Perspectives On Moon Cycles And Moon Calendars
Aluna Joy Yaxkin
January 1996

"...The 13 annual moon cycles must also be taken into account. Each cycle consisting of four phases: full moon, waning moon, new moon, and waxing moon. It must be noted that our initiation year is to commence on March 21, the first day of the yearly count. After this date, when the first full moon is visible, we will start counting the lunar cycles and, after 13 full moons, the lunar cycle will be completed". Quote from a sacred text from the Maya Mystery School and Mayan Elder, Hunbatz Men.

If humanity is destined to merge with natural time, is it not logical, appropriate and even necessary to follow the natural cycles of the moon? Aboriginal peoples around the globe have been living by the moon for eons. They haven't read books and/or complicated moon calendar plans, and yet are still in sync with the natural lunar cycles. HOW you ask? They just go outside, look up, and observe the actual Moon.

The actual length of a moon cycle on Earth is roughly 29 1/2 days. Their are many stone monuments marking natural cycles of the moon, such as Chaco Canyon's Sun Dagger. The Maya's Dzilbilchaltun and Chichen Itza also mark the moon cycles with the light of the first full moon following the Spring Equinox. In Machupicchu the sun boat also marks natural moon cycles.

In comparison, the popularized 13 moon calendar works solely with the mathematics of 28. (13 moons of 28 days per year) Important and profound as these sacred numbers are to Mayan Cosmology, these calendars are not in alignment with natural moon cycles, nor are they helping humanity to align with natural time. Yet I feel the peaceful intention proclaimed in this new movement is an honorable one.

By design these 13 Moon, Gregorian style calendars still have a beginning / end date including a linear left to right format, encouraging its inherent materialistic focus and commercial use. There is no visual reference to the spiraling cycle of time to help activate our inner natural clock. It is easy to continue to make our appointments on a seven day work week. To confuse things even further, Sunday through Saturday are different that the ones society is using on the current Gregorian calendar.

The natural Moon cycle used by the Maya are spiraling and unending. Lunar cycles are used and understood by all natural cultures in the Americas. This is called Ingenious Astrology. From the Lakotas of the north to the Inca in the south natural time is based on actual observations of the sky. The seven day week (Mon. Tues.. Wed...) is not used by the Maya. A 7 day week cuts the sacred manifestation force of 13 in half causing obvious discontent in humanity. Monday blues a common symptom of this.

It is logical to conclude that if we align with natural lunar cycles by observing the actual phases of the moon, we will come into sync with natural lunar timing frequencies. The same would be true with solar cycles and other cycles based on stars and planets. It is simple! All we have to do is go outside and look up!

Authors note: In my continuing journey toward truth, I am constantly reminded that we need to integrate information from many directions to see a larger and more encompassing picture. We need to enter the new world with open minds. We are challenged to accept only what feels true, regardless of outer opinions. In this article, I have shared my truths and perspectives. I share these ideas as a student of truth and hope you accept them as such.

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