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Through Aluna Joy Yaxkin with the Star Elders.
Received on 1.17 24

So much incredible cosmic energy is flooding Earth now that anything out of alignment with natural law (love) is being pushed to the surface to be healed and released. We can feel this happening now in our physical BODY. The increasing time wobbles can cause us some overwhelm and unsettling feelings of vulnerability. There could be more extended heightened anxiety and even depression as the collective lands into the new unknown territory of the new cycle. These are perfectly normal responses when we receive increasingly stronger floods of new codes of creation. We might feel a bit out of control as we awaken into the unknown. We might feel unsafe as we are catapulted forward into new territory. But the NEW SYMPTOM that has emerged recently feels like our cells are quivering and dropping old dead weight, much like an insect that sheds its exoskeleton. Our minds cannot perceive this level of releasing of the past cycle as this was put in place before individual consciousness was anchored. But we can certainly feel this happening deep in our bodies.

We are on the flip side of this massive transformation. In other words, it now has its own momentum. It feels like old timelines are collapsing. The past, present, and future are converging. We are being asked to take life with a step-by-step mindset and live from our hearts (love), not our minds (fear) and in the present moment. There is a lot going on, so take a moment and give yourself credit for how far you've come already.

Light codes are expanding in each cell of our bodies, cracking away the old core codes anchored in the past cycle. It is dead weight now, and to dust it will return. We are crossing the bridge to a new world. We have completed the necessary work in the ethers, but it has become an actual physical experience now. We need to stretch and breathe and consciously let this weird, weight-like stress drop away like the dust that it is and let the earth do what it does best: recycle it.

When we entered the new cycle on December 22, 2012, one of the first things we began to leave behind was the New Age movement. This was a hard transition as we had become attached to that movement as the answer or even the ultimate destination. But little did we know it was only a preparatory stepping stone to launch us into this new cycle. What was birthed within on that day and is being realized now is an evolved, twice-born spirituality. This is when we are born into physical form in the past age and are moving forward with the same physical body into the next cycle. New Age spirituality has taken us as far as it can. It offered good growth and necessary preparation but had become contaminated with the belief in separateness based on grandiosity and specialness. This old mindset is being flushed to the surface in many areas of our world in unrelentingly and intriguing ways.

We are in a time of divine, savage, all-encompassing grace while simultaneously traversing a global dark night of the soul. It is a time of death and birth happening simultaneously! The way forward is living with radial surrender and the absolute knowing that spirit/creator/god has us. We are standing firmly on the bridge, deep within the initiation and transfiguration into the paradise we signed up for when we took on this body.

It is important to focus more on the birthing and less on the dying. But with this said, it is important not to deny any clues or experiences that come up. In the last few years, we have lost plenty. It is necessary to process and grieve those losses. But the tide is turning. We know this in our hearts, and our body is feeling it. Sensitives will feel this intensely. It is time to focus on what is working for us now and pay less attention to what we have lost. This helps tip the balance toward forward momentum. This is radical grace and universal love in action. Acknowledging the past and our stories as the past has helped us develop deep wisdom, but consciously put our energy toward the future.

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The universe pays attention to everything we communicate. 10% of this is mere words. But the big point IS the universe pays attention to what we are feeling, what our intentions are, what our motivation is, and our actions as well. The universe pays attention to the whole of us, not just how we have learned to control our spoken words. This holistic communication to the universe creates a unique and personal algorithm just for you. This is absolute unconditional, non-judgmental, universal consciousness at work. The universe wants to give you what you are asking for based on your entire being. So what you communicate with your entire being, that's what the universe will offer you more of. This is going to be apparent more than ever before. With this said, you can make no mistakes. The momentum of the light is working on your behalf to help you cross the bridge. Even though you may feel like you're backtracking at times, you are not. You're just releasing the old, dead, and unneeded skeletons of the last age.

"The grapes of my body can only become wine
After the winemaker tramples me.
I surrender my spirit like grapes to his trampling
So my inmost heart can blaze and dance with joy.
Although the grapes go on weeping blood and sobbing
"I cannot bear any more anguish, any more cruelty"
The trampler stuffs cotton in his ears:
"I am not working in ignorance
You can deny me if you want, you have every excuse,
But it is I who am the Master of this Work.
And when through my Passion you reach Perfection,
You will never be done praising my name." (Rumi)

Recommended Reading: The Way of Passion: A Celebration of Rumi. https://amzn.to/3vzJSxE

Sensitive Is the New Strong: The Power of Empaths in an Increasingly Harsh World. https://amzn.to/3TUJMuL

This new phase of the divine plan will finish burning away illusions in 2024 as we begin to create from the new blueprint that has already landed. We might feel lost on how to move forward from here, but that is ok. We are crossing the bridge between what was and what will be. What we perceive as a holding pattern or void is an illusion, and we are working on much more than we realize. Trust the process.

Subjective truth and cognitive bias have divided humanity profoundly, and we have temporarily lost our ability to co-create collectively. We cannot build a new world from separation, delusion, fantasy, denial, and partial truths. Selfishness, greed, and divisiveness will not cross this bridge as well. These egos have nearly destroyed humanity's ability to work in cooperation and community. These egos do not align with the new laws of nature manifesting in the new divine blueprint. (see past posts about the new divine blueprint)

The hard fact is we have to die to the past to live in the present. This is a process that is breaking us open. We are becoming living masters, and part of the process is to rise above our outdated primal survival instincts and the amnesia we acquired upon birth. In this state of radical grace, we can empower ourselves to evolve out of that primal instinct and into a masterful one.

We tend to dwell on the pain or the darkness in the world. We are built by design to do this. It was a form of necessary primal protection from the old cycle. Of course, this weakness was taken advantage of by ones who have lost the connection with their hearts and have a focus on greed and power and a need to control and farm us for energy. Star-born ones came into this incarnation with a different program than other humans. It was a pure heart-centered core program based on service to others and the ability to see God in all living things. This left them vulnerable to people who had lost their heart connection. But we have grown past this weakness, and it has lost its power over us. Now, we must anchor that pure heart programming and change the collective focus and universal algorithm. But most of all, we live from knowing we are safe and all is in divine order. We can shift our personal and collective algorithms toward the highest aspirations. The universe is listening, and our trust in spirit and the universe will get us through.

We are in the great unknown. We are navigating with uncomfortable uncertainty. The new foundations have yet to form under our feet, and the past cycle is turning to dust behind us. Yet, each step forward, we have precisely what we need to move forward. The new balance comes from learning to live from this unknowing.

We are braver than we realize. We can own the fact that we are not perfect, nor can we ever be in this human form. Yet within the unconditional, non-judgmental, universal source presence, filled with divine grace, we can forgive our self-judgments and enter the One Source, Great Creator, whatever you resonate with your divine power. We have grossly underestimated ourselves. Oh, Silly humans!

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