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Through Aluna Joy Yaxkin, the Star Elders and the incoming Cosmic Codes.
Received on 12.19 23

Cosmic Light Codes are flooding into Earth's living libraries.* These light codes inspire the next level of the divine blueprint. This new divine blueprint will be transduced into new laws of nature for our natural world to operate from. Simply put, a new reality is beginning to take shape in the ethers and beginning to merge with humanity. The future is calling us home.

Each turning of an age comes with a new blueprint. This blueprint brings forward only the sustainable past codes that will merge with the new future frequencies. Anchoring this new blueprint into our natural world becomes the foundation stone for the new cycle.

Sacred sites receive these cosmic codes first. This is why the ancients built their temple complexes in specific geographical locations around the Earth. These cosmic codes will flow across the earth in a network of ley lines and earth grid currents to every corner of the earth. You cannot miss receiving these codes! (Read that again!) This cosmic wisdom is permeated with eternal ancient wisdom and alchemy and new cosmic frequencies that will alter the course of our evolution. You are already feeling this stir inside of you now.

This phase of our evolution floods into the earth after what felt like a very long pause. This has allowed humanity the necessary time to get their physical life in alignment so we can sustainably assimilate the new frequencies. All this massive change may have felt like chaos and global insanity. But many of us are in entirely different places in our lives, including our service in the world, our geographical location, etc, than we expected to be. We will begin to "physically" land into the new cycle within this new blueprint.

This transition has been a long wait for us all. But enough of humanity has made the necessary physical and spiritual adjustments to prepare us for what is coming next. We will step into these new codes, build from these new blueprints, and anchor this evolved wisdom and alchemy into the natural world. We are star beings, but in a human body that was built by the natural world. We have the ability to access this cosmic knowledge but also can bring it into the material world because we have taken on the density and the challenges of a physical body. We are becoming twice-born, from one age to the next.

We are past the mid-mark in anchoring this new massive cycle. (The first 20-year Katun cycle since 2012 in a new 26,000-year cycle) What was anchored and envisioned in spirit by humanity's cosmic warriors in the last 11 years will now begin to anchor in the physical realm. We have envisioned and created in the ethers the world we will now begin to enter. This new world was a blank canvas back in 2012. It was a completely clean slate, a giant, vast, endless void. We have envisioned, prayed, offered sacred ceremonies, walked the ley lines and sacbes, and cleaned and cleared our physical bodies to prepare for this. We are at the point of anchoring this vision into our physical reality. It is beginning.

Because of the arrival of this next level of our ascension into full embodiment, we are dropping the core of the old blueprint that held our past reality together for our entire lives and most of our past lives and lineages. We knew that there would be odd symptoms coming with this process. As we transition through this bridge time, it could feel like we are in a cosmic pressure cooker, and this is nothing new to us at this point. Our cells will literally vibrate as our DNA is being elevated and evolved. We felt a smaller wave of this DNA elevation back in the years 1986-1989 in preparation for this time.

As new codes flood in, it might feel heavy or exhausting. We might want to self-isolate a lot more. As we continue to cross the bridge, we might feel increasingly more detached from the world because that world is not home anymore. We could easily feel fearful, lost, and ungrounded. Fear means we are still in the mind/ego and the old blueprint, so the solution is to simply drop back into our hearts.

This transition has been accelerated by increasing solar activity and the natural cycles of the Sun. Remember, the sun wakes us up! Sometimes, this is not comfortable. But this is why many ancient cultures are considered solar cultures. They knew what we are now realizing about the Sun.

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Over decades of sacred site travel, I've noticed that when we receive energy downloads, it can make one feel blissful and offer an "at home" feeling, but it can also feel heavy. It's relatively common to feel this heaviness or depression-like symptoms as new wisdom or energy is coming in. I call it Buddha heaviness. The physical body has to assimilate new energies and codes while in the still-in-place programming that still lingers in our material form. It is a temporary feeling as you release the old and unpack the new. Remember, everything you feel is a clue. So stay curious and be cosmic watchers.

I am being shown this transition could feel very similar to what a person with a substance addiction would feel like. We are subconsciously and primally addicted to how the world used to feel within the old blueprint and the natural world that was built from it. We are addicted, like a person that does not have any control. We are being liberally detoxed at a cellular level as old blueprints disappear. We are in a process of great surrender to the universe, and it is out of our hands. This process creates the necessary interior space for the new light codes, upgraded blueprints, and natural laws of nature. As we are relieved of the old codes, a new wave of elevated codes will fill its space.

It's beneficial to stay unattached like an innocent child during this process. It will make the transition easier. We mustn't be attached to what we feel as it is all changing underfoot. Taking polarized positions, projections, prejudices, giving energy to negative prophecies, issuing blame, labeling, and allowing the negative ego to take over will not help the process, as these and more are all from the old blueprint. These actions are not sustainable in the new frequencies.

Much of this process won't make sense, and trying could make assimilating them more challenging. Remember, our body is learning to survive within foreign frequencies, just outside the natural laws in which it was built. This is a temporary bridge state for your body, but your spirit has long been ready for this time. Yet, while in this process, we will still feel an underlying fear from our body's annoying autopilot, which keeps triggering the inner danger signal. As each wave comes in, drop the heavy or fearful feelings into the Earth. Use deep box breathing, ground by barefooting, etc, and allow the weight to drop off into the Earth. The earth will recycle the old blueprint that is falling away, but it will also ground and anchor the new blueprint. The incoming waves will never be more than we can handle.

The new blueprint created by new incoming cosmetic codes will make us feel more at "home" than we have ever felt. This is what we came here for. We have arrived at the next step. But, this is a step-by-step process, and much patience is always needed when anchoring these larger cycles. But we are making progress. Take a moment and look back on how far you have come, and give yourself some credit. You are still here! This takes strength, tenacity, and an incredibly huge Heart.

Some of us already feel this transition around the edges of our consciousness. This will be more evident in the outer world around the equinox (March 2024), which aligns with a balance between Earth and the Sun. So I am told anyway.

As we get further into 2024, we will feel more like we've been set free, like coming home to a place we didn't even know we missed. Deep inside, we know that as we release the past, we will feel more fully embodied than ever. Do not judge yourself if this process makes you feel like you have not done enough or are not ready for this. You are. Remember, we have never done this shift with a physical body before. We are in new territory. We are pioneers for the ages. This means you, who is reading this now!

This message came in as a swift precognition wave that took over a week to unpack, and English was not making much sense. So, I hope this message is understandable and applicable to your lives.

Have a Holy, Peaceful, and Blessed Solstice everyone!

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*** NOTE... Here is a very short list of sacred sites I know have a living library anchored. It's NOT a complete list, for sure. But these are the places I have tapped into libraries. There is no way I could list every single site here, nor do I know of them. If you feel called to be at any sacred site, I would listen to those calls if possible. It feels pretty clear that at Equinox, most of 2024 will offer us new territories to explore. I am feeling hopeful!

Mount Shasta at Castle Lake.
Sedona Arizona at the saddle at Cathedral Rock.
Lomaki in Wapatki north of Flagstaff, AZ.
Palenque, Mexico, the Palace Complex . . . (We are going here for equinox. We still have space for you!)
Apu Pitusiray. Visible from the Sacred Valley, Peru
Apu Putucusi at Machu Picchu, Peru
Island of the Moon, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia
The Sphinx in Giza, Egypt.
Callenish Stone Circle complex on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland
Avebury Stone Circle, England.

But, ALL sacred sites have beautiful frequencies to offer an open-hearted spiritual pilgrim, and there is so much we can offer the earth while there. I am so thankful that Earth and our ancestors (who were us, by the way) offered us these magical places to spark ancient memories, bring clarity and wisdom, and heal and balance the Earth and our souls.

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Spring Equinox in Magical MAYA LANDS - Mexico
March 16th-25th, 2024!

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There are things that happen only once, and then again, never exactly the same way. . . things that only we experience. There is no way to predict when magic lands where we are. We just have to put ourselves out there and keep our eyes open, and feel blessed when we see receive gifts from spirit. These are experiences that no one else will ever see in the same way again.

Aluna Joy sharing a message in Ollantaytambo, Peru.

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