Aluna Joy Yaxkin and the Holy Spirit, The Order of the Marys, Archangel Michael.
Received on July 16, 2015 - Finally released on April 8, 2017!

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Chalice Well gardens were really quiet. We usually feel the energy clear out at the car park. It was subtle this morning. We entered on our private visit to the well, and I was taken aback by the lack of greeting from the ancient guardians. I heard that this is because they say that they are not HERE, but they are in the next world which they want to bring us into.

Above us, we could see/feel a huge, energetic pattern of a White Dove. Our group had worked yesterday, in the Lady's Chapel in Glastonbury Abby, with an ancient order of goddesses. They are now taking off the cloaks that they had covered us in. (Even though you could not read yesterday's message, in spherical time, I am told that this does not matter). What they would like to do is ask you (all of you reading this) permission for an activation. No beings of light will do anything without your permission. Before you say YES, they want to explain. What they are asking to do is to dismantle your body, every single cell in it, or decompose it. They see it is time for your old body to decompose, because they know the old paradigm is dying away. In the Inca Lands, it is believed that this process happens when you are struck by lightning. You are dismantled and rebuilt in an instant. This is the same kind of principle, but we are not going to be struck by lightning; but instead blessed by the Holy Spirit. When we allow every molecule of our bodies to fall apart and come back together again, it reboots our programming and memory, and it reboots our entire system. If you already gave permission for this process to take place, you are probably already starting to feel it … kind of a woozy, kind of a wafting kind of feeling like you are not quite physical. Just breathe.

Mother Mary is stepping forward (a dove coos in the background), and she is saying we will be struck by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will come into all the spaces in-between all the molecules of our body and erase the out-of-date past. It will upgrade our molecules and put us back together in a way that is more harmonious for the new world that we are entering into. So it is going to take several minutes to do this. It is probably good that you are sitting down.

Now the energy of the Holy Spirit is coming up from the Earth and down from the center of the universe at the same time. We are going to allow our personal protection shields to come down, so the Grace and Light of this Goddess Order and the Holy Spirit can reboot and uplift our bodies. Then we can let it start to grow and expand inside of us. So if you are ready, here we go.

They are going to start to work down through our crown chakras. This will open up our eyes, so we can see in a new way, hear in a new way and speak in a new way. Our throats will be open so we can speak truth and wisdom. The Holy Spirit is lifting the weight of the world off our shoulders. They are straightening out the kinks in our spine that we have tightened up, because we have been armored up against the old energy that we have been trying to leave behind. Armoring up has served us well. It is not to be judged. We have had to protect ourselves from different energies in the world. But if you stay armored, you can't let the new frequencies in. Right now we are all totally protected and held in this Holy Spirit.

(Take some time here, before you continue to read this.)

So now they are working their way down our bodies to the heart level. You might feel a little twinge in your heart area. Some people have wounds where they were stabbed in the back in the current past and ancient past. We are talking about brutalities and betrayals of massive kinds that destroyed the Order of the Holy Wisdom that we are all trying to remember. So they are healing your hearts where it is wounded.

(Take some time here, before you continue to read this.)

Now they are working all their way down through your solar plexus area. They are digging out a lot of old emotions; very little of it, from what I can see, is actually yours. You have been absorbing negativity from the world in service to the world and humanity. Most of this doesn't belong to you. They are clearing it away. They realize that when you walk out these gates (or finish reading this) that you will again start clearing the Earth but in a new way. So they are going to give you a clean slate to begin anew. They are not going to take your job away from you. We are servers of Light. We are here to help and serve the Earth, and each one of us has a purpose, and each one of us is doing exactly what they need to be doing. It has been heavy for a lot of us, and they are lightening our load by clearing out the solar plexus of needless guilt, anger, pain, sadness and grief.

(Take some time here, before you continue to read this.)

So now they are working on our circulatory system. The Holy Spirit is flooding our veins. It looks like our blood is turning to gold. They are also bringing the Holy Spirit down into our lower chakras to root this activation. Now they are moving quickly all the way down through our hips, knees and down to our feet. They want to anchor your feet now. They are finding this a little more difficult, because a lot of you have been walking with your feet detached from the ground a little bit. It is almost like you are trying to protect yourself. (Take some time here, before you continue to read this.)

Outside the circle, surrounding us now, I am feeling a group of males. Some look very much like Knights Templars and Holy Men, but I am also seeing Joseph of Arimathea, Jeshua, and other groups of enlightened men that are connected to them. They are holding space for the Goddess, Holy Spirit and us (those reading this now). They are helping to empower us ALL to the next level. In the inner circle, there is the group of Mary's and Magdalene's that are baptizing us in the Holy Spirit's energy. The Holy Spirit is the pure creative force of the universe, and it is the breath of life. We are here at this sacred Red Well. Geologically it is red, because it has iron in the water; but it is also red, because it is the life force or blood of the Earth for them. (Later, when we left this area, where the water flowed out through the gardens, the water turned gold!)

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We are now developing a new kind of skin, a spiritual skin that belongs to each of us now, so they don't need to leave that light cloak on that they put on us yesterday. All of our molecules now are all completely separated out, and they are vibrating at a very high rate. They all look like little spots of light in us, and they are rearranging. They are coming back together in a way that helps us hold more light, truth, integrity and the ability to conceive unimaginable things that have never been seen or understood before. We are being stretched.

Archangel Michael is reminding me of examples that will help us understand about seeing things that the world thinks are not there. Two examples: One - have you ever felt while walking down a street the feeling as if you just walked through somebody, but there was nobody there? Or have felt like you have seen something, and then you blinked, and it was gone? There is a lot more going on in the universe than we realize, because we were trained through ancestral lineages to see and perceive the world as we see it. What they are asking us to do is to perceive beyond the genetic codes that we have been given. See, hear, and perceive the beyond. Does that make sense?

The second example is an experience that I had when I got to sit down and talk with Edgar Mitchell. At that time, I thought that this is a great opportunity, because he is the only person that I will ever get a chance to talk to that actually walked on another planet, because he walked on the moon. We had talked about all kinds of wild stuff. But the one thing he shared with me was that NASA's astronauts are trained to see shamanically. They have another word for it, and I can't remember anymore the term he used. But basically NASA'a astronauts are trained to see the un-seeable, because NASA is very aware that there is a lot more out there than our eyes are trained to see.

Now here is the good stuff, and why you are still reading this . . .

There is a whole other world right around us right now, and it is one that WE have been building. We have been building it inside of us, and in our visions, but we have only caught frustrating glimpses of it. So what they have done, with your permission of course, is decompose the old ways, to dismantle your body, and put it back together in a new way. They have uplifted your frequency and upgraded your DNA codes. They have given your eyes the ability to see beyond your programming of your ancient lineages and what was in your DNA at your physical birth. Is everybody feeling LESS woozy now? It was pretty woozy when we first started this process. You are becoming grounded now in this new energy.

So the Goddesses, including the divine ancient order of the Mary's, etc…, are encircling us and sending us a tremendous amount of LOVE, and it looks like they are crying with JOY. They are happy that we have come to this place and time in our life where we were able to take this huge step. The tears are running down their cheeks, and their hearts are wide open. They are sending us a lot of LOVE (our group all cried with this love).

(Take some time here to feel this LOVE, before you continue to read.)

Now something is wafting through our bodies like little light waves. I don't know if I am going to be able to explain this very well. It feels almost like they are passing through our bodies and giving us their ancient/future gifts. They are passing down their holy appointment that they have been maintaining for a long time. They are passing it down through us now. There is a lot of sweetness and innocence with this gift and a lot of beauty. Innocence is really important. They are saying that when we get older, we become more jaded, and we have calcified expectations of how things are going to manifest. When you are innocent like a child, you can see things fresh and new, and you can imagine beyond your programming. Seeing with fresh eyes is the best way I can describe it. We are going to be able to see with fresh eyes, feel with fresh hearts, and hear in a new way.

It feels like this process is finished now, and they are slowly backing away from us. Just Breathe.

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We have received the energy of the Holy Spirit on the wings of a pure, white DOVE. It washed through our bodies, and we exchanged light with an ancient order, that I am sure that you were a part of in the past (otherwise you wouldn't be reading this right now). Things have been sealed into place. It is done. I hope you felt it.

Now they want you to put your hands over your heart. The way to anchor this in is to feel gratefulness. Gratefulness for the beautiful male energy that has been protecting this holy space for us, because they created a chalice for us to be in; and gratefulness for the inner ring of the beautiful feminine energy of the Mary's, the Magdalene's for passing on and trusting us with this beautiful energy; and gratefulness to the Holy Spirit for giving us the opportunity to be dismantled and reconstructed in the new way. We are so extremely thankful that it was gentle, full of love and with ease and grace.

As our group moved on from the sacred well, we were reminded of the huge cycle that we have all entered into. If you take into account our human life span in this cycle, we are only about three days old. We are still babes in this new cycle. We were asked to be patient. We look around and look at everybody's faces, and we all looked lighter. Everybody was glowing. We could already see something different in our eyes.

Great Blessings to you all who are called to this message.
There are no accidents.
Aluna Joy

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