Understanding the Mayan Suns of the South
Aluna Joy Yaxkin
February 1995

In the last few months we have learned about the suns of the east, north, and west, and the center of these directions call the equinoxes. We have learned how the directions evolve creation by cycling from the initiating force of the east to the refining energy of the north, to the transforming energy of the west. The Mayan suns that represent these directions cycle in our reality every four days leaving behind a new foundation for the next four, thus continuing to build a evolutionary ladder of spirit and definition.

The last of this evolutionary cycle of directions is the Suns of the South. South takes the intentions of the east, north and west and make them bloom. South is a direction of tropical heat and abundant vegetation. It is life giving. South points to one's highest position in life. It is the noon, the summer, an outward direction and is linked with fruitfulness and mature power. The suns of the south, especially Ahau, are idealistic and can ripen what has been started and raise it into full potential within the highest form of manifestation..

Some issues that emerge on South days may manifest as being very emotional, reactive and outspoken. You may find yourself struggling with the rational side of self. Suns of the south can be quite idealistic and yet become disillusioned easily by life when what has been manifested in vision does not flesh out in the physical.

In Maya, South is called "Nohol" and is represented by the color Yellow "Kan". The element associated with the South is Fire. These South Suns are "KAN" the seed, "LAMAT" the Venus Star, "EB" the Human, "CIB" the Warrior, and "AHAU" the Solar Lord. Let us take a closer look at these idealistic Suns.

Understanding the Mayan Suns of the South
KAN - k�an - Seed - Kan lives by instinct and relates to the world based on the five physical senses. It is the "I", individual consciousness. It is an informer. Kan makes a good networker. It transmits information. The chakra is associated with Kan is the root chakra. It's planet is Jupiter. Kan is interested in leadership and performance. It is active, dynamic, sexual, and influential, with high standards. Kan's issues relate to being a balanced individual, and to mature sexually. Kan finds help with these issues by engaging in artistic or performance related activities and mastering the details involved with these endeavors.

LAMAT - la mat� - Star - Lamat lives by reason and operates out of the mental world. Lamat is the "we", community consciousness. Lamat in essence remembers. It receives through the solar plexus. Lamat is energetic, busy, nervous, clever, and playful. It shows a strong intellect, but can become somewhat paranoid. Lamat likes to fight, but is always reaching to operate out of love. This reflects in the planet it represents which is Venus. Lamat's issues are based in keeping themselves under control in order to finish things. Lamat needs to learning to express feelings and avoid extremes and excesses. Lamat says "Don't make mountains out of mole hills".

EB - eb - Human - Eb lives by the emotional body and operates out of the physic world. Eb is global consciousness. Eb in essence formulates. It transduces what it receives into a more understandable form. It is ruled by the heart chakra. It associated planet is Earth. Eb is relaxed, courteous, careful and useful. It can be also sensitive, touchy, and easily hurt. Eb is ambitious and hard-working. Eb is challenged to avoid poisoning itself by suppressing anger. Eb needs to express feelings and foster purifying and healing actions.

CIB - k�eeb - Cosmic Warrior - Cib is a warrior for Spirit and operates out of Universal heart. Cib is universal consciousness. Eb in essence expresses. It transmits information, and is represented by the throat chakra. Its planet is Saturn. Cib is serious, deep, wise, realistic, and pragmatic. Cib can become hardened to life and is often status conscious. Sometimes Cib allows itself to be dominated by others. Cib's challenge is to overcome self-consciousness and personal insecurities. Cib heals when it excels in its chosen career and lives out of its high standards, and can be comfortable with authority figures with out giving up personal power.

AHAU - a how�- Lord of the Sun - Ahau lives by spirit and operates from universal heart - Ahau is universal consciousness. It is enlightenment and universal fire. Ahau self-regulates meaning it receives what it needs from itself. It is represented by the crown chakra. Its element is fire. Its planet is Pluto Ahau is loving, devoted, artistic, dreamy, and romantic. It can be socially awkward, but is well-intentioned. Ahau in its idealistic nature can become stubborn and uncompromising. Ahau's challenge comes in learning how to handle disappointments due to unrealistic expectations. Ahau heals when it learns to be a good friend and keeps life simple.

The South K'atun of 13 Ahau
At this time on planet earth we are in the last period of 20 years that is influenced by the south energies. This 20 cycle is called a K'atun and is represented by 13 AHAU. Ahau is the flowering of evolution and is the highest evolutionary expression of the Suns. The number 13 is the highest evolutionary expression of the numbers, ascending us to a new dimension. This K'atun is a cycle of time ending around 2012-13. It is a part of a larger cycle called a Baktun that is roughly 400 years long and this current Baktun is the last of 13 Baktuns in an even larger cycle that encompasses roughly 5200 years! With the force and momentum behind these 5200 years, the K'atun of 13 Ahau is destined to be a cycle of unprecedented transformation when humanity will flower and ripen into a mature authentic power. This K'atun of 13 Ahau prepares us to enter, what the Maya call, THE ITZA AGE, the age of water. This is known to modern day astrologers as the age of Aquarius. We are beginning to emerge into cosmic humans and manifesting the highest evolution possible within the last days of this large 5200 year cycle!

To help with this huge undertaking of flowering into cosmic human-hood it helps to merge and work with the energies of the south. Below is an example (meditation) of how we can begin to allow the flowering of the Itza Age within each of us.

A Meditation for the Suns of the South
At high noon, sit comfortably and preferably facing south, in front of the Sun. Place the graphics provided in this article of the five south suns in front of you. If you live in a cold climate sit inside near a window where the sun is shinning through. Sit calmly with eyes closed in a meditative state. Begin to feel the light and the heat of the sun on your body. Feel the light and information transmitted from the sun. Begin to consciously pull the energy of the sun into your physical body. Allow the sun to enter your crown chakra and work down through your chakras until the sun blasts through your feet! Let it merge deeper and deeper into your body. Continue doing this until you feel that the energy of the sun has penetrated your entire body. Now begin to shift your perspective from the physical body as a whole to visualizing each cell of your body individually becoming the light of the sun. See each cell of your body as a sun until each cell is completely full. Now allow each cell of your body to go supernova. Let each cell explode with the light of the SUN. Within this brilliant light send your heart, love, and blessing to the giver of life on this planet, our star the Sun. Allow the brilliant sun that you are to anchor with our sustainer of life, our planet earth. Give your heart, love, and blessings to earth. Remember your commitment to being here at this incredible time in the universe. Realize you oneness with all of humanity for we all are pieces of the SUN!

We are the brilliant light of the Sun.
We are the harmonious song of the Earth.
Our bodies are the stones of the Earth.
Our hearts are the light of the Sun.
And as we sing together Sun, Earth, and Humankind
We bridge the chasms between the stars and the stones.
We are the water, wind, fire and stone,
We are the North, South, East and West,
Evolving, Spiraling, Ascending within the
beautiful patterns of creation.

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