Image above . . .even ancient traditions understood about living multi-dimensionally!
There are many examples of multi-headed petroglyphs and art that expresses multidimensional consciousness.
The number 7 is consistent through many ancient cultures which also could be a link to the Pleidaes.

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Aluna Joy Yaxk'in and the Star Elders.
Insights triggered by the many messages and experiences received during our recent
Equinox pilgrimage to Palenque, Mexico in March 2023.
Posted on 4.18.2023

Since the equinox, (and will accelerating during this next Eclipse on April 20) experiencing multiple realities seems more tangible than ever before. We certainly are taking steps toward living multi-dimensionally, spherically, and acquiring the ability to shift between multiple timelines. Timelines are shifting so quickly now we can barely keep up, and maybe we are not supposed to. Maybe it is time to learn to fly in the flow with absolute trust in the universe, by living from a flowing heart instead of our inflexible mind and ego. We are anchoring new abilities but this will take deep and sometimes disorienting work to stretch beyond what we know about ourselves and our world, while maintaining balance in any given NOW moment.

During our pilgrimage in Palenque, Mexico, we received some subtle but powerful messages regarding things that are beginning to shift in our world and our consciousness. I know it will take some time to unpack all that we received on our pilgrimage, but here is the first stage of this unpacking. (Keep in mind the Star Elders can be quite repetitive, as they speak spherically and with this message, I decided to leave it that way. They see everything is connected and it shows up in the way they give me their messages.)

The Star Elders say when we traverse a shift of an age, the laws of nature change and reality is upgraded into a higher frequency. With that upgrade comes a lot of things that must change. There will be many things that will change in our core belief systems. There will be a greater need for a deep surrender into the universe. The great unknown is in front of us and is filled with new frequencies and incredible new possibilities that are now beginning to manifest. Even if we don't understand these new frequencies and possibilities, or even understand who we truly are in this new moment, we are surely standing anchored in this new cycle now.

We are beginning to see the first core and foundational new laws of nature bubbling to the surface in our material world. Reality is changing in unexpected ways in a very real and sometimes, a confusing way. These new laws of nature will be implemented in the new cycle we are anchoring within our new centers, our core orientation point. Becoming anchored into these timeless and dimensionless orientation points will certainly argue with our old DNA memory. Our ego, our mind and even our belief system may struggle with these new frequencies. We will struggle to hang onto things that are not aligned with our soul as we have become attached to the fantasy and not the reality. While being re-balanced in the new frequencies our human space suits are going to feel wonky, confusing, and uncertain, as the old reality, illusion and fantasy crumble and fracture around us, and the New World emerges. We are no longer living in the end of a world, we are now living in the birth of the new one.

We are being asked to be deeply discerning and selective and to transmute and evolve only carefully curated aspects of the old ways while integrating profound new perspectives and frequencies. We are beginning to merge the sustainable parts of our 3-D reality with the new laws of nature, higher frequencies, and greatly expanded possibility all within with ever evolving spherical and unlimited spirit. The bubble holding our 3D illusions, fantasies and beliefs systems of our old world is BURSTING. Those illusions might have been actually truth for the past age, so do not judge or condemn what was in the past. Those are outdated truths that conspired to get us to this place where we are today. They only become illusions, lies, fiction and even insanity when we began to grow and evolve past these old truths. This is simply a natural process of evolution. And at this point we are making a huge evolutionary leap, bursting out of the bubble of the old frequencies and jumping multiple timelines like crazy out of control fledglings, just learning how to fly. Here are a few things we are beginning to notice. These are things we might start experiencing in our lives that are clues that we are taking positive evolutionarily steps forward and landing into the new world.

First we are seeing an odd challenge dealing with keeping track of all types things linked to numbers. The Star Elders told me decades ago that the base of our number system and mathematics would change. Of course, I didn't have a clue what they were talking about. I still don't grasp it. But, I think it's starting to show up in our world now.

We might find keeping track of money feels strange or foreign. First we have less cash than we thought and then there is more than we thought, or we miscalculated all together. We might feel the value of our money has changed. Sometimes it is extremely valuable to us and sometimes it feels like play money. I have been watching my mind reject the notion of shifting between two currencies, which I am really used to after all these years of travel. But I didn't have any trouble with my limited Spanish kicking in instantly when I arrived in Mexico.

We could find ourselves procrastinating around our 3D responsibilities regarding money like paying bills etc. Original people, the first people, never dealt with money in the same way we do today. They did not have to pay bills, or have to work for others, so they could to pay yet other people, so they could simply live. It's unnatural, in fact it is rather insane if you think about it. Then we also are seeing discombobulating and accelerating time wobbles. We might feel present, or partially here, or not here at all, or feel like there is a part of us missing that we need to reclaim. We might have a hard time remembering what time it is in linear time. Time stretches or shrinks radically depending on the adventure we are having. Time is becoming more like experience than something that can be measured with the watch on our wrist. Also you may find accelerated time wobbles if we are having to deal with the crumbling parts of the old world.

Another odd thing about numbers. We might even have to think hard to remember what age we are! (I actually like this part. Our age is becoming more how we feel or what we are experiencing than how many suns have risen while in our human form on earth. And by the way, our spirit or soul does not keep track of time with a calendar, it measures time by experience. So this may be a clue that we are less attached to our temporal human form and anchoring more fully to our eternal soul and spirit.

Then there is the literal vaporizing of labels of all kinds leaving us a bit dumbfounded. The Star Elders have told me for decades that they don't use labels, names, titles etc. They also do not make any belief system solid like we do. They understand reality as an ever evolving and constantly fluctuating living wisdom. For example, a Cherokee friend of mine called my "buddies" the Star Elders because I needed a name so I could share about them. When I was a child I simply called them "the buddies", because they were my friends, and still are. They are a group that literally have no names or labels. They are simply much like Nordic aliens, star walkers, time and space travelers, and most of all watchers. And yet again you see, I've labeled them all over the place.

What we are seeing is the acceleration of the challenge of remembering the names of people, but generally the names of anything, person, place or thing. Names and titles seem to be unnatural in this new cycle. Anytime we define anything with a label or a belief, we limit that part of our life experience to that label or belief system. Creation does not work this way. Nature is holistic, and constantly evolving.

If we label something in the moment in a few minutes that label may no longer be pure truth and becomes only history. We are also seeing perspectives and definitions wildly changing, even the way we feel about ourselves could change from one moment to the next. We might feel disoriented not knowing which perspective to choose. But in fact there is no choice there is only flowing with creation.

We were moving into an ability where we will understand this new reality in front of us much like the Star Elders do, with pure, now moment experience and frequency. Pure truth and reality will have no history or future projection attached to it. We will begin to feel things without the need to label it so as to understand it. We will experience creation without attachments. Labels and definitions are literally forms of an attachment. We are reaching the first steps of moving beyond labels, judgments or belief systems of all kinds. This is the groundwork in preparation for something much greater, something limitless, and will bring us much needed mental freedom. We cannot label, judge or have a solid belief and have a multi-dimensional, spherical experience at the same time. One cancels out the other. They cannot exist in the same space.

We will find a way to experience reality, know others, and make choices and decisions without limiting them with names, titles, labels and judgments and belief systems. We are taking our first baby steps into understanding reality in the present moment and within the current higher frequencies. This will allow our life experience to flow and evolve naturally, spherically and timelessly, and multiply seamlessly. Once we drop labels and definitions we can begin to create radical changes in our world and in our lives.

I know it's hard to get our heads wrapped around these changing paradigms, but we really don't need to. The old world is crumbling and is already in full dematerialization mode. We see the clues around us in our reactions to life. Our capacity to tolerate the old world nonsense is rapidly disappearing. Our coping mechanisms are wearing very very thin. But the New World and the old world will be overlapping for a time. This is a necessary step. But it is coming with a plethora of annoyances that are actually temporary, but nevertheless very challenging and confusing.

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If we need to enter an experience that is part of the crumbling old world and not part of the new laws of nature, we are going to feel discombobulated and may have intense brain fog. The part of us that has already stepped into the New World will not want to go backwards. This could create a lot of temporary cognitive dissonance navigating this world between worlds, a no man's land. But as we transition from the old age into the new paradigms, there will be times where we must deal with the crumbling world. It will take monumental effort and herculean mental focus to make things work in those crumbling areas. We will have to dance between the old world and the new cycle simultaneously for a while. It will call on our deepest self mastery to do so. But this is also preparing us to expand our mind / heart capacity. It is like going to the gym for our consciousness.

During the age Lumeria they lived from spirit and the heart, unconditional love and universal acceptance. In Atlantis they lived from the mind, intelligence, and sadly in the end, ego and greed. In this new cycle we are being asked to blend both in harmony with a these new frequencies. As we enter the vast wonderful expanses of this new cycle based in present moment within spherical time, we are going to be able to hold multiple physical and spiritual realities and timelines simultaneously.

"The key to growth is the introduction
of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness."
- Lao Tzu

We are being activated and this is triggering a deep dive of letting go and dissolving the old to create more space for a flood of incoming and more refined frequencies. It's a time of being radically honest with oneself. The Star Elders, and the Great Creator of ALL that is, does not judge ANY life experience. Any experience we have, good or bad, happy or sad, painful or blissful etc., is helping us and teaching us something valuable, helping us let go of something that no longer serves us, and helps us holistically evolve. If we avoid the hard stuff, spiritual bypass and only go for the good vibes, we are missing a large part of our life experience and the opportunity to awaken quickly and fully. Ascension isn't about avoiding our shadow, but diving into it head first and acknowledging and learning from it. Our trauma doesn't need to be healed, it wants to be held! But also having a supportive community where we have each others backs during challenging times is essential.

"Try not to resist the changes that come your way.
Instead let life live through you. And do not worry that your life is turning upside down. How do you know that the side you are used to is better than the one to come?" - Rumi

Self-realization is going into deeper layers now. Anyone avoiding the truth about themselves, having an inability to self-reflect, or take responsibility for their part in their creation will struggle tremendously with these intense times. But also keep in mind that we are not the sole creator of our reality. We are connected to the entire collective more than ever now, and parts of it are crumbling all around us. The only thing we can do is take care of our small personal part of our creation. What we do for ourselves, we do for others. This is the Maya code of "In Lak'esh - Ala K'in". We are all connected. After we complete another layer of our personal self reflection, we can hold the collective at that next higher level with our presence.

In the past age, humanity had been deeply and slowly programmed and disconnected from our divine perfection at a level we still can't grasp yet. Now we are turning this around and entering a cycle that will EVOLVE and begin the process of reconnecting us to our divinity and beyond. It can be overwhelming as this new energy seems to flood in all at once to the point where we really can't hold onto anything to so as to allow it to process. The need to hold onto anything at all is the ego mind. Simple as that. We really do not need to hang onto anything mentally. When we allow ourselves to flow through it, it will become easy as breathing. As it should be. This shift is a long carefully orchestrated process created by the universe, the great creator and our collective consciousness so as not to lose our human space suit.

As we let go of old polarizing and limiting labels, titles, names and belief systems, we will enter this next phase with ease and grace. Experiencing our new life will become more of a symbiotic relationship with creation and the new laws of nature. It will be as natural as our heart beating. We will begin to live in our divine expression of the Creator. We will be living bridges that anchor Heaven on Earth.

With love and appreciation that
I have the opportunity to share this planet with you.
Great Blessings
Aluna Joy and the Star Elders

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