A Quiche Maya AJQ'IJ Shares a message
of Cosmic Time and Mayan Prophecy
Aluna Joy Yaxk'in and Gerardo Barrios
January 1998

Times for the Maya are changing rapidly and for the better. They are coming out of the jungles. They are wearing their traditional dress in public. They are beginning to perform ceremony in incredible Maya Ceremonial centers such as Tikal in Guatemala and Copan in Honduras. These Mayan sacred centers are singing again. The sweet smell of Copal and Conch shell blasts fill the air. Songs to the Great Creator Hunab K'u and Father Ahau (SUN) are ringing throughout the stone temples. The age of light is slowly dawning like a beautiful sunrise just as the Maya themselves prophesied.

Evidence of this dawning was exhibited on the cover of week Magazine (Nov. 3, 1997 issue). Displayed was a beautiful Mayan woman with calendar glyphs around her. The heading was MAYA CHIC! The story lead-in was "the Maya are making a comeback and this time with PURE CHARM!" Our recent group adventure to Guatemala experienced a bit of this Mayan charm in Copan. We were blessed to participate in a Mayan ceremony facilitated Mayan Priests. It was one of those synchronistic times when our group just happened upon them... or maybe Hunab K'u had something to do with it. We introduced ourselves and in return we were invited to be a part of the ceremonies. We were treated as one of them. It was a deeply emotional experience, as the Maya prayed to Hunab K'u, the three Creators, Father Sun and Mother Earth and humanity.

When I returned home to beautiful Mt Shasta, it was clear. A circle of truth and wisdom was expanding. More wisdom, more spirit, more heart was being integrated within everyone of us. It is clear that it is time to be open to all truth, all perspectives and honor each and every human being on the planet. The SUN shines on all of us equally. Soon after my return home more Mayan wisdom from the same area of Guatemala found its way to my heart. This time from a lecture given by Gerardo Barrios Kaanek' Achij, a well-known and respected Mayan AJQ�IJ, which means time keeper. His words reflected many of us are feeling.

Gerardo speaks about cosmic time.... "Now is the time in the cycles of the light which is called Ox Lahun Baktun, which means the cycle of the 13 heavens. It has a duration period of 13 times 52 years. This gives us a total of 672 years. This cycle began in 1991, and is the cycle of the 13 heavens. We Mayans realize that the cycle of light does not start right away, that everything begins gradually, not like a light, that you can push the button and the light is on. It is going to take time. This cycle has nine years of gestation. These nine years are going to end in the 2001. This period of gestation is like the period when a human being is created. In these years of gestation for the 13 heavens, it is going to be just like a period of the baby going through the growing process. The mother is going to feel the vomiting period and then the kicking period until the pain of the baby leaving the mother's womb comes about and then there will be another cycle."

"These changes are going to be at a planetary level. Then the planet will be restructured. There will be the union of two cycles. In another calendar called Ox Lahu Baktun is a calendar of 5200 years. Right now we are in the fourth part of this cycle. This one began in the 3114 BC, and it ends and changes from the fourth sun, to give way to the fifth sun. This happens of the 21st of December of 2012 in the Gregorian calendar. When we put together these two calendars, it gives us a period of when a great destruction will take place for all humanity."

"We are living the times of the prophecies and now in another calendar of Ox Lahu Baktun. It also talks about the cycle of the great changes. In this cycle of the 5085 years in the Mayan calendar there are still 15 more years to go before this calendar can be completed. When this cycle is completed and another restoration of the planet will begin.

"The world once again has fallen into neglecting nature. The world has been led by the materialistic ways, and humanity needs to transcend this cycle and to live in a more subtle dimension. Right now only the spiritual people in this planet are living this process. The indigenous groups of the planet are also living this process. But the great majority of humanity has no idea of these changes. These changes can be very catastrophic. It is my goal that the different indigenous and spiritual groups might come together as the new warriors of the light. With their tools of love they bring the message to humanity that their attitude needs to change. We need these positive attitudes as far as the different indigenous and spiritual groups and their relationship with nature, with our brothers and sisters the trees, with our brothers and sisters the animals, and with our Mother Earth."

"Even though we have neglected and abused Mother Earth, we have taken her skin off, we have contaminated her waters, we have contaminated her wind, she is still serving us in a great way. Disobedient children we have been, yet she still loves us and nurtures us. We must understand that Grandfather Sun shines its light on us, no matter what color or shape or size we are. We must see each other with this attitude in mind. If a great part of humanity begins to understand this process, not only on an intellectual level, but also at a level of living it, those drastic changes that those prophecies talk about might not be so drastic."

Ancient sky watchers and wisdom keepers of the original traditions of Mother Earth remind us of our cosmic origins and how re-aligning with the cosmos can give us essential energy needed to live together harmoniously and with honor for our Mother Earth. They teach that everything that happens in the sky affects our perceptions and our evolution. We are not separate from anything or anyone. It is clear that these current times on Mother Earth are like no other. These are the times in which all races, from all directions, must come together in harmony and unity.

For three consecutive Spring Equinoxes, something has happened in the sky that points to the ending/beginning of an age. On this coming Spring Equinox a planetary alignment will point towards the Pleiades. The alignment will house Mercury, Saturn and Mars in its head. To follow will be the Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, Neptune, Moon and Pluto at the root of the tail. This cosmic alignment is heading toward the Pleiades, marking this cycle of time as an awakening of the center of power of the inner Christ.

As we continue on the path of cosmic consciousness, we are acknowledging that the appearance of planetary alignments help humanity align with our inner power and awakening. When we link celestial events to Earth with ceremony and positive intent, we empower the Earth and ourselves and also empower the planets and stars that are a part of the alignment. The 4th Annual Worldwide Solar Ceremonies for Planetary Awakening marks such a ceremony. With each passing Spring Equinox, as humanity anchors positive intentions within the solar wave, we take charge of our destiny and create our positive collective future. Through our unified intentions, we will assist in planetary awakening, world peace, and bridge the gaps between the races, religions and cultures of our beautiful planet. The positive impact of Equinox solar ceremonies on humanity's awakening and planetary peace is in direct proportion to our participation!

How many spiritual and indigenous people living in a positive way could make a difference? Gerardo Barrios gives us a clue... "Have you seen the light from a small candle at the top of a mountain? This light can be seen from very far away. It doesn't matter how dark the night is. This small light can shine into the future. If you have the light, it is not necessary that many lights are lit. It doesn't mean that many people have to carry that light. Like with the great indigenous elders, it only needs to be a few, but they need to have that force to bring a tremendous message, so that we can really feel, so that we can really hear and take action. It's hard work. But if one person carries that light, it can give that light to others. They can bring that little light to many people and can create one huge light. Show your understanding, your path to others so that they can follow the same, and that is the salvation of humanity so that the changes of Mother Earth won't be that drastic."

Gerardo Barrios share the importance of trees. "It is important when we plant trees in any part of the Earth, because trees not only have the benefits that the ecologists talk about, but the trees have a spiritual reason to live for the planet. The roots of the trees take the energy from the Earth. It flows through the trunk of the tree and it sends it to the heavens. It brings this energy up to the branches and sends it to the cosmos and it also reverses it in the same way. It brings in cosmic energy and brings it through the tree and through the roots and connects it with the earthly energies, connecting the two energies (earth and sky). They are great channels of energetic communication created by taking this energy and merging it on a planetary level. This helps the vibrations of the Earth. It will flow instead of being stuck. One small tree planted by many people can help a great deal."

Where can we find wisdom to learn to live in harmony with Mother Earth? Gerardo says... "Look for communication and relationship with the people, the indigenous people of each area. They have the elements that we need to know so that we can harmonize that part of the Earth. Each indigenous group has the wisdom, has the knowledge of how different parts of the world work. So it's important for all of us to have that communication. So as you can see, you have the recipe for this place right here. So as you connect with the elders of this area, you can begin to harmonize this place, harmonize the energies of Mother Earth and the cosmic energies. (END)

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Aluna Joy Yaxk'in is author of Mayan Astrology, and The Mayan Time Decoder. Aluna is the coordinator of the Annual Worldwide Solar Ceremonies For Planetary Awakening.

Gerardo Barrios is a AJQ�IJ which means time keeper. While recently in the USA recently, he gave lectures on Mayan prophecies, cosmic time and what to expect in the near future. He lives in Guatemala and in known for his great knowledge of 20 Mayan calendars. Included is this article is an edited transcription of only a small part of this lecture. It was translated from Spanish to English by Mercedes Longfellow. Thank you Mercedes!

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