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Don Alejandro and Willaru Huayta in Peru

This text is transcribed word for word from a video clip from the upcoming film "Shift of the Ages" which is a film that finally brings the voice of the Maya culture to the world. I am so grateful that I have had the pleasure to meet on occasion with Don Alejandro, and I've spent a great deal of time with Willaru Huayta. It's great to see that the universe has brought these two beautiful beings together in the same place.

In search of a Sacred Mayan Staff and in fulfillment of the prophecy of the Eagle and Condor, Grand Mayan Elder Don Alejandro "Wandering Wolf" visits Aquas Calientes, Peru and is received by Incan Messenger and Elder, Willaru Huayta

Don Alejandro speaks....

Esteemed Willaru,
In the first place, it is an honor to find ourselves here. You here in your land.

We come from Central America, the Mayas. So with this decision to come here to pick up something from the cultures, the writings, the glyphs, the petroglyphs, the markings... The great wisdom which our ancestors held.

In the first place, we the Maya as have 20 types of calendars. All of these, the largest one is the calendar of the long count, which has a period of 5200 years. This is one way we are finalizing in these times. We are speaking of the year zero. How is all of this, because really clarifying all of this is difficult, because our great masters were persecuted and assassinated 500 years ago.

The little bit we have, that is why we come here. It is necessary to document the things, so the light comes out, because as our elders spoke, they thought of today. They spoke of tomorrow for our children. The day after tomorrow… the life our children's children. They always thought of their children, not as Western world thinks of the present thinks, "now there is gold here, we have to extract." They (Western world) never thought about what this would cause, and now there is a great environmental contamination, the destruction of Mother Earth… exploration of petroleum that all the great inventions there are now here… nuclear tests… war on all sides, and why is this? When our ancestors populated these lands, they lived in peace, and had communications with other beings that came from other planets.

Willaru speaks…

So this meeting is part of the prophecy. I am also working with another Master from the Amazon jungle. The Incas, the real Inca Masters of the House of Priests, live in the 4th dimension in Enchanted Cities. Part of this learning is to share this knowledge, what they have given us, humanity. This is a great responsibility with ourselves and with humanity to share with the world. Because in this way, as we heal ourselves we help to heal others. When we liberate ourselves, we help to liberate others. In this way, we are cooperating with the transformation of the world.

Don Alejandro speaks….

As I just said a moment ago, and you said it also, in order to change… the objective of this filming that we are making with these great people who accompany me, is that there is such a huge situation in our lives, the natives of the Americas… the Mayas, not just the Maya's have great wisdom. There are several people, nations of the world, as we have symbolized in these seven candles we have in front of us. The constellation of stars the Pleiades. That is what is symbolized by these 7 candles we have in front of us, because the wisdom of the Mayas came from the constellation of the stars. From there came 4, Balam Quiche', Balam Ac'ab, Majukat'aj, Iqui Balam. This life that came from the constellation of stars, they lived with the Mayan is for hundreds of years. In the Mayan nation, they were called Mai, or Atlantis.

They rose again to the constellation of the stars and came back down again in Egypt. They were called Caramaya. They return to the constellation of the stars. They came down again to China, probably in Cambodia, since there are extraordinary temples. There they were called Maya Ches. They went up again to the constellation of the stars. They came down again in India. They were called Nagamaya. And so these are the same Masters who came from there. So this is of the Mayas.

What is missing here is to know the name, maybe you know because here you call it Tata Inti. You talk a lot about Pachamama. So we are here bringing this message to the world. (referring to the film Shift of the Ages) We have a great culture. Ours comes from the constellation of stars. Here you also speak of Tata Inti, as you do a Grandfather Sun.

And so, there are great stories, and this is what we have come to gather. At this time, the world is confused. Our brothers go out on the streets screaming that there is the salvation, that you will go to hell or heaven, threatening humanity. Master, as you know they have killed us by the millions, and we are of the same. So we have lost nothing. What we have lost is our lands. They took it all, and they have it. So now, what is left for us to do is to call out …communicate this… bringing these messages …. that the wind take them …. in every heart, in every thought. Let us not destroy the beauty of the earth…. it is our mother for us. (end of transmission)

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The Shift of the Ages

Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj is a 13th Generation Quiche Mayan High Priest, Itinerant Ambassador of the Indigenous Pueblos Mayas, Xinca and Garifuna of Guatemala, and President of the National Council of Elders Mayas, Xinca and Garifuna. He has commissioned the production of this film in order to reveal sacred visions, concepts, and information. "The Shift of the Ages" gives a voice to these Ancient Ones who have prophesied this shift for eons. Ambassadors for the film are now unifying, forming alliances, and working underground networks to assist the in the availability to the mainstream world with this timely message in a momentous transitional time. See the film trailers. Become an Ambassador for the Shift of the Ages. Shift of the Ages