Understanding the Mayan Suns of the West
Aluna Joy Yaxkin
January 1995

With the beginning of the new Gregorian year we find ourselves looking to the future for what the new year will bring. We reflect on what has been learned and look forward to what will be. In this way we begin to initiate the creative process for the coming year by integrating the past and visualizing the future. This action activates deep transformations, facilitating the creation of new intentions.

The Suns that represent the West activate these deep transformations. In Mayan tradition the West is considered the direction of the dying God yet is also a place of peaceful repose. West is a place where the light enters darkness, a place where inspiration is born and worlds are created. West is a place where we loose our egos and begin to merge with the greater whole. We may find ourselves concerned with our relations with others. Problems with cooperation may need to be addressed, and compromises made in relationships may need to be reconsidered during these days. The Suns of the West are for spiritual speed freaks that are always striving for transformation. It is a constant internal pressure to activate the transformation process and to evolve.

The Mayan word for West is Chik'in and is represented by the color blue. The five sacred Suns of the Mayan calendar hold this common theme of the West. These are the suns AKBAL, MANIK, CHUEN, MEN and CAUAC.

Understanding the Mayan Suns of the West
AKBAL - ak� bal - Night - Akbal lives by its instincts in the physical world. It is the informer and receives information and informs other suns of it discoveries. Akbal is represented by the chakra of the solar plexus. Its element is Earth and its planet is Saturn. Akbal is a powerful yet conservative Sun that shows logic and organizational skills. It is symbolized by the dark inner reaches of the temple and is deep, thoughtful, and introspective. This sun exhibits good endurance and can work hard. Akbal's challenges can be mental rigidity and problems with sharing. This sun does well by establishing secure foundations in whatever it does.

MANIK- man eek� - Hand - Manik lives in the world of reason, the mental world. It is the Sun that remembers and transduces information to a more accessible form. It is represented by the heart chakra. Its element is Earth and the Earth is also the planet it is associated with. Manik is a peaceful, generous sun that show skills in cooperative ventures. It can be very artistic and inspiring to others. Manik can be nomadic, outspoken, and quite individualistic, yet it needs companionship. Understandably its challenges involve handling the contradictory needs of personal freedom and relationship security. It finds it does well by learning to become comfortable with its own individuality, no matter how strange that may be.

CHUEN - chu� wen - Monkey - Chuen operates from the emotional and physic worlds. It is about abundance. This is not exclusive to an abundance of money. It could translate to a general abundance of energy or to an abundance of success or failure. Chuen formulates information and transmits it and it is not by accident that the chakra associated with this Sun is the throat chakra. Its element is Earth and its planet is Venus. Chuen is an attention getter. It will get attention one way or another, may it be by positive or negative means. This Sun can be artistic, clever, and demonstrative. It exhibits multiple interests, is quite communicative, and very curious. It's challenge is to stay with one thing long enough to master it. This sun does well with having many creative outlets and an active social life.

MEN- men - Eagle - Men operates from the emotional or physic world. It expresses information that it receives. The chakra associated with this Sun is the crown chakra. It's element is Earth, and its planet is Jupiter. Men is independent and ambitious. Within its independent nature it uses escapism to cope will controlling situations. It is scientific or technically inclined as it exhibits a critical and exacting nature. Men has unique ideas about life. Its challenge is to accept its unusual relationship patterns. It does well when Men cultivates friendships that place high value on personal freedom.

CAUAC - k�awak - Storm God - Cauac operates from the spiritual world and the universal heart. It is self-regulating. This means it needs very little from the outside world in order to understand its own process. Cauac is a transmitter. it shares information it has received from other sources, many times nonphysical sources. Its chakra is the root chakra. Its element is Earth and its planet is Pluto. Many Cauac born are Scorpios. Cauac has a presence of youthfulness and can be quite restless. It is a friendly and helpful Sun. Cauac is multi-faceted, a good learner and teacher. It is often drawn to philosophy or religion and shows concern for healing and purification. This sun is challenged to become the healer and does well to study under a master.

The 60 second instant Mayan meditation
It will take you longer to read this then to practice it!!!

Since we have revealed the West Sun's need for speed in their transformational process I thought it would be appropriate to share an instant Mayan mediation. This quick process realigns you to the vibration to the Sun in about 60 seconds flat!!

Find a comfortable spot for this meditation, preferably in the light of the Sun. This technique is disorienting so you must not try this standing up. Put your hands on your face with the thumbs up. Place you little fingers just below your mouth. Place your ring fingers on your nose to close the nasal passages. Place your middle fingers on your closed eyes applying a slight pressure. Place your index fingers on your temples with a slight pressure. Place your thumbs in your ears to completely block out all outside sound. The idea here is to completely lock out the senses of our physical reality in order to enter into the nonphysical world of spirit. You can't smell, see or hear anything! Yes, it may look silly but don't quit now. Give it a try. Now before you suffocate say the name of the sun "K'in". Say k'ieeenn with a distinct "E" sound until you run out of breath. Practice saying the name of the Sun a few times in various sounding frequencies until you can feel the vibration of the sun in your body and head. You will know when this happens correctly for you will not be able to feel anything else but the vibration of the Sun. You will loose touch with the physical world. Take another breath and close your nose once again and repeat. Say K'ieeenn. Do this as many times as you like. In this internal space we can visualize we are a piece of the Sun. We have become the expansive cosmos and are on our way to becoming Cosmic humans! Until next issue, may you be K'inan Ra K'u "The Spirit of the Sun God!"

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