The Mayan Stretch
A Cosmic Exercise to Access
Your Cosmic Guidebook to Earth Reality

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in and the Cosmic Maya
May/June 1996

(The Mayan stretch is a cosmic exercise you can use to access your cosmic guidebook to earth reality helping you to become a multidimensional being and to re-link with the source of creation, Hunab K'u, thus acquiring sustaining energy to become energy independent, benefiting Mother Earth and humanity.)

Earth, humanity and your alignment with the universal whole has been an expansive project for us. Living on Earth is not unfamiliar to us. We have walked upon her many times. We know what it is like to live through time while on earth. We know your greatest excitement and we know your most sorrowful pain. We love Earth and humanity and miss being there with you greatly. You are living on one of the most beautiful and diverse spheres in the universe. We plan to return soon and join you in the great experiment. But for now, you must gear up for the quickly accelerating frequencies.

We have been watching over earth since before humanity walked upon her. We have seen her in pristine beauty and we have witnessed her fall into darkness many times. We have seen collisions of asteroids and comets, and the have changed the earth's alignment and rotational spin. We have witnessed and mapped many cycles of time and watched the path earth is taking in your galaxy related to the universe. With these understandings, we know the time is upon you for a great shift. This is not a surprise to you anymore and many of you are working diligently to prepare.

We have been helping Earth before humanity was. We have been helping with humanity's with awakening since before the time of Atlantis and Mu. We have been directing the energy of love, the creative force, toward the center of your being and to the core of the Earth simultaneously. We are a cosmic relay station. Energy we receive from the source we redirect to you. You have felt this energy pulse in varying degrees and in different ways according to your individual perspectives. At times you have felt ecstatically connected. In these precious times what you have experienced is but a fraction of the total reality of Hunab Ku. It is a tip of the iceberg, so to speak. What we send what you could handle in any given moment. We relay what you can conceive of. It is not quite time for your planet to experience all that Hunab Ku is. It is not time for your planet to accelerate to its fullest potential as yet. But with the passing of the last solar earth cycle, you have shifted greatly and we ask you now to prepare. You are now ready for a major step. We know you can feel the pressure building already.

Many of you have begun to remember parts of universal truth. When you begin to remember before the mass activation/awakening, you may find yourselves uncomfortable, even depressed. This depression is a good marker to watch for, as when memory is awakened in your cells, you will at first unconsciously remember. You will compare this memory, that is slightly below your conscious awareness, with the reality of your life today. The comparison will reveal a great chasm between what you are living and what you remember. You can avoid the side effects of depression by working daily to consciously remember.

The illusions of this reality are loosing their interest. You are beginning to have profound ideas for a harmonious world and you are stretching to create it. You may discover that you may not be able to prove your newly realized ideas in the outside world at this time. Doubt can riddle your minds, you may feel confused and scattered. Self esteem can be an issue as you re-awaken. You may feel abandoned. There will be times when you will feel totally lost in the universe and yearn for a place called home. This is part of "the program" and is directly related to waking up. You are becoming a bridge of light for those around you. The more you remember, the more you may become ecstatically connected or depressed. You are living between two worlds and part of you is in the past and the other part is in the future.

We are partly to blame for this yearning and the accompanying uncomfortable feelings. We pulse pure universal frequencies to you from the future so you may know where and what you are reaching for. If you had no idea what you are reaching for, you would be lost. We have been teasing you with these energies, frequencies and visions of source in order to stretch you. We do this in order to strengthen you so you will foster the ability to connect with the source of all creation on your own. We do not give you the whole picture. We act as a homing beacon calling you home to the light. If we pulsed all memory of source, you would rely on us for all your information and would not look for knowledge and information from your true inner self. It is not in our integrity to make it "easy" for you in this way. We are working with you to empower you to receive for yourself all you need and desire to understand. So we allow glimpses of the totality of creation, to give you a goal, something to reach for. When we do this and you receive it, the song your heart's sing makes us overwhelmed with happiness.

When the time comes for us to stretch you beyond your current reality, we pull our energy back. We retract the pulse of light from the source, and you reach and reach. We hear you cry out. When the connection is nearly broken, so you cannot feel the energy anymore, you are sad and depressed. We feel your anguish. You feel you have lost touch with spirit. You need these times of disconnect to integrate the energy we have pulsed to you. You need this time to understand, integrate, and to rest. You still have physical bodies that are in third density and it takes your body a longer time to respond to the inflow of energy than your spirit. Your spirit responds instantly. Your body may take many days, weeks or months of your time to adjust to the light. Light can be brutal and can burn if not released in a controlled matter.

When we pulse the frequencies of the source, you will discover self-limitation issues lodged in your memory that you hold in denial. When we pull away you may judge yourself. You may wonder why you have lost the connection. You feel abandoned. This is a not as negative as you think. Our pulling away has brought up issues that need to be healed. It is not safe to feel the totality of Hunab Ku and hold on to negative energy simultaneously.

It is our love tempered with discernment, that pierces through the veils of limitation around your world and around your spirit. As we connect to you, we become a time tunnel to the next world. You are pulled closer to us, and ultimately closer to the source. It is our energetic tugging that you feel. We tug and tease. As soon as you catch up with us and integrate the previous frequencies, we move ahead. Do you see what we are saying? This is what we jokingly refer to as the Mayan Stretch! We are the light at the end of the tunnel. You reach for it and we move a bit out of reach. It must seem to you that you have been reaching for a long time. And this is true. But your reaching has made you strong and you are more aware of who you are and what your intention is. You are beginning to see what you are doing in this reality. You are more self-aware. We say to you now that we are not carrying you any longer. You are taking steps on your own. It is not as easy as it use to be when we carried you some of the way and the world of spirit merged with you so effortlessly. It is time for you to take another step in your own power.

Soon you will no longer need this game and you will be able to find source all by yourself. All we will need to do then is stand back and point the way to you. Soon you will not need us to point, so we will watch you from a distance like proud parents. It is up to you now. We can not do your work for you. But for a short time longer many of you will still connect with source through our redirection of energy. It is not us you are reaching for. It is the source. Your origin point is what you crave.

Time is closing in on the culmination of events that will condense the energy of the ages into a pulse of light, catapulting us forward into the new vision of the source of all creation. It is you and earth working together that will make this happen, the condensed energy of earth combined with the condensed energy of humanity. It is on a cosmic clock and you can not rush it. We are watching so this will not happen too soon, and are working to synchronize the event to get maximum g's. We are working together on this grand project and everything is on schedule.

We can see that you feel ready to make the jump to the next reality at this very moment. Have faith in the plan, brothers and sisters. You cannot see the whole picture as yet. You have forgotten the brilliance of the light. We know it is hard to keep up your faith, but we say to you it will not be much longer. The clock is about to run out and you will be born into the new beam.

Bridges of Light and the Intent of Mystery...
While we were on your planet centuries ago, as Mayas, we built many mysterious things, and we enshrouded our existence in illusion and curiosity. The temples and our disappearance have caused you to dream and wonder. Other mysteries and curiosities riddle your world, planted by other beings in our galactic council. These mysteries were intentional. It has encouraged you to stretch your intuition, your feeling body, toward us. It has been in recent years that you have stretched enough by curiosity and wonder that we have been able to build a bridge between the worlds and to reach you with the calling of information to wake you out of your sleep.

You are aware of bridges of energy, are you not? You know that you are part of one of these bridges. The bridge that you are, is manifested in your 3D world. You are at the highest phase of the current beam and still in a 3D body. We are multidimensional. We are a step beyond you and are between the source and you! We are like Phase seven of the light pulse. The bridge you build is at the outermost regions of the energy field of your world. We are as close as we can get to you without taking on physical form. The connection between us and you makes this bridge galactic and our connection with source makes it universal.

You are valuable to us, for it is you that will spread the word to others. Every one in your life that supports you with positive projections is a part of a foundation for your light bridge and is an invaluable part of it. In the large scheme of things the entire world of manifested form is supporting you to reach out farther than anyone has ever reached before. You know who you are that read these words. You know what part of the bridge you are part of. You are awakening to the ability to reach the other side. You are irreplaceable in the grand picture. We can see the bridge from our perspective in the future, and it is truly beautiful.

The agreements you made, to enact such a complex vision to help others reach the other world, is an incredible sight. A bridge of energy and love, built from the love of humanity. Despite outer appearances, humanity as a whole is in total trust that the plan will work. All those beings that are not aware on the earth level as to what is transpiring, are still acting out the energy of the source and the beams of creation without fail. All is valuable, all is necessary. Those of you who receive and integrate from the creator are anchoring traces of the new world. The new reality returns with you through this bridge of light. Everyday your world is coming closer to the frequencies of universal truth.

There will be many new concepts and ideas. Because of this you will be challenged daily. You will not be able to verify the information you return with. These are new understandings of the future beam. You are leaders into the new reality. As leaders, you will not have directions or instructions to this new world. You will find your way on your own, carve your own path as a cosmic explorer. You will need to make the first steps by yourself. You may not find this easy for many reasons. Do not expect others in your world to agree with you at these times. You will need to trust yourself totality. No doubt and no fear can be with you in these days.

Truth does not die. Lies fade quickly. If you are aware of a concept and your world does not confirm your ideas, do not worry. If it is truth, it will continue to come to you until you trust it, and it will manifest. In these days you are being tested to trust yourself. It is part of the Mayan stretch. If you doubt, you will create a situation you will find uncomfortable. In the future there will not be enough time for these tests. Trust yourself and what you receive from source. It is your duty to the whole of the earth to do this. Have courage and speak what you know. It is in this action of trust and truth that helps the creation move forward.

When you plant your feet firmly in the new reality as you see it, you anchor another cord of light to the future for your world and your earth family. It is a beautiful vision. The complex stability of the collective vision, moving forward toward the vision of the source of all creation. It is almost time. Your galactic heritage is calling you home.

Every being on earth came to this dimension fully equipped with the internal plans to break the barriers of limitation. BUT... most of you feel you came here without the 3D rule book. Sometimes you feel you are just winging it as you go! We, the Cosmic Maya, are wishing to help you access your personal rule book! Our agenda behind our involvement with you is LOVE. This love is the universal force that binds us together. What effects you, also effects us. So out of our love for you, we wish to assist in your empowerment so humanity will WIN! We wish to share how to stretch your perimeters of reality so as to encompass more wisdom, knowledge and power from the source of creation.

To begin to stretch, it helps to remember a special time in your childhood. Remember how you lived in the moment. You were curious and full of wonder, exploring your new world. Do you remember the magic times in your life when everything was perfect or had an extraordinary experience. It was at these times that you were in tune with universal spirit. Do you remember the talks you had with non-physical beings that your biological family told you were just imaginary. Do you remember your connections with the animal kingdom or the nature spirits. These were times you were being your "natural self." You had not fallen prey to all the projections of the world of illusion and limitation. You were not just playing all those childhood years! You have not wasted a moment here on this earth. Your life has been an ascending spiral, building energy and experience, to this point.

These childhood memories are clues to who you are, and directions to your connection with source. They are the notes to your heartsong. They are clues to your true destiny. The experience of remembering these doorways is as varied as the beings on your planet. These are clues to the laws that govern natural human-ness and you ability to be a multi-dimensional being.

You need to remember these special times of your childhood as only you can. Look for the clues that will reconnect you to limitless realities. Remember all those moments in childhood that stuck in your memory, but you don't know why? Did you have unusual experiences in puberty? You have questions about reoccurring and strange, dream-like fantasies? These events are what we are asking you to find. Look for all little pieces that don't seem to fit together. These pieces are your map home. It is your guidebook to limitlessness. You do not have to look outside yourself. You already have all you need to manifest your destiny. When you rediscover these events of your childhood, you have your personal, customized keys to ascension.

Begin to daydream on those times for it will remind you of a stretching process that will assist re-linking you with universal wisdom. Ask us, "The Cosmic Maya" to help you if you feel drawn to, and we will help you begin a process to break the limiting barriers you strain so hard against. Have courage. Uncomfortable memories that arise cannot hurt you now, and are important to clear out of your space. You are about to reconnect with a higher frequency of light than you have ever experienced in this body. After you are cleared, you will be able to access the clues or directions to the source again.

Physical Indications Of The Acceleration Of The Body...
As your body accelerates and begins the process of becoming multidimensional, you may experience some side effects. We will explain some of the more common physical and mental side effects of transformation and activation.

First, we should say that if you have any physical problems, you should ask within yourself to find out if it is something you may need to take care of in other ways. If have gone through a gamut of medical tests, only to find nothing wrong, you are most likely experiencing acceleration. This list of symptoms will ease your mind. You are not going to die. You are being Born! Sometimes it is a bit uncomfortable, but you are not alone. We are with you.

One of the most common side effects is fatigue. You will find you need more rest than usual. You may find yourself eating more, or less, because of this fatigue. When you rest, you still feel tired. You may be waking up before dawn and not be able to go back to sleep. Headaches between the eyes and back of the neck are common and tend to go along with tightness between the shoulder blades and stiff neck, but this is not always the case. You may feel a creepy feeling on your back like a snake crawling under your skin. You may feel slightly nauseous. You may have trouble with numbness in your lower arms or legs. They may ache. Sometimes your whole body will ache. Sometimes you feel you are not getting enough air. Your heart may pound and will keep you awake at night. You may even run odd little fevers without manifesting the flu or a cold.

The mental effects of acceleration can be the most difficult to deal with. You may feel on the edge. You may become unhinged or panic over something you do not understand. You may feel confused or feel there is a part of you doing something else in some other reality. Everything feels stirred up. Your body feels so heavy and you may want freedom from it. You may lose interest in the material world. You may be homesick for a home you do not remember. You may become depressed. Depression can be caused from having remembered another piece of cosmic truth. This causes a riff between your current reality and your future self. This is a good sign, even though it may feel uncomfortable.

If you are experiencing these symptoms, be patient with them. If you're not, don't worry. It doesn't mean you are not being activated. You may just be more efficient at flowing with the changes and your body is able to keep up with your spirit. Your spirit works fast but the body is still in 3D. Your body can only evolve as fast as Earth's timing frequencies, and no faster. You need to stay in balance You are still physical beings and sometimes you would like to forget this. Talk to your body and remind it that everything is fine. Remember to work with the SUN. The sun heals the nervous system and helps you re-link with the source. We know these are uncomfortable times for you. Hang on. You are almost home. Your physical body is about to do something never accomplished before.

In order to become an energy independent being, you must first reactivate your cosmic stretching skills. Truth is in the experience. So let us see if we can help you re-experience this cosmic stretching. This will help you to become a multidimensional being with the ability to receive your information first-hand with your own human instrument.

What we are going to teach you to use is the energy and serpentine movement of Hunab K'u. (Hunab K'u is God for the Maya and is the giver of movement and measure) You will need to stay fluid and flow with it, mentally and physically. It is this serpentine movement that created your universe. It also works the same way inside you. It can open you to the next level of multidimensionality. You have already been doing this on an intuitive level, so we are just reminding you. Let us go back in time together and remember the doorways.

The Mayan Stretch Exercise...
There are many ways to stretch. Here we share a meditation, but do not limit yourself to these suggestions. Do what spirit calls you to do to re-reconnect. This little meditation/visualization will help you on your way to self-empowerment and manifest the full embodiment of you true divine nobleness.

Sit quietly, and make sure you are comfortable and warm. Travel back in your mind to a place when you were very young. This place or time may be the memory of your first profound vision/experience or as simple as what you would call a "really great day." Preferably, pick a time when you were outside under the Sun or with the Moon and stars. Someplace in time that is natural is optimum. If you have not done this kind of work before, you may have a long wait before you can recall a suitable memory. For some of you it may take many days or even months, because you have buried these childhood memories very deep. Much of the collective childhood has been buried because of negative situations you would rather forget. Be patient. We assure you, each of you has this dimensional door inside of you to access the magic of your destiny.

Once you discover the childhood memory, sit within the feelings you had. Don't move forward or backward in time. Stay very still in that moment and let it settle into you. Feel the Sun, the wind and the birds, or feel the crisp night air and the crickets. Once you have anchored this feeling within, have a dialogue with this feeling. Ask why this experience is special to you. Look for where the frequency is coming from. Ask for the message. Now, visualize a cord of liquid gold anchored at the Earth's core. See this cord go through the base for you spine and out your crown to the center of the universe. Anchor this cord to the pyramidal center of the creative force from Hunab K'u. Now you have established your doorway to the source through a doorway you naturally had when you were a child. Now begin to move your body and the golden cord inside your spine as if you were tuning a radio to the right frequency. Feel the blocks within your spine, and stretch to clear them. It helps if you imagine you are taller. This will help you stretch. This is your dimensional doorway. Send out love to the creator and allow yourself to receive from the source. You are now a two way conduit of energy that is being sustained by the center of the creative force. This 2 way connection is a state of being a natural human. Again, in this re-aligned space, let your phenomenal life experiences pass by you. Notice the common cord between these memories. Ask to remember your divine purpose within the ascending sprial/evolution of your current and past lives. Being in this space will accelerate your transformation, galactic alignment and your ability to access universal truth.

You now can access a doorway to discovering your personal guide book to universal truth. Once you have found your way to it, you can go there any time to link with your inner truth and wisdom to harmonize and understand your current situations you may be experiencing. We are stepping back from you now, along with the other groups of lighted ones helping you at this time. We know it is time that humanity becomes energy independent... even from us! Learn to draw strength and wisdom directly from the core of the universe. This will liberate humanity from its limitation. All war on Earth is caused by energy dependence. If you want peace on earth, be responsible for how your obtain your energy. Your happiness and survival as a human race depends on it. Your ascension into the new reality depends on it. We can guide you to a certain point in your evolution. After that point ....well... the rest is up to you... and you can do it!

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in . . . A Star Messenger - Earth Oracle - Soul Reader - Sacred Site Junkie was literally born awake and in the company of her guides, the Star Elders. Today she has evolved into an author, spiritual life coach, sacred site guide, alternative historian, ordained minister and modern mystic. In the Inca world, Aluna is considered a Qawaq (cow-wak), a clairvoyant or seer of living energy. Aluna acts as a spiritual archaeologist using her clairvoyant / clairsentient gifts to excavate current messages from the masters of ancient, enlightened cultures to uncover what affect this has on humanity and the collective consciousness. She is well known for her down to earth, accepting attitude that makes each one feel like they have come home. She inspires and encourages others to recognize and accept their own authentic divinity and connection to the Creator. "Our groups are family, and each one is a teacher and also a student. We work together as a team to unravel the sacred mysteries of life." Aluna coined the term "sacred site junkie" because she is one herself. After her first trip to Tulum, Mexico, her life changed dramatically, and she was sent on an entirely different path in life. Since this time, her work has been influenced by uncountable shamanic experiences in sacred sites of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Peru, Bolivia, Egypt, Greece, England, Australia and New Zealand. Aluna has been leading groups in the Maya world since 1986, the Inca world since 1996, and the Egyptian world since 2008, and the mystical world of Avalon (England and Scotland) since 2007. Aluna offers Star Elder Sessions, formulates Sacred Site Essences and a free newsletter. She is the author of "Mayan Astrology" and her articles have been published worldwide. Website: Facebook: YouTube:

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