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Aluna Joy Yaxk'in with Star Elder influences
May 30, 2022

For many, many years, messages have been shared with us about awakening humanity developing a cosmic orientation point within. This is a center point that would keep us anchored to our souls journey, while traveling through a shift of an age. We knew it would help us maintain balance while the old world faded away . . . as the proverbial rug was ripped out from underneath us, and as a new world began to emerge. Well . . . We are in the deep end of this process now.

From this past equinox and following eclipse portal, the frequencies have been turned up at and accelerated rate. This powerful time is realigning us with the life we were meant to live! Not the life our ego wants to replay to feel safe. We are literally unzipping ourselves from our old path and ways. Step by step. This process and outcome will be different for each person. And no doubt, if we are facing this time with our eyes and hearts wide open, this will be the most challenging and fulfilling work we will have done in our lives.

We understand that we can no longer be anchored in the old world as it is broken, and we have also evolved past its usefulness. The past has served us greatly and has delivered safety to this point. Yet we can also see that the new world ahead of us is not quite ready to be fully grounded. We are unzipping ourselves from the past, and during this process we might feel even separated from ourselves until we rebalance. There is this seemingly vast void in the in-between what was, and what will be. In this place we might feel great loss and sadness as our old life and world dissolves away, throughout time, space and dimension. Even our deepest soul intent that was a work that would take many life times to complete, may now be unfinished and also obsolete. These multi-life projects are the hardest to let go of, and the grief is very primal and very deep. We are not just letting go of reality from this lifetime, but a reality that evolved in this entire past cycle of time, and everything that it contained.

There is no need to worry about the earth and humanities outcome of this process. You can not make a mistake, or miss your boat. The Star Elders continue to say that anything out of alignment with the new laws of nature, the new frequencies, or energies, can not proceed into the future. If it's falling away now, it is meant to fall away. We are being placed exactly where we need to be, even if it is challenging or unexpected. There is still a lot of purging to come and this will continue for some time. And a lot of it will be a surprise to us.

This is a light warrior's journey. This is a journey to reprogram our physical bodies, and to raise our consciousness and sharpen our awareness. We are asked to fully let go of our outdated past and history. Layer after layer of the old world is being pealed away. The memory in these layers can rise into our awareness in flashes of the past - past lives, and the projects that have not been completed. With each layer we travel through, we must also process this loss and let it go. Grief is the natural process of letting go. The depth of our grief is equal to how much our hearts and souls were invested in that which we are letting go. This could be an occupation, where we live, our relationships, our projects, even our hopes and dreams. When we do this work of profound letting go, we might temporarily feel vacant, empty, and direction-less, and fear might rise up in us as a natural human survival response to change. We will need great courage to step into what is coming next, which is to enter the great void of the unknown. Once we grieve the past, acceptance will follow, leaving us wide open to new experiences that are aligned with the incoming higher frequencies.

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This time could bring up primal survival issues in our bodies. Survival issues most often affect our lower back, hips, and hip flexors and piriformis and psoas muscles, and can cause sciatica or knee issues. Our bodies are still reacting to the new frequencies with primal programming as a survival mechanism. When a body perceives entering places unknown, it tightens as an automatic protection. Our primal bodies react with each layer we process. This time calls for a lot of stretching, breathing, and a lot of patience. And I'm not one for patience. But we must breathe through this process. We need to talk to our body like it is our child. Our bodies need reminding that they are safe, strong and healthy. I also find Egyptian Red Amber Oil placed directly on the crown and bottom of the feet helps with this process.

Also it may be a challenge to think straight, or stay focused, because a new multilevel of consciousness will be flowing in. We may not sleep very well, or sleep too much. We may have a hard time getting anything done in a day. We might feel overwhelmed with a great many options being presented all at once, from all directions. We can also be overwhelmed with the many things that we are being asked to release and let go of. Both incoming flow and the past exiting, is happening simultaneously. It has been a confusing time as we leave linear, dualistic, 3D consciousness, and enter unifying spherical and multidimensional consciousness.

When we begin to enter spherical time and have access to multiple dimensions, there will be no linear directions present anymore. Our new cosmic orientation point will be the rarified light cord that holds us together. An example . . . imagine a world where there are no landmarks, or no directions like north, south, east, or west, and also no up or down. No sunrise or sunset, and no road maps. How would we navigate this? If we were floating out in space and there were no heavenly bodies anywhere to let us know where we are, where are we? But . . . we already know how to do this. When we were a newborn baby we entered a strange foreign world that we knew nothing about. We didn't understand how things worked. We didn't understand language, time and gravity. We didn't understand all the things in the world around us. We had to learn to walk! And yet we did this. In some ways this is what we're doing now. We are being reborn without dropping the old body and getting a new one. We are hindered by the memory of past locked in our DNA, of what we "think" things are, instead of being aware of what things are now. It is helpful to approach this new time like a little child.

It's really imperative to not listen to the noise and chatter in our heads (ego), but feel and sense what is taking place in our hearts (consciousness). Your mind can only repeat programs from the past, but your heart can listen to the future. It is simple really. The only thing that's really important at this time is to anchor love. Anchor love in our hearts. Anchor love into the earth. Anchor love into the sacred sites in our local areas. Anchor love into our communities. Love is the beginning step to anchor this new foundation, in the new cycle we are entering.

As we float in what may appear like a direction-less void, we will begin to see many little opportunities coming forward, clues and open doors to how our new world will manifest and what our place will be within this world. This is the rising up of pure potential and possibility. This energy of pure potential will create our new intentions and we will begin manifesting projects and realigning our soul's purpose within the new laws of nature.

We are about to leap from one cycle to the next, begin again in a new life without reincarnation. This is a time to gather resources and ready ourselves. Once our landing has anchored, we will be able to step out of the stuck and stalled void we have been in and launch ourselves through the many new open doorways into the life our soul has chosen. This is the welcome home our hearts have craved for our whole lives. All that we could not have imagined yesterday, is already on the way.

(P.S. Most often the word WE and US, etc, refers to the reader, humanity, and also to the Star Elders, as they do not see a separation between us and them.

If you want to find out more about our cosmic orientation point go here . . . https://www.alunajoy.com/2011-march2.html, a message which came to us during the Arab Spring / Egypt Revolution and yes, we were in Egypt! . . . or goggle "aluna joy cosmic orientation point" to all the other references to cosmic orientation points.

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