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New Earth energy currents are purging old chaos
Aluna Joy Yaxkin and the Star Elders
Feb 5th, 2016

In these past two weeks, we spontaneously decided to fly into the eye of El Nino in central Mexico on Bandanas Bay. We are very familiar with the matrix of ley lines in this area. We love to come here for a soul retreat every couple of years. This area anchors a deep feeling of community and sweet love vibrations, so that anyone visiting here naturally falls right into an open, loving flow. This bay is a magical peaceful area in Mexico unlike any other that I have visited. The Bay and its neighboring communities are surrounded and nestled (hugged) by layers of deep, green mountain ranges. We just love Bucerias.

When I arrived, the first thing I noticed was the ocean. This is a protected bay and even hurricanes have to work hard to impact this area. When I asked one of the locals about the high tides, the larger waves and the rip currents (compared to year's prior), he simple said "The ocean is angry". This got my attention and sent me off on a research expedition.

I have watched these waves for years as my stare therapy, and this year was very different. At first, I blew it off as El Nino and a full moon. But over a few days, I felt something much deeper was at work. The waves were chaotic, and the undertow would undercut the incoming waves, so that they dropped and hit the shore with a thunder-like boom. It was bizarre to watch the odd, multi-layered, incoming waves seem to try to defy gravity, like rising water spirits wishing to be set free, and then fall with a huge boom! It was like the water was coming alive. There are no words that will capture this. Every time I took out my camera to video one of these waves, the water calmed down! I got the message pretty quick. No video. Check... Got it!

We learned that the migrating humpback whales, which we came to see, were staying out of the bay, because of the warmer water. We saw many dolphins; but the whales, who come here each winter to give birth and mate, were not to be seen. One day I really wanted to swim in the ocean. I watched for a break in the sets of the crashing waves so I could go in. For each of the next three waves, what looked like a water snake washed up on my feet! Ok... Got it. It is not my year to swim.

Soon I began to see a bigger picture. The Earth was purging an old archetype of anger and chaos and it's mis-creations. Earth is clearing itself with its powerful four elements. By water (stronger ocean currents, etc...), wind (tornadoes, windstorms, etc...), fire (volcanoes, etc...), and earth (earthquakes, etc...). Sacred Bandaras Bay, with all its loving ley line currents, was transmuting old angry archetypes. Thus why I was asked not to swim. So instead of being a fish, we decided to be iguanas, and we walked the shore lines for days and watched the bat parade at sunset. We talked with locals and ex-pats alike. We explored and felt the need to touch the land on every street and walk way that we could find. We even stayed in three different places in the few days that we were there.

Even though the ocean was clearing this old angry energy, the people were open, and full of love and appreciation for being in this beautiful area. There was a wonderful, blended, community feeling that was very helpful with anything that we needed. After my first two days in the bay, my empathic body rebooted, my consciousness shifted, my aches were gone and my dreams got really light and uplifting. It was rather paradoxical as I was just yards away from the ocean most of this time that was clearing some heavy duty, old, toxic energy. It was like I was cleared out as well and without the usual chaos and hard work. It just flowed as I realigned to the next bandwidth.

When we returned home, we did so through the eye of a big storm heading from Phoenix to Denver. My house sitter texted me that Sedona was being hit by an unusually wicked and windy storm. By the time we got home, it had just blown through. The next morning it was snowing (P.S. We love our snow here), and I began to re-anchor to my home base here in Sedona. Sedona is connected to and amplifies energy from nearly the entire planet. So what happens out in the world, empaths and oracles can feel it here. I know it sounds cool, but it is hard work for many of us here. It was evident that this purging and clearing was also going on here in Sedona.

Just before we left Bandaras Bay, the energy shifted on land (the morning of January 31), and humanity was washed by a huge wave of clearing that is still going on across the USA and the entire world. After a day of grounding back home, I began to plug back into the world news to see the effects of this purging. We saw that Syria had suspended its Peace talks and even more refugees were fleeing. We are seeing huge ecological issues and new viruses emerge, and a lot of people are crossing over to build bridges from the other side. We don't see these things with fear by the way, but as a symptoms and clues to our transmutation.

We have felt for months that there has been a chaotic and angry energy being expressed and cleared out through humanity. Even though this looks like we are regressing, humanity is actually purging and clearing this old paradigm out and creating a clear landing pad for all our new intentions and dreams. Let's be clear here.... When you FEEL IT, you are PURGING AND CLEARING IT. There is no need to go backwards and process it more and make a big issue out of it. Once it is fully FELT and acknowledged, it IS purged! Simple as that! Job done!

For most of this year, TRUTH will rise no matter what. If water is contaminated, the truth will not be allowed to hide. If air quality is unhealthy, it will be reveled. If Earth is being harmed, we will hear about it. The utter absurdity of current news events will awaken even the most sleepy ones. The dumbing down of humanity has almost hit rock bottom now. The greedy material world consciousness will not benefit from farming us to death with out us seeing it for what it is. The truth is coming out. The wolf in sheep's clothing will be outed. The emperor has no clothes! Because of this year of truth, what comes next is the manifesting of what we have been praying for. All other unbalanced options have been slowly closing down (out of universal compassion) to those who live from ego, greed, solely self interest, and lack of any compassion or empathy. They just might get crushed in those doors slamming shut if they don't open their eyes!

I asked about this wave of purging energy, and I was shown that it will continue for about 3 more weeks. Much of this purging will be done by Mother Earth this time. Thank you Great Mother. But we may take on some of this. This will show up in our bodies, because our bodies are part of the Earth. We could be affected in areas of our bodies where we have weak spots. We all have weak spots. Remember... we are mortal human beings as well as eternal spiritual beings. By March, we will feel much lighter and be in a higher frequency.

The Star Elders are VERY CLEAR. They want us to hear this. If we find ourselves processing this energy, it is because we came here to do this work. If we experience this purging physically, it is not because we are not spiritual enough, or being punished. We are simply strong enough to assist Earth's purge of this very deep rooted paradigm and old archetypes that are not a part of our new reality.

So if I have not bored you with all of this, and you are still with me...
Here are some suggestions for self care while we are going through this physical purging of Earth's old paradigms.

First ... clear your EARTH space...
** Keep your home base clear of chaos and clutter. Yeah! It is time to clean house! Simply by touching or moving your belongings, you clear them. Also, any items in your home, from your past, that bring up unpleasant feelings, it is time to take them to the charity shop.
** Remove all of your sacred stones and crystals, and clear them outside by soaking them in freshwater with a little Himalayan salt or Dead Sea Salt. If you live in freezing weather, place your stones and crystals in water in a window that gets sunshine.
** Smudge (Sage or Copal) inside and outside.
** Clean windows. This is good for your home's feng shui, and also allows clear un-altered light to enter your home.

Now clear your PHYSICAL space...
** Smudge yourself (Sage or Copal), and wear fresh clothes everyday.
** Get a massage to clear out old energy.
** Take a detox bath. I like these two recipes...
- Salt bath.... 1 cup of epsom salts, a few drops of lavender and a cup of baking soda. Soak for 20-30 minutes with good, calming music playing.
- Ginger bath... Grate one cup of fresh ginger and place in a hot, but not boiling, pot of water. Let it steep for awhile, and strain into your bath.
** Take naps when called to. In Mexico, this is a daily Siesta! Muy Bueno!
** Most of all, ground yourself. It is called EARTHING, by putting your bare feet on the earth. I also use a grounding mat. I put it on my lap under my iPad, and computer, and even sleep with it. Below is the link to the one I have. You might want to check it out, and give it a try. But do your research, and do what calls to you. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003RLOBOK?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creativeASIN=B003RLOBOK&linkCode=xm2&tag=alunajcom-20

Most of all, instead of praying for peace (which implies to the universe that there is still war, and is still a dualist approach) just BE PEACE. BE LOVE. BE KIND. BE HAPPY. We can't fix the issues in the Middle East, our Earth's pollution, and materialism and greed by fighting (praying) against it. We must build a new road that will sustain the new energies for others to follow. The old infrastructure is crumbling out of control, and this new road that we are building (all those reading this ) will be available to all.

I am sending great blessings to all you dear hearts who wade through my long posts. Thank you for your support and feedback, and most of all ... THANK YOU for what you are doing to help in this epic historic transformation of our world. Everyone is needed .... Everyone is necessary! Yes YOU!!!

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