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Aluna Joy Yaxk'in with the Teacher at Bonampak, Mexico
Nov 27, 2022

A few years back, I was in a sacred site called Bonampak near Palenque, Mexico. I received a message from a spirit guardian teacher. He was one of many teachers in the ancient past that trained future living masters. He shared with me that as we grow and awaken in spirit, our life lessons become more complicated, convoluted and increasingly more covert. These tests were specifically designed to throw us off our center. It would be our homework to find our center once again without any outside help or confirmation whatsoever.

In present day there are still teachers in Tibet that work in similar ways with a form of verbal challenging. Even in the photo of the Bonampak teacher is holding a staff that looks like a Tibetan Dorje (vajra), which contains rituals to allow the student to achieve enlightenment in a single life time, in a thunderbolt flash of indestructible clarity. Also back in ancient Greece, Socrates challenged his students in the similar ways as well. It's an ancient old practice of teaching the student to unwaveringly learn to trust their inner truth.

The teachers in Bonampak fabricated lies, triggered our fears and churned up reality and underpinned it all with very clever manipulation and multiple redirections. Lies became truths and truths became lies. They knew where our weak spots were. They pushed all our buttons to trigger us and to knock us off center. The stronger and wiser we became, the deeper the lies and illusion were thrown at us. Sometimes the teachings were passed out relentlessly. There was no time between tests to regain our balance and therefore we were pushed past our limitations. We had to make choices on pure raw gut instinct with radical free-falling trust. The test was to find our path, our unique center again, like finding a needle in a haystack. But I also could see that the teachers had a deep love and respect for all the initiates and they were greatly invested in their mastering these challenging tests.

This process continued until we passed the highest levels of initiation when our inner knowingness, and internal intuition was fine tuned to near flawlessness. We had to radically trust ourselves. We had to quit considering how other people would see us. We had to quit trying to please others by being what they wanted from us. We had to quit worrying if we were going to look foolish. We had to be vulnerable and strip away our faux persona, our masks that veils us and projects how we want to be seen. It was essential to allow the truth to rise up within us and out of the world of illusion that we are all a part. We even had to loose the fear we have regarding our physical mortality, because we knew life didn't end when our body did. Simply put, we had to master all the limiting egos while at the same time, fine-tuning our heart knowing. We can never fine-tune our intuition without also destroying everything in us that is not truth. Both had to be done simultaneously.

Our subtle little inner whisperings that our soul speaks to us are the clues to our true path and destiny for each of us. And each of our paths are uniquely different. The outer world has tried to push us not to listen to our inner truth our entire lives. Sometimes it has won, and sometimes it hasn't. Once we mastered ourselves and our internal guidance system, we reach the level of living masters, the teacher of teachers, the shaman, the medicine woman etc. . .

Back in the day when I received these insights, I thought it was message from history, from the ancient past. But now it is evident that these tests of the ego and spirit are operating in present moment out here in real life! This is a school for masters and life is giving us our final exams. It is obvious to me now that we are hitting those relentless final challenges. The increasing divide between the untruths that are crumbling away . . . and all things authentic are starting to fully anchor, is becoming obvious. And yet we still have to dance in between worlds in some respect for a while longer, all while not loosing our center.

We have learned to slay our negative ego or false self-image. The mind / ego just loves to run amok in our heads and make us feel or act superior, and this also triggers our judgment and separation from the whole of which we are all interconnected. Once we feel superior, we shut down our growth. This hampers our ability to become the unlimited divine expression of God, or to live in Christ Consciousness, or be the living master. The only way to slay the ego, that loves to falsely feed our insecure and fragile self-worth, is to be brutally honest with oneself and to be incredibly vulnerable. No doubt this is an uncomfortable process. This is exactly the test being presented to us today.

Who we "think" we are right now, is still a lie. And this is really fantastic news. Why? Because it means there is so much more waiting for us to simply arrive. We are constantly evolving and we are at the precipice of hitting a whole new level of understanding the magic and mystery of our life and of who we truly are. I can feel it in my bones and I know many reading this are feeling it as well.

On my last day on the Rainbow serpent ley line in England this past summer, in a site called Old Sarum, I had a flash of a vision. I saw how little we actually understand about ourselves. I also saw how much the outer world drama has absolutely nothing to do with what we are truly doing here. It is mostly a giant distraction for us. I could see what we are doing here is adding a level of light on such a powerful level, that I didn't even know how hold that in my consciousness. There was no way I had the ability to create enough space inside of me to assimilate or understand the vastness of what I was being shown . . . not yet anyway. This is what is just a head of us now. We are being called to be in radial trust in the knowing that we have arrived at a unfathomable precipice with such powerful potential and humble grandness. So don't limit yourself by thinking who you know you are right now. Much more is coming for your open heart that has been stripped down to the studs just in time before this next big step.

The fact is, we are all capable of outrageously magical and tremendous things that are still quite unimaginable in this moment. We were created in the image of God after all. And there are so many natural God-given abilities we have only imagined. At this moment, we are barely aware of how vast and magical we all are and how much light and truth we carry. So if you think you have arrived and you think you know who you are, think again! There is so much more.

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