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Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

As the equinox nears, and what I feel is a flipping point for humanity, in consciousness, frequency, reality, etc., I thought I would compile a list of themes I have been watching that we could be transformed by between now, equinox through April. And this will affect humanity into the end of the year and halfway through 2024. March and April are going to offer us very big shifts on levels we didn't even know existed until now.

A huge influx of light and new frequencies are already flooding in, triggering a new divine plan, or as the Star Elders like to say, this is triggering an anchoring of a few of the new laws of nature for this new 26,000 year cycle. This is not happening just for the earth or humanity, but for the entire galaxy as it moves up another octave. We are stepping further into a blank canvas and we will be creating a new reality as we go, step-by-step. If we look at our life cycle based on a 26,000 year cycle, we are still newborns. Our umbilical cords are still attached to the old world. Soon they will fall off and we will be fully sailing without a rudder in a new cycle. Right now we still don't know the true brilliance of who we truly are or how to use the new tools that are available to us. It's going to get interesting.

In the week prior to and the week after equinox, I am seeing that there will be a beautiful uplifting of energy. The heaviness of all the processing and transformation over the last few months will ease, bit by bit, into an energetic crescendo. It will take us to the next lighter frequency. We will begin to feel stronger, more clear, more confident, more grounded. The huge transformation in 2022 has been hard and heavy work.

But until we reach these beautiful and balanced Equinox energies, the most important task, that is on the top of the list, is to SURF THE CENTER. Be the calm in the storm. Don't engage with polarities. Be comfortable with uncertainty, because truth is going to shift like quicksand under our feet many times as we land in this new cycle of time. Anytime we get attached to anything, we may get the rug yanked out from beneath us. This time is not about anchoring, it's about staying fluid and being open to the unexpected. A lot of the new laws of nature will take us by surprise.

Solar flares will increase as we are now in solar maximum. This is an eleven year cycle. Earth's magnetic field is thinner during equinox. But this also means we will be impacted strongly by solar flares and CMEs. We just had an X class solar flare on February 17. All ancient cultures celebrated equinox, from the Celts, to the Inca, the Maya, the Egyptians. We must remember that we need the Sun to awaken. The sun is LIFE. The energy from the sun helps us awaken, evolve and remember. But, we also know solar activations can cause uncomfortable symptoms, as we are all aware of by now. It helps to send love and appreciation to the sun. Purposely draw the SUN into every cell in your body with bare feet on the ground. If we don't fight these power surges, it will make it easier to flow with them. I have attached a Solar Wave Prayer image below, but please offer your hearts in any way you feel appropriate. You cannot make a mistake, offering yourself to the sun. The sun knows your motivation and your intent.

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Earth changes will most likely be on the rise as well. Earth has been wobbling between dangerous warming to an instant Ice Age. I don't see either happening in a catastrophic way, but the consciousness of Earth is toying with the old memories of this happening in past cycles. Also, we might see an increase in intensity in earthquakes and volcanoes, etc. We will see more magnetic shifts (highs and lows). Fluctuations in the magnetic fields of earth do affect consciousness. Low magnetics on Earth can make us feel ungrounded, but also low magnetics will thin the veils between our material world and the spiritual world. These are great times to awaken to deeper spiritual awareness. It's also a great time to let go of old programs that no longer serve us.

We are going see a lot more time wobbles, timelines merging, overlapping, and overlays. It is going to be fairly interesting to say the least, and rather confusing. We are going to get a strong taste of what it's like to live multi-dimensionally or spherically, simultaneously, and we will learn how to adjust to the confusion of living in a multi-perspective reality until we adapt. And we will. Believe it or not. We are ready for this.

New and different realities will shatter what we thought we knew as truth. Our foundation of reality will shift often. We are literally living in a transitional time that is built on quicksand. The lack of outer stability is guiding us inward to find our divine inner orientation, our inner compass, and this will lessen the need to trust external authorities. We are going to be able to learn, hear, listen and receive from source through our own heart center. We will begin to live from an untethered and flowing heart and understand that we can only have community cohesiveness if there is unity within our diversity. The Star Elders have been talking about this for a very long time. Now we're going to start to experience it.

The lamps are different, but the light is the same - RUMI.

We are going to start see a lot more intergalactic connections and visitors. Yep, I just said that! The current crumbling system will try to destroy the evidence and/or blame opposing powers for these encounters. Our planet has very little galactic diplomacy to say the least and this is disappointing. But we who are reading this now have been waiting for this for a very long time. Just saying, we might want to get ready for contact. Send out your invitations to your star families.

The global corruption at the top will continue to crumble and be brought down and cleared out. There is no place to hide for those that benefited from their wealth or status which used to make them immune to consequences of their self serving actions. We will continue moving into a world driven by governmental systems where its main code or law is transparency, honesty, impeccability and integrity. This will be the corner stone of the New World as we will no longer rely on "elected authority figures", as we will be our own authority and self governed by truth and integrity. This will take a quite a bit of time to land and anchor on the new Earth in a way that we can still maintain physical life while making this shift.

The bottom line is realizing our current reality is a blank canvas for us to begin to create a new world. Stay in the heart, stay neutral, take responsibility for all your actions, act from impeccability, honesty and integrity, and most of all maintain your balance with Mother Earth.

Unlike in Lumerian times, where we stayed connected to our light body, or Atlantean times, where we were anchored in our advanced mental body, this lifetime we will learn to do both and more simultaneously and with unique twist that only comes with the new laws of nature anchored in this new cycle.

We are one with the Earth, and Earth is available to us to help us maintain balance through all these changes. Through any shift of an age, the Earth has been a constant for humanity. Indigenous cultures all over the world understand this still. The link for how to heal with her energies is here. https://www.alunajoy.com/2023-2-14-heal-with-earth

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