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Aluna Joy Yaxk'in
September 11, 2020
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Like many of you, I have been watching all that is taking place in our world. I watch the ever-surprising kaleidoscope of opposing perspectives and the rapid pulsing of global and local events that keep bringing extreme changes. With these changes have come the biggest waves of awakenings that we have seen yet, which are filled with even more creative solutions.

I continue to ask my center, and my ever present Star Elders about what is going on now and in the near future. Over the past month, I have received many glimpses or puzzle pieces that are adding up to the beginning of a much larger picture that is now beginning to manifest. This is not the entire picture; not yet anyway. This is one phase of the grand shift that we are immersed in now. It is yet another step toward our new Earth template. This is only a facet of the magnitude of the future events that are unfolding.

To start, I share a visual and larger perspective that is also hugely simplified. Each human being (and all life) is one cell in the body of the Earth, the Earth is one cell in the body of our solar system, and our solar system is one cell within the immense body of God. We are so very small, yet we are connected to it ALL, and we encompass everything in creation. ALL of humanity is IN and OF the body of God.

But here is a very interesting puzzle piece that bears the most importance right now in this message. Science discovered there is more space between the cells in our body than there is solid matter. The Star Elders have continued to show me for decades that the space between the cells of our bodies, our planet and the universe is where the all the magic happens. All universal truth, unlimited creative potential and pure uncontaminated power completely fills the infinite space. These spaces, in between all physical manifestation, are beyond linear time, and they hold uncountable dimensions. These between spaces are always near us and in us, and they continually offer us a clear neutral point. At first glance we might feel or perceive these seemingly empty spaces as multiple timelines, parallel realities, or even mass chaos because it is not organized the same way that we are used to. But by using our tools like meditation and shamanic visioning we can access the purity of this neutral place.

Now, as humanity is quickly shifting in the physical reality, the world's duality / polarity program seems to be careening out of control. Duality is essentially a flawed, outdated program that was here to teach us by using comparison. But now, this program, that once helped us to learn, is causing global chaos and confusion, and it is doomed to fail in the new Earth's template frequencies. But there is a way through of all of this craziness. This is why the Star Elders keep echoing the mantras, "surf in the center" and "stay in the eye of the storm".

So keep these concepts and images in your mind as you read further, as I try to paint a picture about where we are today.

What do HEALTHY cells do? They divide! The reason I capitalize the word "healthy" is because even though the world's consciousness looks terribly unhealthy and polarized, it is actually extremely healthy and about to divide and grow. As a visual, you have seen bits of video of cells dividing under a microscope, yes? So you can see it takes a lot of opposing pressure to divide a living cell, and this is also the same pressure that is needed to divide an entire age into two or more cells. Existing in this creation is like being in a living fractal that moves radially and infinitely out into the future. Remember "As above, so below". What happens at a microscopic level, also happens on an immense cosmic level.

Now I need to explain some backstory so you understand what is coming in the future...

As souls, we have traveled through many shifts of an age over the eons. These shifts were created by massive magnetic shifts on Earth, and often in tandem with our plateaued, collective consciousness. When they both happen at once, it creates an extraordinary transformation. This is the same concept as the human cell division I shared before but at a massive level. To shift an entire age, we need the Earth, and the Earth needs us to reach a heightened energy level and consciousness plateau to divide.

These global shifts create memory breaks in recorded history and separate us by a thin veil from the prior ages. We have evidence of this. The ancient ones, our ancestors, built the pyramids, temples, megaliths, etc... in the Maya world, the Egyptian world, the Inca world, the Celtic world, the Hopi world, etc.... Yet today's living descendants from these worlds do not have any continuing documented history, or really know who their ancestors were, why and how they built what they did, or how or what they used them for. We only remember a small bit of their memory, and the rest is a lot of speculation which may or may not be true. A famous guide in Palenque, Mexico used to tell me that "archaeology is assumptions. It is not history". It is like trying to see an entire picture with only a few puzzle pieces. With the use of shamanic visioning to enter the ancient's memory, we can remember more, and more comes as our consciousness becomes clearer. Many times this ancient memory returns while we are inside the ruins of their ancient civilizations. This is why the ancient ones built their temples out of stone and other natural things. All natural things survive global geological magnetic shifts. You have heard of the saying, all the knowledge of the world is held in stone or bone? Anything made out of a natural material from the Earth will make it through a magnetic shift that also comes with a shift of an age. Anything unnatural will disappear in a global magnetic shift. This is why natural things are the only items we find in ancient archaeological sites, when it is obvious that there was massive technology used. But we have clues in the stone, bone, pottery, wood, papyrus, etc....

So why was it so important for our ancestors to leave clues for us in the future? They wanted us to re-remember core truths and foundation stones for all ages, like a cosmic constant that remains throughout time, space and dimension. They knew we would forget this cosmic constant, so they left clues behind. These clues would make us curious, and curiosity coupled with shamanic visioning is a great door opener between worlds! When we "excavate" and be curious, spiritual archaeologists, we begin to remember. We remember who we truly really are, where we came from, why we are here and that we are part of God, and God itself.

So... what is the cosmic constant? It is undefined, powerful, creative energy and pure potential that is in the space in between ... in between cells, time, space, dimension, physicality and consciousness, etc....

Our ancestors have divided off into other bubbles or cells during a past shift of an age. What separates us from our ancestors today is only a thin membrane like the veil between cells. This is why when we tune in, we can still feel them. Any remnant, from past ages, that is present in our cell of physical existence is here because of its resonance to the planetary cell that we are in. It is here for us to experience, and it also holds all the tools and clues we need to fully remember and eventually shift again.

It is no mystery that we are shifting into a new cycle of time. The shift brings with it a need to grow/divide into more cells and into various perspectives, frequencies and resonances, in the physical world and in our consciousness. There are so many extreme perspectives and radically different truths in the collective today, and they are pushing away and against each other. This pressure is what brings about great awakenings. When these cells feel this pressure, they eventually divide. The newly formed cells are filled with energy, frequencies and life that resonate together with like-mindedness, peace and harmony, and are so much better than the whole they divided from.

As we begin dividing, we learn things that have never been learned before. We are seeing things that have never been seen before, but yet we know they were always there. We are moving out of the old "programming" (the old cell), and we are beginning to create and learn from inside our newly developed cell or bubble. All of this will feel strangely familiar like the echo of a dream.

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The Star Elders do not like to link any future events to the Gregorian calendar because it is more about the growth of consciousness and evolution, than actual time. And I have to be honest that most timelines I have seen have proven to be a lot longer than I expected myself. We are immersed very deeply into our ascension /transfiguration process now. The outer world and all its confusion is turning into a blur of white noise and static. We find that reaching into the outer world is an endless rabbit hole that is looping out of control and it is best to listen to your higher heart at this time.

Do you remember what I shared about the space in between the cells and the infinite space that is always present and always a constant and clear, neutral point?

All the mind-boggling, opposing truths out in the world today, that are now beginning to divide into the various resonate cells, are actually the truth for that cell. Did you get that? No one's truth is untrue until they try to force their opinion or belief on someone who does not resonate with it. The reason we are so extremely divided is so that the maximum pressure is placed towards cell separation so the cells do in fact divide. So we can speculate, in the months to follow, that the people of Earth will be in an even larger body of cells with different frequencies and purposes with boundaries of thin veils between them. And remember, we do not have the entire picture yet, and this is only the start of the anchoring of our new Earth in the physical. We are watching the opening credits of a grand and epic new dream. Each cell will begin to create within their truths. This is why we speak about living in non-judgement. No matter how crazy your world looks right now, this is just the process of the consciousness dividing into new cells.

All these cells of consciousness will become a larger diverse and inclusive body from which we can create from. These planetary cells are beginning to divide much like the cells in the human body but each cell has a separate purpose. A cell in your heart will have a very different purpose than a cell in your lungs, but both are needed and work together in tandem in service to a larger purpose. We are at a huge precipice in consciousness where all perspectives are being unified while maintaining their unique purpose or bubble in a new non-linear spherical world. We are not talking about ethereal dimensions here anymore. We are talking about real solid physical realities that all exist here and now, and are beginning an amazing unification process. All states of consciousness will be honored, like emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, politically, sociality, economically, culturally and geographically, etc.... We are learning to live spherically, and this will also come with the ability to create and live within multiple perspectives, or from multiple cells. All this unity in diversity will trigger a resurrection of our pure original self. We will start seeing this as flashes of remembrances of the wholeness and purity of who we are and why we are here. These flashed will be deeply healing and nurturing.

The goal at this time ... is to stay neutral, stay in the center, within all the wide range of truths, and see them as possibilities to a larger perspective or purpose; not right or wrongs. If we can maintain being in a neutral place, in between all the cells of different perceptions and frequencies, the entire great body of the universe will be an asset and an ally to our elevated creation. If we can reduce taking sides based on past, outdated biases in consciousness and stay neutral, we can now draw creative energy from the entire endless, unlimited universe. Did you get that? I had to stop here and take that in myself more than a few times.

This is a reason why the ancient ones left clues for us. Whether we know it or not, we have learned to stretch beyond our current personal cell or reality. We have learned to spiritually excavate the unknown. We have remembered the codes of the ancients to better help us understand ourselves and our place right now in the cosmos. We have learned to reach the in between worlds, as our ancient ancestors did. We have learned to access the center between cells of creation, and, because of this, we can assess the entire creation.

This process is very deep work, and it has not come easy to us. Quit doubting yourself and know that you are always in the body of God. Be kind and patient with yourself. We will not be able to hold center 100% of the time. Most humans on Earth have now fallen into a temporary flight or fight mode. This can take us out of our old mind-sets and reboot us down to our primal mind. This can be a great, conscious reboot and a great awakening, but it is also a very vulnerable place to be. It is easy to be manipulated by outside forces at this stage, and we can overreact without thinking our actions through. We are going to want to take up sides, protest, and join a revolution. But each time you take a side, you will also be entering and committing to a cell of one singular perspective instead of living in the center and able to assess all of creation. When you find that you overreacted like a primal caveman, just come back to the center and breathe ... you got this.

I know that many of you are thinking that if we don't fight injustices, then we are allowing toxic and harmful consciousness to continue on with us. So I need to say this again ... not one thing that is out of resonance with the new Earth template or new laws of nature, that will be in your newly developed cell, will continue forward with you. Only like frequencies will move forward with you. Your new frequency, that you have spent so much time building and maintaining, acts like a filter to hold the past back where it belongs. It is your cosmic shift purifier. With all the chaos out in the world right now, it confirms that this filtration process is in full swing. Our world is like a giant log jam on a cosmic river in which the new world flows easily through all the blocks to its new destination.

And another powerful point that I am reminded of often is ... all the choices have already been made. You have already leaned toward a particular frequency or cell. And many others have leaned toward other more foreign focuses, and I expect that they will never see or read this post. Everyone is past the point to make a mistake, so you can't miss the boat. Quit your worry, and release the fear. Just stay as neutral and inclusive as possible, and allow the cells to divide as they will.

As we are in the process of dividing into new cells, we might feel that we are forced to be in frequencies that no longer resonate with. It is important to notice what is good for you, and what is not in your best interest. Ask yourself, What aligns to your heart's truth? You can see most are beginning to resonate with one side or the other in many various truths. This process will naturally happen as you can no longer tolerate the places you do not resonate with. While we are shifting, past truths may begin to feel like lies, and your current level of freedom may begin to feel like a prison. For many of us, we may feel stalled, or having to back up, or be in a holding pattern. Others will feel like they careening out of control as the world morphs and changes all around them at lightning speed. We will all need to flow like a river within a new, inexhaustible, energy source without imploding, and learn to direct a steady focus on our center and toward the direction we want to go. You are fine tuning your new frequencies and to what planetary cell you will be shifting with.

We might have more acute physical / emotional / spiritual symptoms as the cells dividing pressure continues to build. I am feeling that as the pressure cooker on Earth continues to build, the sun will speak back with more magnetic storms as it has in the past. Linear timelines are going to get even weirder. So expect days that go on forever or are over in a blink of an eye. It might feel like flooring the gas pedal while simultaneously holding the other foot on the brake, and it might be difficult to maintain any traction. We might feel more anxiety, depression, exhaustion, digestive issues, aches and pains, confusion, muscle tightness, and, oh my ... the headaches and neck aches, etc.... Most of these symptoms will pass quickly and wave in and out. But do not ignore any lasting symptoms, and go get checked out. This is not just an energy shift. It is now a physical shift, and you still have a physical body! Listen to it.

Once the dividing has been completed, foreign frequencies will simply not exist in your planetary cell body anymore. Once we will feel "reset" and "restored" in too many ways to list here. It will feel like you are finally home. Those that are with you in the new Earth cell body, or Earth template, will be those you have resonated with in this life. There will be a more defined collective vision for moving forward. So there is no concern that anyone with like-mind will be left behind or in different cells. No one gets left behind. Those on Earth who you have no connection with will be in a cell that resonates with them. You might not even notice that you have divided at all. The Bible shares a story about a shift in a blink of an eye, but shared in a way that those in the past could understand. But today, we are more evolved and are aware of our Earth, solar system, and our connection with the whole and with God.

The beauty of all of this is that most people will not even notice that this has happened except that one day, in a blink of an eye, we will be in a resonance that we all align with. We will have more peace and have much less division. All is well and in divine order, and the great plan is in perfect action, even if you don't feel this right now. Just remember to stay in your lane, the one your heart feels best in, and flow through this crazy log jam. And we will see you on the other side.

"There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the universe is for and why it is here,
it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable...
There is another which states that this has already happened."
- Douglas Adams (the restaurant at the end of the universe)

Post note from Aluna ...
I have been working on this post for over a month now. I know it looked like I dropped off the face of the Earth, and maybe I did. It sure felt like it. This was a very deep dig for me, to see where we are, and what is coming next. The future is never written in stone and how all this turns out will be up to us. But I feel that this message has given us a few guidelines to navigate and make sense of this crazy powerful time.

I also need to say that losing my ability to walk our Earth's sacred lands, with our amazing groups, has been a very hard thing to bear, and I miss it deeply. I know that we are all going through very tough times. It is ok to grieve our losses. It makes room for what is new and un-imagined that is coming. We are sending our prayers, love and support to all living beings out there who are losing so much in too many ways to list here. I know you are doing the same.

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