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Aluna Joy Yaxk'in
Jan 27, 2021 - Ⓒ 1995-2021

And this is where the journey leads us ... to the truth beyond belief.
Sharing two powerfully linked dreams.

In the first dream our group was in a nice familiar jungle area, and it was our last day on tour. (Most dreams I have are of traveling groups) We were gathering around together to discuss and organize our return-trip plans. But we knew that something had happened in our dimension while we were traveling through the sacred sites. We didn't know exactly what happened, or how it was going to affect our reality. We were trying to navigate this new situation because we all didn't know what TIME to go back home. Our tickets had old times on them, and we knew that this was not right. We were not sure if dimensions or realities had spilt, or if we had access to many different times lines now. We just needed to get to the right home base and the right time for each of us, but it might not be the same place or time we came from.

(A little dream tip ... When you wake up, make sure that you did indeed wake up and are not dreaming that you did. Also, don't move or open your eyes until you have reviewed the dream. This way you can be still in the dream and bridge it to where you are waking up, thus gaining the insights from both the dream and its connection to your physical reality. If we move or open our eyes, we might forget the dream, and we will only be left with an echo or mirage of the dream.)

I am still not sure what the take away is from this first dream, and some of the things that went through my head I don't think I am ready to share just yet. But vaguely I can say that this dream felt like it is a harbinger of a coming shift in nearly everything. Like our timeline(s), our dimension(s) and even the placement of the Earth in the solar system. Also do not assume that at the time you bought into your ticket (your past reality belief system), that it is still going to the same landing place ... because belief systems are changing, and your destination might have changed as well.

The second dream was layered and complex, and now, looking back, I know that it was more of a vision than a dream.

Our group was in a desert area, maybe Egypt. We were on a road that didn't look safe to be on. (Most people who know me know that very little scares me). It felt like the bus could roll over and fall into the river below. This could have been the Nile. It was not a good situation. I managed to change the possible, dangerous situation. It felt like I just simply flipped a page. Almost like changing a timeline to one with a different outcome. This point links with the first dream of tickets not going to the place you had originally planned.

Soon we were back in our hotel. The hotel felt like it was in Luxor, but I am not sure. It was our last day of the pilgrimage, and we were chatting with the group and getting ready to fly home. I went to my room to get ready for dinner and a concert playing at the hotel. When I left my room, I took an odd, back staircase that I thought was a shortcut. I ended up at the stage's side door. The sound guy was there (and I know him BTW). He was telling me the band (not the band he actually works with now) had anger issues, and they where all in a huge, bad mood. The band was Styx. (P.S. I don't know anything about this band, and I don't think it was actually about them anyway.) I could feel the heavy weight of the anger. Everyone was backing away because they could feel the anger too. They played their old songs with a complete lifelessness that I have never felt before. They were just going through the motions. But the angst in the building was nauseating.

I snuck out of the building to escape the energy in the building, and I ended up in a lovely, light and arid garden area. There were two beings sitting at a table just waiting. (P.S. I don't know who these ones are in real life.) They felt like group members, but confusingly I knew that I didn't know them. They were a mature couple. The man had silver, flowing hair, and the woman had salt and pepper hair. The energy was flowing off of them so beautifully.

I sat down with them, and the women looked at me as I began to poor out how I was feeling in the present, physical world. I told her this is all I am, and what I have been in my past lives, a guide, and messenger or oracle. I told her how lost and useless I feel this year. I know I am feeling the many losses of this year like so many others. I told her that I missed working with sacred sites that have called my soul so strongly, and I miss the groups. But she simply said that it was going to be OK. It was about then that I knew that I was not in my travel dream anymore, and was being contacted and helped by Ascended Masters. And then I began to wake up, and it all became clear that they were Ascended Masters, and maybe two of many guardians of our groups.

A little dreaming with Ascended Masters tip ... Ascended Masters will teach you in dream time if you go to sleep while making yourself available to "Pure Ascended Masters of Light". (Nothing more or less) They love to teach in dream time because total truth transmits in its pure form and can bypass all your biases, programming and resistances, but they will never work with you without your total permission. They will also never tell you what to do, or send you on a spiritual mission. They guide your consciousness so you can discover the answers for yourself. The masters like to show you compounding images and frequencies, embedded in the use of simple but limiting words. Most times I only wake with their energy around me and an echo of the message they gave me. Most times, the messages are beyond my imagination or level of consciousness at the time received. This is why it works so well in dream time. But this time, I remembered many of the details, which surprised me.

As I woke up, I realized that this dream was a vision, and both dreams were a message for what is coming soon. The Ascended Masters will never tell you exactly when, how or what is coming as that would interfere with our awakening and our ascension, but they will hint and guide us. So I take notice of the main points. The main points made in the second dream were the dangerous road, the rickety bus, the shifting of reality or time lines, and going down a narrow staircase to take a short cut (P.S. Short cuts rarely, if ever, make the journey swifter) ... only to enter a sea of anger, but in the end ... it is all going to be OK.

Both dreams took place on the last day of a pilgrimage which I feel means that we have almost finished packing up the old Earth template, and we are getting ready for the final shift into the new cycle. This point was really exiting to me.

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When I woke up from the second dream, I was surrounded by a sea of freshly fallen snow which I felt was cocooning me. I was so grateful for this as my dreams merged to become clearer, and more of the meaning was revealed.
The takeaway ..... For now, the world appears to be going down an old narrowing path into energy that is still using force, and is angry because it does not want to let go of its old songs. I am sure you have noticed that it is hard to speak to many people these days, because what was once simple differences of opinions, can now be met with hateful and demeaning responses. I could see that the world of force is using up the last bit of momentum of the old ways. It is important to not get caught up or entangled in the many fading realities, and simply let them implode. Keep in mind that some of these realities might be ones you are holding onto as well. I am sure that those of you who are reading this today have been doing very deep introspection these last months.

Once the old world collapses, we will already have our feet planted into the new Earth template though we might not know what this means, or when or where it is. But never the less, we will enter into a new space which we cannot imagine right now. Anything that is from old programming will simply implode, and it is an act of loving the past to let it go. This energy will be recycled because nothing is ever lost. We are seeing what happens when an old world begins to emerge past the world of force, into the world of true power, where we don't create with force, but create with truth, which is love ... and ... it will be OK.

Belief systems are morphing at a staggering rate. I find it so fascinating how we can outgrow what we once passionately believed in and held so dear. Beliefs (and science) are always evolving. What we knew 100 years ago is very different from what we know is true now. And what we know is true now will not be true in the future. And yet we continually leap head first into new realities that we didn't even know existed before now. Our journey keeps upgrading our beliefs which leaves us feeling like we live on quicksand, always uncertain and but curious. It asks us to continually unlearn things, to let them go, all the while opening us to the vast unknown space of new possibilities. This is a journey we would have never agreed to go on knowing this fact, knowing there was no solid ground under our feet, yet we do it over and over. We are strong and courageous spirits to accept that we are not our beliefs. And this is where the journey leads us ... to the truth beyond belief.

We appreciate your Heart Donations ... especially during these times.

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