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Aluna Joy Yaxkin with the Star Elders
July 6th, 2016

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Something strange has been happening, and if you have noticed this, you have been experiencing a REAL PHYSICAL, dimensional re-alignment. The last couple of months have been really challenging. I like to think of this as a cosmic fire walk. We have traveled through the 20 core days in the Mayan calendar, magnified by 6 planets that were working backwards, while we strived really hard to live forward. We are much stronger for this huge initiation, and we should feel lighter and more solid than we have in months... and it is only going to get lighter as summer progresses. If you have felt this fire walk, I hope that what I share next will make sense to your journey.

As most of you know, I am a clairvoyant / oracle, or whatever woo woo title we want to call it. All my life I have relied on my ability to see without using my five senses. But in these days, I have been literally beside myself. When I closed my eyes, I have been feeling things that were not there. It could have been things that were just there, and had just moved; Or things that were about to move into that space, and I was perceiving them ahead of time. I felt like I was outside of myself. So everything I would see or feel felt like it was just a little out of sync with where I was physically. I felt like I was between dimensions or waffling back and forth between the two at once. This made me feel really uncomfortable and was quite unnerving. Even as I struggle to find the right words to explain this experience, I am still not quite hitting the point. So I hope that I haven't lost you already, and you continue to read this rambling, because it is going somewhere.

I will try to explain more here with a simple example ...
I could feel my dog Comet jump up on the bed and lay down next to me. When I opened my eyes, he wasn't there. This was quite startling to me, because I really did feel him jump up on the bed. I was feeling this with my physical body, and not just my intuitive senses. I felt like I was a little bit out of sync with my physical world. The world felt like it was skipping in a jerking-like fashion.

I have also noticed that my physically body has not been feeling balanced. I had to be really careful when I walked or moved. I didn't feel completely connected to my body. I was tired and my dream state was really off as well. I noticed that most of my body was also really struggling with physical issues, some issues even worse than usual, but are par for the course for being a sensitive. When I closed my eyes in meditation, it felt like my nervous system was being electrocuted. I could see and feel my nervous system exploding.

I also found myself heavily questioning what the point was of me being here at all. Nothing made sense, and passion and insight were weak or non-existent. I had a very hard time making long term decisions. When I asked about this, I was asked to step back and just witness these events and not take them personally. Even the outside world mirrored all kinds of craziness . . . like the upsurge of violence, a mass disfunction and brain washing that was creating a huge lack of simple common sense, and out of control acceptance of huge absurdities that I am sure we are all aware of.

Now I am clear that this deep questioning, of my reason for being in a physical form, was my body's way of letting go of the memory still being stored in the body. We all are shifting out of an old paradigm. I needed to go through these feelings, including painful and confusing physical symptoms, in order to re-align myself into this new reality. Not everyone will do this work in this way. Thank goodness. I think the lion's share of this process is complete now.

I am sure that we are ALL grateful (that is all you beautiful ones who are reading this) that we did not overreact from our basic, primal programming to this energy gauntlet, a.k.a the crazies, which also included mass brain washing to incite violence, and the masses to buy into huge perceptions that are obviously absurd. We have already mastered our consciousness, and now our body is catching up. This is the last stage to being a living master.

This intense fire walk also included a new way to manifest. We are starting to see glimpses of this new, higher frequency manifesting/creative flow paradigm. At the moment, we are mostly missing this flow, or don't see it at all. Part of the reason why we are missing this new flow is because we are still in the process of aligning to the new, higher frequency. We are still flip-flopping and being a bit outside of ourselves. We also missing our new flow because we are looking for it in the old way. In the past (pre-2013), when doors of potential opened up, they stayed open for a long time, and we felt literally shoved through them. We called this our divine flow. That has all changed into something much more delicate and subtle. Yeah... I know you have noticed this.

Here is what has taken its place, and what I feel it is working now (and I don't feel that this concept has completely developed or anchored yet) . . . We have entered a new, huge cycle of time with new laws of nature that also emit a higher vibrating frequency. Our new flow in this cycle is super subtle and much more refined than our 3D minds are programmed to see. So these new frequencies are still difficult for us to perceive with our usual senses. Also, the doors of possible potential are open for a much shorter time than before.


We might feel great inspiration for a possible project, like we suddenly become clear about a job offer, or a new place to live, or even something as simple as what to eat for dinner. But this brief clarity and flow potential doesn't linger while we do the usual contemplation to make a decision. This is how we used to work. These little doors of possible potential don't stay open for very long. Have you noticed that after a divine inspiration your mind quickly talks you out of it? It could be a ten minute window, or a two day window, etc... depending on the size of the project. But the fact remains that the time to reach any possible potential, to manifest an intent, has greatly shortened.

So, if we give our slow, methodical minds control over our creating and manifesting, will we continue to feel stuck? I think so. But if there was no new potential out in front of us, we would not feel stuck! So, are we missing out on opportunities because of our old mind sets? Well no, and sort of. We are still in practicing (initiation) mode.

The shorter, linear timelines on these doorways are put into place for a divine reason. Shorter timelines protect new, higher frequencies from being contaminated by lower frequencies (lower frequencies being the old paradigm). These doors of perception are shorter now because we are being called to act from our swift and advanced, evolved intuition and open hearts, and not from our slow, outdated, linear 3D programmed minds. So, to manifest any intent from the new frequencies, we must physically maintain a higher frequency by staying in our hearts, and at the same time, keep our perceptions open for the unexpected so we can take advantage of these new opportunities. The creative power is there for us right now. We just have to learn how to use it in a different way.

Please don't judge yourself if you are not manifesting what you think you should be by now. We are all in the same boat, and most everyone is still learning how to do this. We don't know if this is the way we will manifest from now on. We can assume that we will grow and evolve to accept these new frequencies and come to a place where we will be able to make very quick, intuitive, heart-centered choices within these shorter doorways of potential. We will decide things and leap to action in an instant. Just by simple human frustration of coming from dealing with these shorter doors of potential, we will learn to be instantaneous. We will raise our vibrations by detaching ourselves from our programming that is obviously absurd now.

Where is this heading? The next step to all of this has been part of the plan from the very beginning. This is to learn to manifest totally outside of linear time altogether. We are being prepped to manifest spherically, and by bending time and space to manifest or project anything anywhere instantaneously.

The Star Elders say each huge cycle of time comes with new laws of nature and higher frequencies that we will need to learn and adapt to. But... this is the first time that we have shifted through a huge cycle and retained our old DNA and physical bodies. So instead of entering a new cycle in a new human form, without a lifetime of programming, we are handicapped by old programs and memory. Yet the benefit of this is that all the wisdom and hard lessons learned will not have to be relearned. This is a huge plus for us. It is like skipping an evolutionary step. This is something that we have earned with our hard, inner work and living our truth to the best of our ability in each moment.

The one thing I have learned in the last couple months is that many events that have taken place in our lives have come right out of left field. In other words, we just didn't see many things coming. So we must be prepared for the fact that how we live in this new frequency will most likely be surprising and unexpected. In time, we will learn to take quicker action with more heart and intuition, and less from the logical 3D mind. We can assume this process will accelerate until we have no need for time at all, and begin to create outside of time. This might feel like manifesting in wormhole-like spaces. But let's be clear here... it is really hard to be definitive about what is coming for sure, except how we are feeling in each moment.

We have been experiencing many different types of landing phases since 2013. But in the last couple of months, we endured the motherload of landing phases. This has been an epic, cosmic fire walk, and if you are reading this, you have done a good job. Toss out all that leftover garbage in your head that says you could have done better. Quit beating yourself up, and toss the last of your self-loathing out. It is over and done with. All this is just our old mind giving up and our hearts taking over. We are stepping into a new future with new frequencies. We are ready ... even if we are still questioning everything.

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