but for all humankind, with open hearts, and eyes that see, and ears that hear. Keep it going, keep it going. "O" for the heart. "E" for the throat. I see a light coming from the sky down, and one coming up from the earth.

Okay, Archangel Michael is here and the Star Elders. It is interesting that we discovered that there is a thing called Mary's Gate. It has nothing to do with the actual gate on this land, but this is an etheric, non-linear gate, and it is time for us to ask for Mary to open this gate. She says they sealed many things here.

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So, inside your hearts, if you are ready for the energy upload, you will probably feel this in your heart, but also much more in the throat; because this time it is about voicing and bringing this creative energy out into the world. Truth is birthing, and falsities are being revealed and dismantled. So, in your consciousness, ask that Mary's Gate be opened to you. Now the portal is growing greatly in size, and it is now reaching way out in the middle of the grounds surrounded by the complex wall. The gate is huge. It is as big as the encompassing wall, and actually goes out further on the north side by twenty to thirty feet. They didn't build the castle centered on the portal (or the portal has since moved). So now, we are standing in a giant gate that is opening. I am being shown that we are being initiated into being "emissaries of the expression of the creative force of the new cycle / new age" that we are currently in. Does that make sense?

Here is a tip to help access this energy clearer . . . look up to the sky and the clouds that are just dancing by so magically, and listen to the pheasants that are speaking to us. Okay. Oh wow! This is getting really fun. The Star Elders are peeling back time, just for this temporary moment that we are in, so we can go in timelessness where this ancient alchemy and tradition was housed in total purity, as it was anchored in the first place. They are going to let us feel and absorb it now. They are going to actually let us feel, experience, absorb and merge with this frequency. They say that if you look up at the sky, it will help you reach this more timeless space. The sky is a constant in all ages. By looking up to the sky, your mind will not be triggered by seeing modern stone walls that we are standing in. The sky has always been, and it is timeless. The Earth under our feet is also timeless. So imagine maybe that the walls are not even here at this time, and we are back in time. (If you are reading this, you could go outside... or close your eyes and imagine only blue sky and clouds, etc...).

(Group continues to sound "OOOOO EEEEE", and we are still not calling the attention of the guards which is a great blessing.)

I am feeling a little pressure on the top of my head. I am wondering if the rest of you are feeling it. It is a pressure coming down from the stars. I am being shown what was anchored here. For a better lack of term, it is enlightened, universal consciousness technology. We all know that when we go back far enough that we are not originally from this Earth. So we are literally calling in the creative force that we brought here to Earth to create worlds, dimensions, cycles and reality. This was anchored "here" to be used at different times in different cycles of the Earth's evolution. ("Here" is an odd term to use, as truly this energy is anchored everywhere and not in just one location. But now we are crossing over the etheric record of those who held this wisdom, if that makes sense.) Now we are entering into a new cycle of which we have just barely stepped into, and we are now becoming the emissaries of the expression of the creative force of the universe. I am going through this again to make sure it is right. This voice/roar is a frequency that triggers an ancient technology. We picked up some of the codes yesterday when we were in Rosslyn Chapel. We needed these codes implanted in us. (I will ask Archangel Michael now to transmit these codes to those reading this as well.)

I am feeling Akhenaten (King Tut's father). I was not expecting this. His presence here is to remind us of the Christ consciousness that existed long before the historical Christ. The only way we know Akhenaten historically is that he was the only Egyptian pharaoh that believed in the ONE God, or the ONE Source. He broke away from the Egyptian Multi-God system, because he believed in the ONE. He was not honored or respected for it either, but it worked! So many traditions now understand the ONE source.

(Many times one does not live to a time where they can benefit from the fruits of their labors. This keeps our work in an egoless motivation, because we may not ever benefit from the gain of our universal work. But we still do this work, don't we? Yes, this is for you reading this. Many mystics throughout the ages have sacrificed material gain and lived with the generosity of others to survive. May I humbly suggest here that if you are materially abundant, please support the many messengers of this time who have helped you in this life. This not only supports them in continuing their work, but also makes an energetic vote for the victory of the light and supports a greater good.)

So now the Star Elders and Archangel Michael are putting a light shield around us. This is because the powers that be in the world do not like the release of the creative force of the universe, because the creative force of the universe will change things that they don't want changed, and they certainly don't like losing control. The dislike or even fear of change is embedded in all humans in various levels, and it is what holds us back from our evolution. BUT... once we absorb this new energy, we gain more courage and authentic power, and the world powers lose more and more of their power over us. The Masters know that it is too late for the ego based "asleep" world to implement their controlling agendas. Love is winning. So for now, the Star Elders and Archangel Michael are sealing this energy into us with a light shield or cloak-like energy, so this energy is always contained within us, no matter what. Also, if we go into any form of fear about the big changes that are coming into our world, we won't lose or forget that we have this coding. This is not a protection as much as it is a sealing in, because this light cloak is impermeable to contamination. They also know, at this point in our history, that we are still going to have fearful thoughts or resist change, because we are still dealing with cleaning our global collective energy and letting go of all the things that no longer serve us. The Star Elders and Archangel Michael say to be patient. This will take time. This is a step by step process as it always has been. Today we are picking up incredible, high powered alchemy tools that will be used for our very near future. (This means much sooner now! I received this message in 2014, and only now am I called to release this message for us to prepare.) So they are sealing this download in (with your permission of course). They know that there is no way that we are above having a fearful thought in the next few years. They want to make sure that we remember that we have these codes anchored into us.

Okay, the process is nearing completion... and my long message here has helped keep you here long enough for this to complete. As I have said earlier, words can barely express what the intent is for this download of ancient alchemy.

During this process, if you feel a little queasy, breathe real deep. Make sure you have your feet on the earth. Keep your body balanced. Breathe really deep. Okay, now the Queen Mary, her clan and the others are going around the circle and making sure everybody is sealed up and ready to go. Yawning is good. It is just an energy adjustment. Yawn away. (I yawned when I edited this message too!)

Now, being an impatient person :), I am asking them for a timeline when we can start accessing this knowledge / wisdom / alchemy / tradition/ enlightened universal consciousness technology. (Yes, I still don't know what to call this.) They say that we are going to start accessing some of this energy very soon, (now); but the full force of it (they don't like using Earth years, so I am begging for a human timeline), I see it as either being in 2018 or 2020. We are going to start accessing it now in easy, baby steps.

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Our group might feel this new energy when we go back home. People around us will feel this in us as well. So if you find that people are resistant to you just being yourself, or that people around us go into fear, do not blame them, or try to change them, or pull back your light to make them less uncomfortable. This is their clearing and the work they need to to. You may not have to say or do anything to cause a clearing reaction in others. Just know that the energy and a higher frequency is emitting from you now, and just send them love. All humans have stuff to clear! Even YOU,and there is nothing wrong with you or your spiritual path, if you encounter difficult bumps on your forward path. It is how you deal with these situations that matters. Remember that we are the new emissaries of this energy. "Emissaries" means that we are going to go out into the world and spread this frequency just by BE-ing. Emissaries of the expression of the creative force of the universe. This process is very much what they, the builders, were anchoring in Rosslyn Chapel in stone; but no one understands how to decode this now. It can only be sung.

The Ancient Ones worked very hard to anchor this in a way so that it wouldn't be lost. They knew that we would enter this new era where it would eventually wake up in us. All we need to do is to access the sacred sound within our heart. This is something that we learned while we were in Egypt in Dendera, where we learned about the heart song (The full message is posted on our website).

So, in closing, we want to send our thanks back to Mary Queen of Scots and Clan, Mother Earth and Father Sky, Mother Sekhmet and Akhenaten, The Star Elders and Archangel Michael, and all the ancestors that came before us. We want to thank them so much for this gift. Thank you all for making it to the end of this message and allowing this download. You are appreciated. We are in awe of this offering. I know that we will guard it with our hearts, and with all of our might, power and passion. we will honor and respect it, and keep it sacred.

You have been given an energy that can't be named or described (I sure tried), but it is the empty space between all material things, and where all the power of creation resides. So now you are the emissaries of the creative force of the universe. This energy is being returned to us to be worked with like-minded groups, if it all possible. So when we go home (or finish reading this), we will find our groups to work with this energy. You do not have to be physically together to do this work anymore. Modern technology makes is possible to gather in other ways. These codes cannot be used for out of control material gain, but only for the greater good. Now they say... get to it! And I can see all of them smile. :)

P.S. As we broke up, our group let out a huge howl! LOL. I was not expecting anything like this on this day at all. I am feeling grateful to have experienced this and very grateful to send it out into the world now.

And Mary Queen of Scots is surprised that we came here so soon, because it is kind of early to let this energy out. (It is funny that I had to wait three years to post this message.)

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