A Message of Love and Unity
Aluna Joy Yaxkin
June/July 1995

..."The Great Father SUN will be with every initiate that does spiritual (solar) work ... solar initiates will receive more light from the Father SUN ... it will be they who will lead all of mankind in the near future. Hunab K�u, who can see everything, knows that his children are doing the Solar Initiation work with love and respect. He will keep in his memory all of our efforts. He knows about the great prize that he will give us in this incarnation for serving him as solar beings." Mayan Elder Hunbatz Men

Having been back in the USA for only a few days before writing this article, cramming the experience of the Mayan Solar Initiation Journey into words seemed such an overwhelming task. In the 10 day journey in the sacred land of the Maya many of us felt as through we had lived an entire lifetime. Even after the first day at the sites of Dzibilchaltun (zee beel chal toon) and Chichan Itza (chee chan eet za) our experience was that we had always lived in these places and a lifetime had pasted in just a few short hours. Our prior lives were only a dream and this was our total reality. Yet as we gazed upon these remains of a cosmic culture, these stone monuments themselves felt unreal. Almost an illusion. The heavy bulk of the stones felt airy as though you could almost walk through them, or if you blinked they would disappear. We ask ourselves, "Was this cosmic culture real? Were we real? What does this mean?" We found ourselves doubting the truth of the reality we have been taught to believe in. The universe was inspiring us to question our reality. It was challenging us to search for the truth behind the illusion, behind our forgetfulness.

Even though this was not my first journey to these sacred lands I am always amazed at the wonder and magic that these sacred place hold for me. I never feel less than utter amazement and near disbelief at the grand presence these sites hold. I found myself greeting each site by placing my palms firmly on the side of a temple and saying my greeting, and feeling the returning welcoming wave of the guardian spirits greeting me once again.. It was good to be home.

Visiting Mayan sites such as Chichan Itza and Palenque is the most obvious, usual and accepted way to merge with, absorb and understand the magnitude of knowledge anchored in the Mayaland. But on this journey another, more subtle avenue appeared. This new way of understanding the Cosmic culture of the Maya is to experience the Mayan people themselves still living there. This is a treasure beyond words for these people are still living a truth we are all striving to attain. These ones who have carried the truth through time may have not retained it in a way we would naturally accept in our western ways of thinking. These beautiful ones carry a presence in their spirits and their hearts. Their knowledge has mostly been lost, but the spirit of truth and rightful living survives in the hearts of the descendants of the Maya who built the uncountable awesome cities that still activate intense wonder in our hearts.

I became aware of new ways of understanding truth most intensely during the conference day of the Mayan Solar Initiation Journey. It was a very full day listening to speeches and presentations from teachers such as Hunbatz Men, Domingo Dias Porta, Alberto Ruz Buenfil, Barbara Hand Clow, Carol Parrish, Steven McFadden and Sheldon Nidle. It was definitely an inspiring conference as the crowd would erupt into cheering as each powerful message was delivered. Finally it was 8:00 PM, the time for the Mayan council to speak. This was the message most had come to witness. As we sat there within our complicated philosophies and advanced spiritual teachings our hopes were high that what the Maya council would say would catapult us into the next dimension. As far as were concerned we were ready and willing the take the next big step we had all individually and collectively imagined.

During the journey the Mayan Council vacillated between 9 and 13 persons, 11 of which spoke this night. I never captured there names nor did it seem to matter at the time. Some were very young while most were older. Male and female were represented. All members of the council looked quite overwhelmed at the size of our group. We were nearly 700 strong by this day crammed into a conference room that normally seated 500.

They began to speak by thanking us for being there and supporting them. Then they began to share some simple and uncomplicated truths about the earth and how to care for her. They talked about the nature spirits (aluxes) and how to work with them. These truths were their audible message and a message that most attending had previously learned about and understood. They continued by honestly revealing to us how most of their knowledge has been lost and most Mayas in their culture were trying to live a life mapped out by modern society, just trying to fit in. A few rebels, including this Mayan council, are hanging onto the fragments of their knowledge and traditions in spite of the pressures of modern society. They were utterly amazed. They had no idea so many people from around the world were interested in their culture. This gathering inspired them to persevere and gave them courage to remember and rebuild their teachings. They said we were all Maya and that their tradition was open to all the peoples of earth for we are all pieces of the sun and come from the same creator. They were not just saying this. They meant it through and through. This point was also confirmed for me in a quiet moment I had with Barbara Hand Clow where she revealed that this is the main reason she comes to the Mayaland. There is an openness here for anyone of any race of religion who desires to do sacred work.

The message of the Mayan council ended with a wild crowd and a standing ovation. Spirits were high and yes, we felt like we could ascend into a greater reality. But a lesson made itself very clear as one in the crowd stated he felt he did not receive the message the Maya had been holding for 500 years. The energy of the crowd dropped and many began to question with their western minds whether the knowledge, the message, was or was not transmitted. This was a turning point for many who attended the conference. We could continue to gage truth and knowledge with our minds or begin to receive truth through our hearts.

To comprehend what I am saying you would need to understand these simple and authentically heart centered people. I found the council to be extremely open, gentle, loving, sensitive and innocent. You could say they had an angelic quality. Their eyes spoke to me in a language that could not be heard with the ears. While at the sacred site of Uxmal I had the opportunity to spend some time with the council as an interviewer during the filming of a documentary about the journey. I had the rare experience of asking them some pointed questions of what we can do to help them and what we can learn from them. I discovered that the members of the Mayan council have lived an extremely simple life. A life so purely simple that many of us from foreign lands would have a hard time imagining it. Some had not even visited Uxmal or any of the other surrounding sacred sites of their ancestors until this time when WEtook them there. They are so close to nature that you could not separate them from it. The Sun, the Moon, the Stars, and Mother Earth herself, these were the Maya. In spite of 500 years of repression these descendants of the Maya were still completely open to all humanity. They are living in our world but they are not lost in it.

It is true, the Mayan council did not give us the message that we had expected. They did not speak any dogmas or make predictions of things to come. They did not add another complicated piece of information into our already complicated and ridged spiritual lives. The Mayan message for humanity was their presence of spirit and was transmitted with their hearts. It was written on their faces and shone from their eyes. It told us to persevere in truth no matter what the cost. No matter if you are the only one believing in the truth for a time. Their presence told us to live in harmony and accept all humanity as family. To forgive and to love all of the creator's manifestations. The wonder of the quiet message that they transmitted verbally to us, is that they are living it thoroughly and completely. It is who they are. A rare and beautiful example of rightful living. I found this insight overwhelming and on the written page impossible to convey the powerful truth of this urgent message to forgive and love all of creation, merging all of humanity into one planetary family.

Many initiates came to me at the end of the conference with confirmation that the unspoken message of the Maya council had been heard. One tear filled participate said "I received more than I ever expected". As I traveled into Guatemala and Belize for another 2 1/2 weeks the message of unity deepened in me as a profound love for earth and its peoples. It is a small planet filled with wonderful people.

The Art of Pilgrimage

Pilgrimage is an art which brings peace to the soul. Pilgrims are bearers of love, which they carry to special places of the Earth. By holding a joyful consciousness of this love and of the beauty of these places, pilgrims encourage the natural energies of the earth to flow harmoniously. Pilgrims are guided by a wisdom based on both intuition and an understanding of the energy routes and sacred places of power in the world. The gifts of love, hope and joy are inestimable. They have the power to be a friend with the earth, with the divine and with all levels of life... Peter Dawkins

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