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How We Walk through Dimensional Doors
The Divine Human in Overlapping Cycles, Dimensions and Spherical Time Lines

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in and a blending of decades of Star Elder wisdom.
June 19,2022

( I began receiving this message in pieces on 6.19.22. Sorry, it is a long one. It evolved over many weeks of observation, and way too many rewrites. This topic is difficult to write about in a linear format and it also encompasses a huge topic on which we have shared bits over the years. I expect it's going to become more challenging to describe our new world with our old languages. So it is important to read with your heart, but also to listen with the mind, and let it just flow through you while reading. )

Each cycle of time contains a natural cosmic wisdom that it attracts by the frequency of the cycle that it is anchored in. We are entering a new cycle, or age, also with a unique natural wisdom or frequency. At this time, as we exit the old cycle and fully land in the new cycle, we will feel overlapping cycles, dimensions and spherical timelines. With this overlapping, we will see amplified duality as knowledge and wisdom from two conflicting cycles which will be present for a time.

3D has been filled with programmed actors powered by the ego, the mind, society, mass media of all sorts, and alternative control programming, etc. This created a reality that used linear time and was acted out predictably through automatic societal programs. If you're reading this, you have also been a part of this linear time cycle. But that time is reaching its expiration date. We are moving into a new cycle and the balance is now beginning to tip toward the future. This process started very subtly back in 2012. This was a year we began losing hope in transforming the old world and the collective began to turn a corner in creation. This new cycle is now being filled with ones creating from their inner truth, open hearts, and authenticity. This is creating a new foundation for the next a massive cycle of time, a new age. Global and personal chaos almost always comes before a huge shift in an age and an epic awakening, or evolution of consciousness. We are waking up while also moving into a whole other time cycle. It contains an evolved and more complex natural wisdom and a much higher frequency with more freedoms and also more personal responsibility. We are moving past the 3D construct. It has served us well up until now. But it is quite evident that the system is breaking down all around us and we no longer belong here anymore. We are letting it go. We do not recognize home anymore.

We could be concerned about humanity repeating history once again when we fully arrive in this new cycle. But there is no concern that contaminated energy or unneeded laws of nature will be sustainable in this future cycle. Anything that does not resonate with the new incoming frequencies, like closed consciousness or limiting ancestral programs or most things based in duality, ego, elitism, etc. from the old cycle will not leak through into the new cycle. This new cycle is protected by its frequency, and so are YOU! What happened or is still happening in 3D, stays in 3D. Old games and social patternings and mind numbing routines will stay in the frequency they were created in. Much of this old foundation cannot move forward much longer. And we are feeling the pressure. We are leaving the ego/mind consciousness and moving into the heart/unity consciousness.

This new cycle we are entering, we know very little about. The future is not written, it is only manifested in each moment, step by step. But the Star Elders have been teaching for a long while about what we we could expect. But this future will be our creation and how we dream it into being.

Up to now, it has been a mystery how we will experience this shifting process. So far what has taken place has been filled with many surprises and/or shocks to the system. There have been brutal levels of letting go of unrealized dreams and intents. If it is being removed from your life, or you let it go on your own, it was meant to go.

We are not only moving into heart consciousness, but we are also moving into a cycle that creates from the wisdom and frequency of living multi-dimensionally/multi-spherically within omni-perspective and a new orientation point rooted in the new cycle. All that is contained in this new cycle is now anchoring in the here and now, in our ascending bodies.

(Omniperspective is a word that the Star Elders coined decades ago, and only now we are just starting to realize what it actually means, and how it's going to begin to manifest in our world and our lives.)

We are diving into a much deeper tone of reality, where we can access reality from many perspectives at once. We are beginning to navigate this reality as a whole, and not just reacting from individual perspectives. Living spherically and multi-dimensionally means we can access the all and everything, and at any time, and simultaneously. I think this is what's been causing our crazy confusion and nerve-racking overwhelm in the last couple years. It can feel really strange navigating this, because we can feel spun around or overwhelmed by all the possibility along with all the change.

Little is known about how we are supposed to navigate this process, it will be up to us and only limited by our creativity. There's no guidebook or map to this new future. It is part of our awakening process to learn to live and thrive again on our own power, at our own speed and timing. Knowledge and wisdom handed out like candy to a child, is rarely appreciated or assimilated. But when we have a deep living experience with these new frequencies, it is priceless, eternal and precious to us. All we have to do is allow ourselves to dive in and feel it, experience it and begin creating.

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The divine human is now beginning to arrive in these new frequencies. The new frequencies are conducive for us to embody our entire soul's manifestation of our divinity. There is a deep core original blueprint, our original divine self, is returning and has a familiar feeling like coming home to ourselves. This feels like the person we were to be originally, but this new blueprint is more evolved and wired perfectly for the new cycle. As we begin this process, we may experience an ego death, we might feel lost to our life purpose, a loss of passion or creativity. Everything we thought we were is changing within us now. There will be a feeling of uncertainty when we plug into our divine self, at first. This is because we are still coming from an old foundation of the linear self. This will be a stretching process where we learn to live from the heart, but also to live spherically. We will learn a level of high functioning spiritually multitasking. This can only be done step-by-step, in your own right timing. Everyone will have their own way and their own time.

We will feel our life experience rise to a place where we can see it from many different perspectives at once. We will be able to see the interconnectedness between other situations and challenges in life, and how they are all connected. In this expanded level of consciousness, humanity will rise above having a individual experience, but will bond with a collective one. We are all part of the ONE creation, no more or no less than any other part. This is what we might experience while having an experience of non-duality in omniperspective.

Some road blocks to our process of assimilating this evolution would be going into denial or not taking personal responsibility for our ego based actions or resisting acknowledging our uncomfortable painful feelings. Spiritual bypassing only puts off the inevitable. What you don't process in the moment will come back in a more complicated or twisted way to be dealt with later. If you can feel it, you can heal it. But we all know by now that the only way out is through. These deep clearing and healings are our teachers for a short time more, in what is left of this dimension.

Going through dimensions feel much like walking through a door in your home. In fact we have been practicing shifting dimensions for a very long time. Do you remember how quickly your short term memory disappears when you walk through a doorway in your house? Or how one room feels different than the other? It's subtle, but if we pay attention we will feel the subtle shifts. Then when we are outside in nature, we can discover and go through many doorways, and simply slip into another dimension without effort. It will feel very much the same as when we walk through a door in our homes. We can notice this phenomena while out in nature, but pretty soon we will be able to feel these doorways walking down a crowded city street. I bet some of you reading this today are already doing this. It's just all about paying attention to all the little shifts and clues in the energy. This is the first step to entering into other dimensions.

During this time where we graze the edges of multi-dimensionally or multi-spherically reality, we might feel deeply emotional, hypersensitive, and feel a lot of psychic undercurrents. It is pretty heavy out there right now while things are being cleared out and realigning. But we will also receive huge clearings and insights. A lot of this is going to make us feel like we are in a multi level frequency blender. Everything we are intending to create, or heal, is going to be processed from a deeper tone of reality.

We have all experienced repeating cycles or issues we thought we had healed in the past. And yet here they are again, asking us to pay attention to them. This is why there is a saying, history repeats itself. It has always shocked us when a once considered healed pattern has returned into our lives, but in a different sneaky version of the same pattern. It feels shocking because it is actually unnatural to our divine embodied God-self to have a lesson or challenge repeat itself. All of our experiences in this life have been experienced from a less evolved tone of reality due to our time in history, our place in the cosmos, and the evolvement of the cycle we were in. Because of this we have not been able to fully create our intentions as we had intended, or heal different life lessons in a way so they would not repeat. That is changing. Now we will be able to complete these experiences on a much deeper and more complete level. Prior to this point in evolution, we could only stick a bandage on our wounds, or use super glue to hold our creations together. These were the limiting tools we had access to at that time. They did serve us well up to this point, but we have grown past them now. There will be some unfinished 3D business, karmic connections and patterns that we will need let go of now. The new cycle will have less limiting laws of nature, with more freedoms, higher frequencies and more self responsibility. It also means our creations will more directly match what we envision inside our hearts. This is exciting news for us all.

With this ability to assess the new future frequencies we are no longer operating fully in the crumbling 3D world. We are in between dimensions, creating something more inclusive and infinite. We are learning not to waste energy on things that are already crumbling. We are no longer fighting what cannot be changed. We are learning to let things remain in 3-D. We are joining forces in the collective energy field with assistance of the Company of Heaven, and we are building a higher frequency option for humanity.

We are becoming light bridges between the third dimension and all other dimensions. I say "other dimensions" and not the 4th, 5th, 6th etc., because the Star Elders say labeling them in a linear fashion is a 3D construct and it does not represent the reality of spherical creation where it is recognized there is truth and light in all dimensions. All of creation is God. But, it is up to us to choose which reality and dimension we want to create in. There are only different levels of expressions of awareness and truth.

Some dimensions will dissolve away when enough souls pull their energy out of any given outdated reality, thus rendering it inoperative. This can been seen in the world we are in right now with many of our programs quaking, wobbling, reversing, and crumbling around us. Many dimensions will also operate simultaneously for a time. We will weave in and out of different dimensions and timelines. Some aspects of other dimensions will fade into history, while other new dimensions will begin to appear and build a new future. This is how a shift of an age happens. It does not happen with one massive event like a lot of us would like, but with a slow and careful balancing act of evolution. But this time we are doing this part of evolution with our physical bodies, with the intent of maintaining physical life throughout this process. This also means the primal natural programming we were born with is now out of date and new programming is being uploaded and we will have to adjust to this process.

During this time, we might feel opposing and conflicting feelings or experiences or events. We might feel anticipation yet fear, happy but grief also, and hopeful while still letting go. When we feel multiple dimensions at once, we might feel like we are losing ourselves, our identity. We might feel equally pulled in opposite directions. It's confusing to navigate as we feel everything at once, as the old world fades, and another one appears. We will feel the new frequencies arriving, all while the old is being ushered out, and there will be a paradox of feelings and emotions each step of the way while we move out of duality.

We are about to physically anchor into something much vaster, inclusive and infinite. We are becoming closer to embodying our true God self. God is one with all in everything, and this is our birthright. Our new world is being created by our collective evolving conscious, into a unified, universal context, where the heart is at the center. We are an all inclusive expression of God's all encompassing divinity that is comprised of uncountable perspectives and dimensions, all of which have, and always have been, God in all life.

All of LIFE is ONE . . . We are the ONE!

Here is to our rebirth!



In Lak'esh Ala K'in.

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